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[ January 23, 2018 ]

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[ January 23, 2018 ]

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[ January 23, 2018 ]

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[ January 22, 2018 ]

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[ January 22, 2018 ]

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[ January 22, 2018 ]

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[ January 22, 2018 ]

Democrats cave to American outrage, government is back open #SchumerShutdown #epicfail

Saturday Night Cinema: Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye


Tonight’s Saturday Night Cinema is classic Cagney.

Based on a novel by Horace McCoy (They Shoot Horses, Don’t They), Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye offers James Cagney at his nastiest. The star plays career criminal Ralph Cotter, who gets things started by violently busting out of jail, then murdering his partner in crime. Seeking out female companionship, he “courts” his ex-partner’s sister Holiday (Barbara Payton) by beating her black and blue. After committing a robbery, he is approached by two crooked cops who want a piece of the action. Blackmailing the cops, Cotter gains control of the situation. Is there any way to stop this fascinating creep? Filmgoers in Ohio never found out, because Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye was banned in that state as “a sordid, sadistic presentation of brutality.”

New York Times:

‘Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye’ at the Strand Cagney and Crime Meet Again
Published: August 5, 1950

All the snarling, mangling, triple-crossing and exterminating on the screen of the Strand yesterday morning adds up to one thing—James Cagney is back in town and right in the same old crime groove. In “Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye,” adapted from Horace McCoy’s novel and produced by the star’s brother, William, Mr. Cagney is taking up where he left off in last season’s “White Heat.” Not nearly as rewardingly, however. The new picture has a slick veneer, some lively episodes and a couple of neat secondary performances, but as a whole comes off as a poor man’s carbon copy of “The Asphalt Jungle.”

Intentional or not, the similarity is there and a yard wide. Again the action focuses on a group of underworldlings, some “respectable,” sidling together distrustfully to pull off a “big job” in a middle-sized community, succeeding and paying the piper. Mr. Cagney’s henchmen include, reminiscently, a basically “nice guy,” a confused blonde hanger-on, a shady lawyer and a couple of crooked policemen blackmailed into helping them. Director Gordon Douglas tries hard, but it’s the script by Harry Brown that really upsets the apple cart. Having assembled these characters rather graphically, the story proceeds to build up Cagney as a superman of cunning and right jabs and peels the others down to puppet size while the suspense trickles away. The novel may have been grimier but it was a lot more convincing.

Why, for instance, would such a shrewd operator tangle with the none-too-bright daughter of a powerful politician, marry her off-handedly, and saunter away smirking when Papa begs him to take over the management of her millions? Why would he choose, instead, to terrorize a comparatively small town and simply hang around after chalking up three fresh corpses. His cronies do recoil in horror or bafflement, Mr. Cagney’s jealous moll plugs him and down he goes as majestically and lingeringly as Julius Caesar.

Perhaps that’s the picture’s point, for Mr. Cagney emphatically is the picture. The others, when they can be seen, fare better, particularly Luther Adler, as the lawyer, and Ward Bond, as the conniving cop. As the moll, a superbly curved young lady named Barbara Payton performs as though she’s trying to spit a tooth—one of the few Mr. Cagney leaves her. Rhys Williams makes an impressively unctuous filling station attendant. As the nice girl, Helena Carter has to grapple with some mighty fragile sounding dialogue, but Mr. Cagney, the chameleon, is right up to her between killings. At one point during their courtship he muses, “Miss Dobson. I’ve always thought that the fourth dimension was neither philosophical nor mathematical, but purely intuitional.” Mr. Cagney, it’s purely baloney.

On the stage of the Strand are Toni Harper, the Lind Brothers, Billy Vine, Florian Zabach and his orchestra.

KISS TOMORROW GOODBYE; screen play by Harry Brown, from the Horace McCoy novel of the same name; directed by Gordon Douglas; produced by William Cagney and released by Warner Brothers.
Ralph Cotter . . . . . James Cagney
Holiday . . . . . Barbara Payton
Inspector Weber . . . . . Ward Bond
Mandon . . . . . Luther Adler
Margaret Dobson . . . . . Helena Carter
Jinx . . . . . Steve Brodie
Vic Mason . . . . . Rhys Williams
Reece . . . . . Barton MacLane
Ezra Dobson . . . . . Herbert Heyes
Doc Green . . . . . Frank Reicher
Tolgate . . . . . John Litel
District Attorney . . . . . Dan Riss
Cobbett . . . . . John Halloran

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  • rh2

    The gritty crime dramas in black and white were fantastic entertainment in the 50’s and sixties’ ( used to watch them years after they were made). Unique American characters alone in a hostile world surrounded by enemies who wanted them dead. They just don’t make movies like that anymore, and more’s the pity.

  • Chris Wolf

    JFK posthumously and from beyond the grave provides Trump the opportunity to prove to the world his Freedom & Liberty credentials by releasing the assassination files, again vanquishing he enemies on the battlefield… Mueller, Bush, Clinton, Bush, McCain, Clinton, obama, etc.
    Thank you President Kennedy.
    Thank you President Trump.

    • a French Chef

      Chris, I wonder if they haven’t been sanitized and fictionalized by now.
      We have been force fed the JFK nearer to God than thee.
      No matter how gross and disgusting the Kennedy family is they are ‘royalty’ yuck.

      • Sunshine Kid

        Agreed. I remember Kennedy. Nearly voted for him, but didn’t. Nixon got in later, and proved to be as crooked as the rest of them.

        • Brenda

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  • marlene

    There’s a problem with the video when watching it on Youtube. The last 10 minutes are messed up.

    • Voytek Gagalka

      Really problem starts within the last half-an-hour. Apparently plenty of video pictures are missed (those “jumps”) while soundtrack is unaffected and playing as it goes. The result is that sound (dialogs and effects) is delayed more and more in comparison to pictures completely desynchronizing the two near the end by almost 5 seconds.

  • Neville Brand was not credited for playing Carleton, during the opening of this picture, when Cagney successfully breaks out of the prison farm, but Carleton is shot dead by the guards.

  • marlene

    This video has problems at the end. A good version of this great movie can be found at: (3355) James Cagney Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye Full Movie 1950 480p 24fps H264 128kbit AAC – YouTube Short films and Movies

  • livingengine

    Double feature – “I Wake up Screaming”

  • joanofark06

    Since someone said that the ending of this movie was messed up, I went to another site, to watch it….(might need an adblocker for popups)

  • DVader

    Good flick, but what’s it got to do with Islam?

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