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Head of Islamic State Terror Cell Was Asked By Swiss Government to Work With Migrants


Imagine if the FDR administration was asking Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler and his murderous goons to work with Germans coming into this country during World War II.

European governments continue to serve and submit to the most extreme and radical ideology on the face of the earth.

Head of Islamic State Terror Cell Was Approached By Swiss Government to Work With Migrants

October 11, 2017, by Chris Tomlinson, Breitbart:

The Swiss Federal Prosecutor’s Office (BA) has claimed that an Iraqi migrant named Osamah M. who was found guilty of heading an Islamic state terror cell in Schaffhausen, Switzerland was approached by authorities to take care of asylum seekers.

Paraplegic Osamah M. was charged by Swiss prosecutors with aiding the Islamic State terror group and plotting a terrorist attack alongside three other Iraqi migrants. While he was sentenced to four years and eight months in March of 2016, he was later released earlier this year after an appeals court found his sentence too harsh, Swiss newspaper 20 Minuten reports.

Now, a new report shows that Osamah M. was approached to work with newly arrived asylum seekers because authorities at the time believed he had a good grasp of Arabic and German.

Journalist and jihadism expert Kurt Pelda said, “If that had happened, it would probably have been a disaster,” and called Osamah M., “pure Islamic state.”

Pelda claimed also to have read some of the chats between the terror cell leader and the other jihadists saying, “they are evil.”

Andi Kunz, Head of Asylum and Refugee Support for the Cantonal Socialist Office of Schaffhausen denies that anyone approached the jihadist. “Osamah M. has come to us with the desire to support refugees in the language courses,” he said and added, ” he wanted to receive assignments and give tutoring.”

According to Mr Kunz, the office rejected the offer from the terrorist though others have claimed that an agency from the Swiss capital of Bern had told them not to allow the terrorist near asylum seekers.

In 2015 Jean-Paul Rouiller, the creator of the counterterrorism unit of the Swiss Federal Judicial Police (PJF) called the terror situation in Switzerland “unprecedented.”

“One thing is clear. Switzerland and especially Geneva is threatened. And this threat is related to the Islamic State group,” he said….

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  • Voytek Gagalka

    WTF?!? On another side, however, it surprises me not: the Swiss have long tradition of engaging in contacts with enemies. During the WWII they allow their territory to be used by German spies, hide their looted wealth in their secret banks and cooperating in many other ways. Perhaps that’s one of the reason Hitler never wanted to occupy them: they served his interests well.

  • Suresh

    Far too many dumb Left/liberal loons are running the country.

    when push comes to shove these Loons run away
    and go to same countries / leaders they abuse for not taking more jihadis in !

  • Ziggy46

    There’s insanity, then there’s the Swiss, followed closely by every EU nation. Karma is returning to bite the Swiss on the hiny in retribution for its culpable collaboration with the Third Reich. The Swiss were no more than high-end fences for the Nazi’s stolen loot and other economic factors; none of their interests were principled or for the betterment of humanity. Nevertheless, the Swiss obviously never learned from its collaborationist days with Nazism. they, perhaps endeavor to be one of the first in line to be allied with Islamism at the caliphates completion. Kiss it goodby, Switzerland.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    The swiss do tend to collaborate with anyone who has money, it used to be nazis, now it is muslims.

  • Mike Wolff

    Talking of Hitler, I often wonder how he would explain away his catastrophic error of judgement, blaming Jews for all mankind’s ills and calling them the biggest threat to world order, then killing milions of innocents, when in fact he got it horribly, horribly wrong – 70 years later, it turns out that the threat is not from Jews in any way, but from their polar opposite: Muslims.

    • Erica Ling

      No error of judgement, deliberate. German Jews ran businesses, had culture, money, were intelligent and Christians were easily persuaded to annihilate them– Martin Luther loathed them. Muslims had none of these things, and Hitler recognised the affinity between Nazis and Islam. He admired Islam. Had the Nazis of the 1940s joined forces with Islamic jihad of today civilization as we knew it, would be sleeping with the dinosaurs. On the other hand— if he had agreed to join up with the Grand Mufti in the M.E. and we had still won–Britain would not have had to play perfidious games and promise the Palestinians / Jordan any of the Mandate— and Israel could have got the greater part, as hinted at in the Balfour.

  • Long Ben

    Stupid Stupid Stupid!

  • OJ

    switzerland does not help terrorist we are one of the few countries actually doin somethin like the minaret prohibition
    facts are that in schaffhausen( a canton in switzerland)had some idiotic folks who were looking if osamah m could be helping with the work in asylum centres THEN THE GOVERMENT IN BERN SAID NO dont compare it to what happened in ww2 when north west east and south switzerland was surrounded by the nazis and fascist i see the tendency on this site to jump to conclusions without knowing anything bout some countries

    • garry pollack

      It was the Swiss who suggested the Germs put a “J” on the passports of Jews…They did not want any Jewish refugees.

      • OJ

        1940’s we talkin 2017 and this articke has a clickbait title the swiss goverment does not support terrorist like the frenc the british or the swedish goverment evidently does

    • Duchess of Pork

      While I agree that in many respects Switzerland would appear to be enforcing its values in the face of persistent muslim attempts to retain their Islamic traditions I would question both the leniency of the 4.8 year sentence for plotting a terrorist attack and the recklessness of releasing the offender. That is surely sending a mixed message to jihadis and wannabe jihadis everywhere.

      • OJ

        its cuz our justice system is very soft its not just terrorist but also rapist and other violent criminals who get out way to early this is indeed a problem but its not an indicator of the swiss state actively helping or even protecting terrorsit wich does happen in belgium france uk and sweden

  • Metatrona

    Follow the money…always follow the money!

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