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Anti-Christian hate slaughter at church by leftwing CNN supporting atheist, attack stopped by resident shooting


Here’s the little we do know. He was an atheist and liked CNN = leftist. Texas church shooter Devin Patrick Kelley was court-martialed and dishonorably discharged in May 2014. Of course authorities rush to scrub the shooters Facebook page almost immediately — why?

Attack was stopped by a resident shooting at Devin Patrick Kelley. We need more guns — all soft targets need an armed man. Period.

Sheriff on Texas church shooter: “We don’t think he had any type of connection to this church” and “he was not from this immediate area.”


I thought Kelley was made up like Anonymous – the Guy Fawkes mask. But Atlas reader Scott suggests he is “made up like Heath Ledger in his Joker character in One of the Batman movies. I think the Dark Knight. In my book THAT is more sinister and speaks volumes about the evil involved”


Reddit has this:


Here are Antifa tweets (below) inciting to church attacks:


Heavy has these fast five facts:

Devin P. Kelley, who was court martialed from the U.S. Air Force, was identified as the gunman who walked into the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, on Sunday morning and murdered at least 26 people, wounding many more in the tiny, rural community near San Antonio.

The shooter’s name was reported through sources by The New York Times and CBS News; the latter gave his name as Devin Patrick Kelley, 26, of New Braunfels, Texas and said the Air Force court martial occurred only three years ago. Although the motive was not yet clear, the gunman’s background includes religious school work, but he also liked pages devoted to atheism. The shooter, who is dead, left behind disturbing social media posts, including a Facebook page that showed off a rifle, calling it a “bad b*tch.” (You can see the photo later in this story.)

Authorities revealed that a heroic and unidentified citizen in the church “grabbed his rifle and confronted the suspect,” who was armed with a “Ruger AR assault type rifle.” The local citizen pursued the suspect, who ran off the road and crashed and was found deceased in his vehicle. “We don’t know if it was a self inflicted gunshot wound or if he was shot by our local resident who engaged him with gunfire,” authorities said. It was the largest mass shooting in Texas history.

The horrific mass shooting wounded almost everyone inside the small country church building, which held only about 50 people in the town of only a few hundred people. The victims ranged in age from 5 to 72, authorities said. “This will be a long suffering mourning for those in pain,” said Governor Greg Abbott, confirming that 26 people had died. Authorities would not confirm the suspect’s name, and they said they were investigating, but could not confirm, reports of possible militia ties.

As many as 30 other people were injured, reported an ABC producer. A KSAT-TV reporter at the scene said that an “ambu-bus” had responded, which is used to transport multiple victims. Pregnant women and young children were reportedly among the victims, including the 14-year-old daughter of the pastor, who was out of town when the mass shooting occurred. The victims were still not identified, the sheriff said in the evening press conference.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Shooter, Who Showed Off a Photo of a Rifle on Facebook, Once Taught Bible School

Kelley’s Facebook page has now been deleted, but you can see a screenshot of the weapon he posted above. His profile picture showed two small children, which was a chilling juxtaposition next to the semi-automatic rifle that was his cover photo. According to The Daily Beast, “Kelley was married and Kelley’s mother-in-law listed a P.O. box in Sutherland Springs as a mailing address. San Antonio police reportedly raided Kelley’s home on Sunday evening…he briefly taught at a summer Bible school.”

The shooter was described as a “white male in his 20s from outside San Antonio” by Mike Levine, a journalist for ABC News, who reported that law enforcement had uncovered a weapon photo on Kelley’s Facebook page. “Authorities are now scrubbing his social media; on Facebook in recent days, he showed off an AR-15 style-looking gun,” Levine wrote.

Devin Kelley’s LinkedIn page says that he was a VBS “teacher aid (sic)” for “VBS AT KINGSVILLE FBC” and notes, “Dates volunteered Jun 2013 – Jun 2013 Volunteer duration 1 mo. Cause Children. Teaching children ages 4-6 at vocational bible schools helping their minds grow and prosper.” However, multiple children are reportedly among those shot in the church. Kelley’s Facebook page also showed that he had liked pages devoted to atheism, as well as those on German Shepherds, Glocks, and karate.

devin kelley facebook

The shooter’s Facebook page.

Kelley had recently shaved a beard, he wrote on Facebook recently.

According to CNN, “The shooter was killed after a brief chase north into neighboring Guadalupe County,” according to Guadalupe County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Robert Murphy.

2. The Gunman, Who Is From Comal County, Once Wrote That He Lived By the Air Force’s ‘Core Values’

The LinkedIn page in the shooter’s name shows that Devin Kelley served in the U.S. Air Force right after high school, from 2009 through 2013. According to The New York Times, Kelley is from Comal County. His motive and why he targeted the Wilson County church remain unclear. Comal County is located northeast of San Antonio, Texas. The Daily Beast reported that Kelley was a “resident of New Braunfels, a suburb of San Antonio.”

Kelley’s LinkedIn page says, under the entry for U.S. Air Force, “Cargo, demand and supply , distribution.” He added, “Basic learning on my contracted job.” The page says he attended New Braunfels High School from 2003 to 2009, receiving his diploma. His LinkedIn page also says, “I am a hard working dedicated person. I live by the core values on which the Air Force go by.”

The scene outside the church was heartbreaking as crying family members of loved ones gathered outside, desperate for information about them, and praying. A local hospital has reported receiving multiple victims. The ATF was responding to the scene, as did the FBI. Authorities had said very little in the hour immediately after the shooting because they were dealing with the mass casualty event. However, just before 6 p.m., the governor and other officials held a news conference.

Texas Governor Abbott condemned the “evil act,” writing on Twitter, “Our prayers are with all who were harmed by this evil act. Our thanks to law enforcement for their response. More details from DPS soon.” CNN reported that a “witness, a cashier at a gas station across the street from the church, said she heard about 20 shots being fired in quick succession while a church service was underway around 11:30 a.m. local time.”

3. The Gunman Was Dressed All in Black & Wrote That He Did Not Fear Death

Devin Kelley’s social media accounts contained other warnings. His Facebook page contained a quote from Mark Twain about not fearing death. “I do not fear death,” it read. “I had been dead for billions and billions of years before I was born, and had not suffered the slightest inconvenience from it.”

Authorities say the gunman approached the church around 11:20 a.m., “he was seen dressed in all black. He started firing at the church. He moved to the right side of the church and continued to fire, then he went in the church.” He was “dressed all in black tactical type gear and was wearing a ballistic vest,” said authorities in the press conference. Multiple weapons were found in Kelley’s vehicle.

Witness accounts agreed on this: The male suspect walked into the church and opened fire. “A man in full gear came into the church and unloaded several rounds, and then took off in a vehicle,” a KSAT-TV reporter said in a live report on Facebook Live. The FBI was at the scene after the tragedy unfolded.

People on Twitter and Facebook wrote within minutes that a man, possibly with an assault rifle, had shot multiple people. People posted frantic messages on social media about loved ones. Witnesses reported that the man walked into the church around 11:30 a.m. Sunday and opened fire, KSAT-TV reported, adding, “The church is located in the 500 block of 4th Street in the small, south Texas town about 40 miles east of San Antonio.” (Recent population figures said the town has only 362 people.)

Assault rifle reports first originated on social media. “Oh my God if you live in Sutherland Springs or Wilson County please go in side and stay safe. My family just called me freaking out because across the street from their house a guy with an assault rifle started shooting in our town church and even shot my brothers house. If ur from my hometown go inside, lock ur doors and so be safe and I love you all,” wrote one woman on Facebook.

4. Multiple Children Were Among the Victims, Including the Pastor’s Teenage Daughter

Horrifically, early reports say that a small toddler is among the victims. “A witness at the scene reported a 2-year-old was also shot,” reported KENS5. The child’s condition was not clear. There was no official word on the number of casualties.

The toll on children was horrific:

Another man said that people he knew were inside the church. He wrote on Facebook, “Just got a call from (named removed) prayers needed for Sutherland Springs community. Someone went into the Baptist Church and shot 15 people. The guy is one the run and they have the roads closed down. (Names removed) were at their church in LaVernia. Please keep prayers going.”

Some accounts on social media said there might be more than one shooter. However, authorities believe Kelley was the only shooter. Pastor Frank Pomeroy oversees the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs. Pomeroy’s wife, Sherri, told NBC News that her husband was out of town during the shooting, but their daughter was inside. Frank Pomeroy later told ABC News that their daughter, Annabelle, 14, was one of those killed. Pomeroy described Annabelle as “one very beautiful special child” to ABC News.

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  • Pray Hard

    The gun isn’t the problem. His sick mind was the problem. Furthermore, most sh*thooks like him aren’t atheists, they’re “atheists”, which means that they’re nothing more than whiny, Christian and Jew hating leftists without a clue. Most “atheists” I read also suck up to Islam and kiss moslem ass; thus, by definition, not actually atheist. More and more of this sort of horror is on the way from the left. Just watch. Stay armed … NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE.

    • Oscar Lundin

      I am an athiest and I am as right leaning as you can get. I respect other people’s rights to do whatever they wish. I don’t believe that people of faith are stupid for believing in God. Hell, I may be wrong and He may exist. I hate Left Wing athiests. They give people like me a bad name. I value life. I am against abortion. Hang your crosses wherever you wish. They do not offend me. I believe that Islam is evil. I am deeply disturbed at what this country is becoming. Please don’t lump all athiests in the same category. Some of us are very different than what you perceive us to be.

      • farflung

        First, I shall pray for you. Then I shall respect your views If you think of it, we are in this ride together and yes you have thought of it. One is right and one is wrong, however we can still live a good life and abide by the ten commandments and yes will one day find out the truth.

        • Oscar Lundin

          Although our views and beliefs are different, there is no reason that we can’t get along and be friends. I have many Christian friends and I respect every one. The only difference between us is that I believe I will be no more after death.

          • gfmucci .

            Here’s a great “what if” for you. What if our body was basically a physical vessel that enabled us to hear, see, feel, and smell with the limitations of any physical device that distorts and diminishes the perfect sense. What if there was such a thing as a spiritual force within the body that used the body on earth to sense these things in an imperfect way, for example, like listening to a symphony orchestra through a $500 audio system compared to a $20,000 audio system, only better? What if when the spirit is disconnected from the body we have a direct, unencumbered connection to even more senses than we possess now, and those senses are improved 10,000 percent and become perfect?

            I’m a firm believer that there exists a lot more than we know and a lot more than we can sense in our present configuration.

          • sodacrackers2

            We are only experiencing the tip of the iceberg.

      • ServosT

        I’m a conservative Christian and one of the strongest and smartest voices I hear on Islam is an English homosexual atheist.

        Christians and atheists should be natural allies against Islam.

        • Oscar Lundin

          Islam hates us as much as they hate you. My neck is just as attractive to a Muslim with a cutlass as yours.

          • ServosT

            Actually you atheists are even more out of luck than Christians in Islam World. We can just bow down in submission to Islam and technically can remain a Christian. You must convert to Islam or be killed.

            Better to fight together than die apart.

          • Oscar Lundin

            Exactly, my friend

          • Vickie

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          • glnman

            That’s way wrong. You cannot bow down to Islam and remain a Christian. The 1st commandment is very clear about that.

          • ServosT

            By “bow down” I mean bow to the political authority of the ruling moslems. I don’t mean to bow down to allah or Mohammet. One can stay a Christian but submit to being ruled by moslems.

          • glnman

            Alright then.

          • NTAuthority ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

            you said: We can just bow down in submission to Islam and technically can remain a Christian. Umm I disagee, Isa (their Jesus) in the Qur’an didn’t die on the cross for the forgiveness of sins, That whole idea is what makes a christian a christian, according to christian’s hence mozlems are not christians they are mozlems.

          • ServosT

            What I meant is that according to Islam, a Christian is a land conquered by Islam may remain a Christian if they submit to the political authority of the ruling moslems. They are 2nd class citizens, are made to pay a special tax, but can technically keep their faith in Christianity.

          • NTAuthority ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

            Dhemmi status.

          • NTAuthority ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

            convert to islam or be killed? not true…
            you are killed anyways….

          • ServosT

            You can convert and be one of them. That’s what they really want. They are The Borg.

          • NTAuthority ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

            Borg had advanced technology, these guy blow themselves up planting roadside bombs. They are Klingons, I hear Ohora say “Mecca” when she spoke to them, on second thought, Klingons have real Honor not fake honor like a ‘honor’ killings.

          • ServosT

            I see Islam as the Borg because they invade “better” civilizations and destroy them, leaving nothing good in their wake. It’s just pure force. But some of the most liberal people I know are very pro Islam because they see moslems as victims of western civilization.

          • NTAuthority ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

            you said “But some of the most liberal people I know are very pro Islam because they see moslems as victims of western civilization.” Yup, war is deceit , and islam can only exist in ignorance of islam or total submission to it, Taqiyya is implemented in it’s highest form, after all it is a War.

          • Actually, the “People of the Book” — Christians, Jews, and (depending on who’s got the scimitar) possibly some others — are afforded the luxury of subjugation as worse-than-second-class citizens (dhimma).

            For pagans and atheists it’s only, “Convert or die.”

          • ServosT

            I think we said the same thing at the exact same time.

          • Oscar Lundin

            Looks like it is death for this heathen!

          • Janet Gray

            Apollo Education Group fired Nelda Kaiser in Atlanta but Nelda now makes $14240 working with Finish Line from home

          • Not if we win.

          • Michelle

            HIndus, being pagans in the eyes of islam, after the huge attempt to exterminate them(10,000 a day being beheaded for IIRC ten years) failed were granted a “member of the book” status so that the poor muslims no longer had to waste time killing all of them and just killed the men and rape the women.

          • Seventy to 80 million Hindus butchered by jihad.

          • Malsikcuf

            And muslims are so stupid they dont even realize they’re really pagans.

          • Matt

            I would argue that atheist would probably be even more of a target than Christians. They probably figure “at least Christians believe in Allah”.

          • Oscar Lundin

            Although I am not in that situation, but I would never convert to Islam.

          • Matt

            COVERT NOW!!!! Allahhhhhhhh!!!!

          • Heather

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          • Bronish

            Dear Oscar…
            I’m very glad you will never convert to Islam.
            With being said, you seem like a thinking type to me, and I challenge you to study The Holy Bible, the book of John in particular.
            Your precious soul is in danger, and I would prefer that you safeguard your soul/spirit with Christ the Lord. He is your Maker, ya know.

          • gfmucci .

            Muslims attempt to make the kafir believe that Allah and the Christian God are the same. In fact they are polar opposites in character and purpose.

        • AmericanMe

          Every non Muslim must join together regardless of whether they believe in God or what God they believe in.

        • Dean

          The Mohammedans are third world, sixth century savages and totally incompatible with western civilization, the real home for atheists. It is an easy alliance against savages which includes this fan of Antifa fascists, which needs to be the focus here. And the militant anti-Christian “atheists” are simply using that narrative to also oppose our tradition of religious freedom and other western values, just like the Mohammedans use freedom of speech to actually end it.

        • Exuperancia Pérez

          I think most atheists reject the idea of a G’d being an old man with a long white beard sitting on a throne doing nothing after He created heaven and earth…”a king of the universe” thus.
          Atheists can be good people but some can be evil, like Lenin and the bolcheviki, the Red Khmers, Hitler and the nazis, etc.
          It should be an alliance of decent people against fanatic muslims regardless of faith or lack of it (i.e. christians, buddhists, Jews, Sikhs, atheists, Shintos…you name it) race, sexual preferences, etc.
          And as far as Paul Joseph Watson is concerned, he’s very intelligent and has a very good sense of humor. He’s very good looking too and even if he wasn’t gay, chances are one in a thrillion that he’d be interested in a romantic relationship with me, that’s the case with all cinema hunks too…(I am happily married and my hubbie is also a hunk!) that’s why I would advice young girls and older gals to stop dreaming and falling in love with the rich and famous!
          Other than that, Mr. Lundin is also right. We have to join forces against evil.

          • Larenzo1

            God Can be anything he wants.

          • ServosT

            I wasn’t referring to Paul Joseph Watson…(didn’t realize he was gay). Douglas Murray is the British atheist who is a very articulate critic of Islam and the mass immigration of the Islamic horde.

          • Exuperancia Pérez

            Oh, you are right, Douglas Murray is also a very articulate critic of the “religion of peace” indeed. His private life is irrelevant to me.
            Pat Condell is another one in the same league, I also recommend the articles selected by The Gatestone Institute.which are sometimes translated into German, Italian, Spanish, Poretuguese, etc. and that I forward to friends, acquaintances and relatives, sadly some of them are very “politically correct” and have ended their friendship with me for being “islamophobic and a racist…!!!” (Since when is Islam a race?)
            Have a great day,

        • What the bleep does you being a so-called Christian have anything to do with your praise of an Atheist?

          • ServosT

            It’s obvious. The war against Islam is so big that groups of people who have different ideologies and beliefs must come together.

        • notme123

          ALL people should rally against Islam.

          • ServosT

            That’s right. But right now Western Liberals/Leftists seem to be mesmerized by Islam. Democrats have become a party that wants to bring as many moslems into the country as possible.

          • jebor

            Enemy of my enemy, is my friend.

          • Mark Steiner

            Leftist/Liberals embrace Islam for political expediency. They hate (yes, HATE) Christians and the Word of God even more.

      • Mr_Drayton

        I once knew and atheist/Jehova’s Witness who would knock on doors for no reason.

        • Oscar Lundin

          I don’t think athieism had anything to do with that. I bet that person was a bit Looney.

          • Mr_Drayton

            I was just sharing an innocent joke in a difficult time.

            No idea of this guys motive but he clearly did not value the lives of others. My heart breaks for the families of the victims, the wounded and all in this small town.

          • Oscar Lundin

            I get it now. It is actually a pretty funny joke.

          • pandainc

            I’m a tad tired or worrying about a lunatic’s motive. Screw his motive. Find his pals, examine them for sanity and put the luneys in the nut wards.
            Motives my foot. They are killing us.

          • I was just sharing an innocent joke in a difficult time.

            Obscene use of the word “innocent.”

        • suqsid4

          Rim shot!

        • Michelle

          Incompatible: a JW swears allegiance to JoN. An atheist cannot so he was either insane or it is rubbish

      • Dean

        A real atheist does not support worshipers of Allah anymore than God. My first reaction was after Muslim this might be Antifa considering the date. Boom..He wanted to get the whole revolution thing started and planned to escape. I have often commented that the so-called assault rifles just glamorize the semis. The patriot with a shotgun brought the man down and ended the escape and worthless life. We need to keep the focus on ANTIFA.

      • GodSbabygirl Rollins

        Sweetheart :) I am going to pray that DADDY reveals HIMself to you in a way that you can understand. Anyone who reads this please keep this young man in prayer and pray GOD’s protection and Hand on his life. Pray that DADDY reveals HIS love to HIM in a way that is irreversible. *hugs*

        • Oscar Lundin

          Why thank you for those kind words and I hope you have a wonderful evening.

      • Suresh

        shooter being atheist is immaterial . Like the Las vegas shooter this man was Left/liberal Pro-antifa responding to call of jihadi supported antifa/BLM to kill conservatives.

        And as happened earlier the authorities are more interested in deleting the social media accounts that expose these facts as they did with Law vegas shooter

        Longer we take to purge the Left/liberal pro-jihadis from security network better it is for stopping these terrorists.

        • Oscar Lundin

          Regardless of what his spiritual views were, the shooter was an evil scumbag and death was what he deserved, although it came too quickly for him. He should have suffered a bit longer.

        • Larenzo1

          I believe he is more Antifa than anything else.

      • suqsid4

        >> Hell, I may be wrong

        Hell, you may be an agnostic.

        • Oscar Lundin

          I just may be. My wife thinks I am.

          • Gunter

            I’m not a Christian. But I have spent a quarter century searching for the truth, reading this book and that and listening to everything under the sun I could find.

            I’ve come to the conclusion that Judaism/Christianity (one being the natural outgrowth of the former) is the only cohesive worldview I’ve ever been able to find. I’ve come to believe that the only truly honest atheist is one that describes him or herself as “agnostic” as to whether a God exists or not.

            Here’s the question I ask all my atheist friends:

            Do you hope you’re right? Or do you hope you’re wrong?

            That fleshes out the honest atheists from the dishonest ones, in my experience.

            Cheers! ?

          • Oscar Lundin

            I have been known to be wrong in the past so…….. Of course I would love there to be a Heaven. I had a son pass away 3 yrs ago and I would love to give him another hug. I just don’t believe there is one.

      • santashandler

        Very interesting. You may become a Christian yet :)

        • Oscar Lundin

          A lot of people say that, my friend.

      • OLDBUFF53

        I am a proud faithful Catholic Christian that holds the same attitudes as you. You are welcome in my foxhole brother!

        • Oscar Lundin

          Thank you, sir. I would like that.

          • OLDBUFF53

            Even thought you are not yet a believer, GOD bless you and yours!!!!!

          • Oscar Lundin

            And may the universe give you and your family positive energy, my friend.

      • Gary

        Actually, with all due respect, Oscar, you are not an atheist. At worst, you are an agnostic. There are no atheists, really. Only idolaters. People who deny the God of the Bible and worship a god of their own invention; intellect, money, power, themselves. One that has no power to interfere with your sex life or to save you from your sins.

      • mztore

        If there is any chance you “think” their might be a God, you are not a true atheist anyhow, but an agnostic. Might I add, to each his/her own….I have no problem with those that don’t “believe”. You sound like a good person anyhow.

        • Oscar Lundin

          No dude, I am an athiest. But that doesn’t mean anything about anything. I have a lot of Christian friends. Just at the end of the day when my head hits the pillow, I don’t believe. By the way, thank you. I try to be a decent person in every aspect of my life and not just when people are looking. Have a great day.

          • mztore

            Why thank you !! I always have a great day. Just so you know, didn’t mean for you to think I was being critical. It wasn’t that at all. Was trying to give a bit of information. IMO. Be well , Be happy. Take care.

      • Lili J

        Thank you for your response. Good to know there are a few of you around.

      • Gunter

        The intersection, as Dennis Prager has put it, between Christians, Jews, and Atheists that all get along is the fundamental belief that humans are not born “basically good”.

        Humans are born NARCISSISTS — completely self-obsessed — and they remain so until taught to NOT be self-obsessed. Which is usually a lifelong struggle.

        Marxism and Islamism are both Collectivist, insisting that they would be wonderful people — and the world would be a wonderful place with bunnies and butterflies — if only something from the OUTSIDE would change so that they wouldn’t have to be such violent, murderous, enslaving reprobates.

        • ServosT

          The koran (or Hadith, doesn’t matter) says moslems are the best people and non believers are the worst. Hard to build a civil society around that dogma unless EVERYONE is a Moslem or NOBODY IS A MOSLEM.

          I vote for NOBODY… but leftwing Democrats believe we can (and must) mix everyone together to form a diverse utopia.

          • Gunter

            An apt observation. I was however trying, in many more words than I should have of course, to reiterate the most enlightening quote still so far in the 21st century:

            “The interests of Muslims and the interests of the Socialists coincide in the war against
            the Crusaders.” [Western civilization]
            ~ Osama bin Laden, February 12th, 2003, Al Jazeera Television

    • Voytek Gagalka

      Actually, proper description of that is nihilism. “Atheism” is just a negative, as “not believing in (any) deity.” And although we are not sure in what this murderer actually believed in, what values were important to him, clearly, human life was not one of them. So I most prefer to describe it as pure nihilism, not having any values at all.

      • Oscar Lundin

        I disagree. Many athiests have values. You just don’t hear about those ones because it doesn’t fit the Left Wing agenda. The only difference between me and you is spiritual beliefs. I voted for Trump proudly, think abortion is murder, Islam must not be allowed in America, etc. Although we are a small minority in the athiest community, we do exist and left wing athiests hate us as much as they hate you.

        • Whitaker Weber

          I’m right there with you Oscar. It’s been hard to find another conservative Atheist. I’m currently banned on facebook for speaking out against Islam.

          • Oscar Lundin

            Sorry to hear that communist FB banned you. We are a minority in the athiest community. I wish there was a way I could give you my email address without posting it publicly.

          • Qur’an 18:86

            You can do that by setting up a webpage with a messaging form on it. Then post the link to the webpage here.

          • Exuperancia Pérez

            FB is addictive, like a drug. I may be old fashoned but I still prefer direct communication with REAL friends, with REAL people through phone calls, direct conversations, e-mails, etc.
            Whenever I travel by bus, train or any other means of transportation, I very much prefer a book than a smartphone reading what people are up to, most of the time “friends of friends” i don’t know at all!
            Zuckerberg Schmuckerberg is just a Mammon worshipping mamzer, a JINO (Jew In Name Only) I thoroughly despise.
            Thank G’d I don’t need that FB b.s.

          • jebor


        • Michelle

          Agreed in toto.

      • Dean

        Incorrect, the “a” before theism is not a negative meaning “anti” as many leftists anti-Christians may cause believe. The latin prefix “a” means without as in without a belief in God and the rest is just your argument opposed to and critical of that skepticism. You believe in the existence of God and I am without that belief and we live in peace, or at least i think we do. I am not against you believing in anything so long as you leave me in peace. However, I have not met anyone more opposed to this codification of sixth century Arab customs, superstitions and prejudices masquerading under the banner of mono-theism called Islam than myself. The fundamentalists actually worship Mohammad and should be called Mohammedans.

    • Mark Steiner

      This very likely is Antifa in action.

      • Oscar Lundin

        Or Islam. I guarantee it is one or the other.

    • Rick Reynolds

      Best advice….’stay armed’ that’s all people need to know.

      Ofc if someone shoots you in the back, can’t do much about it, but I’d argue 99% of the time, you’ll get a chance to shoot the nutjob. If some Christians in the church had guns he would’ve only killed one or two at the most. Sad it happened.

    • aebe

      Constitutional Carry !

    • Drew the Infidel

      Agreed. A gun, like a computer or other device, is no more reliable than the person operating it. As for “gun control”, a moot point, a good start would be screening out those with less than honorable discharges from the military from having access, like this jackwad. In my US Navy tour (’68-’72), I encountered seven such individuals. One was booted for bed wetting, four for smuggling heroin out of the war zone, and two for self-inflicted injury, one involving his 1911 (.45 handgun).

    • Gunter

      Mass murderers are Free Moral Agents, and a gun, a plane, a truck, sulfuric acid, an axe, a knife, nor any other thing possible to be used as a weapon, are not.

      It is always, 100% of the time, what is between the ears of those who attack Western civilization. NEVER the ethnicity, pigmentation, or sex.

    • Terry Lunsford

      So true, I have conversed with hundreds of self professed atheist through the last couple of decades and have only been convinced that possibly one guy may have actually been a sincere atheist. Many of those encountered are precisely as you described.

  • Ben Strong blocked me from posting this important article. This is totally unusual and Pamela you might try to find out why .
    Pinterest is a good source for revealing the ‘TRUTH’ and has over 10 million hits from all over the world each day.It’s super!

  • Ectomy

    How did he get the gun with a Dishonorable?
    Not legally.

    • Millionmileman

      Unless he purchased the gun before being kicked out of the Air Force?

      • Buypass

        Can’t have in his posession. He broke Federal law just to have it.
        He put pics of it on his webpage and was married, so people who
        knew he had it after the dishonorable discharge are in part to
        blame this happened, at the least they are morally culpable to
        some degree.

    • Michelle

      FGS! The number of servicemen, active or retired who still possess weapons in incredible. They see it as a right and IMO (DHD/muslim excepted) it is.

      • Buypass


  • Millionmileman

    It’s not so much he’s an Aethiest but rather the biggest danger facing Ameica right now is the extreme left a.k.a. Antifa the real fascists. Not the white supremisists who could hardly fit in a phone booth. Thank God there was an armed, resonsible citzen by the church who put an abrupt end to this derangement

    This is why I purchased my first firearm last week, under the 2nd Ammendment. I don’t take trains to re-education camps!

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Indonesia has re-education camps — for muslums who desire to leave the muslum faith.

      • Millionmileman

        Were not in Indonesia anymore I’m talking about deranged lefties in America and there’s no dinning cars on cattle wagons.

  • DansDaMan

    A lot of this doesn’t add up. And I’ve already seen photos on FB pages that are doctored composites of photos above.

  • Chris Wolf

    obama tweets out we should all “pray to God for concrete steps to reduce the weaponry in our midst.”
    America’s biggest problem is that we ever let an avowed and affirmed muslim like obama pose as our president and refer regularly and publicly to “God,” as if that is the English translation of “allah.”
    obama is America’s worst enemy ever.
    We need our 2nd Amendment now more than ever, when this semi-sentient African coward and thug is signifying everywhere about how he will be the big chief who will disarm and subjugate the only country of free white men and women on Earth.

    • Whitaker Weber

      Words are weapons. Obama, while no longer president, will not stop at the second, but will also target the first amendment…. oh…. wait… the leftist antifa are already doing just that.

    • gfmucci .

      Obama would have us outlaw trucks, knives, machetes, and razor blades rather than address the real problem, Antifa-type leftists (like his good buddy Bill Ayers) and their allies, Muslims motivated by Islam and other fascist ideologies. A truck ramming through a wood frame church building would cause as much death and mayhem as an AR.

  • Jonathan

    Your post misspelled “Some Asshole” several times. Don’t assign him the kill count he was trying for, nor give the next “Some Asshole” a score to beat.

  • NJK

    Militia ties? Is Antifa considered militia?

    What is the motive of the authorities for always scrubbing the information on the killer?

  • Matt Maness

    Turns out this clown was an Anti-Christian Wife beating Social Justice warrior who likes CNN… How fitting..

    • LANVAL

      He wasn’t though. He enjoyed church and Bible study, and there was a severe disconnect. He chose evil.

      • Matt Maness

        Looks like he converted to atheism

        • Rick Reynolds

          You’re making assumptions. I’m Atheist and I’ve had Christians follow me on Twitter because they like to debate religion-so does that make them Atheists? Plus he taught bible classes.

          Even if he became an Atheist that doesn’t mean Atheism is to blame. Seems more likely he just lost his marbles, America is full of crazies who also have guns….it’s only a matter of time that they eventually go on some shooting spree.

          Then you have loons on both the far-left (SJW) and far-right Christians/Conservatives like Timothy McVeigh and Anders Breveik, also Hitler was a Catholic…so should we hold all Christians responsible?

          Not to mention for those who know nothing about Atheism, it is simply a rejection of god-belief due to a lack of evidence. Christians don’t believe in Allah, Zeus, Thor, etc. So that makes them ‘Atheists’ with respect to those Gods….Atheists just believe in one less god than you.

          And for the record I think this was a terrible tragedy. I am ex-Christian and I know the vast majority of Christians are good, decent people. So the question is do we ban guns to try to prevent mass shootings?

          Or allow them to remain and just accept that this is the price we pay for having a 2nd Amend (for Americans). I am pro-gun so I don’t think they should be banned over horrific events such as this. If the Church was armed perhaps they could’ve stopped him.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    It doesn’t really matter if he was muslim, a member of antifa, a democrat or a psychopathic murderer, the end result is that he did what those organizations that are trying to destroy America want to do. The only solution is to fight fire with fire, no matter where it originated from.

  • Michelle

    He is either a cryptoconvert to islam(and in which case like paddock we will NEVER be told the truth) OR a Leftist whose aim is to invoke gun control in the ONLY western nation left who can respond decently and with a chance to resist the takeover of the west by the islamoglobal elite. Like the scumbag in Las Vegas this has islamo/leftist written all over it and no amount of “lone wolf” rubbish will paper over the cracks there.This reeks of organized violence and we can expect much more in the US until they surrender their guns and become the docile sheep of the islamoglobalists.

  • Midniterider

    Please click on story and you WILL see a MUSLIM by the name of Samir al Hajeed.
    There’s a MANIFESTO.
    Semper Fi
    On Amazon

    • Dorrie

      MSM and U.S. Government will withhold that information. It will never be exposed to light!

    • CADeplorable1

      That was discredited as a Sam Hyde hoax. Put up by 4Chan kids. Not real.

  • Alleged-Comment

    Being atheist is impossible. Because you must FIRST believe that their is a GOD! Otherwise you can have no belief, or religion.

    Which brings me to an AC truism: Once known – cannot be UNKNOWN.

    This is just another hypocrisy culture of the Demoncrap supporter. Many are communist, sociopaths, or fat Michael Moore type SLOBS with greasy faces.

    We must BAN the Demoncrap party because many have been made mentally ill by it. From the lawless murderous rapist Clintons to a Negro sodomite who thought he was “President”.

  • Brenda Sinclair

    another horror story, more lives lost, where will all of this end

  • Jack

    Mark Levin talk show host asked his listeners what could be done to ‘stop’ massacres like this from continuing – dumb question because you can’t – plain and simple. The only way to quell such atrocities is to keep organizations like ANTIFA totally out of America but its too late for that because they’re already here and rooted. They abuse their Constitutional ‘right’ to free speech here in America then and only then will impressionable, wayward kids stop buying into their communistic propaganda via the internet. Ive heard that Antifa is simply a modern term which describes a ‘society’ which has its roots to pre Hitler era. There apparently are many anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-Constitution, etc – groups touting Communism and other such Anti-American rhetoric and caliphates.

  • Drew the Infidel

    This fat jackwad was given a bad conduct discharge from the Air Force in ’14 for assaulting his wife and child two years prior. The media tried to play up initial reports that he was some sort of commando type.

    The only solution to a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun, as happened in this incident. Sure glad I was armed at my sanctuary yesterday, as usual.

    Be safe, be trained, be alert.

  • James Stamulis

    Antifa said from the 4th to the 6th and this dick wad sure fit the bill and the military so called leaders just discharged this POS instead of throwing his ass in Leavenworth which seems like is reserved for hero’s who actually do what the military told them to do!

  • Igor Levitsky

    Well it’s pretty stupid to mount an attack on Atheism bc he liked few FB pages. Ffs he liked the psychic page as well. Atheism is not something beside the lack of faith. I’m an Atheist simply bc I don’t belive in gods, but I hate extreme progressivism, SJWs, identity politics, open borders and globalism etc. Religion is a set of rules, rituals, didactics, dogmas and so on. Atheism is not and doesn’t tell. what to do or not to do to anybody. Problem is an ideology used the Atheism as one of the components, but I know personally one Antifa member who is a Catholic, not very devout, but still visits church time to time. So no, not the Atheism was a problem with this sick freak

  • Jpp

    One more step to US coming civil war. Be smart buy weapon, ammo and food

  • Larenzo1

    That resembles Heat ledgers Joker, They reported that the citizen shot at him with a shotgun and he dropped his AR. Must have got him in the upper chest or neck area.

  • UncleSam13

    I’m wondering why this specific church. We’ll likely never find out.

  • Rose Rights

    Why do authorities “scrub” these killer’s social media? I want to find out for myself who he is by reading his crap. I don’t trust the authorities, or media to tell me…

    • Malsikcuf

      I think they do it in incase they’re muslim or have any connection or support to islam.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        If they scrub out that he was a muslim convert, it allows the story to take a different twist.

        • Dorrie

          Yep, it goes directly to “white supremist” doesn’t it. Typical. Something stinks about THIS investigation, just as it does about Las Vegas!

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            I can smell the stench of the Las Vegas cover-up all the way here in CA.

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    In such cases, have to get everything you can about the perps from social media, before they have time to scrub it.

  • Achmed

    I am confused. The Gun Control Act of 1968 prohibits ANYONE, other than exonerated and pardoned, who has be dishonorably discharged from the military, of purchasing, possessing, borrowing, etc., ANY firearm.
    How did this atheist murderer get its hands of firearms, of any type?
    Could it be that criminals and monsters don’t follow existing law?

  • demoman

    The guy that had a shootout wasn’t at or in the church. He lived a few doors down and seen him shooting and got his rifle. The dumb ass killing the people dropped his rifle when getting shot at, and jumped in his truck which means he didn’t kill himself. I’m sure the good guy was also a good shot and it took a while for the dumb ass to bleed out.


    is rooted in the leftist French Revolution where priests, nuns and worshipers were horrifically and sadistically mass murdered in churches, schools and at religious festivals. And inspired by bloodthirsty French God hating radicals Russian socialist revolutionaries under Lenin and Stalin exterminated up to 20 million Christians in their attempt to de-Christianize Russia and make it God-free.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      The atheists always have good excuses for atheist Communists for their crimes against humanity.

  • Phil McDonald

    Another progressive liberal acting out on his hate.

    • GetABrainMorans

      No evidence that he was liberal.

      He was in the military and lived in rural Texas.

      No exactly liberal there, chief.

      • Dorrie

        He was dishonorably discharged and a felon. Not allowed to buy or own firearms.

  • Suffering from Trump derangement syndrome another Democrat shoots up a crowd of people. Put these scumbags on a watch list and jail them for the slightest provocation. The Vegas shooter, the ball field shooter, the guy who attacked Rand Paul, now this psycho. Arm up and protect yourselves.

    • Lili J

      Even my 15 year old daughter can take an elk out at 150 yards.

      • Dorrie

        That would require a military SNIPER scope … interesting that you would have such a thing.

        • Lili J

          Just a old plain scope and excellent training at Appleseed training events. You ought to try it sometime. No high fancy scope needed. Just plain marksmanship…
          Ever hear of Morgan’s Shingle? Since you hunt and use a rifle, you ought to.

          • Dorrie

            Anything over 100 yards takes a precision rifle and scope. That’s simply fact. And how do I know this? I’m an Army vet. But I’m not interested in target shooting, I was a hunter for many years and being in the Army was enough for me to not be interested in guns as toys. But thanks anyway…

          • Lili J


            Don’t be so negative!

            MANY of the instructors were military.

            Our Instructors teach the skills that will one day allow a Rifleman to be accurate out to 500 yards~ EMPHASIS on 500 yards mine…

  • Chris Wolf

    Fratricide incited by obama, CNN and the leftist/atheist/muslim insurgency.

  • Lili J

    ANOTHER EXAMPLE of the hatefilled, intolerant liberal left!
    Money on he was a democrat.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    May the victims RIP.

  • The Texas church’s Facebook page has a 9/10/2017 entry that was “liked” by numerous Muslims. I picked one at random and viewed his own Facebook page, which included photos of beheadings and a mass grave. Why would radical jihadists have been looking at a Baptist church’s web page?

    The church shooting took place on the 8th anniversary of the Fort Hood massacre. Coincidence? I would have thought that, until I saw the Muslim “likes” on the church’s Facebook page. Something is fishy…

    • Dorrie

      FBI needs to follow up on those Facebook pages! I wonder if they will. It certainly seems that lately, they’re just busy covering their own corrupt butt, rather than stopping this kind of evil!

    • GetABrainMorans

      Why do you make stuff up like this? You’re telling a bald-faced lie.

  • Bigp

    I am amazed by the intelligents of both sides on here. No finger pointing at each other just discussion :)

  • GetABrainMorans

    More fake news that has already been debunked.

    • Dorrie

      What is there about it that you claim has been debunked? Do you believe it’s a false flag? If so, please explain because I believe our government has done other false flags and is quite capable of more, but I’m not sure yet about this event.

  • freepetta

    Kelley was such a chicken ? he’d rather die by a gunshot wound then face Texas Justice!! He was a coward and went out like one!!
    Killing innocent children and pregnant women who did nothing to him. What a Cowardly POS!!

  • Tim
  • Wow – this is so messed up. You are spreading a bunch of lies, including the photoshopped image- the man who is in the photo holding the flag that his shop used to sell identified that stolen image and debunked this. And why focus on whether murderer was a Christian, Atheist, Jew or Hindu and look instead at the fact that he fractured his child’s skull and escaped from a mental facility. Why don’t you go and volunteer in your community in a soup kitchen or helping local children or something.

  • God help this country. Whatever his exact motives, I have a feeling that this is not the last incident we have witnessed. :(

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