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Asking for fake hate crimes: Dalhousie University makes ‘Emergency Hijab Kits’ available on campus


Most hate crimes against Muslims turn out to have been faked — mostly so that Muslims can claim they’re being persecuted and that counter-terror efforts have to end. And the authorities fall for this virtually every time. In this case, Dalhousie University officials are allowing for the placement of these “Emergency Hijab Kits” even though there have been no incidents of Muslimas having their hijabs ripped off. This is just asking for a proliferation of fake hate crimes on the Dalhousie campus, as Muslimas rush to show that the “Emergency Hijab Kits” were needed, and that they are persecuted victims. In Trudeau’s Canada.

In reality, the very placement of these “Emergency Hijab Kits” despite there having been no incidents shows that Muslims at Dalhousie are already a protected class, already accorded a special status that others do not enjoy. And how did they get this status? By putting forth the lie, again and again, that Muslims are the wholesale victims of hate crimes.

After Trump was elected, there was a proliferation of fake anti-Muslim hate crimes in the U.S. Here are just a few of them:

Police: Univ of Michigan Muslim student LIED in claiming man threatened to light her on fire unless she removed hijab

Muslim college student made up Trump supporter subway attack story to avoid punishment for missing curfew

Islamophobia HOAX: NY Muslim Yasmin Seweid arrested for filing false report

Texas: Muslim pleads guilty to mosque arson that terror-tied CAIR promoted as “hate incident”

Faked hate in Houston: Muslima claims discrimination at cupcake shop

CNN pushes false narrative of Trump-inspired anti-Muslim crimewave

Louisiana: Muslima MADE UP story of attack by Trump supporters

More faked hate: Investigators find no evidence Muslim child was attacked on school bus

All that is the backdrop of Dalhousie’s decision: they’re working from the assumption that Muslims are routinely victimized — but that assumption is based on fakery and lies.

“Dalhousie University makes ‘Emergency Hijab Kits’ available on campus,” Postmedia News, November 28, 2017 (thanks to N.E.):

Dalhousie University has made ‘Emergency Hijab Kits’ available to female Muslim students at multiple locations across the Halifax campus.

The fear is that female Dalhousie Muslim students are being targeted by individuals on and off campus and are having their hijabs forcibly removed. However, no such incidents have been reported to authorities.

The project was a joint venture between the Dalhousie Student Union (DSU) and Nova Scotia Public Interest Research Group (NSPIRG) and launched earlier this month.

According to a Facebook post, the kits were made necessary due to increased violence on Canadian campuses towards female visible minorities.

“In recognizing the increased incidences of violence towards Women of Colour on campuses across the country, we’ve created these kits so that anyone who has their headdress targeted can quickly get access to a replacement,” reads the announcement by NSPIRG.

Speaking with CBC News, Dalhousie Student Union President Amina Abawajy said, “This is a proactive measure, but it’s not unfounded,” claiming to have been made personally aware of multiple incidents by way of being a member of the Muslim community.

The kits contain the scarf itself, pins for securing the hijab, tips for bystanders and information on how to report incidents to authorities.

Organizers have offered to make them available to departments and offices throughout Dalhousie in addition to the DSU Info Desk, the NSPIRG office and Dal Security for 24/7 access.

Dalhousie spokesman Janet Bryson told The Canadian Press that while the university has agreed to allow the kits, officials do not expect the kits to be used.

“The university has not had a case where someone has had their headdress targeted,” she said in an email. “Our expectation is that they won’t have to be used.”

However, Masuma Khan, a Dalhousie Student executive member who was recently embroiled in a controversy of her own, disagrees and believes such incidents are common.

Masuma Khan, a Muslim student leader poses in Halifax on Saturday, October 28, 2017. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Darren Calabrese

Comments made by Khan were placed under investigation by the university after she posted with the hashtag “#whitefragilitycankissmya–” in response to backlash over a motion to abstain from Canada 150 celebrations for “over 400 years of genocide.” The university later withdrew the complaint.

“I’ve heard many Muslim women talking about their hijab being yanked, spat on, or even pulled right off,” she said. “Sometimes you don’t even notice it, like you’re in class and someone will spit on you from behind and you don’t realize it until you’re fixing your hijab. It’s the most demeaning behaviour.”

A Halifax Regional Police spokeswoman said she wasn’t aware of any incidents related to head coverings being pulled off in the city.

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  • Halal Bacon

    Geesh, you think if they were dedicated that much to Satan, they would bring a spare

  • db

    “The kits contain the scarf itself, pins for securing the hijab, tips for bystanders….” Tips for bystanders?! This sounds more like a life threatening medical emergency than the (supposed) yanking of a garment. Get a grip people.

  • marlene

    Remember, preppers – when the SHTF, make sure you have your “emergency hijab kits.” The shiite has risen to the top. Bizarro!


    Why are most Muslim women so damn FAT???

    • Lord Stompy speaking

      Most muslimas aren’t allowed to exercise, dance, go running, swimming etc. When’s the last time you saw a muslim chick jogging? This would be considered evil as it would tempt men to look at them. Wasn’t life great in the 7 century, let’s preserve it forever.

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