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[ January 21, 2018 ]

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Bannon on Refusing Lunch with Palestinian President: ‘I Didn’t Want to Breathe the Same Air as a Terrorist’


Bravo! And the left tries to paint Bannon as a Nazi. You cannot make this stuff up.

Photo: Abbas kissing the godfather of modern terror, Yasser Arafat, pre-AIDS.

Bannon on Refusing Lunch with Palestinian President: ‘I Didn’t Want to Breathe the Same Air as a Terrorist’

Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon discussed his address to the Zionist Organization of America on Monday’s Breitbart News Daily with SiriusXM host Alex Marlow.

Bannon said Breitbart News is “very proud of the fact that we’re the most pro-Jewish site of any news site, and I include The Forward in that.”

He cited Breitbart News’ leadership against the BDS movement to boycott companies that do business with Israel, its leading role in protecting “young Jewish kids on college campuses” from anti-Semitism, and Breitbart London’s work in chronicling “the plight of the Jews in Europe.”

“We set up Breitbart Jerusalem under Aaron Klein, I would say The Great Aaron Klein, to be a voice of really breaking stories over there,” he added. “We couldn’t be prouder, and last night I was so proud to talk to this Zionist Organization of America.”

“You know the reason I love the Zionist Organization of America and Morton Klein and the folks? They are such fighters,” he said. “I mean, it’s like another Breitbart. These guys are just fighters, and the audience last night was just fantastic. Tom Cotton was honored, Chris Ruddy was honored, Ambassador Friedman, who I think is one of the best picks in the entire Trump administration. It was just a fantastic night.”

Bannon said he told the ZOA that he wanted Jewish organizations to throw in with the anti-Establishment revolt because “the Establishment is tapping along the Jewish community of the United States that wants to support Israel.”

“The bar has been so lowered for what it means to support Israel,” he elaborated, recounting the incident from his White House tenure described in his introduction to the ZOA where he refused to attend a lunch meeting with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

“I wouldn’t go to the lunch because I didn’t want to breathe the same air as a terrorist,” said Bannon. “I didn’t want to eat lunch with a guy that had the blood of innocent Jewish civilians on his hands. I just don’t. That got folks pretty worked up, and I think I gave a rousing honey badger speech.”

Bannon said he was strongly in favor of moving the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. “We’ve got to do this. The time has come. This is something that has to be done,” he urged.

He noted that the Trump campaign made four core promises to voters in 2016: “Completely destroy the physical caliphate of ISIS, name the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization, decertify and renegotiate the Iran deal, and then move the embassy to Jerusalem.”

“We’ve done two of those four. We destroyed the physical caliphate in the Middle East and he’s decertified the Iran deal, and he’s begun the process, I think, to renegotiation,” he said of President Trump’s policy moves. “We’ve still got to name the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization, and we have to move the embassy. Those things have to be done. I know President Trump is going to do them. They were on my whiteboard in the little war room I ran, so I know they’ll be done. And they have to be done.”

Bannon spoke glowingly of the Gatestone Institute, where he is scheduled to deliver a speech, and of its chairman John Bolton, a former U.N. ambassador and frequent guest of Breitbart News Daily.

“He’s one of the best strategic thinkers in the country. I hope one day, not too in the far future, that John Bolton takes a big and active role in President Trump’s administration,” he said.

Bannon previewed his Gatestone Institute address as covering “China, Persia, and Turkey, and what’s going on in the world,” promising that while attendance at the speech in Washington on Monday is most likely sold out, it will be posted on Breitbart News as soon as possible.

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  • Liatris Spicata

    Hey Abbas-

    You know, in that pose above, you risked contracting AIDS.

    • turkeychoker

      may it (aids)spread like a wild fire among moslems !

  • Trump can’t ban islam
    • Achmed

      Hello, Trump will ban mohammedanism. Interesting, for that photoshopped picture, that you chose the bodies of two brood sows (moslem females). When people say, “Ban the Burka”, I beg them to reconsider. The eyes of too many human beings will be self-clawed out their sockets.

    • Toledo Steel

      allah was the name of the male goat muhammed liked to rape when he was not raping little boys.
      I have looked into your account and it appears you are a communist democrat sadist.
      Poor, communist democrat. You are a sadistic, weak, pathetic, four-eyed p u s s i e who thinks acting like a muslim makes you ‘tough’. Don’t wet the bed, again, tonight little cowardly POS.

      • ladywarrior

        I blocked “it” as one of the Muslim trolls that Breitbart and Geller reported about 18 months ago that Killary and Soros were hiring by the hundreds……back during the election process…..If you block them they make less and less money on each story…..Geller and Breitbart’s sites draw them like flies to dung. Geller and Breitbart are the only sources for news not on MSM….that should tell you all you need to know about what is really going on in America…..

        • Dorrie

          I blocked it too. Enough’s enough from that swine.

        • Trump can’t ban islam

          block me for stating FACTS? maybe americans are afraid of FACTS, as trump and breitbart can’t mention islam and terrorism in the same sentence anymore. because islam belongs in usa now

  • Midnattsol

    Leftists, Islamic supremacists and neo nazis (I repeat myself) have all been triggered and are now crying in their safespaces.

    • ladywarrior

      When evil is close to being defeated….that’s when they become the most dangerous and active…..look around…their end is near as long as we stay the course….but before they are conquered…that’s when they are the most dangerous…..Antifa in Vegas…..more is coming.

      • Midnattsol

        Yes, Soros the self-hating Jew (and Nazi collaborator) donated 18 billion to the AFA and other groups.

  • spfoam1

    No citizen of the USA should be breathing the same air as Mohammedans. Get them out of this country!

    • Suresh

      Agree. At least Trump not easily fooled unlike all the previous Presidents , bureaucrats , policy “wonks” nutjobs.

      Recently Trump got conned by Al-taqiya from Abbas but once he learnt the truth, boy was he furious as hell

      He does not mince words unlike previous spineless Presidents.

      • Lois

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        • turkeychoker

          doom on you

      • caliroxanne

        Hope so. We will see what influence the likes of Tillerson with all his Islamo-oil pals and McMaster the koran kisser have.

    • turkeychoker

      If I understand our immigration laws,correctly,were the laws enforced,there would be absolutely NO moslems in the country. There is a religious test, and requirement to obey our laws. Sharia,as you know,isn`t subject to our law.

      • ladywarrior

        Islam is not a “religion” …it is a death cult of murder and slavery…..

        • Ziggy46

          That is the truth and the whole truth, ladywarrior. Yet, the gutless wonders who lead the so-called western democracies shamelessly, kiss his you-know. They did the same with fetid terrorist Arafat; he and Mister Peanut were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. The West is beguiled by this cult of mass-murder; hence, the west is compelled towards a death-wish.

        • turkeychoker

          I know. One Moslem recently told me he had 3 wives, here in midwest. They care nothing for our laws. Only Sharia. That alone would prevent them from emigrating here,if our laws were enforced.

          • ladywarrior

            Didn’t they go after some Mormon in AZ for doing that….big, high profile case…..apparently our Globalist leaders decided to let that slide…..scum…all of them…..

  • Dennis

    Bannon is and continues to be the anti-establishment warrior. I admire his fortitude and his very American belief system. His mention of Bolton likewise says a lot. I thoroughly agree that Bolton has his head squarely on his shoulders and understands and states what this country needs to do, and I hope that Bolton gains Trump’s ear and gets some of his proposals moving on behalf of what is best for this country. I am rooting for both of them, as they see the truth, hear the truth and speak the truth. All of us who likewise see, hear and speak the truth should support their ideas, as those ideas are best for this country.

    • ladywarrior

      Along with Pamela….they are the brave Truthers……
      I was sure that Trump would make Bolton the Secretary of State…..don’t know what happened there except there are so many dhimmis infested in our government now….I worry about Trump’s safety all the time.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    There is no point in ever negotiating or talking to muslims, as they demand submission or death of all who oppose them. There is no such thing as compromise, tolerance or coexistence with islam.

    • Nefarious420

      Coexistence is code for submission to Islam!

      • Toledo Steel

        Isalm is a cancer, a disease and must be treated as such.

        • ladywarrior

          A suicidal mental illness and cult that worships death….

      • SentaAPW89

        I’m worried for the future of the planet, seriously.
        We don’t have this problem with Sikh or Hindu immigrants, on the contrary they are hard working, good citizens.
        I’m a liberal Buddhist, so I’d be the first to go, along with my friends.

        Seriously depressed over this.

        • Sherry Pennington

          You’re not alone! There are many of us out here.

          • SentaAPW89

            Thank you Sherry!

        • caliroxanne

          I’m seriously depressed that Trump isn’t quite adhering to the promises he made during the campaign. The ban is now “extreme vetting,” which is empty and useless.

          • SentaAPW89

            His hands are tied on it, sadly
            I don’t think it’s his fault

    • caliroxanne

      There is also no point in talking to Muslims because they are a bunch of cunning, manipulative liars!!!

      • Mahou Shoujo

        The only solution is to be a better cunning manipulative liar, which results in nothing ever changing except the lies that muslims tell.

  • aebe

    UN Security Council to declare islam a cult , and outlawed in every civilised land . Easy !

    Validate your 2nd Amendment Rights , Carry

    • Nefarious420

      yeah, that is hysterical, the UN Security Council is controlled by Islam.

  • marlene

    Bannon – gotta love him!

  • joe1429

    Go Bannon!!! MAGA!!

  • Alleged-Comment

    LOL! The way they uck each other in the ass I don’t blame him. After a certain age they can’t control it. Remember the sodomite Barney Franks farting on live TV??

  • Well, I guess Bannon won’t be friends with Bill Ayers anytime soon. And that’s not an allusion to the Weather Underground…

    …, born Phoenix-like from the ashes of a terrible explosion that killed three of our leaders in Greenwich Village, New York on March 6, 1970, stormed fleetingly across the landscape at the tail end of that mythical and iconic age now simply called the Sixties. Originally a militant formation inside Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), the catalytic radical student group of its day, the Weather Underground rose, hot and angry, to—in our own terms—smite the war-mongers and strike against the race-haters. We went over the top. …


    Let’s thank Mr. & Mrs. Clinton for the “resurrection” of this obscenity. The Two-Fer Presidency commuted, in 2001, the sentences of two of the convicted Underground bombers.

    Let’s thank The Big O-Mo for the perpetuation of this obscenity. (FACTBOX-Reuters)

    • And this country elected The Big O-Mo twice. Sick; pathetic.

      And the voters of NY State elected Her Thighness twice. Insane; moronic.

      • ladywarrior

        Well….at least we know where the “cancer” in America is concentrated….

  • Drew the Infidel

    Bannon with his bent for being candid is becoming living proof of the Orwellian adage that truth is the new hate speech.

  • G P

    Bannon 2020.

  • James Stamulis

    It is easy to see why Bannon was good friends with Breitbart and Pamela for they are all Patriots and love America!

    • ladywarrior

      And actively call out the enemies of America and Christianity/Judeo followers…..

  • ladywarrior

    Bannon is the new leader of “Truthers”……Pamela led the way and now others are following…..

  • Sherry Pennington

    The Muslim Brotherhood is condemned frequently but…….CAIR should be right up there with them. Not enough emphasis placed on how dangerous they are to the USA.

  • Ziggy46

    Good for Bannon, perhaps others, those kowtowing to this terrorist and others, will find a way to grow some gonads. It boggles one’s mind the politicos who hold Abbas in high-esteem. This fetid man is a known terrorist; moreover, like all of his psycho cult, Abbas hands out treats to the Pal children when, especially Israelis are murdered by the Pals or another Jihad faction.

  • Robert Kahlcke

    He could have smeared him with pig excrement, missed moment.

  • missirish71

    Good for him. He calls them as he sees them.

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