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[ January 21, 2018 ]

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UK: Straight-A Muslim student wanted to carry out jihad massacre, bring “taste of immense pain” to Britons


An A grade on his exams — he was clever enough to understand his obligation in Islam: kill the kuffar.

This once again reveals as a lie the common claim that jihadis are uneducated and ignorant.

“Dramatic moment straight A student, 22, who wanted to carry out a terror attack in the UK is arrested in police raid just days before he planned to travel to Syria to join ISIS,” by Thomas Burrows, MailOnline, October 19, 2017:

This is the dramatic moment a straight A student who wanted to carry out a terror attack in the UK is arrested in a police raid just days before he planned to travel to Syria to join ISIS.

Mubashir Jamil, 22, from Luton, told an undercover police officer he wanted to wear a suicide vest and ‘press the button’, the Old Bailey heard at his trial.

He filled out an ISIS application form and offered to blow himself up to bring the ‘taste of immense pain’ to innocent people on British soil following the terror attacks in Paris and Belgium.

Dramatic police head cam footage shows the moment officers charged into his house shouting ‘stay where you are’ and put him in handcuffs just days before he was due to fly to Turkey with Hawaiian shirts and £2,000 cash.

Mubashir Jamil, 22, from Luton, offered to wear a suicide vest and ‘press the button’, the Old Bailey heard.

The once gifted schoolboy denied preparing acts of terror, saying he was hearing voices and wanted to go to Syria to be exorcised of the ‘jinns’ that were plaguing him.

After being found guilty today, he was told he would be sentenced next month.

The court heard how the avid computer gamer became obsessed with ‘martyrdom’ after surfing the web for ISIS propaganda.

He was snared in encrypted chat with an undercover officer, known as ‘Abu Hasan’, and counter-terrorist officers swooped to arrest him days before his Easyjet flight.

Jamil, who suffered from periods of mental illness, made contact with the man he thought was an ISIS agent through the Telegram app, the court heard.

He told him: ‘If you or some brother you know can put an explosive belt on me and tell me how to press, as soon as possible for security reasons, I can do something in the UK even tomorrow after I find a good target.’

He boasted how he was ‘not afraid of violent fighting, getting hurt and tortured and hurting others.’

The defendant, who set up an Argos punch bag at his home to get fit for jihad, went on to say he would ‘prefer hijrah (migration)’.

He also said: ‘I want them to feel another attack while they’re still in mourning for Belgium.’

The court heard how Jamil shaved off his beard following guidance on an e-publication about how to be a ‘secret agent’ in a non-Muslim country.

In early April last year, Jamil, who had never travelled alone before, bought a return flight from Luton to Turkey and stocked up on travel kit, including toiletries from Boots.

He also packed a Hawaiian shirt and other clothing to make it look as though he was going on holiday.

Barnaby Jameson, prosecuting, told the jury: ‘This was not so much sea and sun, as jihad and martyrdom, by EasyJet.’

On April 14 Jamil allegedly asked Abu Hasan: ‘Will I have to buy my own guns in Sham?’ The officer told him not to worry.

The officer persuaded Jamil to send him a copy of his passport, photographs of himself and even a copy of the boarding pass for his flight to Turkey.

Just days before he was due to leave on April 30, counter-terrorist police burst into Jamil’s home on April 27.

At the time, he was on his laptop sending the undercover officer the message ‘police alert’.

He told police: ‘I want to go to and join Islamic State’, adding: ‘It’s easy to arrest me, a lone person. There are other people here who are dangerous and have access to weapons.’

He also said: ‘What will you do when Islamic State reach these shores, they won’t be so easy to stop then. And they will come. The Islamic State…you have tried to stop their rise and you have failed.’ …

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  • Mahou Shoujo

    Give him his wish, drop him off in syria, save taxpayers the expense of burying him,

    • Halal Boycott will end Islam

      Today in the UK, universities must allow free speech or be shut down. Legislation introduced by Boris Johnson’s little brother:

      America needs to adopt the same policy to stop the 1% Muslim population becoming 5%. The liberals are your enemy.

      • Suresh

        why does not Boris Johnson himself do it ? bcoz the coward is afraid of being called “racist” so supports jihadis like most Brit politicians.

        This Legislation has very little chance to get required support.

        Brainwashed Brits elected Pro-islam Left/Liberal “leaders” what do they expect ? AND its patriots who raise/expose the jihadi crimes are hounded out.

        Its like all rights and freedom are to be given to Muslims and non-muslims do not have any rights as dhimmis ! And Left/liberal pro-jihadi
        loons allow it !

        Infidels do not even have right to protest against crimes committed by Muslims . If they dare try it they get harassed, jailed or killed

        • Halal Boycott will end Islam

          You’re absolutely correct. Boris Johnson, you and I should start beheading Muslims upon sight.

          Have you suggested this to anyone?

          • Suresh

            u r insane. LOL !

    • Kalambong Kalambong

      That ‘Straight-A’ moslem is a real ‘Straight-A’ alright

      Straight A-hole !!

      • David Glynn


    • Hans Wellington

      I think they should grant him his wish. Strap a suicide belt around his guts, take him to the local garbage tip and let him press the button. He should be disposed of. Those through constant inbreeding produced brain damaged primates can never be rehabilitated.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        There is evidence to indicate you are right.

    • Sgtsnuffy


  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Straight A’s in ethnic studies and Islamic history, most likely :)

    • Halal Boycott will end Islam

      You’d like to think. It’s usually the converts who do those degrees.

      There was a spate of UK doctors who went to Islamic state about 3 years ago.

      Don’t confuse morals with intelligence. Non-muslims need to take both the moral and intellectual higher ground if we are going to defeat Islam.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        LOL, yeah taking the moral high ground — that’s the ticket. Your tactic worked out so well for:
        1. the Hindus of the Indian sub-continent
        2. the Hindus and Buddhists of Afghanistain
        3. the Buddhists of Indonesia and Malaysia
        4. the non-muslims of E. Timor
        5. the Christians of Lebanon

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      When I went to CSULB, there was a muslum mathematics professor who exhibited the odd habit of giving unusually high grades to the muslums in his class.

      • Michelle

        Now it is the leftists teachers as well who do so as well as to members of all minority groups.

      • Halal Boycott will end Islam

        In the workplace, a Muslim manager will always try to bring more Muslim employees in. Not necessarily to take the place over, but because they feel more comfortable amongst themselves.

        This is why they can never fully integrate economically.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    The academic credentials of muslims who go all islam on non muslims s very questionable. If they do have normal or superior intelligence, they should be able to see the contradictions and outright lies of the qur’an. If they are a form or “idiot savant” they may well exhibit a facade of ability in some subjects, but have no understanding or ability to relate to the practices they read about.

    • Michelle

      Good point! Inability to break indoctrination is a sure sign of lack of intelligence or willpower or both. This guy was probably an exam expert: one who studies to pass exams but NOT to actually know his subject. Unfortunately the selection pressure at western uni’s is such that 90% of students do this and those in the top ten are always such. BUT those who actually study the subject (as it truly is and not as some eccentric prof says it is) usually come in the 10th-30th places. The exam orientation of universities is the MAIN reason as to why genius’s are now so few compared to the 19th century where they were actually expected to know their subject. Some of those who hold chairs at universities here are so typical of drudges. exams always expect answers but those who actually ask the hard questions are those who are most needed and yet miss out or give up. High marks are all too often the inherent index of the sterile mind.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        You haves summed up the situation very well. The ivy tower universities have been resting on their laurels for far too long, they are now rock piles covered with vegetation.

    • Hans Wellington

      I think the main problem is 1400 years of intensive inbreeding with subsequent constant inbreeding by inbreeds has produced these extremely primitive and violent creatures. They can never be made in to normal human beings.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        That is a fact.

    • David Glynn

      We mustn’t confuse what can be learned in a classroom with REAL intelligence. You can teach a monkey to do almost anything.
      What Muslims in general lack is self criticism self awareness and a sense of right from wrong.
      Truly intelligent facets.
      If they any (intelligent) Muslim could clearly analyse his religion then he would no longer be a Muslim.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Anyone with any degree of intelligence, who read the qur’an, would never become a muslim. It is a cult of violent ignorance for the economic and political domination of anyone it can, all thinly covered with a facade of religion.

        • People with intelligence can be very evil – devilishly clever.
          It depends what is in their hearts, as explained in Mark 7 v 20 – 23. Only the TRUTH will set them free. :)

    • aebe

      The same can be said about progressives .

  • Hussars2016

    Rotsa Ruck on making the Brits feel anything. They will just “PrayForNonsense” hashtag, drink the Novocaine of the MSN and lie down with teddy bears and flowers.

  • puhiawa

    Most Muslims have a subnormal IQ. But not all. The normals are just better murderers.

  • Alleged-Comment

    Again, with Christianity Yahusha dies for your SIN. In Islam YOU have to die for the Moslem SIN.

    Islam and the west are not compatible. Your leaders are committing TREASON on you. They want your religion DESTROYED. This is not about the Moslem. This is about you being ERADICATED!

    You better wake up….

  • Drew the Infidel

    Too bad the average Brit doesn’t have such easy access to weapons in order to protect themselves from such savages.

    It is better to have a gun and not need it than to need a gun and not have it.

    Be safe, be trained, be alert.

    • LeslieFish

      If the Brits awake to their danger in time, they still have ready access to weapons: bows, crossbows, slings — which can throw other things than rocks — and common explosives, such as the Muslims use on them. They’ll have to ignore their government to do it, or simply throw the bums out — all the bums.

      • David Glynn

        Bows & arrows! Love it. We’ll keep it traditional, just like the days of Robin Hood.
        Tool boxes and garden sheds will be bare cos we’v got nothing else.
        The USA is right, everyone should have the right to bear arms for self protection.

  • El Cid

    A Muslim straight ” A ” student. ??
    Perhaps they have a specialist non islamophobic curriculum for Muslims students in British schools.??
    1. How to rape little girls
    2. The best way to make love to a goat
    3. How to blow up women and children on buses and trains.
    4. Best type of truck to use when driving into crowds of people
    5. The most effective type of gun to use when shooting children at music concerts.

  • arnoldspriggs

    Straight A muslim student ? Now that’s a first.

    • Poppey

      Don’t be alarmed, he only had to turn up, correct political colour and faith.

    • selwap


  • Jeanne Ballard

    England better start deporting these savages or Britain will be a conquered state

    • Canada almost is – we already have sharia in M103. The truth no longer matters in this present culture.

      • LeslieFish

        Between the ballot box and the bullet box lies the tactic of Massive Passive Resistance — and it’s marvelously effective. We should all study it. Think.

  • dad1927

    great!They wanted these monsters there, and arrest any dissenters …

  • Ziggy46

    Britain is awash with aspirant Jihads; he is one of innumerable wannabe Jihads, mass-murderers. It is time for those of this murderous-cult to get the unceremonious boot; meaning Muslims in their entirety. This will never occur; Britain’s non-Muslim citizenry will, sooner than later, be the new refugees attempting to shed the shackles of Islam. It is a certainty, the UN and others will have no empathy for their plight or Human Rights. One suspects that if the present UK government doesn’t give a damn about the non-Muslim citizens, no one should.

  • Chuck Cottom

    I wonder how the refugee children are graded here in the USA they are dumbing down our schools where ALL students get a diploma and graduate there is three types of diplomas and Affirmative Action says Asian students have to score on their PSAT tests 160 points more than Whites…279 more than Hispanics and 465 more than blacks just to be even.

  • SRN99

    Another stupid follower of a fake prophet

  • iprazhm

    When will people realize that muslims are taught, many from birth, to despise non-muslims and that it’s their duty to subjugate, rape, take as slaves and murder them. If you are not muslim, their Quran orders them, to smile to your face, but hate you in their heart.

  • Mike Pope


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