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[ December 17, 2017 ]

Chain Migration Imported 120,000 Foreign Nationals from Terrorist-Funding Countries Since 2005

[ December 17, 2017 ]

Sex Offender Al Franken Still Has Not Left Senate, Despite “Resigning” Two Weeks Ago

[ December 17, 2017 ]

We have become scared of killing terrorists

[ December 17, 2017 ]

Hamas: Trump’s Jerusalem decision “racist” and “hateful,” intifada should escalate

[ December 17, 2017 ]

Hungarian Public Overwhelmingly Rejects ‘Soros Plan’ for Mass Migration to Europe

[ December 17, 2017 ]

New Jersey Imam who called for killing the Jews will NOT BE FIRED

[ December 17, 2017 ]

FATWA: NJ Senator Cory Booker gets DEATH THREATS after he slams ‘repugnant’ call for killing...

[ December 17, 2017 ]

Germany: Muslim teen migrant who raped and murdered EU official’s daughter is actually 33 years...

[ December 17, 2017 ]

Shouting “Allahu akbar!” knife wielding jihadi STABS two Danish National Geographic journalists

[ December 17, 2017 ]

“Blood-smeared floors”: At least five killed in devout Muslim homicide attack on Pakistan church

VIDEO: Pamela Geller on DOVE TV discussing FATWA!


Watch: Pamela Geller on DOVE TV talking about my shocking new book FATWA: Hunted in America – living under death threat in America.

Have you placed your order for the book yet? If pre-orders are good,  I can get into book stores. If they are very good, I can get good placement in book  stores and key spaces like airports. But I can’t do it without YOU. Right now the  book is about $20 bucks – that’s it (which ain’t bad – considering what went into it). You are all long time supporters and we spend a lot of time together online. So if you  have the time and the dough, go to and order my book. You know the dangers of my work, but most Americans don’t so we have to reach them. This  is one important way to get to them offline in the real world.

Dutch MP and the world’s leading figure in the fight for freedom, Geert Wilders, wrote the foreword to my book, FATWA: Hunted in America. Here is an excerpt:

By Geert Wilders

Pamela Geller’s entire career has been one long endeavor to clear away the West’s self-delusion in the face of unpleasant facts. She has been telling people what they do not want to hear for nearly two decades. She has given voice to millions who think just like her. She has stood up for the millions who think liberty is precious. And that democracy is better than Sharia.

The question before us in Europe and North America today is this: will free speech be lost to the spurious idea of “hate speech,” a term used to stifle legitimate criticism of Islam? And the larger question for the West is: Will we leave the children of Europe and North America the values of Rome, Athens and Jerusalem, or the values of Mecca, Tehran and Gaza?

I am convinced that history is on our side. The forces of oppression and subjugation never prevail in the long run. Islam, like other systems that shackle the human spirit, will end up in the dustbin of history. But another thing is equally certain: future historians will marvel at our morally inverted age, in which freedom fighters are derided and harassed, even prosecuted, while globalist internationalists, who are doing all they can to wreck the free world and fit us all in new chains, are celebrated as the enlightened vanguard of a progressive future.

But, fortunately, the historians will also notice that there were people who saved the West by keeping the spirit of liberty alive, by standing tall against Islam, by countering and opposing jihad, by never surrendering to Muhammad’s vile ideology of hatred and barbarism. And one of the foremost of these heroes was Pamela Geller.

In this book is the story of how Pamela Geller has stood, and is still standing, for our freedom. She is the Joan of Arc of the counter-jihad movement. Tireless, fearless and brave. And I am immensely honored to stand with her.

In 2009, Pamela brought me to Washington, D.C., to address the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). A year later, she invited me to address a massive crowd of tens of thousands of lovers of freedom in lower Manhattan, who had come out to stand together against the grotesque proposal to build a 16-story mega-mosque at Ground Zero. In 2015, I stood with Pamela for freedom of speech at her Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest in Garland, Texas. That contest, in the wake of the massacre of the Muhammad cartoonists of Charlie Hebdo in Paris, was meant to show that freedom-loving people in the West will never bow to threats and curtail their freedom of speech……… (more)

Read the rest. Buy the book here. And make a gift of it for Christmas – freedom for Christmas. What could be better?

I thought it was time to tell my story. This is the story of how a NYC newspaper executive went from an apolitical career girl to one of the most notorious anti-jihadists in the world.

And so I have. And Milo was brave enough to publish it.

If you believe in what I am doing and support the work, buy my book.

Jihadis have tried to kill me a number of times. Right now, as we speak, a jihadi in Boston is on trial for a plot to behead me. And their leftist partners murder my work. YouTube deleted my eleven-year-old account and the thousand-plus videos of work, history and news the media won’t cover. Facebook banned my feed. Pinterest blocked my links. Google adsense suspended my account. Twitter shadowbanned me.

This book gets the word out. Shouting into the wilderness is not freedom of speech.

FATWA: Hunted in America is my story. It’s what happens when you take the enemy on head on, speak the truth and refuse to adhere to the barbarian legal code (sharia).

Here are what leaders in the movement have said about the book:


“When Pamela Geller talks about Islam, she does it with both barrels.  For sparing us the platitudes when confronting this direct and present danger, she is reviled by society’s bien pensant.  In this book, she recounts her adventures in “hate speech,” or as we used to call it, “telling the truth.” It is both an enlightening and gripping tale.” — Ann Coulter, Bestselling Author

“This is a riveting tale of a “controversial” woman. She believes in “controversial” principles such as free speech, and holds “controversial” positions such as the right of Muslim girls in the developed world to enjoy the freedoms of all other western women without being honor-killed, beheaded or otherwise murdered. She is so “controversial” that, when Islamic fanatics tried to kill her in the first ISIS attack on American soil, this country’s appalling and stupid media blamed her for being so “controversial” as to drive people to open fire on her. In a saner, healthier world, she would not be “controversial” at all, but would be recognized as the brave – indeed, fearless – woman she is. This is her story, and splendidly told.” — Mark Steyn, Bestselling Author

“Over the years, many have made their disagreement with Pamela Geller clear. Islamists fear her; adherents of identity politics loathe her. Threatened with death by ISIS, denounced as a “hater” and “Islamophobic” by others, she is fearless.  Even her detractors must concede that Pamela Geller has grit, is passionate and determined. She is a formidable adversary of all those seeking to further the cause of Shariah.

In her book Fatwa, Pamela Geller discusses her upbringing, her family, the ideals that drive her, and chronicles her numerous battles with Shariah law and its defenders. Read this book to see an advocate of freedom in action, defending the right to dissent from orthodoxy, as well as the principles that are at stake in defending the free society.” –Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Bestselling author

“How did a nice Jewish girl from Long Island become the Joan of Arc of the counterjihad movement? In this remarkably absorbing page-turner of a book, Pamela Geller tells her story – a story of courage in the face not only of the jihadist enemy but of a veritable army of apologists, appeasers, pacifists, whitewashers, self-styled “bridge-builders,” and assorted cowards, careerists, and sellouts. Armed only with the truth and a passionate love of American liberty, Geller has survived their smears and kept hope alive. It’s an inspiring story that I hope will encourage other freedom-lovers to stand up and be counted before it’s too late.” — Bruce Bawer, author of The Victims’ Revolution: The Rise of Identity Studies and the Closing of the Liberal Mind.

A courageous book by a courageous woman. This is not just one individual’s adventures in defense of freedom – this is a guide for anyone and everyone who is ready to stand for the truth in these days of universal lies. Political correctness is intellectual dishonesty and Pamela Geller isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. —Tomi Lahren, Fox News Contributor and television host

“Pamela Geller’s fascinating book is the vivid chronicle of a courageous woman who fought vigilantly and with fierceness, confronting dangers, threats and vile defamation, to preserve the American soul of freedom and democratic liberties. A most actual record of our perilous time.” —- Bat Ye’or, Historian, author of Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis, and of Europe, Globalization and the Coming Universal Caliphate

“Pamela Geller is a towering hero of freedom. If free people survive into the next generation, which is by no means assured, Pamela Geller will be celebrated as one of those who stood against the tide of Leftism and Islamic supremacism when it was at its apogee. No proper history of the freedom of the human spirit in our darkening age can be written without including her.” — Robert Spencer, director of Jihad Watch and author of the New York Times bestsellers The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades) and The Truth About Muhammad.”

“Free-speech advocates who don’t make waves are not doing their jobs. Pamela Geller writes a guidebook here for Paladins of the First Amendment.” —Ambassador John Bolton

Pamela Geller's shocking new book, "FATWA: HUNTED IN AMERICA" is now available on Amazon. It's Geller's tell all, her story - and it's every story - it's what happens when you stand for freedom today. Buy it. Now. Here.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    This will become a reference classic for those studying American social history and repercussions of the treasonous democrat colonization plan of America by islam.

  • Suresh

    Exposing jihadis and their supporter is best way to fightback just as Trump exposed duplicity of the jihadi mayor

  • You’ve been TRUMPED!~AKA/ION

    Yahoo Banned my email account because I kept telling the truth about Obama in their news story chat’s. I lost all of my contacts, online bill pay….everything! It was a nightmare! That’s when I found Disqus!

    • SoniaJWeeks

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    • Mal M

      Thought Police like Google, Facebook, YouTube, and Yahoo are working very hard to eliminate free speech groups with whitewash phrase like disrespectful or hate speech. In fact they hurt free speech and advancing their left anarchy agenda. We live in an era of dictatorship by Politically Correct and left liberal’s academia.

  • Fern

    Pamela, is there any way you can get on Hannity about your book? Limbaugh? Savage? Millions who may not even know you could be reached.

  • Andrew Sears

    Thank you ever so much for telling us the truth about this evil. I am very grateful to be able to see so many followers that believe in our right to freedom. I am honored to be able to be a part of this good fight against evil and hate and the rape of children and women. thank you

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