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Faked slashed hijab beats slashed face

UK: Outrage as Trump notes rise in crime amid spread of “Radical Islamic terror”

Donald Trump

These British MPs are claiming that Trump attributed the rise in crime to the spread of Islamic terror, but he didn’t. All he did was say that crime is rising in Britain while Islamic terror is spreading. And that’s absolutely true. But a country that banned me for warning about jihad doesn’t want to hear about it from anyone else, even the President of the United States.

“Outrage as Donald Trump blames ‘Radical Islamic terror’ for 13% jump in crime in England and Wales,” by Kate Ferguson and Richard Spillett, Mailonline, October 20, 2017 (thanks to Inexion):

Donald Trump was today accused of peddling ‘fake news’ and stirring up hate after he wrongly linked the rise in crime in England and Wales to ‘Radical Islamic terror’.

The US president sent a tweet referring to figures out yesterday showing crime increased by 13 per cent last year and warning ‘We must keep American safe’.

But British MPs tore into Mr Trump for talking ‘nonsense’ and said he is ‘spreading fear and xenophobia’ by wrongly blaming the rise on terrorism.

Others accused him of peddling ‘fake news’ and pointed out terrorism accounts for a ‘tiny’ proportion of crime in Britain and the rise is down to increases in offences such as stalking.

Jo Swinson, deputy leader of the Lib Dems, accused Mr Trump of being ‘misleading and spreading fear’ while Labour MP Stephen Doughty said he is ‘talking nonsense’.

Mr Trump wrote on Twitter: ‘Just out report: “United Kingdom crime rises 13% annually amid spread of Radical Islamic terror.” Not good, we must keep America safe!’

Home Office data released last month showed the number of people detained over suspected terrorism increased to 379 – the highest since records began.

But murders and attempted murders due to terrorism represent a tiny amount of the overall 5.2million crimes committed in Britain last year.

The bulk of crimes in Britain are frauds, thefts and public order offences which have no link to extremism.

Mr Doughty, who sits on the Home Affairs Select Committee, told the Mail Online: ‘Donald Trump is talking nonsense about issues he doesn’t understand.’

He added: ‘Yet again it is not helpful for the President of the United States to comment with ignorance on security and policing maters in the UK.

‘While we have had some very tragic and horrific terror attacks in the last year, this represents a very small proportion of overall UK crime.

‘Donald Trump would be better paced looking at issues in his own country such as the huge number of deaths from gun violence which despite repeated atrocities from sandy hook to Las Vegas, the US government have failed to take action on.’…

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  • Dennis

    Please note that the President’s tweet was not so much about Britain’s increased criminal activity, but it was more about his continuing concern “to keep America safe.” POTUS has a primary duty to keep the citizens of this country safe and to administer the federal laws and applicable rules. The British have become a nation whose leadership has adopted the three monkey position of “see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil.” That attitude will fail when one recognizes that the Islamic way is to pursue their belief system that involves a continuing call for Aryanism, Domination, Subjugation, Overthrow of all secular governments, and Replacing them with their own theocracy, all of which is being promoted by the violence of what they call Jihad. It is very sad that the Brits are deluding themselves and for the sake of foolish “political correctness” they are committing suicide. My condolences to a country that I favored.

    • saftalily

      It is the leaders who are deluding.

    • Michelle

      “three monkey position” Only WRT the Left and its actions and islam. For the remainder its the surveillance society

    • Sharon

      I have a lot of family over there who agree with Trump’s statement, but they are afraid to say anything due to the hate speech laws protecting Islam, but of course, one can say whatever nasty thing one likes about Christians.

  • Suresh

    Trump is only one Leader talking truth jihadi attacks in UK. The Left/liberal pro-jihadis in uk do not want anyone to know the truth about jihadi attacks/jihad.

    It was trump who first called out the jihadi mayor

  • Mahou Shoujo

    The britishtinain parliament is now shariah. it is so islamasized that mp’s actually believe the lies they tell. For those of you in the at home audience who are keeping score, here is the list of islamic approved forms of lying. Form a “fantasy shariah government” better than a sports fantasy team as it is more colourful and blatantly stupid. Bets on when members of parliament grovel on their prayer mats at the opening of each session.

    • Taqiyya (Shia) or Muda’rat (Sunni): tactical deceit for the purposes of spreading Islam. [4] [5]

    • Kitman: deceit by omission.[6]

    • Tawriya: deceit by ambiguity.[7]

    • Taysir: deceit through facilitation (not having to observe all the tenets of Sharia).[8]

    • Darura: deceit through necessity (to engage in something “Haram” or forbidden).[9]

    • Muruna: the temporary suspension of Sharia in order that Muslim immigrants appear “moderate”.

    • Poppey

      Your answers to all this please and they must be practical, legal and appealing to voters {both immigrant and native white}. The deception descriptions you list I know about of course, but most people don’t, what I mean is how do you stop a train out of control when tied up?

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Define “practical, and legal” having observed the situation in englandistan for a few years now, the conclusion is easily drawn that all actions in what used to be known as the “british isles” must be shariah compliant.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Do enough people in that used to be the british isles value freedom, fairness, democracy and human dignity? It will be necessary to untie yourselves as there is no one who can or will do it for you.

      • famouswolf

        That you even ask that question is proof positive that you are out of touch and have a victim’s mentality. Or maybe it’s just Stockholm Syndrome.
        What the hell are YOUR answers for it?
        For the last 1400 years there has been exactly one solution for Islamic aggression. This time is no different.

        • Michelle

          Yes Far greater violence is the ONLY thing that muslims have EVER respected.

          • pipo

            You are spot on, treat them with ever greater violence and they will understand. If it was up to me I will nuke their so-called holy places.

        • disqus_KH0F5xMG8U

          The great Pope Urban ll had the solution. He wisely footed the bills to begin the Crusades.
          It is past time for the Crusades to get the start-up order. The Knights Templar should arm, suit up and go after EVERY Muslim on the Planet Earth!
          Blessings on all patriots. (Marianne Ricci-Wilson)

        • Drifter12

          Very true but , as it now stands with a birthrate far below population replacement and a muslim birthrate, five time higher, the UK could fall without a shot being fired.

          • famouswolf

            Sure thing. And in 1939 England could have, and under the circumstances should have, fallen to Hitler.
            But they didn’t and we won’t.

      • Michelle

        Nice metaphor, but it does miss the point as IF the UK does not take its control of the future back from Islam then those running the show must be replaced, willingly or unwillingly. Civil war is on the agenda all over the west and the Left will be TRAITORS and hence the enemy and treated accordingly. They well know this which is why they have already disarmed most would be participants.

  • Poppey

    Trump has a good deal of support among informed people and Brexit voters in the UK which frightens the horses somewhat, but please don’t expect the majority of our “journalists” or political classes to be any more honest about the facts or what Trump says than Journalists in America, both are as bent by the PC agenda as a nine bob note and therefore part of the problem.

    What would be truly interesting to read would be these latest figures compared to figures from 1977 and 1937 for the same offences, this would give a clear picture of the consequences of allowing millions of people from other cultures into Britain, especially as some have proven to be completely unsuitable or even dangerous.

    As for the MPs, well they seem all about frustrating the peoples wishes to leave the EU deal or no deal agreement or none, Parliament is completely a law unto itself these days, letters and petitions ignored {unless the left want something} is the norm. Try not to fret about this fuss in an “A” cup, those in power hate the new order they see forming, they’re striking out at all the see and hear, it’ll pass.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Now is the time to “fret” and take action, not waiting for the dismal situation in the united kaliphate to get worse. Consider demanding accountability from your elected officials for a start.

  • HT

    The UK government is afraid that if people on the outside start speaking the truth maybe some it’s own citizens will say enough is enough.

  • Wulf2000

    Almost every other month, somewhere in “Great Britain”, it is not great anymore, there is a terrorist attack and London has become the acid capital of Europe, where acid attacks of women has become a serious problem.

  • Ziggy46

    The Brit leadership has no problem criticizing President Trump for his personal, leadership principles and ultimate political mandates. The UK is awash with pro-Islam/Jihadist while prosecuting non-Muslim citizens daring to castigate the UK government’s collaboration with the Enemy of the State, Islam. This is beyond the pale; imagine the UK’s leadership slipping between the political sheets with Hitler pre-World War II (Neville Chamberlain tried but got the proverbial toss). Churchill and all those whom paid the ultimate sacrifice along with the survivors (Military and Citizenry) must be rolling in their graves.

    Hopefully, our Republic will not be duped by the subversive the Democrats and others of the supposedly progressive movement. Freedom of speech has been whittled to naught in the UK and EU; this is the sinister and subversive objective of the Democrats, the innumerable factions of American leftists and their Islamist Allies. The ultimate aspiration of these conspirators is to abolish this Constitutional Republic.

    It is time for May and others of the Overlord clique should scrutinize their own backyards. They, likely, fear that Trump is correct; however, it less burdensome to be an autocratic government by denying the right of non-Muslim Brits the right to freedom of speech.

    • Keith1941

      Most of our friends in Germany think Trump is an idiot. I wonder if they are aware of what is happening around them. But if you watch their news media, with a little help from CNN International, not hard to figure out.

      • Ziggy46

        It is mind-boggling, Keith; let’s hope American lives aren’t spent bailing these ingrates when the caliphate is completed. Obviously, they, the Germans and other EU clowns learned naught from history.

        CNN International; its anthem should be “The International”.

        • Keith1941

          On this trip, I noticed some of the programming repeats what is shown here. The German news was better, and I can’t speak/understand German!

          • Ziggy46

            Life has its ironies, Keith. Your post speaks volumes. Take care.

  • The Brits have been brainwashed against the truth.
    By a muzlum mayor of the biggest city in England and a sharia compliant government.

    • Hussars2016

      Truth Speech is Hate Speech in Islamic Britain.
      When Muslims are beating them to death the UK people will…still criticize and blame rump.
      Cuck is as Cuck does.
      Who cares! I’ll never go to UK or Europe It’s gone – replaced by an insane Islamic H3llhole.

      • Nefarious420

        My Brother In Law & Nephew got back from Italy a few months ago, so we went out for a welcome home breakfast, and he told us “if you’re going to Italy or Europe, this is probably the last year to do so, they can not afford to keep their entire militaries in the streets.” He compared Europe to a police state.

        • Hussars2016

          That corroborates other reports.
          Thanks for sharing.
          I don’t think it’s worth the risk to go now
          I recommend others go to China or Japan – they are very peaceful places.

          • Cai

            Just got back from 10 days in China, Beijing, Hangzhou, Shanghai. Had the most incredible time as a tourist – would go back in a heartbeat. Fabulous.

          • Michelle

            Did you visit any of the western province villages? They are permanently out of bounds for tourists and if you could go there you would see why.

          • Hussars2016

            Good for you. Next time try a HK-Taiwan circuit alone or as well.

        • Vlad

          An acquaintance came back from a holiday in Italy. I asked him about the
          situation with the members of the religion of pieces and he replied:
          There will be a Civil war within 5 years in Italy.

          But then again, I always thought that this was the intend by our
          fearless leaders of the EU, create the conditions conducive for a Civil
          war. There is money to be made when blood flows in the streets.

          • knightsstrength

            I wonder what will happen when the Vatican falls or joins Islam

          • Vlad

            Already gone over to the “enema”.
            The pope’s real name is “Pope Dhimmy, the first”. Catholic Priests actively collect money to build “mos-kes”, I am not kidding.
            Pope Benedikt, the last REAL Pope had to resign after he quoted the Byzantine
            Emperor Manuel II Palaeologus (born 1350, died 1425)?

            ”Show me just what Mohammed brought that was new and there you will find
            things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the
            sword the faith he preached.”

          • Erica Ling

   No response from Francis re. this. Weighing up his best options. just like Pius XII ?

          • knightsstrength

            Good to see the Poles sticking up for their borders. The Poles already declaring that God is head of the Church and not the Pope, a step in the right direction.

            There is so much to learn about the Churches and Islam. Still to anwer another persons reply but here I put down the History of the Orthodox Church, this also included Roman Catholicism till 1054 when you had the Great Schism, Orthodox and Roman Catholism split. East Europe was Orthodox, West Europe was Roman Catholicism, The Inquisitions cleaned out many non Catholics
            The question is Mary the Mother of God or of Jesus, yes mother of Jesus but not of God as God came first and this is where a problem lays as defined with 3rd Council of Ephesus. The Major Councils is interesting as it partially tells of the elimination of other faiths that did not follow the doctrines, Dogmas of the Church. Thus preparingbtge way for Islam.
            The history of the Orthodox Christianity gives a good run down but ignores the Donatist and Traditores. The Traditores is where the church falls down and corruption has been in the churches since. But I put this video down as it gives tge true answer to the fall of Constantinople basically Turkey. We have for along tine lied on that wirh half truths. If Constantinople never fell we may never have had the many wars.
            Another turning point ignored is how Russia was stopped from taking Turkey back


            3rd Council of Ephesus
            declaring the Divine Maternity Dogma of the Blessed Virgin Mary as the Mother of God

            The History of Orthodox Christianity

            Crimean War: Coalition vs Russia (1853–56): France, UK and Ottomans declare war on Russia, over controversy concerning protectorate of Christians in Ottoman Empire. France and Russia both claimed to be the protectors of Christians in the Holy Land, with France asserting Roman Catholic authority, and Russia asserting Eastern Orthodoxy authority. Russia temporarily lost naval bases in Black Sea upon its defeat, which were returned shortly thereafter.

          • bannedquran20

            They will join them and later on, muslim zombies will turn against them. frances will be the first to go..

          • knightsstrength

            The Italians are not strong fighters

          • Michelle

            Not quite correct: the southern Italians (see Arabs after 400 years occupation they ARE Arab genetically) are only good at mafia style back stabbing and ganking(/sp). But the northern Italians who are still mostly genuine Italians genetically are a different kettle of fish and more like the Austrians.

          • D.Moore

            Really, so you know the DNA from all Sicilians? Back up your claim, I’ll let you know once my DNA results come back how much Arab I have! You claim that because Sicily was conquered so many times and it’s a bridge between the countries everyone hopscotched on/off Sicily that all of us with Sicilian heritage are arabs, you are as full of bologna as the rest that assume. You do know what assume means makes an ass of you and me.

          • Michelle

            Touched a sore spot did I? Italians historically were not tall, dark haired with brown eyes and 5 o’clock shadows and a whole mess of tribal honour/hatred complexes. Read some history and stop braying. Obviously since the reconquering of Sicily and southern Italy this is not 100% but I think that you let emotion clash with what was accepted fact even up to the end of WW2. Muslims were the MOST efficient dispenser of conqueror’s genes ever seen in the world and FYI the classical short swarthy Greek is a Turk, not a Greek. Of course it is a generalization and not 100% but it is fact . I actually met a Greek from a highland village(untouched by the Turks) he was the “spitting image of Alexander and a trace remnant of the ancient Greek genome.

          • pipo

            I am living in the south of Italy and you are right. In the south the muzzrats won’t dare to mess about. They will take their own medicine and that is why they want to move to the north. I am dark haired with a kind of brownish eyes and have very quickly 5 o’oclock shadow and a very bad temper when it comes to muzzrats. The muzzrats know they cannot fool the Costa Nostra, Camorra and the N’drangheta. Or the locals in general.

          • Janet R. Richards

            clark cardenas, norwalk mom vada made 138330 with

          • Michelle

            That was why the mafia was created: to fight the muslims.

          • Ziggy46

            It’s great to hear that southern Italy isn’t duped by the Muslim horde. The Costra Nostra bows to no one.

          • NickandLynds

            Have you ever seen mosaics and other art from Ancient Rome? All depict olive skinned, swarthy brown eyed people. The entire ring of the Mediterranean is populated by people of this type, including Oriental Jews and Christians. It has nothing to do with an Arab influence.

          • Michelle

            I helped to conserve some of them. Do check your roman authors please. BTW Read Zola’s Nana and find out just how (un)common was black skin in Paris in the 19th century> Marvellous how even here the PC tries to rule.

          • NickandLynds

            First, black skin was common in Paris in the 19th Century because of the number of black emigres from the US and Africans coming from French Colonies. What you refer to as PC was based on a natural curiosity about blacks and a way to show up less sophisticated Americans by appearing tolerant and broad-minded.

            I’m a Christian who was born in Syria. There have always been blonde and blue eyed people all over the Mediterranean, but they have never been a majority. Arabs are understood to be people from the area that now comprises the Gulf States. Only Muslims in the Levant have significant Arab DNA because they mixed with the Arab invaders who brought Islam there. I have no Arab blood in me because my family never inter-married with Arabs. We are purely Semitic and are closer to what Jews were before the Diaspora than anything. The Greeks, Italians and Spaniards are different ethnic groups and are naturally olive skinned. In fact, pre-historic Europe was mostly olive skinned and brown eyed as well. It has nothing to do with Arab invasions.

          • Drifter12

            What are you sources of this information?

          • Michelle

            Just check your history on what the Italians and the Greeks looked like pre islam. It is all there. have you ever wondered why the mafia is so honour/revenge committed and why it is only in the south? Mind you it is very non PC of me to dare to say so.

          • Keith1941

            The next refugees? Oh, forget that, they’re not of color or muslim.

          • Erica Ling

            When “Gates of Vienna ” contributors pointed this out (impending civil war and rise of the REAL neo Nazis ), the screams of “incitement ” genocide ” ” Islamophobia ” was deafening. A site worth reading. A study by Cambridge University debunks the “Muslims only victims ” fallacy “. One of our respected papers agrees with the POTUS’ figures But those calling Trump stupid should check their own arguments. How can they claim the obvious rise in violent crime is NOT caused by Muslim culture when the ethnicity of the perpetrator is DELIBERATELY WITHELD from the public ?? When we are verboten to discuss any negative aspect of immigrants and immigration or ethnic trends under threat of prosecution ??? The UK has its own code 291 Yes the figures are for England and Wales only. Yes the rise was for 2015-17. Yes our media deliberately misquoted the POTUS. He did not “link” the rise, he said “amid spread of radical Islamic terror. ” Unscrupulous lying hacks and pseudo leaders following ze agenda.

        • Keith1941

          After visiting Germany this past Summer, I feel the same way. I avoided the large cities, but part of the Munich airport looked like the Middle East.

          • Nefarious420

            The whole western civilization has been bought out to submission and subjugation to Islam by our very wealthy and gated fearless leaders!

      • Gunter
  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Las Vegas was an act of islamic terrorism — all official lies to the contrary aside.

    • Yes there is something very fishy there.

    • famouswolf

      I tend to agree. Check out Campos’ little chin beard. Part of an activated ISIS cell, perhaps?

    • NoBS NoSpam

      I believe ISIS was organized with CIA manipulation.
      Sad to say that the Las Vegas shooting now implicates both the spooks and the FBI.
      It’s rather in your face arrogance to boot.

    • Covadonga

      I wish we could just find out what happened. The ‘what’ would go most of the way to telling us the ‘who’.

      If the claims are true of all the purported eyewitness videos available on the web regarding how many shooters there were and where the shooters were located, then the Las Vegas incident was a junior version of the Mumbai attacks or the Paris Stade de France/Balaclan concert attacks.

      I have tried to wade through the claims to find what is believable. There are so many credible-sounding but enormous claims that should have been followed up by journalists. (Real journalists.) I can’t tell what to believe by my lonesome, without real followup interviews of witnesses conducted by reliable interviewers.

      Was there really a woman who was bothering other women and telling them they were going to die, who was removed by security about 45 minutes before the shooting began? If so, who was she, and what happened with her?

      Many witnesses at the concert described the first gunshots as sounding like fireworks. A twist in the accounts is that apparently at least two real or purported witnesses report seeing and hearing an actual chain of firecrackers set off in the crowd immediately before the shooting began.

      If this is true, was it a coincidence? Or was it a deception to lull the crowd into ignoring the first gunshots, and/or a signal to the shooter(s) to begin shooting?

      Either a woman with foreknowledge of the event, or a chain of firecrackers being lit off by a confederate would prove this was a conspiracy of the type that our government manifestly wishes us to believe it was not.

      Moving to more seemingly fantastic and potentially inflammatory accounts, were there hostile gunmen on the ground interspersed with the concert audience? Was there a shooting near or inside the Bellagio entrance about an hour after and two kilometers north of the concert shooting? Were there actual gunmen seen at yet other hotels?

      I would like to get a handle on at least the scale of the incident. I know our government is trying to fool us, but could they be so overbearing and so confident of their ability to manage information flows as to be hiding how many shooting attacks there were that night in Vegas?

      From one eccentric 64 year old teetotaler to an American mini-Mumbai, shouldn’t we be able to say after almost three weeks where along that spectrum this incident lies?

      Why was Sheriff Lombardo visibly shaken, emotional, and seemingly ready to have a breakdown at his later press conferences, when he was so poised and in control of himself on the night of the shooting, and the following day? Don’t trained professionals become less shocked by traumatic events as days go by, rather than more?

      The ratio of wounded to dead was rather high by comparison with other massacres. I chalked that up to the shooter using a round as light as 5.56mm across such a large distance. But it astonished me that that, out of so many hundreds wounded, the number of dead has remained steady at exactly “58 + Steve Paddock”, where it stabilized so early. Do we really know how many died that night, and where?

      From a variety of data and lines of reasoning, I’ve been sure since early in the investigation that the government is lying to us, and pressuring Lombardo to stick with their narrative.

      But it is very frustrating that we don’t know at this late date more about what did happen that night, and have no expectation of a resolution any time soon.

      • Covadonga

        I’m sure a lot of people were trampled by the crowd, rather than shot. That’s another reason the ratio of wounded to dead was so high.

        Had it been a Who concert instead of an American Country Music concert, there would probably have been more deaths from trampling than from gunshot wounds, bringing the overall ratio more into line with the ratios resulting from other terrorist attacks.

  • dba_ vagabond_trader

    So the uptick in crime is because?

    • Mahou Shoujo

      The illegal use of bacon and thinking. Ban bacon, like guns, no one needs bacon, all it does is promote violence, same as thinking, too many people are allowed to think, resulting in social unrest. alice knows best, no thinking follow the qur’an.

      • chuckkel

        Muslims want to ban dogs too.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          There is really nothing the muslims do not want to ban or control.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          In Afghanistain there is reportedly only one family of pigs kept in a zoo and that’s it, aside from the two legged pigs that are allah over the place.

      • El Cid

        “Schoolbook authors have been told not to write about sausages or pigs for fear of causing offence.

        Guidance from leading educational publisher the Oxford University Press prohibits authors from including anything that could be perceived as pork-related in their books.”

        Muslims in Britain are waging a relentless campaign to get displays of ALL pork products in supermarkets and High Street butchers shops banned because they are offensive to passing Muslims.

  • Zavrzlama

    Well, what else than that stupid outrage could you expect from a country that bans Pamela Geller but has a muslim major of its capital? Nuff said!

    • George13

      And we had a MUSLIM president for 8 years.
      So who is the STUPID one??

      • Zavrzlama

        Yepp, very well said. It’s a shocking fact that the USA actually had that for 8 years long which speaks volumes about the mindset and intelligency of the democrat voters. And the danger for an even worse president after Trump is not only still existant but also growing, because especially the young Americans below the age of 30 -those on who the future depends on- are so extremly dumb, naive and brainwashed by the liberal agenda which infiltrated all the educational institutions. Have you seen the video when Pamela and Milo spoke in Berkeley? It’s horrific to see so many young people marching and standing against fre spech, one of the basic elements of liberty, freedom and democracy. The future for the USA indeed doesn’t look bright. There’s a lot of education and fighting that needs to be done/made in order to bring the people back on the right track of sanity, which surely won’t be an easy thing regarding the fact how powerful the leftist/liberal agenda is.

        • Michelle

          No it is all about misinformation, miseducation and the treasonous takeover by the left. Most leftists are idealists who have been indoctrinated virtually from birth and have a total delusion about what exactly are human rights, so that they throw away the rights they have to disagree without even knowing it.

          • Zavrzlama

            Well, this is what I´m actually saying in my post! They are brainwashed by misinformation and miseducation and that´s why they fall for leftist ideals and become blind. Horrible development. The most effective solution to stop this dangerous development would be a complete total exchange of the staff at schools, colleges and universities. Because these are the primar places where the indoctrination takes place. Because once the seed of evil has been successfully planted into our children, it will be too late!

  • konnen

    UK: Outrage as Trump notes rise in crime amid spread of “Radical Islamic terror”

    Just like the outrage for Victor Orban Hungarian prime minister when he called on the swedish and french no go zones .
    1 month later he was proven right of course.

  • AmericanMe

    The truth hurts!

  • Mahou Shoujo

    A lot of crimes in britainstan are really horse feces. When sneering at a muslim, putting bacon on a door knob or having an opinion are now crimes, the whole concept of statistics is garbage.

  • knightsstrength

    Every one should learn about India, where upto 700 million died, raped tortured

    Just looking at Muslim Historian Muhammad Qasim Hindu Shah you have 400 million and a couple hundred year before the British Empire rules India

    One forgets India was huge that included Burma, and Pakistan.

    Even where the exodus of Muslims to Pakistan and Hindis, Seiks there were about 1.5 million deaths

    We all talk about how bad Nazism was and never wamt it, yet we allow Islam in that was 10 times worse or more.

    Time for us to slam those protecting Islam in the face with history as we only have fools leading us who probably would know very little of Islam, or Catholicism Inquisitions. To me the first Inquistions started with the elimation of the Donatist and other faiths that did not follow Orthodox/Catholicism and completed by islam

  • Emmett


    • Nefarious420

      What they need are huge vats of KY Jelly to get all lubed up for their sexual servitude. UK/EU is done!!!!

    • Mahou Shoujo

      That is brilliant.

  • RalphB

    We need another piece of information to assess the larger — elephantine — question. Narrowly-defined “Islamic terrorism” is up, but not by enough to raise the overall crime rate by 13%. Fine. But the overall crime rate, particularly frauds, thefts and public order offenses are up by 13%. Here’s the question: Do the two increases by any chance have a cause in common?

    We need another statistic to answer that: What percentage of the increase was due to perpetrators of Muslim descent? Don’t tell me such records are not kept: If there were a 13% increase in crimes by non-muslims against Muslims, I guarantee you they would know the figures exactly. But let’s say they “haven’t compiled” such statistics. Okay, I’ll settle for a comparison of perpetrator names from 5 years ago to names from last year. Any increase in South Asian, Arabic, and North African names? Close enough.

  • Sidney Bailey

    How is he wrong. It’s the truth.

    • Cai

      Truth is the new hate speech.

  • Dean Burton

    Hi Pamela,get this: as part of an election campaign the Premier of the State of Victoria here in Australia, is promising to build more secure prisons “in anticipation” of the rise in crime expected by the increase in Muslim migration to Australia.
    But, he has removed breach of bail conditions for youth bail breakers -95% Sudanese and Somali-along with Maori and “Islander” youth. Crime,violent crime such as car-jackings, home invasion, muggings in broad daylight in the city centre as well as targeted suburbs, beatings of the elderly, and recently,one of these “bailed youths” broke into a home and stabbed an off-duty policeman in the head while he was sleeping,(the policeman lived thank God),the offender was released on a community work order. All of these people that have seen these violent crimes are members of Muslim gangs.Crime up in Victoria in the last 3 years by over 1000% .But of course, Iam a racist for pointing out their colour, their nationality and their religion.

    Pass on to your President my gratitude for the examples in Fact/Truth reporting he is brave enough to display.
    Nice to see you back by the way.

    • Michelle

      In my world housebreakers would be shot dead and legally so. WE direly need to purge the law of its leftist bleeding heart rubbish and that includes not a few leftists.

  • Janet

    It’s hard to feel sorry for the UK when they refuse to recognize Islamic terrorism. Hell they can’t even say it. So let them live with blinders on. Good luck with that!

  • Sgtsnuffy


  • Michelle

    Note that just how the Left are behaving more and more like muslims everyday: hypersensitivity to even the most diagonal comments, violence and prejudice without reason, individual surveillance on a level that 1984 would approve, mass skewing/omission of the truth in education and on the MSM/Facebook/Google etc., and almost EVERY website I see (and I see a lot) and now gaol sentences for those who criticize. We in the west, ARE ALREADY LIVING IN SHARIA STATES in all but the name and the prayers. We are ALL being groomed into the future authoritarian superstate.

  • Drew the Infidel

    Using the process of elimination, it wasn’t a bunch of wild-eyed Protestants who pulled the 7/7 tube bombing, London Bridge attacks, and every other act of violence over the past several years.

  • spfoam1

    When this scheme to topple the governments of Europe (and the USA) falls apart, the citizens over there will be on the wrong end the rifle range. Good luck with that.

    • Michelle

      It is coming to the USA so better find a place to hide them all.

  • Roy Jennings

    Muslims represent over 15% (and growing) of the UK prison inmates while being only around 4% (and growing fast) of UK population. Most Muslims openly admit that Islamic law would be preferred over any countries constitutional legislation.
    The protectionism shown towards Islam by our so called leaders will lead to Islamic governance within the next few decades. Most Muslims in the UK dress and act the same as they did 1400 years ago.
    Again I beg the question; why when there is so much factual evidence to the contrary does `authority` allow Islam to tighten the noose around the neck of Western cultures? The West has positively influenced virtually every continent while Islam has attempted to impose its backward culture on all non Muslims societies.
    Anyone who thinks otherwise is either `mentally` blind and deaf or a Muslim.

    • Michelle

      It is hard to NOT see it as a desired plan WRT those in power.

    • Sharon

      They are all seeking the new world order and in order to achieve that they need to bring the USA to its knees, create civil war in the western nations (via invading thuggish Muslims), and then they can instill Martial Law, and lock up, or kill all the dissidents who do not fall in line.

  • Michelle

    Official statistics are NOT revealed to the public. We are ONLY allowed to know what our masters wish us to know: You will never be allowed to see the TRUE stats. I have tried for several years to ascertain the male/female birth ratio of muslims in my country and it is IMPOSSIBLE as they are proof of rife render abortion which is theoretically( as is polygamy. but not for muslims) illegal here

  • David

    Trump wins again! His words, carefully chosen as usual, were 100% accurate. If they think he means the Islamic terror caused the increase, maybe it’s because they already know it themselves. Because Trump didn’t even say it!

  • Alleged-Comment

    There is something wrong with the British. Prince Hairy is marrying a divorced Negress is just incredible with all the white virgin choices he should be making to propagate his heritage.

    It’s a bad sign and Britain is going down hill faster than I thought. Who got a hold of their mind?? Throwing away their heritage and land to mongrels and half-breeds.

  • D.Moore

    UK had problems long before 1/21/2017 I see they have adopted the stance of liars

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020

    The outrage is only coming from the British elitist that demand the masses live with the 7th century barbarians !!

  • Drifter12

    UK should stuff it and realize that with a birth rate way below population replacement levels and out of control immigration, they will be a Muslim nation within a decade or two. They are committing cultural suicide and completely oblivious to their impending outcome.

    • Michelle

      As are all of the west although the US at least is looking for the brakes.

  • Dan Knight

    Rising crime rates and Islamic terror ARE LINKED … The link is LEFTISTS – who promote both crime and Islam b/c they’re pro-violence.

    Violence is how they get their way – intimidating people and fomenting crises. Violence ensures a steady stream of blood money, ‘protection’ money, and support from bigots and LWNJ’s.

    Violence also ensure a steady stream of complaints. Complaints from the Left’s enemies allow them to dismiss and attack – which is exactly what happened in this case. “Donald Trump was today accused of peddling ‘fake news’ and stirring up hate” … for commenting on the results of the British Left’s Pro-Violence policies. Without violence what would they accuse Trump of? Orange hair?

    Complaints from their own team are even more outrageous. When a member of their own ‘identity’ groups are targeted – as often happens – by a member of their protected Orcs, the Left blames ‘Whitey’ – or some other made-up label. I’ve personally had many Lietards try to explain how ‘Whitey’s’ ‘Crazy Rays’ force the Non-‘White’ Violent Whack Jobs to target and attack innocent people who also happen to be non-‘white.’ Needless to say, they cannot keep up this ridiculous argument with me, and are reduced to repeating whatever gibberish they’ve memorized to overcome the cognitive dissonance.

    Just sayin’

  • Dan Knight

    “public order offences” … i.e. traffic tickets.

    So what they’re telling us is:

    they do not track the crime rate of violent crimes – and we know rape is essentially no longer a crime in Britainistan

    they do not track the religion of the offender – nor the relationship of the crime to the religion

    they do not track the ethnicity of the victim

    they do track traffic tickets

    and so there is ‘no problem’ b/c they have whitewashed what’s happening.

    the fact the Pro-Violence Apologists blatantly compared only their recognized acts of ‘terrorism’ with the crime rate offers further proof of the actual linkage between these two factors – LEFTISM – or whatever you want to call it. The depraved ideology of Government Uber Alles in the minds of depraved drones unwilling to make the sacrifice of rejecting their evil ideology.

  • Stephen Honig

    No matter what good deeds Trump does is not forgiven by the blacks, liberals and anarchist. He will be condemned for for factoids or anything good he does. In French it’s called…ah golnish helpin!

  • VTS

    The real OUTRAGE is what neo-marxists and islamists are doing to once civilized and democratic west European country. They are turning Great Britain into another third world sewer.

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