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Las Vegas: A THIRD Timeline Emerges


The words “conspiracy theorists” are being bandied about. Are they for real? A well-coordinated, meticulously planned attack on concertgoers leads to the murder of 58 Americans at a country music festival in Las Vegas, with over 500 injured, and they have no explanation or motive. Do the FBI and law enforcement think people won’t talk about it or speculate as to what happened? Are they for real? Further, the FBI insists there is no jihad motive, while saying they don’t know his motive. How can they possibly hold those two contradictory ideas at the same time?

The sheriff, alluding to allegations of a conspiracy between his department, the F.B.I., and MGM — supposedly in an effort to establish a legal case — said, “there is no conspiracy.”

William Jacobson explains the latest “revise” by the authorities is the now infamously botched Vegas investigation:

Las Vegas police now say critical 6-minute shooting gap doesn’t exist

October 13, 2017, Legal Insurrection

Police and hotel still don’t agree on some details.

I realize that in the heat of a shooting, particularly a mass shooting, it may take some time for a precise timeline to develop.

But it didn’t take very long for the Las Vegas police to release a precise timeline. The initial timeline was that Stephen Paddock’s shooting stopped when, approximately 6 minutes after he started, he was interrupted by a security guard from the Mandalay Bay hotel. Paddock then turned his fire into the hallway, firing some 200 bullets, and after that the shooting stopped as police arrived. That was Version No. 1.

Some days later, the Las Vegas police backed away from that timeline, and stated that the security guard actually arrived 6 minutes before Paddock started shooting into the crowd 32 stories below him. That raised a number of question, including why no one called 911 after what must have been a loud volley of shots in a hotel hallway. That was Version No. 2.

But now that is disputed, in Version No. 3. WaPo reports:

Las Vegas police said Friday that the gunman who opened fire on a country music festival far below his hotel suite did not shoot a security guard six minutes before that rampage, contradicting a timeline they had offered earlier this week….

The confusion began Monday when police said that the gunman fired at the hotel security guard, Jesus Campos, six minutes before the mass shooting began, not during the massacre as they had said. Lombardo also said police had hunted for the source of the gunfire and that officers responding to the gunman’s floor were unaware that a guard was shot until they arrived there, at which point the shooting rampage had ended.

MGM Resorts pushed back on this account, first saying Tuesday that there were unspecified inaccuracies and then, on Thursday, releasing a statement directly contradicting parts of what the police had said….

Lombardo had said Monday that Campos, the guard, was shot at 9:59 p.m. and that the mass shooting began at 10:05 p.m. This six-minute gap relayed by Lombardo left uncertain whether there was any lag in alerting police to the source of the gunfire during critical moments. Police said officers arrived on the 32nd floor at 10:17 p.m., two minutes after Paddock had stopped firing.

MGM, though, said it was “confident” that the 9:59 p.m. time was inaccurate and “was derived from a Mandalay Bay report manually created after the fact without the benefit of information we now have.” The company also disputed the suggestion of a lag, saying the shooting rampage began within a minute of Campos reporting his injury on the 32nd floor.

On Friday, Lombardo effectively agreed with the company’s statement, though he argued that the 9:59 p.m. time he had offered four days earlier “wasn’t inaccurate when I provided it.” Lombardo said he was told this time had been written by someone in a security log.

Upon investigation, Lombardo said, police learned that Campos first encountered a barricaded door on the 32nd floor at 9:59 p.m. The guard was eventually fired upon by Paddock “in close proximity to” 10:05 p.m., when the mass shooting began, Lombardo continued.

Clear, right?

Not so fast, the police and hotel still have disagreement over important details, such as when police arrived relative to Paddock’s shooting at the crowd:

An enormous, important discrepancy has emerged over what happened during the Las Vegas massacre: When did police arrive on the 32nd floor where Stephen Paddock was firing his deadly fusillade onto concertgoers below?

Las Vegas police say they didn’t get to the floor until after the shooting was over. But MGM Resorts International, the owner of Mandalay Bay, says police officers were there shortly after the shooting began, responding to a report of a security guard being shot. The discrepancy could raise questions about whether police might have taken steps to intervene while Paddock was launching his devastating 10-minute onslaught….

… on Thursday, in response to inquiries about when Mandalay Bay notified police of the Campos shooting, MGM Resorts issued a statement that was unequivocal: Las Vegas police officers accompanied Mandalay Bay security to the Campos shooting and “immediately responded.” MGM said that “Metro officers were together with armed Mandalay Bay security officers in the building when Campos first reported that shots were fired over the radio. These Metro officers and armed Mandalay Bay security officers immediately responded to the 32nd floor.” The statement says MGM believes Paddock began firing out the window of his room within 40 seconds of Campos reporting his shooting, and Lombardo said Friday, “I agree with the statement.”

These discrepancies on basic facts are feeding conspiracy theories.

As to Paddock’s motive, still nothing from the investigation.

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  • Abby

    How do you expect an honest investigation when the head of the fbi in Vegas is married to a Podesta.

  • Phil McDonald

    How do you expect an honest investigation when FBI rush to let everyone know this 100% was not an act of terrorism?

    • Drew the Infidel

      Agreed. That is like the “settled science” of climate change, neither one exists.

      • Marjorie

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        • Drew the Infidel

          OK. Get on your knees.

  • Rocinante44

    a tangled web of lies spun daily by the Fed Bureau of Islam. we’ll see if the american public remains stupid enough to let them get away with it

  • Jackie

    Campos is the key to either MGM being found negligent in the lawsuits or in the FBI covering up other Islamic cells on the loose and Paddock being THEIR informant or both of these facts.

    MGM is paying for Campos’ hotel and security guard at his house. They erased his employee file as shown by a leaker, and there is no file under his name as a NV security guard.

    SOMETHING stinks!

    The newspaper article where he is taking meetings with MGM corp and his.very mob looking union heads.

    • ladywarrior

      The “mob” in Vegas was long time ago replaced by the Mormon Mob….just as forceful and just as deadly. There are more Mormons on the bench of the Courts than non-Mormons….they pretty much own everything here in Vegas. I know from where I speak.

  • Trump can’t ban islam

    this points to a north korean terror attack in US soil. prepare, USA will be at war with north korea at anytime, as it was at war with japan after pearl harbor. But USA will never be at war with islam.

    • Liatris Spicata

      Actually, Trump’, it’s not the Norks, it’s the Zorgalite invasion from the plant Xlactu. But certainly nothing to do with Islam!

      How could anyone even imagine that the good ole US of A could be at war with the Religion of Peace?

      • Ed Cox

        But the religion of murder and hate is a different matter .

        • t Adler

          islim is the religion of pieces. Try to remember this and correct any fool or lier claiming otherwise.
          “islim” means “submission” and is a cult for pieces and not for peace.

          • ladywarrior

            GW Bush -whose family has been in bed with the Middle Eastern oil cartels for generations and GW’s college roommate was a Saudi Prince… the one who said “Islam is a religion of Peace.” He knowingly lied…..the word “islam” translates to “subjugation”…..meaning all Infidels must subjugate themselves to Islam….or be slaughtered.

          • t Adler

            Lady warrior, I agree with you. I said islim (no capital “l”, because it’s not worthy) is a religion of pieces and Not a religion of peace. If you don’t agree or follow their crap you’ll find a piece of you here and a piece of you there. islim is nothing more than a sickening cult.

          • ladywarrior

            And I agree with you also.

  • The horrible information we are given by the police proves without any doubt whatsoever this is one of the biggest coverups in history. If ISIS was involved they didn’t do this by themselves they are not very bright they had help from higher up Satanists like Hillary one of ISIS very best friends and Satanists helped to create ISIS and we know what side the social media giants are on.
    The show must go on and the terrorists haven’t changed Vegas one bit great work people for not letting terror shut Vegas down.

    • ladywarrior

      It’s not “ISIS” directly…’s the new alliance between ISIS and Antifa in America…..lots of reports on that.

  • ArtImitatesLife

    Listen closely at 3:36. That sure sounds like a Mohammedan battle cry to me.

    • Cythia Jo

      Sounded like single close range shots first. Were those fire crackers set off so the crowd would think the gunshots were also fireworks and not know what was happening right away? Yes, I heard the war cry, same one ANTIFA uses.

  • Robert Stephens

    MGM donates to CAIR supporting Jihad, MGM plays shell game w/ stock days earlier avoiding cash loss from shooting and scandal, corrupt FBI comes in to cover loose ends,Medicated Muslim convert Paddocks GOV. contractor ties, weapons procured from FBI, Obama connections, can’t kill Campos loose end who was supposed to die
    Harvey Weinstein is Halal sacrificial goat in Media smokes screen scandal for Left/Islam, division, confusion, mistrust in Muslim propaganda war as snow balling Islam plague epidemic infiltrates American Institutions.
    CASH from MGM stock sale. for Muslim Brotherhood,get away with robbing MGM’s largest mutual fund investor, VA American 529 fund, investing the money of college students and our children’s college, our country’s future.
    GUN CONTROL Lefts SJW response demanding legislation push agenda
    DEATH TO CHRISTIAN INFIDELS, make them fearful to gather condition for appeasement
    CRIMES DIVERSION from all the endless democrat left Crimes Obama coup, Muellergate, Hillary Comey Waters, WIENERS, AWAN, RINOS, DACA SCAM,VOTE RIGGING, sex scandals
    DIVERSION from Global Genocide of Christians by Islam
    partial analysis 10/ 14/2017
    REVENGE as Outlined By ISIS
    FUEL Left Hatred
    VICTIM Present Islam as sweet talking calm comforting Burmese Python who wants to just stretch a little from his cage of oppression while you sleep (don’t worry he will be quite)

    • Cythia Jo

      Excellent observations.

    • BigMG

      Nailed it.

  • Voytek Gagalka

    The more they will deny that ““there is no conspiracy,” the more it will grow and grow into full blown conspiracy. Hey, what they will deny next? Maybe the Pink Panther did all this mess in investigation and it is time to recall Inspector Clouseau?

  • Mahou Shoujo

    This is a typical f b i coverup, like in other cases where the crime scene was not secured or investigated, but opened to the lame stream media, any evidence was conveniently destroyed, this is a larger continuation of a cover up, there is no involvement from the higher levels of security as they know it would be politically disadvantageous to have facts know,

    • Drew the Infidel

      Agreed. The corrupted crime scene you describe is an exact description of the one at our diplomatic mission in Benghazi.

    • ladywarrior

      Seth Rich comes to mind in D.C. to your point…

  • Mark Steiner


    Phew! Got that off my chest …
    -the Chief

  • Michelle

    Maybe it is time to do something ourselves as quite apparently the western governments are NOT interested in our safety as they still allow in muslims who declare themselves our enemy openly.

    • ladywarrior

      If “we” try to “do anything”… violence ….they will be all over us so fast you won’t have time to go to the bathroom….it’s the American citizens who are being watched….not the Anti-Americans…..

      If you mean do something non-violent…..then for God’s Sake people need to quit fretting and fuming over the NFL crapola…’s an intended diversion…..instead get on your computers and look up the voting records of your representatives…..if you find that they are part of the problems start writing them, go to their office, whatever you have to do to tell them if they continue in the same vein you will be replacing them.

      Take Paula RINO Ryan for instance…..the 1st Congressional District of Wisconsin has repeatedly put this wank in for 17 Years! In 17 years he’s only pushed 3 Bills and one got through….and it wasn’t even significant. He and turtle head McConnell have done more damage to the Trump agenda than all the Antifa in America……at this point.

      Send money to his challenger….hopefully, it will be Nehlen again……

      I vote in AZ….we’ve tried repeatedly to get rid of McLame….but the RINO machine comes in with millions of dollars and buys up the air waves….Ward didn’t have a chance. But she definitely does against Flaky Flake….McLame’s “mini-me”.

      So many dead people voted in the last election…..turns out that only the DOJ can allow states to remove dead people from their voting rolls….Holder and Lynch prevented the dead people from being removed……go to your Attorney General and demand he send the list of dead people to Sessions and have them removed…..

      It’s these “little” things done by millions of people that ultimately raise awareness and cause change…

  • Drew the Infidel

    And you will never guess who benefits from all the confusion, MGM. The first civil liability cases have already been filed but what will they use for evidence, official police accounts that are in dispute and contradictory of one another?

    Can we all at least agree there remains a body count of 58, still?

  • Where is the third timeline? Did I miss something?

  • James Stamulis

    No one with a mind of their own buys their bull crap. The FBI guy looks as if he is burning a hole in the sheriffs head with his tense stare. The eye witnesses almost all say there were multiple shooters as well yet they want us to believe this alcoholic 64 year old gambler became James bond and lets ignore Soros and the owner of MGM who made a lot of money by selling massive amounts of stock on the hotel just weeks before this happened. Some people are pure evil.

  • Ed Cox

    If he had only had a big truck or moving van , he could have murdered many more for the religion of murder and hate .

  • Keith1941

    We can’t get the FBI/Justice Department to do their job prosecuting Hillary and the rest of the Washington Sewer, and they wonder why we don’t believe their story about motive?

    Long live Donald Trump….he’s our only chance to clean up Washington.

    • ladywarrior

      They also covered up the assassination of Seth Rich….would have led back to Killary and Antifa……because they “suspected” he was the leaker to Assange…..

  • putupjob

    so what parts of the “official story” about the vegas attack are true?
    it seems no part of it remains fixed. in other words, it’s not valid or truthful.
    the question is: why?

  • ramrodd

    the agencies are actually proving to the people that there should be no trust
    of the government, but most already knew that!

  • VTS

    What was Paddok’s party affiliation, voting record?

    • Ed Cox

      marxocrat party

  • ladywarrior

    I already know what happened……Paddock and his Filipino “girlfriend” who comes from a Muslim invaded country…..are Antifa. They took a cruise down the European coast stopping at many countries…..including Islamic. She is not what they say she is…..

    After the attack on the music concert in the UK, the radical Islamic terrorists made the statement in the UK Daily Mail that Las Vegas was one of their next targets….several weeks ago Antifa in America made the statement that they were embracing violence against those who disagree with them. There are multiple reports that Muslim terrorists have been training Antifa…..

    Plus, Paddock had an escape plan. But when it didn’t work out… a good little Antifa he killed himself for the cause. He sent his co-conspirator off to the Philippines and sent her $100,000…..sure….that sounds like a woman who had “no idea” of what was going on.

    Now, I’m not FBI or any other law enforcement……but apparently I can add two and two and the FBI can’t…..but more likely, won’t. Under the Muslim/Marxist Obummer and Comey the FBI has been whoosified….cowed and Libtard.

    The Mandalay Bay group gives money to BLM, SPLC, and many other anti-American groups….if they weren’t aware of Paddock, then we have no business visiting any of their businesses and giving them money to give to those who are intent on destroying America.

    They “those in power” treat us like children….I was 20 years old when it was announced that the truth about JFK’s assassination was going in a vault for 50 years because the truth would hurt a lot of “unintended” persons. When the 50 years was up…..Caroline Kennedy stopped the vault from being opened…..Best guess….the truth would have hurt the Dimms and their Globalists, Fascists goals… she resealed it.

    Look for another Antifa attack around the Holidays….where many gather….

  • CADeplorable1

    Meanwhile…in the msm, the story has all but evaporated…as if it never happened. Swept away and perfumed.

    Thank you to the Geller Report and other alt-media – without you, we’d have no news at all.

  • dhd123

    How does something like the security guard being shot before get so screwed up and reported as after? I’m still wondering what brought security to that floor in the first place?

  • Realist

    So much confusion. Another example… Initially the police said they were able to respond to the shooter’s room so quickly because the smoke from all the gunfire set off a smoke alarm, later to say they mistakenly responded first to the 31st floor because they were unable to determine which floor the shooter was on. Well which is it, Einsteins?

  • BigMG

    How do we even know it was Paddock that shot Campos?

    Did Campos see Paddock firing through the bullet holes?

    Is there any security footage of other people entering that room?

    Why did Paddock risk hauling 47 guns, 16,000 rounds of ammo, and 50lbs of explosives up 37 floors, only to kill himself — BEFORE there was a confrontation.

    Why are police hiding his Muslim connections?

    Now, Campos ditched the interviews and is isolated.

    What next?

  • USAF Vet

    This whole thing stinks to high heaven.

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