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The End of France and the End of European Culture: The Outcome of Antisemitism


Dateline France, Europe – 2017: The way to the future is already spelled out clearly in the statistics sheets of violence and criminal incidents occurring in France. The eminent minority of French citizens (those of Jewish heritage who are automatically associated with Israel) is today the target of envy and hatred, almost as much as 100+ years ago the bourgeoisie was the target of resentment of the proletarian-Marxist populace swarming the shadowy back alleys near the no-workplace-safety factories owned by the affluent middle class. The new disaffected class is more powerful than the old, and this is in part due to its roots in another culture as well as in another race of people for whom the sensibilities of the Western outlook upon life are entirely foreign. And therein lies the modern problem in its deeps. How deep are the roots of active heritage? Very deep, indeed!

The Left is acting as the Fifth Column in charge of adaptation and mentoring of the disaffected foreigner class of immigrants and their offspring. But this very Left is at the same time the true enabler of their evils, just like the affluent middle-class mother who cannot control her out-of-control sexy daughter’s drug addiction and bad social habits, so she maintains the appearances of management in order to hide the dark and terrible truth. The Left owns the Media, allowing the state of public cognitive dissonance to continue.

For how long can the Western World sustain itself on the basis of lies?

France: Muslims in, Jews out

by Giulio Meotti, cultural editor for Il Foglio, an Italian journalist and author.

Suburbs ( “banlieues” ) – far away from the affluent boulevards and bistros of Paris – there are areas that make up the ” other France “. They are the ” peripheral France ” (“La France Périphérique”), as the geographer Christophe Guilluy calls it in an important book. It is there where the coexistence between the communities has really been tested.

In the last 20 years these French suburbs have not only become ” concentrations of poverty and social isolation ” but have also become ” lost areas of the republic ” in some of the most densely populated Jewish areas of France , according to the great historian Georges Bensoussan in his book ” Les territoires perdus de la République “.

These suburbs have become one of the most visible signs of the Islamization of France.

Anti-Semitism has returned as one of Europe’s worst diseases. France hosts the largest Jewish community in Europe, and the Jews have been fleeing the suburbs to either emigrate or move to the fashionable neighborhoods of cities where they feel better protected. What happens to the Jews will have a seismic impact on the entire continent.

In the Paris suburb of Bagneux, someone recently destroyed the memorial plaque for Ilan Halimi , a young Jew kidnapped, tortured and murdered in 2006 by a “barbarous gang” just because he was a Jew. At that time it was France’s first case of murderous anti-Semitism for many years. Afterwards, Islamists murdered Jews in a school in Toulouse and in a kosher supermarket in Paris.

As Le Monde reported in a frightening new investigation, anti-Semitism now knocks on the doors of the French Jews every day. This has triggered a serious migration trend: French Jews have become ” internally displaced persons “.

French Jews are threatened not only in their synagogues and schools, but also in their homes. A Jewish family was recently taken hostage, beaten and robbed at their home in the suburb of Seine-Saint-Denis. Before that, a retired Jewish doctor and teacher, Sarah Halimi, was beaten and thrown from her balcony in Paris’s Belleville district. The man who murdered her while shouting “Allahu Akbar” (“Allah is greater”) was a Muslim neighbor. Two Jewish brothers were recently attacked on a Parisian street by men with a hacksaw, shouting, ” You filthy Jews, you will die.”

Recently, “Paul” received a letter with death threats in his mailbox at Noisy-le-Grand . The note said “Allahu Akbar” and contained a 9mm bullet. The next day brought the second letter. It said, “You will all die.” This time it contained the bullet of a Kalashnikov rifle. Many Jewish families, Le Monde warns , are under pressure. In Garges-lès-Gonesse (Val- d’Oise ), young Jewish men who built a makeshift sukkah in the courtyard of their synagogue were attacked in the neighborhood by people calling them “Dirty Jews.”

Historic Jewish quarters have been emptied. Jérôme Fourquet and Sylvain Manternach in their book ” L ‘an prochain à Jérusalem? ” (“Next Year in Jerusalem?”) tell of Jewish children who leave public schools in favor of private ones. Organizations have helped 400 Jewish families relocate their children to private schools for better security.

Between 2005 and 2015 there were 4,092 anti-Semitic attacks in France. According to a September survey by the Fondation pour l’innovation politique, 60% of French Jews say they are “concerned about physically being attacked on the street as Jews”.

After the Paris terrorist attacks in 2015, a Jewish Agency-affiliated think tank prepared a plan to help 120,000 French Jews emigrate to Israel. There were 5,000 departures in 2016 and 7,900 in 2015. In addition to the total of 20,000 Jews who emigrated from France to Israel in the past three years, there has also been an internal shift from “high mobility” from the eastern to the western part given by Paris – in the sixteenth and seventeenth arrondissements (districts) . In the last 10 years, “60,000 of the 350,000 Jews of the Île-de-France have moved,” said Sammy Ghozlan, president of the National Service for Awareness of Anti-Semitism.

The French government has launched an action to protect 800 synagogues, schools and community centers. But as Le Monde explains, there is little she can do to protect the Jews on the street and in their homes. Islamic anti-Semitism devours the French Republic.

According to a Ifop study, “exposure to anti-Semitic violence is highly correlated with carrying a kippa”. The Jewish skullcap has disappeared from the public in many areas of France. In Marseille it was explicit – a local Jewish leader called on the Jews for their own safety to avoid wearing the Jewish symbols in public. As Jewish symbols disappear, Islamic symbols multiply, from Burkinis on the beaches to the veil at work. Jews who have not fled France try to become ” invisible “.

By the year 2000, the Paris suburb of Bondy was “beautiful and quiet with 250 to 300 Jewish families and synagogues on the Sabbath.” Now there are only about a hundred Jewish families left, ” said a local, Alain Benhamou, who left after saying” dirty Jews ” painted on the walls.

Jewish families leave Toulouse because of anti-Semitism. Former Prime Minister Manuel Valls spoke of “territorial, ethnic and social apartheid”. French suburbs are rapidly becoming apartheid societies.

A few days ago, the French authorities sentenced Abdelkader Merah, the brother of the terrorist who murdered four Jews in Toulouse, to 20 years in prison for his involvement in a criminal terrorist plot. The process was described by a French Islamic scholar, Gilles Kepel, as a “biopsy” of the “other France”: the Islamized, de-Judaizing, peripheral France. “It is striking that [Merah’s] mother still speaks very poor French after decades in France and that it was necessary to bring a translator to justice,” said Kepel .

In Seine-Saint-Denis today 40% of the inhabitants are Muslim. The result? Historic Jewish communities in cities like La Courneuve, Aubervilliers, Stains, Pierrefitte-sur-Seine, Trappes, Aulnay-sous-Bois, Le Blanc-Mesnil and Saint Denis are now disappearing. Because of the lack of security, in places like Courneuve, where there were 600 to 700 Jewish families, there are fewer than 100 today. For many of these Jews, it is a second escape.

70% of the half million Jews in France are Sephardic – those who were expelled from Spain in 1492 and fled to the Middle East, North Africa, and Turkey instead of Europe. They came to France between 1956 and 1962, when Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia gained independence, such as two French Nobel Prize winners for physics, Claude Cohen-Tannoudji (1996), born in Algiers, and Serge Haroche (2014), born in Casablanca , Morocco.

In a suburb south of Paris, Kremlin-Bicêtre with 25,000 inhabitants, today 25% are Muslims. By 1990, 10% of the population was Jewish, today it is 5%.

Anti-Semitism has revolutionized France – both geographically and demographically. Hatred of the Jews has become the gateway to ” La France soumise ” – the subjugation of France.

French soldiers quarding Jews on the streets
French soldiers who are not even themselves French by ethnic heritage stand guard at the Jewish homes to protect them from other Eurabian “French” citizens (so-called).

Pamela Geller's shocking new book, "FATWA: HUNTED IN AMERICA" is now available on Amazon. It's Geller's tell all, her story - and it's every story - it's what happens when you stand for freedom today. Buy it. Now. Here.

  • shirley versace

    and yet the silence from the Jewish community is deafening where it come to the overt agitation and sponsorship of this mass Islamic immigration on the part of Organised Jewry (note not ordinary Jews, who are 98% of Jewry).

    But the voice of Jewry in the media and inpolitics is not the voice of ordinary Jews but that of organised Jewry, George Soros and Moshe Cantor and Barbara Lerner Spector and lord Dubs and all the rest of the Jewish charities and NGO’s and civil rights organisations.

    So the upper caste of Jews is doing this to the vast majority of lower caste Jews, probably in a bid to herd them into Israel. Which many ordinary Jews probably perceive to be a trap.

    And wasn’t George Soros part of this dynamic during the 2nd world war? Hmmm , plus ca change.

    • Daniel A. Vásquez

      György Soros’mother was not Jewish, only his father, he is therefore not Jewish.
      A Jew is only a person with a Jewish mother. If Soros wanted to be “one of the tribe” he would have to “lern” (i.e. study) and convert. I don’t think he’s done any of those things.
      “Politically correct” Jews (whether “upper class” or not) are pathetic,

      • shirley versace

        Soros is Jewish. He is feted in the press, is never investigated for his myriad crimes, enjoys what amounts to diplomatic immunity wherever he goes and enjoys the total freedom of the international financial system, for the purposes of making money, transferring money and for funding his 100’s of NGO’s PR companies and ‘charities’. George Soros is at the core of the matrix. If he acted against Jewish interests he would not be free like this, he would be in the same position as Julian Assange or Edward Snowden

        • Daniel A. Vásquez

          well, if his mother converted to Judaism, I guess he belongs to the tribe and in that caseI’d call Soros a J.I.N.O. (Jewish in name only) like Mark Zuckerberg and other mamzers, sometimes (alas!) some of our worst enemies come from our own midst.
          With best wishes,

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          Yes because gentiles are the ones who determine who’s Jewish and who isn’t.

  • Antisemite no. 1, ‘The last hour would not come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews and the Muslims would kill them …’ bukhari/61/100 bukhari/1/7

    … ‘Just Issue orders to kill every Jew present in the country.’

  • Liberal Male=Sissy Beta Male

    The left thinks it’s going to be able to control their Muslim pets after they have used them to accomplish their goals.

    Meanwhile Muslims are smirking and laughing their asses off because they know who the real useful idiots are.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      That is a fact.

      • rh2

        Absolutely a cold, hard fact!

        • Mahou Shoujo

          And then some.

    • James Jones

      Muslims are clueless , they believe allah is granting them victory over the West because islam is “superior above all “. H.L.Mencken , a political satirist, said “The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out for himself” . Muslims have been brainwashed from birth , indoctrinated with their false teachings and prohibited the freedom to question it. Sadam Hussein showed the way to rule these people, if brutality is a problem it’s simply because you’re not using enough of it .The elites don’t ultimately care about muslims or refugee type issues , they see them as more controllable than you or me, although, sadly, stupidity doesn’t seem to be in short supply anywhere you look these days .The sleeping West is in it’s 11th hour ( more likely 11:55 ) and for some places it’s already too late. Conventional means of resistance at this point seem out of the question . The extent and depth of the fifth column is no small thing . Politicians of every stripe , law enforcement , the media and leftist of all brands , have all drank the koolade and march in step against us . Some Eastern governments and Trump and a few sane voices are shouting out the warnings but the public need to wake up fast . Talking amongst ourselves is good but we can’t stop there . I no longer am reserved when out in the public and openly speak out against those politicians that are facilitating this . I financially give to those who are leading the charge ( like Pamela and others ) and have attended some rallies in Canada where I live and hope to attend more ; and as a believer , I pray , for as much as I think all of the rest needs to be done , the only way I see this being won is by God’s hand .

  • Michael Gayer

    100 years ago this month. The United States entered into the World conflict known as World War I or the War to End all Wars. It was the beginning of the NWO, Islamic Invasion.
    WWI started with the assassination of ArchDuke Ferdinan and his wife. If they had been any other Royal family except the Haspburgs, the Entire European Continent would have laid waste to Serbia and the Black Hand.(Unification or Death (Serbian: Уједињење или смрт / Ujedinjenje ili smrt), popularly known as the Black Hand (Црна рука / Crna ruka), was a secret military society formed on 9 May 1911 by officers in the Army of the Kingdom of Serbia, originating in the conspiracy group that assassinated the Serbian royal couple (1903), led by captain Dragutin Dimitrijević “Apis”.)
    They recieved there support from abroad, against those that had cleared the Balkans of Islam and Muslim Invation (Austria-Hungary) the Haspburgs, a Germanic house that once ruled over Spain, sections of France France Hated them, For the Aided the Germanic States of the Holy Roman Empire, The Russia Federation against Neapoleon Boneparte, Helped Wellington to Defeat him. Supported Germany in RE-CLAIMING the area of Allsace / Lorraine (Elsass-Lothringen) prior to Frenchification.Under Neapoleon. Which was once Haspburg domain.
    France is reaping what it has sowed and we, Christians/Jews from around the world will have to clean up.

  • Rocinante44

    the photo of the dark-skinned, probably muslim, non-french soldiers with guns allegedly protecting the jewish kids sums it all up. time for the jews to leave france and let it descend into the darkness that the Revolution was destined to bring. the french, as bright as they are, are incredibly stupid about their Revolution; if you throw God out of your country, Satan will fill the void. in the 21st century, this means the muslims

    • Liberal Male=Sissy Beta Male

      Talk about an insider threat…

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      R U implying muslums can’t be trusted to protect Jews? Just look at the great job muslums did protecting Jews in Turkey when two synagogues were blown up on the same day in 2003 — this despite the fact synagogues in Turkey are built, strangely enough, like fortresses.

  • Es werde Licht

    It´s also the fault of the jewish community leaders.
    When they called everyone “racist” who is against this Musel-invation and tell us we should vote for the socialists and lefties ( who want more Musels in ) then dont wonder what´s going on.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Have you any idea how dull, repetitious and stupid blaming the Jews for everything is?

      • Es werde Licht

        I was talking about the jewish leader.
        Not one Jew I know is for this Musel-invasion. I thank the Jews for showing me what believing in GOD really means.
        If it´s from Jews, Musels, Christians etc. – I give a damn sh*t on this polit. corr. speech what covers the GODless violence.

    • Daniel A. Vásquez

      as I responded to Ms. Shirley Versace, some JINOS (Jews in name only) are the worst enemies of their fellow Jews.
      Other Jewish people act in a terrible “politically correct” manner because they want to be accepted, to be “one of the crowd,” and “belong” amongst fashionable “socialists…”
      Sadly, many fellow Jews (I am sephardic) broke with me for being a “racist” i.e., for standing up for the Eiropean identity and opposing the privileges given to muslim migrants who demand and demand and demand…and the more they get, the more they want.
      Luckily not all Jews are so naive.

      • John Flynn

        I thought French Jews were Ashkenazi!??

        • Daniel A. Vásquez

          there are Ashkenazim and Sephardim in France. “Sepharad” is the Hebrew name of Spain, but nowadays Jews from Arab and North African countries are (wrongly) called Sephardim. Many Jews from Saloniki in Greece, the Balkan peninsula and Turkey still speak the Ladino or Judesmo, i.e.old Spanish that is written with Hebrew characters and that has influence from Hebrew mainly and from other languages. The Jews from Iraq, Yemen, Egypt, etc. do not.
          My father was from Saloniki (Sephardi, he spoke Ladino) and my mother was Austrian (Ashkenazi) that makes me “50-50” but at the same time 100% :-)
          Very best regards,

        • Stephen Honig

          Ashkenazim originate from the Jews who settled along the Rhine River, in Western Germany and Northern France.[24]
          There they became a distinct diaspora community with a unique way of
          life that adapted traditions from Babylon, The Land of Israel, and the
          Western Mediterranean to their new environment.[25] The Ashkenazi religious rite developed in cities such as Mainz, Worms, and Troyes. The eminent French Rishon Rabbi Shlomo Itzhaki (Rashi) would have a significant impact on the Jewish religion.

      • Es werde Licht

        Yes, sometimes it´s enough to drive you to despair.
        From the pope to the Immams to the “leaders”, politicians, mass medias, ignorant people – “under the cloak of “good” the evil is growing”.

        • Daniel A. Vásquez

          Thank you for your reply and commentary.
          The madness of political correctness is destroying our western civilization. You can see in the item concerning the murder of a white Australian lady by a muslim policeman from Eritrea or Somalia the powers that be in Minneapolis are not only trying to protect the piece of garbage, this murderer is still being paid and given all the privileges of a civil servant,
          And guess what: the ancestry of most inhabitants of the state of Minnesota are from Sweden, the rape capital of Europe where muslim “refugees” have been treated like royalty!
          Other than that, my good friend Exuperancia Pérez asked me to give you her best regards, she’s having problems accessing her account with disqus, even as a “guest.” She likes den “Basti” and Herrn Strache!
          She learned French and German in Switzerland, I speak German too because my mother was from Vienna.
          I agree with her that a league of republics formed by Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland would be a good thing to stand up to Merkel, Juncker and all the other idiots, such a league would have a sort of “K.u.K. flavor too!
          Best wishes and “let there be light!”

  • Toledo Steel

    There is no Fwance, only Fwancistan.
    The Fwench men gave up being men about forty years ago.
    They wear feather boas and assless pants, now. Muslim savages moved right in, no opposition.

    • John Flynn

      40 yrs? How about closer to 80 yrs!

  • Liberal Male=Sissy Beta Male

    That soldier on the left sure seems to me to have a lot of anger in his eyes that his colleague would be talking to – and daring to even smile – talking to a Jewish boy.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Western europe replaces the middle east as garbage dump of humanity. Ignore it, contain and let it rot, eventually something might grow in the dung heap western europe turned itself into.

    • michael odwyer

      it is only a matter of time before ireland succumbs to this madness. 4,ooo so-called refugees are on their way from greece. who has vetted these people? now the irish gov. has copped on that we have no room to place these immigrants. we have a massive homeless and hospital crisis. we had an in-debth investgation into our houses for let situation. they found that up to 60 people were staying in the one house leading to massive problems. most of these landlords were foreign. europe is full, europe is full, now f-off.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        The politicians are the voice of the people, what were those people thinking when they elected idiots to speak for them?

  • Dennis

    This writers credibility is above reproach. The truth that he reports speaks volumes. Islamic anti-Semitism will ultimately cause France to be swallowed by the world of Islam, and lose all of its culture to the abyss of history. Very sad! By opening up its borders to these people who have built in hate towards everything non-Muslim and especially to those of the Jewish persuasion, they have committed their society to suicide. I suspect it is too late for the France that was.

  • Poppey

    The loss of French Jews to Israel is a gain for that country and a loss for France.

    But if we think for a minute about this issue of “running” to a safe place, where in Israel is safe today, isn’t the whole country covered by thousands of rockets held in Lebanon Gaza and Iran ? Are the streets of Tel Aviv safe from ramming attacks or knifing ‘s ? Does anyone know of rockets aimed at Europe’s Jews from those places or from inside Europe ?

    Let’s forget Jews for a moment, what do the families of the majority of victims of Muslim terror in France, UK, Germany or America do who are not Jewish, which “safe” country do all those people run to ?

    The answer for those non Jewish victims is the same one as for Europe’s Jews, STAY because there IS nowhere you can run to, running isn’t the answer, confrontation IS, confront the political class which betrays you, confront the media who ignore and cover, confront the Churches and their “leaders” who seek “inter faith understanding”, confront the opposition parties who look the other way, but whatever you do, believe in final victory and fight for it because defeat is unthinkable.

  • rh2

    France won’t be French much longer the way things are going there. What a effen multiracial, multicultural pigsty that country is turning into. And looking at the soldiers in the photo two of them appear to be Muslim. ( The other one could be Oriental.) If I were the Jews there, I wouldn’t feel too safe having Muzz “protecting” me . . .

    • Lynn D

      Yep and in Britainistan, they are going to have muzz fuzz.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Oh what a magical future that will be! Just think of the multicultural justice the muslums will be enforcing on the kuffar.

  • Ziggy46

    The leftists whether the extreme left or those deemed moderates perceive themselves as the intelligentsia. Those of us whether in the center politically or a smidgen to the right are considered gormless dullards. France mesmerized by its so-called intellectual prowess, and political adeptness throughout history has duped itself. Now, it has finessed itself into a lemming-like mindset. Not unlike the UK, once a world power, albeit eons ago, has become redundant.

    Today, as when the Vichy regime was in power during WWII; they chose to ally themselves with their occupier, the Nazis. Not unlike the Nazis, France deported the Jews to death-camps voluntarily, not the pressure from their conquerors.

    One cannot lay blame on today’s French Jews for reading the warning signs and opting to emigrate to Israel. France, today, is not appeasing Nazism’s anti-Semitic edict but that of Islam. Like its capitulation to the Third Reich, France has chosen its historical inclination, sell-out the Jews for Islam. Not only Jews have been tossed under the proverbial bus but its citizenry, tradition, and culture. The result, needless to say, will be nothing new, the exception being, instead of capitulating to the Nazis, it is Islam.
    France and its EU counterparts are in their death throes and undeniably, oblivious to the fact.

  • Daiseymae

    Europe has been lost.

  • John Dragon

    Why do so many influential Jews push multiculturalism on the West and vilify white gentiles who resist? I have little sympathy for cultural marxists when their social engineering schemes backfire.

  • ALL of this was foretold long ago.

    Genesis 12:3

    Of course Europe is doomed and there is nothing they can do about it. Ever wonder why nobody talks Egyptian or Latin as a primary language? Everybody over there was quiet when the Jews were abused.

    I pray regularly that Israel is kept safe and that the voice of Pamela Geller remains strong. I am unconcerned about the EU. because it is set in stone.

  • Alleged-Comment

    WAS that there end game. The real goal of bringing Moslems was to remove the Jew??

    If that is the case, the French will be removed too. They should understand what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

    Moslems behave like wolves. Have you ever read about wolves wild predatory behavior in the wild? You should, then you can understand the Moslem.

    Yes, the Moslem and his damn DONKEY!!!

  • Julian Farmer

    Give me the Jews any day! Culture and intellect! Yes there are Jews that regard gentiles as “goyem” but in the main the presence of Jews is a bonus to western culture.They won more nobel prizes than any other group. As usual a few bad apples ruins the prospects of the rest. Long live Israel!

    • John Flynn

      ….and just think, Obama won the Nobel prize, too. Guess where i’m coming from?

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    That looks like a steel door on the concrete wall of that presumably Jewish fortress facility. One of the synagogues that was blown up by muslums in Istanbul, Turkey in 2003 had a similar fortress like facade (along w/a continuous line of bollards around the entrance doors) but it didn’t help in the end.

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