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Christians and other minorities in Pakistan in danger as Islamic anti-blasphemy riots bring country to standstill


Expect the West to do nothing, say nothing, to save these Christians and religious minorities, so cowed are they. It’s worse than that. Not only won’t they act, but Western elites strictly adhere and enforce the blasphemy laws under the sharia. They attack those of us, like me, who refuse to submit to the most savage and extreme ideology on the face of the earth. Because our stand in defense of freedom shows them to be the craven quislings that they are. They won’t depict Muhammad or say a cross word about that mass murderer, but they viciously attack decent Americans who stand in defense of freedom.

Concerns grow for Christians and other Minorities in Pakistan as anti-blasphemy riots bring country to standstill


Today Pakistan was in turmoil as hundreds of thousands of protesters rioted across the nations cities and villages. The situation reached such dangerous levels that the army has been called in to bring things back under control

Anti-blasphemy demonstrators began the campaign two weeks ago after a firebrand Islamic cleric Khadim Hussain Rizvi first called for protests over a change in the electoral oath for lawmakers that once confirmed the finality of the prophet Muhammed. Although no significant change has been made in the Bill regarding Khatm-e-Nabuwat (Finality of the Prophet) with exception of moving it from point number (i) to point number (iii) and changing the wording from ‘solemnly swear’ to ‘declare’, the reaction has been untamed fury. The offence to Muslims in Pakistan was compounded by the statement itself being relegated from first position to third position on the new form.

Old candidate form

To declare something in law, signifies, to tell any thing simply, but seriously; to swear in law, is, to ratify it, by an oath. Many Islamic media have been arguing that an affidavit and a declaration form have different legal implications and that a declaration does not guarantee the same level of authenticity that an affidavit under oath does. Sadly the extremists on the ground have used all the arguments to suggest a blasphemy has occurred and have used the change in wording to incense large swathes of the nation.

Although the Minister for Law, Zahid Hamid rapidly reversed the change to the form after stating it was due to a clerical error, this has done very little to dissipate the mass hostility towards the Government.

Protesters claim the changes are blatant appeasement for the Ahmadiyyah community who are considered heretical in Pakistan. The Ahmadiyyah faith is outlawed in Pakistan and the ‘Second Amendment to the Constitution of Pakistan’ states:

‘A person who does not believe in the absolute and unqualified finality of The Prophethood of Muhammad(Peace be upon him), the last of the Prophets or claims to be a Prophet, in any sense of the word or of any description whatsoever, after Muhammad (Peace be upon him), or recognizes such a claimant as a Prophet or religious reformer, is not a Muslim for the purposes of the Constitution or law.’

Already in excess of 200 people have been injured as a consequence of the countrywide rioting, dozens of whom have been police officers. After 150 people wre arrested in Islamabad by police who used rubber bullets, tear gas and water cannons to bring things under control to no avail, Khadim Hussain Rizvi who leads Tehreek e Labbaik Pakistan Party demanded protestors bring the whole county to a halt until Law Minister Zahid Hamid is removed from post and charged with blasphemy.

His supporters who seem extremely large in number responded by gathering in their local cities with reports coming in of mass riots in Karachi, Lahore, Hyderabad, Faislabad and Jhlum to name but a few.

Road blocks made of burning tree branches and tyres have triggered huge traffic jams across the country, in many locations traffic was brought to a standstill. Train tracks were also blocked creating travel havoc across Pakistan.

Minority communities have expressed great fear and many Christian communities have been praying for a quick end to the nightmare that has taken over their cities. Anti-minority slogans are being shouted by protestors across Pakistan and many experts believe that the heightened emotions could lead to a major attack on either an Ahmadiyyah or Christian community if the situation is not brought under control.

Our lead officer Mehwish Bhatti who resides in Islamabad was very candid about her fears, she said:

“The outrageous violence on our streets is typical of the increasingly radical Muslim majority. A minor change of words on an electoral candidate form has led to the calling for our MInister for law to be declared a blasphemer.

“This is a predictable exaggeration of slightly altered words that for all intents and purposes hold to the exact same assertions.”

Mehwish now fears for the safety of minorities in an increasingly febrile atmosphere, she said:

“The protestors are smashing buidlings and vehicles, they have caused huge transport delays and people are extremely frightened about what will happen next. Christians and Ahmadiyyah’s are most at threat, we are already hated but through no fault of our own the animosity towards us has become more animated.

“Christian and Ahmadiyyah communities are gearing up for an imminent attack but it was not our communities that requested the change to the form.”

A outreach event planned for today was delayed after our missionary team of brother Leighton and his wife Pana were delayed whilst travelling by car to Islamabad. Terrified that the couple might get caught up in the melee British Pakistani Christian Association volunteers asked their friends and families to pray for their safe travel. The outreach was cancelled due to the delay but Leighton and Pana are now in a place of safety. However later in the evening Mehwish Bhatti found herself caught up in heavy traffic on her way home and none of the riots seem to have been brought under control yet.

Brother Leighton who is a white British citizen undertaking our mission work in Pakistan, spoke to our Chairman Wilson Chowdhry, about the turmoil he is facing, he said:

“I am stranded at a service station in Kalar Kahar. I have been left here for 24 hours after our bus could no longer journey on to Islamabad. There is an evening curfew that has been placed across many cities in the country imposed by the military here too but it fills me with little confidence for my safety. To me it seems as Pakistani Authorities took to late in getting themselves in order and allowed this debacle to ensue.

“Its frightening, I stand out a mile off with my pale skin and protestors have been heard shouting anti-western and anti-minority slogans. Our return flights are on Thursday and for now we cannot even find a way back to Lahore.

“Its hard to fathom why these protest are so violent or even why they are so well supported. The Law Minister has admitted a clerical error and the Election Bill 2017 changes that caused offence have now been resolved. This reaction simply does not make sense and the riots illustrate to the world just how intolerant Pakistani Muslims have become.”

Wilson Chowdhry, Chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association, said:

“We are extremely concerned about the safety of our missionaries Brother Leighton and his with Pana whilst they are in Pakistan. Their safety is of paramount importance to us and in the morning we shall make a decision on whether or not to proceed with the rest of our outreach programme. If the level of rioting across Pakistan increases or remains the same we will have no option but to terminate our current mission programme.

“We are praying for all minority groups in Pakistan and call for Christians across the globe to pray for their safety.”

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  • Poppey

    Pakistan and Afghanistan it’s true to say are failed states, however, one has rockets and both have religious lunatics, both are also very well populated and can call upon powerful friends, trying any rough stuff with the Paki’s would mean the Christians would get it first, and India would NOT intervene to save them, it has too many muzz itself.

    The place is a deep money pit, we give them over £400 million a year and get little but a headache.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Clever lads, those englishstinians, giving pakistan only 400 millions, thats a saving of of 400 millions over giving then 800 million.

      • Poppey

        Have you inquired how much America gives them, and what about Canada ? Good with sums aren’t you. If you disapprove, please write to the Overseas Aid department at the FO Whitehall. I’m sure the views from such a renowned international expert as yourself will be studied closely – before being filed in WPB. Try writing in understandable English though, they are a bit fussy about that.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Focus, if it is not too much trouble, your inability to pay attention and stay on the subject being discussed is becoming legendary. You really could do with a few english as a second language teachers, to teach the indigenous population as high now that passes for english is indistinguishable from urdu.

          • Poppey

            ANSWER the Question arse wipe, go on, do some research for once in your life. Try slagging off the ENEMY for once instead of those BRITS actually DOING THE KILLING unlike you girly macho Nips 5000 miles from the action hiding among true Canadians..

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Still not smart enough to come up with an answer, resorting to lame out dated insults. How stupid you are, measureing success by body count. That is why britanistan is colonized by islam while Japan is an industrial, scientific and economic super power. You wouldn’t know a true Canadian if you saw one, as you are a phoney britishstinian, no sincerity or integrity in you at all. Giggle, definitely a victim of “Spotted dick”, with a side order of “bubbly squeak” you are a much akin to it, comprised of leftovers.

          • Achmed

            I actually enjoy dealing with United Khalifate residents. My personal, and officially, recorded kill count, for Desert Storm was one hundred thirty-four. Two bars .. and my company took NO (special emphasis added) prisoners. My Gunny beat me by miles. Big bad brave britastan .. where do they stand?

          • Mahou Shoujo

            britanistan does not stand, it grovels in the dirt at the feet of islam. Thank you for your service.

          • Achmed

            Just an aside. Mahou Shoujo, are you actually a japaner (shimajin)? I spent close to three years, working consulting for Shimizu. Had a great time. An older “salary man” was a Hachi Dan, Kage-ryu. He was more than twenty years my senior … and I as was thirty-eight, at that time. So, perhaps, he was as much as early sixties. I became his pet gaijin and his dojo was in the basement of a Presbyterian Church. In any event, when everyone went out drinking (hey, the gaijin was with them), after two or three rounds, we would leave and he’d bang on me with a bokken. Within less than two years, he had promoted me to Ni Dan, however, to be truthful .. I was maybe san-kyu in actual accomplishment. In any event, he was one of the finest men that I have ever had the honor of meeting. That was a long time ago … but, if you’re a japaner … I particularly enjoyed Tochigi-ken, where Sahirosama Sensei (please pardon my poor attempt of Romanization) hailed. Best sake, best people, best surrounding countryside. I have very fond memories of him and all that surrounded him.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            My parents left the mysterious east, moving to the decadent west when I was young. There was a very concentrated attempt to assimilate and become “Canadian” from day one. For over half a century I have styled myself and been styled as a Canadian. However I still have sentiments for Japan, very mixed, very much present.

          • Achmed

            Don’t worry. Aside from the terrible atrocities, “your people” committed against the Hanguk Saram .. No problem. Let bygones become bygones. Unfortunate, for you, your parents planted you in The New Sweden.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            The world is what we make of it, it is time to make the world what is good rather than perpetuate the stupidity of the past.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            I’m sure Canada was a lot nicer place back then than it is now — ditto for the USA.

          • Achmed

            Well, hi there, poppy the sniper. Care to put your kill count against mine?

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            “True Canadians”, I hope you’re not referring to the Inuit, who seem Asian and were there long before the Western Europeans could read or write.

        • Achmed

          Mahou Shoujo’s command of the English language, although more ASE than BSE puts YOU, not just your command of language, but YOU, to shame.

          • Poppey

            HOW can you see to write such drivel with your head up her butt ? ANSWER my question, HOW much is Yanky land giving ? She is a hate filled spineless lickspittle for Soros, just like YOU arse wipe.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            You are a typical britishstinan, all talk, but when things need to get done, like the french you lead from the rear, then run to the front for the victory parade after a few people take pity on your dismal performance at everything.

          • Achmed

            Oh, ho-ho-ho-ho … little poppey the sniper has her panties in a bunch. My comment was based upon YOUR (special emphasis added) command of the English language, whether ASE or BSE. It had nothing to do with anything else. When addressing soros, it is absolute hilarity … coming from a moslem worshipping islamophiliac United Khalifate resident. I am PROUD to be hate filled, against moslems (the vilest of ALL creatures) and moslem loving islamophiliacs, such as you. By the way, love your comment’s ending. TOO funny. Simply hilarious. Why do you insist upon time, after time, after time of humiliating yourself?

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      The population of anyone not-a-f’ing-muslum in Pakistain is fast disappearing.

  • christianbosnia

    Pakistan should have never got their independence,India was partitioned only because Indian Muslims demanded it,they feared a Hindu dominated country,so they wouldn’t be allowed to practice their Satanism in the open,now that they have their country it is a failed state with nuclear devices and an enemy of the West

    • OverIt

      And they are ALSO present in India in increasing numbers, invading the land designated for the Hindus. Not that that comes as any surprise.

      • Leslie

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        • felix1999

          Stick your scam where the sun doesn’t shine!

      • felix1999

        Why did India allow MUSLIMS back in? Makes no sense!

        • Poppey

          India by and large didn’t let them back in, the ones who stayed in 1947 are out breeding the Hindus.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            I thought the borders w/the muslum pig’s anus states of Pakistain and Bangladesh were largely porous?

    • Michael Copeland

      Pakistan – Paki “Pure” (Islamic), Stan “State”- was begun in 1947, Israel in 1948.
      Compare and contrast.

      • Jennifer

        Google is paying 97$ per hour,with weekly payouts.You can also avail this.
        On tuesday I got a great new Land Rover Range Rover from having earned $11752 this last four weeks..with-out any doubt it’s the most-comfortable job I have ever done .. It sounds unbelievable but you wont forgive yourself if you don’t check it
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    • They also “removed” their small Jewish population as well shortly after independence.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Good, let pakistan follow the qur’an and islam 100% it will be a good example to everyone, as to how destructive and useless islam really is. This also demonstrates the severe mental retardation that occurs when a whole nation is inbred to the point pakistan is today. The course pakistan is on assures it will destroy itself.

    • delilahdriver

      And, the SOBs have nukes. A Muslim A-bomb is an inevitable disaster. If you let a room full of chimps play with loaded guns, sooner or later there will be gunfire.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        The nuclear arsenals of france and britain would be of concern as both nations are islamic, islamic based of lies, any treaties or promises are not applicable when muslims are advance islam.

        • delilahdriver

          Thank you..that’s pretty G***amned funny.

  • Michael Copeland

    “Its hard to fathom why these protest are so violent or even why they are so well supported” – British missionary.

    These are not protests: the muslims are OBEYING ORDERS.
    They are not “well supported”: they are compulsory, on pain of a beating.
    The “calls” in the mosques are ORDERS.
    Violence works.

    The views of individual muslims, such as might give rise to genuine support, are not invited, not consulted, and not valued. Islam is not a Trade Union.

    “The only power the muslim community possesses is to acknowledge and obey” –
    AMJA ruling
    Assembly of Muslim Jurists in America.

    Contrived orchestrated “Days of Rage” have been shown to be productive. Remember the Days of Rage (FOUR MONTHS after the event) against the Mohammed cartoons? (See “And Take Their Wives As War Booty” at Liberty GB). Islam is good at shows of force. These events in Pakistan are examples.

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020

    Perhaps they just need some pencils and paints,… for their safe space to sketch ?!!

    • spfoam1

      LMAO @Mohammed grooming!

  • Ari

    Pakistan is not a place to be. Foreign tourists, Christians and other minorities are in serious danger when these mobs come close.
    Finnish TV news presenter Päivi Hannula in the picture.

  • How long will it take, for us in CANADA to we see, anti-blasphemy riots?
    Thanks to (shiny pony) Turdeau and his plan to reintegrate returning isis fighters back into CANADIAN society.
    …. NOT LONG…..
    To be critical of the muzlum (isis) jihad, is to be critical the quran and to be critical of the quran is …… blasphemy.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      When liberals pass laws like they have been, they are not for all Canadians, they are only for muslims. Whoever heard of a normal Canadian ever getting anything but a heavy financial punishment when charged with bigotry of prejudgeous, only white people can be bigots and racists. Canadian law sees to that. Well, that black guy that got sued by muslims for shovelling snow and not taking his shoes off, would be an exception.

      • ninetyninepct

        A Canadian gets 5 months in jail for writing “too many Muslims” on a bench, yet terrorist imams are repeatedly being recorded screaming Death to Jews in mosques and the Muslim boy child does bugger all. “It’s being investigated” is all we hear from the sharia compliant RCMP and nothing from other liberal controlled security organizations. What more do the Police need for evidence?

        • Mahou Shoujo

          That is one of the problems with giving minorities any authority. In the case of the guy who got 5 months for his comment on a park bench, I believe it was a muslim judge who sentenced him. As usual, once a muslim gets any authority, they abuse it. Then there is the issue if muslim hate of everyone, the qur’an falls under the description of hate literature, in every possible way, but it is not condemned, why not, why are muslims treated as superior in court, if they even get charged, when other non muslims are guilty before going to court? Liberals must be voted out of office as soon as possible, Canada cannot afford that level of irresponsible stupidity.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            5 months in jail? I wonder how long Eric Brazau’s sentence was for insulting islum (or whatever the charge was)?

          • ninetyninepct

            I saved and just re-read your mail. Something bothers me. I have never heard of a Muslim judge in Canada. That is almost a impossibility as Islam hates democracy.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Dug around for a while, can’t find where I read the sentencing judge was a muslim. Maybe not? None the less , he has used the law to give preference to islam for butt hurt.

          • Duchess of Pork
          • ninetyninepct

            Thanks Duchess. I found the same thing. Duck Duck Go & Google are great.

            The whole concept of a Muslim Judge in a democratic country is beyond stupidity. The guy’s lawyer should have charged the judge with racism as it is impossible for the judge not to be racist when judging an infidel. We can pretty well guarantee the the boy child had some influence in appointing one of his carpet buddies to the Court.

            Muslim criminals are probably filling that judges appointment book to get off on their hate crimes.

          • Duchess of Pork

            I recently complied with my civic duty for jury service and observed the Challenge process undertaken by both prosecution and defence lawyers which appeared to stack the jury with a particular demographic. Perhaps lawyers should also be able to Challenge judicial appointments.

          • ninetyninepct

            If I were ever a defendant I would have my Layer investigate the Judge. We are a free society are are entitled to fair hearings. I would refuse to attend a Court with a Muslim judge. We are entitled to an impartial jury and an impartial judge. A Muslim judge CANNOT be impartial when deciding anything involving an infidel. It isn’t part of their culture.

          • Duchess of Pork

            I would be conducting my own defence which would involve plenty of pre-trial research.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Thanks, turned out it was right in front of me, but I didn’t look there. Silly me.

          • Duchess of Pork

            You’re welcome. Here’s the post on John Alabi, the victim of muslim litigation jihad. As a Black Christian the Left would tag him into the bigot category along with White racists (that’s all of us evidently.)

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Thanks again.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            The original article is here in the “Geller Report”

            Canada: Muslim judge jails man for 5 months for “no more Muslims” scrawls

            September 27, 2017, By Creeping Sharia (thanks to Armaros):

            OSHAWA — A judge has sentenced a man who scrawled anti-Muslim graffiti at bus stops in Durham Region to five months in jail.

            Joseph Porco shows little insight into the harmful nature of his conduct, Ontario Court Justice Ferhan Javed said in handing down the sentence Thursday, Sept. 21.

            “Mr. Porco’s message left black marks on a public bench but even after the words are scrubbed away with a guilty plea, it leaves stains that may be more permanent,” the judge said. “Mr. Porco’s message was both hateful and hurtful to the community and needs to be deterred.”

            Porco, 56, of Oshawa, pleaded guilty to a single count of mischief. He was arrested after Durham police began investigating more than a dozen incidents of someone scrawling “No More Muslims” in February and March of this year on Durham Region Transit bus shelters in Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, and Oshawa.

            Porco was caught “red-handed” by police conducting surveillance on a bus shelter, court heard. He was charged with multiple counts of mischief, but no hate crimes.

            After his arrest, Porco told police he felt people were “taking advantage of living in this country,” court heard.

            Porco’s defence lawyer, Paul Affleck, had lobbied for a term of house arrest. Justice Javed said Thursday the facts of the case warrant real jail time.

            The judge cited Porco’s lengthy criminal record, which includes convictions for criminal harassment and mischief, as well as a history of ignoring court-imposed orders as rationale for rejecting a conditional sentence.

            Also a factor is Porco’s failure to recognize the true nature of his behaviour, the judge said; Porco has apologized, but seems to think his offence is limited to vandalism.

            “What is plainly missing from the apology is any insight about his actions in choosing hateful words and any semblance of what effect his words would have on the community,” Justice Javed said. “It does not matter that he wasn’t charged with a specific hate crime, because this was a hate crime disguised as mischief.”

            Porco has been diagnosed with a delusional disorder with persecutory features, a finding the convicted man rejects, the judge noted. His mental health may have been a factor in his behaviour, “but I simply can’t be sure of this,” the judge said.

            Incidents of “bigotry and hate” appear to be on the rise in the region, the judge noted.

            “Mr. Porco’s message was clear: No More Muslims,” the judge said. “There can be no other rational inference to be drawn except that he targeted a segment of the community based on religious grounds.”

  • Nefarious420

    Wow, another successful 2 state solution, few more test cases and maybe Israel will see the light…

  • tom

    If Mohammad were alive today, he’d either be in prison for life, or wearing a straitjacket in the nuthouse.

    • marlene

      Or in the US Congress, where many of his disciples are.

      • Michael Buley

        This is what I thought … he would be a hero of the left.

      • Achmed

        TOO good, marlene! Sadly, it is true.

    • satcatchet

      Like Charles Manson was but without the straitjacket.

  • Alleged-Comment

    As I’ve said so many times ignore that verse given by Yahuah about the sons of Ishmael at your own peril.

    It was a severe punishment for disobedience on Abraham, ironically. Punishing him for listening to Sarah much like the way Adam was punished for listening to Eve, instead of obeying Yahuah.

    Worser things are to come, of course.

  • Drew the Infidel

    Pakistan, or “Pocky-stahn”, as the DC crowd calls it to separate themselves from we of the great unwashed, has made their bedlam. Now let them lie in it.

  • Michael Buley

    Christians who live in Muslim countries, by choice, are brave, and foolish. Perhaps they are saving a few souls; I don’t know. They are surrounded by countless people who want them dead, and who will see to it that they are killed. Perhaps Christ, today, would go into Pakistan and preach and live his gospel there; and he would be killed within days.

    I know many Christians cannot get out of Muslim countries. Our own country has betrayed them. We let in fake Muslim refugees, and we abandon Christians.

    Globalists want Christianity destroyed. They are glad to see them decimated wherever they are.

  • Tabludama

    Big story ignored by our Corrupt Liberal Media.

    Here is another. Amazingly this is from the Huff Post which is a far left outfit. But this blockbuster story with its graphic videos has been ignored by the rest of the CLM:

    • Achmed

      Hi, Tabludama. Didn’t you find it fascinating where the blame was placed for the slave markets? ” … Recent efforts to reduce the number of persons crossing the Mediterranean are driving the growth of these privately owned prisons …”
      If it wasn’t for those few nasty people, actually attempting to protect their nation’s sovereignty, none of these slave markets would exist. Bad, bad, bad ….

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    How many non-muslim politicians, judges and police are there in Pakistain? Two? Or less?

  • Poppey

    Paki’s being Paki’s, all going it large a bit, nothing that 12 GPMG’s and a 100,000 rounds of ball wouldn’t put right.

    It’s a problem for the regime and they’re part of the problem. Situation normal.

  • Pakistan is possibly the most dangerous place to be a Christian or Hindu in the entire world (other than maybe Iraq or Afghanistan).

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