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U.N. Caught Blackmailing Companies to Cut Ties With Israel, Jews


The United Nations Human Rights Council has been putting the pressure on major Israelli companies to stop doing business in the areas of the Jewish state that are under dispute by Palestinians.

And if Israel fails to comply?

United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Jordanian Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein addresses a session of United Nations Human Rights Council.

Well apparently the HRC’s key members might try and label the country a human rights abuser, a new report shows. Blackmail, anyone?

The Washington Free Beacon has more:

The United Nations Human Rights Council is pressuring a major Israeli telecommunications company to cease operations in disputed areas of the Jewish state or face a potential designation as a human rights abuser, according to a copy of communications sent by the Human Rights Council that is being viewed as an attempt to blackmail international corporations into boycotting the Jewish state.

The UNHRC recently sent a letter to the CEO of Bezeq, a major Israeli telecoms firm, accusing it of promoting settlement activity in Israel and of providing cellular services to areas that the Council believes are Palestinian territory.

The UNHRC’s effort to create a database of companies working in and with Israel is being viewed by pro-Israel leaders as an effort to intimidate Israeli and Western businesses as part of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement, or BDS, a global effort that has been described by the United States and others as anti-Semitic in nature. Bezeq is among a number of companies, including those in America, who have received such letters from the UNHRC.

A senior U.S. official familiar with the situation said the Trump administration opposes the UNHRC database and views it as part of a larger effort to isolate the Jewish state and use the United Nations to bully international corporations.

The UNHRC has long been accused of harboring an anti-Israel bias and recently elected a number of prominent global human rights abusers to take a seat at the council, including nations such as the Democratic Republic of Congo, Afghanistan, Angola, and Qatar, all of which have been accused of violating their citizens’ human rights.

The UNHRC’s effort to create a database of corporations that it claims support Israeli settlement growth and the abuse of Palestinian human rights has been described by some pro-Israel voices as a blackmail effort meant to undermine the Jewish state’s international standing.

The UNHRC sent a letter to Bezeq in late September accusing it of “supporting the maintenance and existence of settlements, as well as the “use of nature resources, in particular water and land, for business purposes,” according to a copy of that letter that first circulated on Facebook.

The UNHRC threatens to add Bezeq to its database of companies operating in what it claims are Israeli settlements and the occupied Palestinian territories.

“Bezeq owns approximately 40 real estate properties in the West Bank used for telecommunications infrastructure, and operates antennas throughout the West Bank,” the UNHRC wrote in its letter.”

“Bezeq provides landline, cellular, internet, and cable TV services to residents of settlements in the West Bank,” according to the UNHRC, which considers this activity a violation of its accords.

A spokesperson for the U.S. Mission to the UN criticized the creation of the database, telling the Washington Free Beacon the United States will not participate in such an effort.

“We have made clear our opposition regarding the creation of a database of businesses operating in Israeli settlements in the occupied territories, and we have not participated and will not participate in its creation or contribute to its content,” the official said.

Anne Bayefsky, a prominent pro-Israel activist and head of Human Rights Voices, a watchdog group that monitors anti-Israel bias at the UN, told the Free Beacon the letter to Bezeq represents an effort by the international body to promote BDS efforts against Israel.

“The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Jordanian Prince Zeid Al Hussein, acting in cahoots with the UN Human Rights Council, has been blackmailing companies around the world as part of a UN BDS campaign directed at Israel,” Bayefsky said.

Similar letters have been sent to companies across the globe, threatening them with inclusion into this anti-Israel database.

“Until now, the UN High Commissioners Office has been sending around secret letters both to companies and to states, threatening them with inclusion in a database of offenders that the UN plans to release by the end of the year,” Bayefsky said. “The database is to include companies that ‘directly or indirectly’ are connected to Israeli settlements. It is nothing short of an assault on the economic welfare of the state of Israel, period.”

As many as 30 American companies are believed to have received similar letters, according to Bayefsky, who urged the Trump administration to take greater action to counter the campaign.

“American shareholders and businesses, and the communities that depend on them, have no idea whether the State Department has been in touch with these companies and given them immediate and appropriate advice about how to handle this dangerous UN affront,” Bayefsky said. “The fact is that the high commissioner and the Council have no legal basis whatsoever in writing these letters or demanding any response to the Council’s anti-Israel resolutions that in turn have no legal status. Moreover, American companies that write back to the high commissioner may well violate American law, especially given numerous states that have adopted anti-BDS legislation.”

“The silence from American officials has been deafening and totally inexcusable,” Bayefsky said. “Blackmail is not defeated by playing by the blackmailers rules.”

Representatives from Bezeq and the UNHRC did not immediately respond to Free Beacon requests for comment on the matter.

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  • Liatris Spicata

    The UNHRC’s effort to create a database of companies working in and with Israel is being viewed by pro-Israel leaders as an effort to intimidate Israeli and Western businesses as part of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement

    Indeed. Long past time to get the US out of the US and the UN out of the US.

  • Suresh

    UN is run by bunch of Left/liberal Pro-islam corrupt officials.

    At least Trump not easily fooled unlike all the previous Presidents , bureaucrats , policy “wonks” nutjobs.

    Recently Trump got conned by Al-taqiya from Abbas but once he learnt the truth, boy was he furious as hell

    He does not mince words unlike previous spineless Presidents.

    • raj

      Muslim hater dirty kuffar natanyahoo’s dikk sukker

      • Suresh

        what r u ? Isis dikk suker ?

        • raj

          Modi choosakkad maderchood

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Tell the unhrc to crawl into the islamic hole it came from, then pull the hole in after itself. The blatantly anti Jewish stance every department of the u n brays, is more testimony to the u n being a bigoted muslim old boy’s club with no interest anything other than the destruction of Israel and Christianity while trying to force islam on the world.

    • Isaac_G

      The primary relevant strategic difference between the West and the Islamic world is the presence, political power and our toleration of seditious liberals. Islam doesn’t suffer them in any real way, whereas we are dominated by them. In a war setting, a house divided against itself cannot stand. These cretans—liberals—must be sidelined and even destroyed or the fate of Western Christianity will be the same as Eastern Christianity. This is the long fight. It’s either us or them and there is no messiah who’s coming tomorrow to save us.

      • Midniterider

        The problem is having the intestinal fortitude to DEAL with the problem because you are EXACTLY correct.They are the weak and cowardly that hide behind the thin veil of leftist politics and crowds like themselves who wish all to be as they are,running yellow dogs for their globalist/muslim masters.
        The good,strong,patriotic men and women answer the call when needed and die for the cause,and the running dogs hide behind various ploys and live and multiply to become the next generation of Nazis/Communists/?
        Isaac,How do you clean the house and NOT become what you loathe?
        Semper Fi

        • Isaac_G

          I don’t know. The intermediate answer is the Candidate Trump answer: 1. Stop Islamic Immigration. 2. Remove all illegal immigrants, with particular focus on Islam. I would also move to denaturalize naturalized Muslims. Keep them at 1% of the population as a punishment for our original sin of forgetting the history of Islamic imperialism. We can only do that if Trump was a harbinger of a Bannonite revolution that continues to grow ever stronger. Otherwise we are doomed like France is doomed.

    • Stephen Honig

      I agree with you and Trump should condemn those countries involved in this anti- Semitism. FK the Muslims!

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Whatever they say, you must do the opposite :)

  • Dennis

    More reason to cut off funding to the U.N. which has become a cesspool of anti-Semitism. Ironically, the U.N. created Israel. The Arabs living there at the time of its creation were given rights to remain and become citizens of the new state of Israel. Many did accept that proposal and now approximately one million Arabs are full citizens of Israel. Other Arab residents decided to reject the lawful creation of Israel and they went to war against the people who were then residing there, many of whom were refugees from Europe who had survived the holocaust. The descendants of those who fought to destroy the state of Israel now call themselves “Palestinians,” and all of those Arabs have continually promoted terrorism to destroy Israel, rather than recognize that to live harmoniously with Israel was clearly in their best interest and had they done so they would likely have prospered, rather then continue to be poor, destitute and sometimes homeless. Because they continue to wrongfully claim a right of return, they make a two state resolution impossible, and Israel is now convinced that it must decide what borders it needs to protect its people from terrorism and warlike conduct. From all of this has sprung the BDS movement. Again this conduct that attempts to blackmail Israel is a product of the wrongful thinking that is the underpinnings of the right to return claim. The Jews have a phrase that they use to reflect its policy. It is called “Tikkum Olam,” which translates into “repairing the world.” If those haters of the Jews would have adopted that conduct, maybe today we would have a more perfect world.

  • Tilt

    If this Antisemitic, BDS “black list” goes forward, Israel should direct all Israeli mentioned companies to summarily fire ALL of their Palestinian employees (thousands jobs with very good salaries)

    In retaliation to the BDS actions taken by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, the Jordanian Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, Israel should incrementally suspend any cooperation it has with the Kingdom Of Jordan that is occurring beyond the letter of the 90’s Israel / Jordan peace accord, including intelligence / military assistance, transfer of drinking water (above and beyond the amount specified in the peace agreement), freeze all unilateral / multilateral economic programs, attack Jordan in the UN for human rights violations

    The Arabs have gone too long on their abusive, Antisemitic path in the UN, its about time that Israel fight back and deter these Muslim cretins

  • iprazhm

    The UN has 193 of the world’s countries in it’s membership.
    There are 195 countries in the world today. That’s almost all of them. I suspect from this unholy union is where the one world government and religion will come. And from this body will come the end of American sovereignty.

  • Robert Kahlcke

    The UN is an arm of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic Terrorist Organization. Period (end of story)

  • Merchantseamen

    I understand that Kuerig.. Jewish owned….had to close one of its factory’s due to international boycotts thus putting about 90% of the Palestinian workforce in that factory out of a job. Correct me if I am wrong.

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