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[ January 23, 2018 ]

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[ January 23, 2018 ]

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[ January 23, 2018 ]

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[ January 22, 2018 ]

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[ January 22, 2018 ]

Muslim Migrant ‘Didn’t Understand’ It Was Illegal to Have Sex with Minors

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[ January 22, 2018 ]

Democrats cave to American outrage, government is back open #SchumerShutdown #epicfail

Bosnian school named for pro-Nazi Muslim


Further proof that President Bill Clinton made another catastrophic mistake backing the Muslims in the Bosnian war.

It bears mentioning that the leader of the Muslim world, the Mufti al-Husseini, raised Muslim armies for Hitler in Bosnia. Bosnian Muslim leaders were major Nazi collaborators during World War II and the Holocaust. They were complicit in and participated in the Ustasha genocide committed against Serbs, Jews, and Roma. They demanded to be allies of Nazi Germany, and formed two Nazi SS Divisions during the war. The Serbs were our allies in the great war, which made President Bill Clinton’s support of the Bosnian Muslims and abandonment of the Serbs obscene and wrong.

A still from German newsreel footage showing Bosnian Muslim troops in the Handzar SS Division on parade in Neuhammer, Germany, 1943.


Bosnian school named for pro-Nazi Muslim thinker stirs Israeli protest

JTA, November 7, 2017 (thanks to Dr. Bostom):

TIRANA, Albania (JTA) — Israel’s Foreign Ministry has protested the naming of a school in Bosnia for a Muslim Nazi collaborator who incited anti-Semitic hatred during the Holocaust before he was executed.

The Mustafa Busuladzic Elementary School in Sarajevo dismissed the criticism over its August name change, saying that Israel “has no right to give moral lessons to others” because of the building of Jewish settlements, according to an article that appeared last month in the Klix news site.

Busuladzic, a philosopher and educator, wrote in favor of “fighting the Jews” and their “spirit” in 1943, when thousands of Balkan Jews in what is now Bosnia and beyond were being hunted down and murdered by the pro-Nazi Ustase forces, which comprised Muslim Bosnians, Catholic Croats and ethnic Germans, of the Croatian puppet state.

Whereas “Jews and their deception and speculation disappeared from the marketplace” thanks to “people fighting against the Jews,” Busuladzic wrote in 1943, “in the bazaar remained Jewish spirit of speculation, imposing, charging price and usury to the extent that the corruption of certain traders, regardless of religion, eclipses that of the missing Jews.”

Citing these and other anti-Semitic writings by Busuladzic, who was executed shortly after the end of World War II by communists, the Israeli Embassy expressed its disapproval of the honor in a letter to the regional government.

“The Embassy of Israel reiterates its sincere regret that the Authorities of Sarajevo Canton approved such a move especially considering the fact that the vast majority of the Bosnian Jewish community was brutally killed by the hand of the fascist and Nazi occupying forces with which Mr. Busuladzic identified himself,” the embassy wrote.

But the school rejected the criticism of Busuladzic.

“Multi-ethnic Sarajevo, which you mention in your letter, is multi-ethnic because of Mustafa Busuladzic and other Muslims who, with their tolerant attitude towards others, made this city multi-ethnic,” the school’s letter reads.

“Busuladzic was not an anti-Semite; as an intellectual, he was speaking about poor Jewish qualities, but also about other, non-Jewish merchants, who were speculating on overpricing. The current situation in the world, where similar banking practices are causing an economic crisis, shows that Mustafa was right,” it added.

Amid rising nationalism that is fueled by Russian expansionism, the veneration of individuals who fought against communism and Russian troops alongside Nazi Germany is a growing phenomenon across Eastern Europe.

Israel, which enjoys friendly ties and robust trade both with Russia and with the region’s other countries, rarely comments publicly on such cases.


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  • Toledo Steel

    So, what would you expect, Bosnia is muslim. Again, you see the hateful, fascist mentality of the muslim scum.

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    • christianbosnia

      Part muslim and part non-muslim,I was born there and I know the situation

      • Dolly J. Westbrook

        CenterPoint Energy fired Joellen Bernard in Lubbock but Joellen now makes $8810 working with Texas Roadhouse from home

  • Suresh

    And in America muslims are demanding we stop honoring Armed forces instead support jihadis

    Jihadis in America are working steadily to takeover and impose sharia drip by drip and Left/Liberal useful idiots are helping them out of ignorance or cash or stupidity.

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Good pictures, hadn’t seen some of those before.

    • Exuperancia Pérez

      A German journalist was condemned to six months in prison for publishing these and other similar historial photos, allegedly because “displaying nazi symbols is against German law” (the high ranking nazi goons wore ribbons with the swastika…) So you see how corrupt judges and shysters for the defence (ab)use laws in order to muzzle criticism of the islam and their more than obvious collusion with the repugnant nazi ideology then and with the “politically correct” (left) morons now amongst whom I count antisemitic “feminists” who are in fact “women justifying stoning of other women accused of adultery, advocating the right to rape, non muslim women” etc. etc. etc. The apotheosis of stupidity!

  • … They demanded to be allies of Nazi Germany

    Surprise, surprise!
    ‘… “O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill
    him.”‘ – 6985

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Hmmm, I had heard USC was whitewashing the antisemitic, problematic verses of the quranus and ahadith.

  • allah’SS (40/2) 3/141 -> 8/17 ‘Beautiful’ Qur’an,

  • christianbosnia

    Nothing surprises me about Bosnia-Herzegovina,the country which I was born.If you heard recently there was a statement which really infuriated us non-muslim Bosnians.Bakir Izetbegovich the son of the notorious Islamist Alija Izetbegovich claims that his father in his last will left Bosnia to Erdogan and Turkey.That statement created a firestorm across the country and the Balkans since Turkey conquered and islamized Bosnia in the middle ages.But one thing is for sure we non-muslim Bosnians regardless we are Serbs or Croats aren’t going to be dhimmis and pay the harach (jizya).In fact Bosnia is the middle of the game between Russia which is presenting itself as the protector of non-muslims in country and wants Bosnia out of the EU/NATO scam and the Erdogan-Merkel-Izetbegovich axis.Merkel wants Bosnia as a citizens (read muslim state) without the current partition into Republika Srpska and the Federation of B-H where Croats and Muslims have cantons(Merkel wants that gone too),instead Merkel is insisting to end the Dayton Agreement which is deemed “unfair” for Muslims and making Muslims the apsolute rulers of the country with Christians in dhimmi status and give Bosnia back to Turkey,the thing is Russia is now more involved in Bosnia.But where is America and Donald Trump ?According to the IST (Institute for Stabilization and Transition) Bosnia is a failed statue and it is falling apart and caled the Trump Administration to intervene and make Bosnia-Herzegovina a state of three entities (one for Croats,one for Muslims and Republika Srpska for Serbs) or pay the price non-involvement later

    • Trump is hampered by the Fifth Column under Obama in America and sabotaged by the cultural marxist Muslim-loving, brainwashed majority.

    • Duchess of Pork

      Thank you, your comments provide an enlightening amendment to the informative articles that Alexander Shah has recently written for this site. What is position of non-muslims in relation to the partitioning of Bosnia-Herzegovina into 3 states?

      • christianbosnia

        We non-muslim Bosnians support the idea of partition,in fact a majority of both Croats and Serbs want a partition,but the problems is that the international community believes in idiot multi-freaking-culti and co-existence of non-Muslims and Muslims in Bosnia which it doesn’t work at all.

  • christianbosnia

    Another thing to mention beside involvement of Turkey is the involvement of Arab countries in Bosnia.In recent years Arabs are on a shopping spree across parts of Bosnia and they bought a lot land and real estate across Bosnia which is worrying non-muslims as well secular muslims.In fact the number of Arabs in Bosnia has increased in recent years and Bosnia is going through a process of Turkization and Arabization.It is enough to see how Sarajevo looks like today.Sarajevo isn’t a multi-ethnic city anymore it turning itself into a Middle Eastern city,most non-muslims have left and very few have stayed,only in the predominantely christian Eastern Sarajevo still you can eat pork and buy alcoholic beverages.Meanwhile while Sarajevo is becoming a Middle Eastern city,itself it has problems with heating and access to drinking water(a third of the city’s residents doesn’t have any access to drinking water),infrastructure is falling apart and a lot of the city residents are unemployed and are moving abroad

    • Mahou Shoujo

      islam is a scorched earth cult that turns nations into carrion before destroying them.

      • christianbosnia

        Bosnia was scorched by islam in the middle ages when muslims conquered it

  • christian vidal

    How utterly strong they despise and hate us, only the stupid leftists that are daily

    brainwashed by the enemedia and the educational system cannot understand this

    common sense, So ban all muzzies from the US and Canada shut down all mosques


    Don’t forget when the twin towers collapsed 1 billion of their kind were dancing and

    chanting in the streets worldwide. They are our deadest enemies since the inception.

    Their only goal is the erasement of the western and jewish civilizations.

  • BigMG

    We rushed in to Bosnia to stop Slobodan Milošević from driving out the Muslims.
    Who will now save the Bosnians from them?

    When Clinton ordered the bombing of a Catholic Church on Easter Sunday, who even noticed?

  • Dan Knight

    All true … and it also proves Islam is NOT a race, and it is the best evidence that White Europeans are NOT superior.

    If White Europeans were superior, we would take our inheritance and cash it in on Islam – and Islam would be a grease stain in history’s rear-view mirror.

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