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[ December 16, 2017 ]

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[ December 15, 2017 ]

Houston Muslim Taken into Custody on Charges of Islamic Terrorism

NY Muslim mom seeks sole custody in divorce case: Boy, 11, is learning jihad from his dad


A New York Muslim mom is seeking sole custody of her 11-year-old son — claiming her ex-husband is indoctrinating him with extremist Muslim views.

Is this Muslima mama an islamophobe?

Is this a legit legal defense for Muslims but a designator of hate and racism for non-Muslims?

Again we hear, everything changed when the husband began attending a “conservative mosque.” Is the mosque being investigated? Or is that islamophobic? How to keep up?

Mom: My ex is teaching our son extremist Muslim views

By Julia Marsh, New York Post, November 28, 2017:

In a first-of-its-kind case, a New York mom is seeking sole custody of her 11-year-old son — claiming her ex-husband is indoctrinating him with extremist Muslim views.

“My deep concern is that he is radicalizing a beautiful, young, innocent mind; a fragile child,” according to the petition filed by mom Nabila Albargouthy, 45, of Pleasantville.

The boy’s brainwashing has already prompted an incident that led to a federal probe, the papers allege.

The Westchester County mom said the disturbing incident occurred at the playground of Pleasantville Middle School on Sept. 21, 2016.

“That day, certain students told [her son] that Jesus is God,” the court papers say.

Nabila’s son “responded . . . ‘No — Allah is God’ and that [Allah] is different because ‘I would die for my God and they would not die for their God,’ ” the petition says.

The school principal called local cops, who alerted the Joint Terrorism Task Force. A member of the JTTF told The Post that he investigated the incident but said the boy’s father, Isam Albargouthy, is not on a watch list.

Another time, the child told his mom that when he’s older, he is “going to have a cabinet full of guns,” according to court papers.

Nabila and her ex, Isam, are now duking it out in court for sole custody of their kids.

Nabila’s lawyer, Leslie Barbara, head of Davidoff Hutcher and Citron’s divorce and family-law practice, told The Post that the courts rarely intervene in the religious upbringing of a child.

“But if you make a showing that the religious upbringing is detrimental to the child’s well-being, they do intercede,” she said.

The warring parents are both American citizens and Mideast immigrants: Nabila, a Palestinian, came to the United States from Israel at age 5, while Isam, 43, emigrated from Jordan at 19.

They married in Minnesota in 1999 and had two children: a girl later that year and a boy in 2006.

During most of our relationship, up until 2007, [Isam] was pleasant, open-minded and allowed me to be myself,” Nabila said in her Westchester Family Court filing.

But their happy family life changed when Isam was convicted in 2007 of stealing computer equipment from his employer, according to the petition. The family moved to New York so Isam could find work. Nabila took a job as a physician’s assistant at Montefiore Hospital in The Bronx.

But soon, Isam switched to a more conservative mosque and demanded that his wife — a stylish CrossFit enthusiast — dress more modestly and stop exercising, the filing says.

“We are different than Americans. We do not socialize with them,” the dad said, according to Nabila’s petition.

By 2012, the filing notes, Isam told Nabila that he wanted to take a second wife. She refused, and he filed for divorce.

They began sharing custody of their kids, although Isam has only seen their son, she said.

Isam even told their son that he shouldn’t be playing the saxophone or participating in school plays because “it is not permitted in our religion,’’ Nabila said.

Isam and his lawyer declined comment, citing the pending litigation.

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  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020
    • Mahou Shoujo

      A future target.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Would that be face? Or buttocks? Or both?

  • TD

    New York: home of Mayor Bill DE-BOZO who won’t allow surveillance of ANY mosque. The French are doing it. the Germans are doing it. you bet the UK is doing. And if they aren’t, then they are just hiding it publicly.

    Just get rid of every democrat in every election. sweep them again!

    • felix1999

      He wants ILLEGALS to vote in state and ideally federal elections – like the Presidency. He FEELS that not enough people show up to vote so let ILLEGALS vote! No kidding!

      • Toledo Steel

        Yes. At the DNC Convention back in 2000, the democrats, led by Terry McAuliffe, decided to import as many illegals and foreigners as possible to create a voter base so large no one can out vote them. You put them on welfare, a total free ride, and they own their votes.
        Rat obama told the illegals just before the 2016 election “Go ahead and vote. No one is coming after you”. Right in everyone’s face. No one said a word. We Americans are cowards.

    • Keith

      I wouldn’t put money on that idea about France Germany and the UK monitoring the mosques if I were you unless you are prepared to lose it.

  • Rolland

    If they get a Republican judge, the mother wins, if they get a Democrat judge, jihad wins.

    • TD

      you are right.
      especially in the times we live in.

      It’s like we have to purge the swamp of every dem in every election for the next 8 to 12 years for the free world to survive. (that’s not hyperbole considering the dems have a habit of making our enemies in NK and IRAN nuclear).

      • CentralCaliGal

        We’ll need to get rid of all those idjit teachers too!!

    • Drew the Infidel

      Agreed. But you also have to wonder why the feminazis have not filed an amicus brief on the mom’s behalf. After all, the anti-man divorce laws have been tailored to their liking.

  • felix1999

    Looks like Isam Albargouthy should be on the watch list BUT in NY Muslims are not a problem according to DeBlasio.

    • TD

      people need to vote De Blazio out already. Then vote out Shumer (who I once respected). or get them to resign.

  • Alleged-Comment

    Brainwashing into creating the Manchurian Moslem candidate.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    The child is not being given a religious education or upbringing, he is being instructed in a life of crime by his father who is a convicted criminal, and muslim who is dedicated to criminal activity.

  • Toledo Steel

    Do not care.
    It is New York, they are so smart importing their own rapists and murderers. Screw New York. Until a muslim savage is drawing a knife across their throat, New Yorkers will remain bleeding heart anti-American communist democrats.

  • CentralCaliGal

    My brother has custody of MY GRANDDAUGHTER, even though we proved to the judge & courts he purged his criminal records of:

    4x convictions dealing meth, cocaine & marijuana

    4x convicted DUI’s

    2x Aggravated Assault (both knocked down from raping girls)

    He was & still is a C.I. for police & sheriff’s, so they’ve always let him go. He told me, “Only way to be a dealer is to be a C.I; get rid of your competition, plus the cops pay you to do it!” SICK, many were our family & his good friends, HE SET THEM UP!!

    1x tried to rape our (HIS OWN) niece when she was 12y/o; she FOUGHT, got away bloody & beaten & mentally scarred for life

    2x had his son taken away by CPS

    Until right before the custody trial, he’d NEVER HAD A JOB & is almost 60; he’d lived w/our parents (they bought him houses, they were confiscated by law for dealing, so he moved back in w/them) & got Welfare, Food Stamps, Section 8, & Medi-cal FOR FREE FOR DECADES – WE ALWAYS WORKED!!!!

    My granddaughter told me a few years ago, “Uncle Mat plays the tickle game with me under the blankies and he touches me where my bathing suit goes.” I told Monterey County CPS (where he lives), wasn’t allowed to see her anymore because I am (evidently) a troublemaker!!

    None in OUR family have even had a traffic ticket – nothing! My daughter I live with & I both have Foster Parent licences, perfect records!

    There was much more, but what it came down to was HE BRAGGED HE BRIBED ‘investigator’ Teresa Johansson & Judge Harry Tobias of San Benito County, CA with only $20,000! My granddaughter’s life is worth $20,000?!!?

    He is: Mat Pemberton of Prunedale, CA; if ANYONE out there has info about him PLEASE PLEASE call Monterey County Adoption Investigator Flora Pascal. Yeah, he’s now filed for PERMANENT ADOPTION!!!

  • pdxnag

    So, does she self-identify as ex Muslim? In not why not?

    Islam creates monsters, like Perfectly Dead Mohammad. Don’t be a monster.

  • Drew the Infidel

    The kid needs to be removed from the custody of the dad if he is in the habit of repeating all that guns and Allah BS to his classmates during their formative years. Besides being indicative of an unhealthy home environment, that kind of stuff is contagious.

    The teacher needs to heavily document every incident, keeping a personal copy of everything so the school doesn’t clam up and refuse to cooperate on some flimsy confidentiality claim.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    This news story is disingenuous because jihad is a central tenet of the vile, vicious, violent, fascist, totalitarian death cult called islum and was practiced by its most holey, child molesting prophet for profit muhahahahahahahahahamad.

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