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[ December 15, 2017 ]

Wave on an open thread

[ December 15, 2017 ]

Houston Muslim Taken into Custody on Charges of Islamic Terrorism

[ December 15, 2017 ]


[ December 15, 2017 ]

Bitcoin jihad: New York Muslima Laundered Nearly 100k In Bitcoin For Islamic State (ISIS)

[ December 15, 2017 ]

New Jersey Imam Calls for Killing of Jews

[ December 15, 2017 ]

Faisal Kutty, who wants Pamela Geller banned from Canada, supports killer of Christians and pro-Hitler...

[ December 15, 2017 ]

VIDEO: Police shoot knifeman who threatened crowd at Amsterdam airport – terminal evacuated

[ December 15, 2017 ]

Netherlands: Muslim migrant stabs two to death, cops say no terrorist motive

[ December 15, 2017 ]

Muslim migrant with nine bombs strapped to suicide vest takes 13 hostages inside Canada bank

[ December 15, 2017 ]

Minneapolis Prosecutor: Investigators ‘didn’t do their jobs’ in probe of police officer Mohamed Noor’s murder...

Las Vegas Titan Steve Wynn: Steve Paddock “Never Touched Alcohol, Ever” Was “A Rational Man”


Steve Wynn, speaking to Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday this morning, said that he had checked with all his staff (right down to masseurs and beauty shop operators) who had or might have had contact with Paddock or Mari Danley, and they reported that no one had ever seen Paddock or Marilou take a drink. Of course, this is unusual, because alcohol is not only free, but encouraged for gamblers at Paddock’s level.

Since 2006, Paddock nor his girlfriend ever had a drink.

Trips to the Middle East. No alcohol.

Rational and quiet and moderate. This is the opposite of the profile the clowns at the FBI have described.

It’s a tell. Another clue.

Go to minute 6:30.

Las Vegas Shooter Was ‘A Rational Man’, Claims Casino Owner Steve Wynn, Who Controls Republican Purse

The gunman who opened fire on a country music show in Las Vegas killing 58 people before turning the gun on himself appeared to be “a rational man” with “a vanilla profile,” according to a casino boss who knew him.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Fox News Sunday, the billionaire owner of Wynn Resorts, Steve Wynn, who is also the RNC finance chair, said shooter Stephen Paddock had been visiting the city for 11 years and was known to staff as a regular guest, although he was not staying at a Wynn hotel when the attack took place.

“He’s been staying in Las Vegas since ‘06.  So you know, we’re talking about 11 years with his girlfriend or at least in recent years, frequent visitor, once or twice a month, to this hotel and others,” Wynn told Fox News host Chris Wallace.

Wynn described Paddock as having: “The most vanilla profile one could possibly imagine.”

A modest gambler, at least by our standards, you know, nothing serious, paid promptly, never owed any money anywhere in Las Vegas. He didn’t fit the profile of a problem or compulsive gambler,” he added.

The hotel magnate said Paddock’s previous behavior belonged to “a rational man,” suggesting his employees were shocked to discover Paddock was responsible for what has become the deadliest mass shooting in recent U.S. history.

“This is a man who behaved rationally, privately, a little introverted, liked to play video poker. But he was a rational man. And every historical review of his behavior indicates that he was a rational man; so was his girlfriend. And yet he prepared over an extended period of time, a totally irrational act,” Wynn said.

“Now, this sounds like someone either totally demented, a behavior which he never evidenced, or someone who’s sending a message. This is a plan. We don’t know what that message is or if there is one, but this behavior, according to my employees, is as stunning, as unexpected as anybody, any of them have ever met. And that’s the status, you know, that I hear from the sheriff, and watching television that seems to be the moment — the momentary analysis of this situation. I really don’t have anything to add to that,” he said.

A number of conservative pundits have attached themselves to the idea the shooter may have had links to groups including ISIS or Antifa, despite the FBI clearly stating they have found no links to the so-called Islamic State, while Senator Richard M. Burr, who heads the Senate Intelligence Committee, has also said the attack “doesn’t seem to have a terrorism nexus.”

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  • Suresh

    The killer is a Anti-Trump democrat and Antifa activist also claimed by ISIS

    That is why he did not attack the earlier event and targeted this event as it was mostly conservatives who were expected to attend.

    • ladywarrior

      True. There are reports that Antifa has joined Muslims in America and using their tactics. They put out a statement that any violence is acceptable against anyone who disagrees with them….very Muslim of them.
      A few months ago in the UK Daily Mail ISIS named Vegas as one of their next attacks….
      Wasn’t Paddock and his lying “companion” on a cruise ship over there about that time? Didn’t they make stops in Muslim countries?

      So now we hear Paddock didn’t smoke or drink alcohol….he owned an arsenal….he visited Muslim countries…..his Filipino “girlfriend” comes from the Philippines where it is a hotbed of Muslim activity and murders….

      I wonder how long it will take for “officials” to come to the same conclusion I have….and will they ever tell us? Paddock was Antifa/ISIS trained and aided and his girlfriend was in on it. There I said it. Someone prove me wrong.

      • buckeyes

        Go get your Meds.

  • Alfred Renald

    Like many people suffering from perceptual blindness, Wynn could not tell a deceitful person from a normal one. But for Wynn, there is an extra component of “ignorance,” in that Paddock was a lavish spender, so even if he was acting “strange,” as long as he didn’t rob Wynn, there was nothing to see.

    But what about the FBI, shouldn’t they be better trained to dismantle criminal deceit? Not in this case where they are still uncertain of a motive and have the gall to ask for help from the public.

    What about all the video tapes from the Mandalay Bay-this would definitively answer if the murderer was alone.
    Did they interview the wounded, the crew and concertgoers-which would tell them about the number of assassins.
    Why weren’t the girlfriend and brother taken in immediately for questioning and have their assets seized–that is standard procedure for family members whenever there is terrorism. Instead, the FBI asked her to come in for
    questioning (after her pedicure, and bleaching all her hard drives). Same with the brother who rambled on TV, the pathological liar. But for all whom say it was just “shock,” why would any family member of an insane mass killer
    defend his goodness, a normal person would be terribly sorry, apologetic and try to distance themselves from a heinous killer.

    We are finding out a little at a time, that the murderer was not as nice as all the guilty parties are claiming.

    At this point, the worst part is that the agency who should protect the US, investigate and prevent terrorism, are blind, morally corrupt, or possibly even in on the crime—why else would they lie? They have let us down again, just like
    preventing 9/11, the Boston marathon, ignoring the gun dealer’s alarm regarding the Pulse killer.

    It’s disconcerting and frightening at the same time that the FBI does not act in the best interest of our country—just ask Trump.

    • ladywarrior

      The big wigs at the Mandalay Bay gave huge sums of money to BLM, DIM campaigns, SPLC, and other anti-American groups….. conspiracy anyone?

  • I recall that the, was it, God Bless America, was played–or some patriotic demonstration–a short time before the first shots were fired at the Las Vegas music festival? Yes, it was a tribute to police, firefighters, military.

    When I saw the news items about the increased police and security at the recent music event in Austin, TX, I had to chuckle as one look at the lineup of musicians tells me….no flag wavers.

    When I saw the news items about Paddock “scouting” Lollapalooza, August this year, I had to chuckle as I know, no matter what the lineup….no flag wavers.

  • rh2

    Paddock was a POS from the get-go! How do I know that? Like anyone else who’s had considerable dealings with many different kinds of people, the fact that the b*****d was an anti-smoking NAZI ( as related by his brother ) told me all I needed to know. We’ve all met the type, haven’t we? Trying to give the impression they are such wonderful, clean-living, upstanding citizens. In reality, they secretly are truly nasty individuals, who will commit all manner of horrible acts, but when it comes to smoking they are the original Fruit Loops! You can commit sexual perversions until you drop, or desecrate the human body ( others) in as many different ways as you want, but, by JOVE!, don’t you DARE light up a cigarette! To Looney Tunes like Paddock that WAS the one unforgivable sin!

    Enjoy the smoking where you are now, Paddock – it never ends!

    • ladywarrior

      No alcohol, no smoking…..sounds a lot like the Muslims…..

      • buckeyes

        And Trump

        • ladywarrior

          Kiss off troll.

        • CHARLES S

          And ‘buckeyes’ too!

  • B17G

    So his true persona is to be the gray man. Then I guess he goes wild and parties it up on his AR15 death ride to hell? And whats with “middle eastern travel”? Thats fishy. Paddock is some kind of spook.

    • ladywarrior

      Paddock is with Antifa……will the officials ever admit it…..I doubt it…they wouldn’t to scare the “adult children” in America…..

  • Mahou Shoujo

    The fbi are in full coverup, there must be a link to the democrat party that is being hidden. Or, the fbi are as incompetent as they have acted for the past few years.

    • anthony edwards

      All true .,,except better to trade “incompetent” with “corrupt” ..

    • UncleVladdi

      CIA gun runner/arms dealer in an operation fast & furious with ISIS. Of course.

  • Jackie

    What about that picture of him with the shot?! Wynn is trying to insert his resort in the publicity by trying to say see “he didn’t have alcohol HERE, and he was a rational guy”. It just comes off weird and DISRESPECTFUL to the victims! There are 44,000 employees he checked with all of them?! Sure. He treats his employees like midevil surfs. Lowest paid casino workers. I know two! Sometime Steve – it’s not about YOU!

    • Covadonga

      No alcohol could mean any of a number of things.

      It could mean he had once had a drinking problem, then gotten on the wagon at some point, and didn’t ever want to fall back off.

      It could mean his doctors had detected a medical condition which they advised him contraindicated the use of alcohol, or whose treatment required long-term use of a medication that contraindicated the use of alcohol.

      But the fact that the girlfriend also did not drink alcohol increases the odds, while by no means proving, that the reason was religious in nature.

      Maybe he was a Mormon. A large percentage of people in that part of the country belong to the LDS church. But I haven’t heard of a lot of LDS people who are major gamblers, hanging around casinos.

      Maybe he was a Methodist, and took that particular teaching of his church seriously.

      Of course, neither the LDS nor the Methodist church has declared war on the United States. Nor have they threatened to make the streets of the city of Las Vegas run red with the blood of infidels in recent months.

      Or,… just possibly,… he and his lady friend could be Muslims. That would explain a lot.

      • CreoleGumbo

        I have been trying to find out if she is a Muslim but, to date,nothing on the Internet even addresses that question. Wonder why?

        • Covadonga

          I read a couple of days ago in one description of her that she had family in Dubai as well as the Philippines.

          Remember how she was first described as being an Australian citizen of Indonesian background? They seemed very insistent on that for about 24 hours.

          Remember the picture of her in Dubai with the Burj al-Arab highrise hotel in the background?

          Family in Philippines and Dubai could mean she’s nice a Catholic girl from the Philippines who has at least one family member working as an indentured servant in Dubai. But it could also mean she’s from a Muslim separatist background from the southern Philippines, with terrorist relatives hiding out from the Philippine authorities in Dubai, or in Dubai to seek funding and/or training. Or she’s part Filipina and part Arab.

          Cruises to the Mideast and Europe, vacationing in Dubai, no alcohol, and boyfriend who is a mass murderer would incline me to one of the latter possibilities.

          I don’t think we know enough about her yet. Nor do I think the story released about her won’t change again.

          • Dan Knight

            perceptive comment …

        • ladywarrior

          She is from the Phillipines …..a virtual hot bed of Muslim activity and murders….she was on a cruise with him that had stops in the UK and Muslim countries….

          • CreoleGumbo

            See my comments above to Covadonga.

          • Dorrie

            I agree. And I’m wondering if the Federal Bureau of MATTERS even asked her if she is Muslim.

        • junodog

          Hi Again! I want to call your attention to the Chris Wallace interview of Steve Wynn on Fox News Sunday, Oct 8. I’m sure you can find it on you tube. Steve outlined all of the security procedures instituted at his hotels nearly two years ago. Chris tried to get him to state explicitly if the MGM/Mandalay Bay had instituted the same procedures, would the shootings have been prevented. Steve obviously did not want to indict his pals at MGM/Mandalay. But one of his procedures is that any room on DND for twelve hours or more would trigger an investigation by hotel security. Paddock had the DND signs on the doors for more than twenty four hours. Drawing a reasoned inference from all this told me that if MGM/Mandalay observed the Steve Wynn security protocols, the shooting could not have happened as it did.

          I think it’s unlikely that the girlfriend was/is a Muslim. She has a lot of history in the US and if she were, it would have come out immediately. Most Filipino Muslims are from areas that do not send a lot of immigrants to the US. There’s very little Islam on Luzon which is where nearly 100% of immigrants to the US come from. Luzon is where the capital, Manila is, and was the location of three very major US military installations, Clark Airbase (my home for two years ages ago), Sangley Point Naval Station, and Subic Bay Naval Base.

          Hardly anyone living on Luzon does not have a relative in the US who could provide them with legal sponsorship to immigrate. Here in California I believe we have around three million Filipinos. Great people; great Americans; and almost zero participation in government welfare programs.

          • CreoleGumbo

            Thanks for the reply.

      • ladywarrior

        She is a Muslim….he was a radicalized Democrat Antifa using the tactics of Muslim terrorists……which I’m sure no official will ever admit…..especially from the “sanctuary city” of Las Vegas……

        ISIS said a couple of months ago in the UK Daily Mail after the attack on the music show in the UK that Vegas was one of their next targets…..

  • Alleged-Comment

    What rational man OWNS 48 GUNS????

    • You’ve been TRUMPED!~AKA/ION

      Look at the source who said he owned them! Did he really own them? Where is the Proof and the Serial Numbers tied to Paddock! I see NO Documentation on Paddock’s ownership! Don’t be so easily fooled people!

      • Alleged-Comment

        Yes, I’m aware of that. So many ways to manipulate something. Nowadays, anybody can say or write whatever they want and blog it out.

        They hardly buried the guy and millions of theories come out.

      • CreoleGumbo

        Agree with you.
        The entire story lacks validation:
        Did anyone see him commit suicide?
        Did anyone see him do the shooting?
        Could he have been killed by someone else who may have escaped?
        Why would one shooter break 2 windows in 2 rooms?

        The whole thing stinks to high heaven.

    • SK

      Lots of rational people own many guns. And 99% of them have never been or never will be used to commit acts of violence.

      • Alleged-Comment

        One word – HOARDING!

        • SK

          LOL no. Ammo was hoarded during the Obama years. But I’ve had guns since I was 12. I guess that makes me irrational.

          • Alleged-Comment

            So you admit you hoard? Not rational is correct.

          • SK

            I don’t hoard ammo anymore since we have a freedom loving America loving president. Democrats hate the constitution. It restricts their power which all totalitarians hate. All elected officials swear to uphold the constitution to the United States, but some immediately try to destroy it. In my book they are treasonous. I don’t understand why the left hates freedom. Why they think big government is the answer. Why they think socialism is the way to go. Especially since both have been proven failures to man. All you leftist sheeple don’t even know you are being played for fools. Get a history book and read it.
            As my Cuban wife says: you don’t know what you have until you’ve lost it.
            I’ve had guns for over 40 years. That does not make me irrational. My guns have never killed anyone or committed any act of violence or aggression.

          • Alleged-Comment

            The truth is the left are SATANIC! Nobody will believe you on this and that’s why they get away with it.

            Owning a weapon does not make one irrational. But having exactly 48 bullets for each one, well…….

          • junodog

            I’ve been telling my kids and many internet correspondents for years: For Republicans and conservatives the Constitution is our founding document and instructs the government to protect our God given freedoms. For Democrats and liberals, the Constitution is a major obstacle to be overcome or eliminated in furtherance of their goals of creating an omnipotent national government with themselves in charge, of course.

    • Jack

      Owning 48 or 148 has no relation to rationality.
      Owning ONE gun and using it for evil is totally irrational.
      Guns, knives, swords, hammers, scissors, pressure cookers, cars, trucks, etc., etc., etc.
      are not in posession of rationale.
      Paddock was not subjct to the influence of his posessions. His posessions were at his command. He was under the influence of evil and one can only guess what the name of that evil was.

      • ladywarrior

        True…he was under the influence of evil….they are called Antifa…America’s Democrat radicalized nut jobs who are trained with Muslim terrorist tactics……unfortunately we will see more of these attacks before some “official” finally admits their existence.

      • Alleged-Comment

        One word – OBSESSION!

    • junodog

      My next door neighbor who collects guns like some people collect coins or cameras. I’m glad he is well armed because if ever necessary, I need only walk next door and tell him I need a weapon for a valid reason and he will put one in my hands. I don’t own any guns myself and haven’t since I joined the USAF at age twenty one more than fifty years ago. My son, who lives less than a mile away, also has a couple of personal guns (he’s a police sergeant). Nice to know

      • Alleged-Comment

        I’m quite sure you’ll find it handy when you are robbed. Just be courteous when you ask them if you could go to your neighbor’s house to get your gun?

        • junodog

          Haven’t had a home burglary since my wife took our German Shepherd for a walk and left the house unlocked. That dog died in1993. Been in my current home over nine yrs and have had a Rottweiler until we lost her this past March at age eleven and four months. I have a sign on my fence gate (which is secured) showing a silhouette of a Rottie with the words: “I CAN GET TO THE GATE IN THREE SECONDS, CAN YOU?” Given the private nature of my neighborhood which has only one way in or out, and our location deep in towards the back in a cul, I don’t feel the need for a gun at this time.

  • James Stamulis

    How about the owner of the hotel steve who donated to Antifa, BLM, and CAIR?

  • Josara Dezmen

    Months ago I heard a news report that ISIS claimed they were going to rob gunshops. A number of reports around the nation did come out in the news that shops have been robbed, the last one I remember never arrested anyone. So, to connect the dots, he could have had a number of these stolen weapons, and not have purchased them at all. The reason why they want to link these to him is to close gun shows, and sales, as well as passing stricter laws! I, also, believe this is a false flag, and he’s the patsy like Oswald, McVeigh, etc!!

    • CreoleGumbo

      I believe that is a reasonable possibility. Given Fast and Furious it was one of my first thoughts.

    • Dorrie

      It isn’t a false flag event, but I DO smell a massive coverup going on!

      • Josara Dezmen

        Nowadays almost anything could be false flag!

  • ladywarrior

    “Never touched alcohol”……neither do Muslims…..

    • buckeyes

      Or Trump

      • cw

        bet you are shitte faced right now,huh? FOAD

        • buckeyes

          No need to get mad, that was just an observation.

          • cw

            Sorry,I was zingg insults all nite at nevrtrumprs and concern trolls. I misunderstood your observation.

  • Wayne Ville … a Deplorable

    Methinks Wynn protests too much. His brother on camera admitted that he drank, chased hookers, and partied like a crazy man. Wynn and the FBI are covering.

  • spfg

    Paddock was not rational. He complained to others about his depression he was experiencing. This was caused by the antidepressants he was or had taken which from what I’ve heard was valium.. What really needs to be done is to make these antidepressants illegal. Almost all and I mean all of the mass murders that have taken place including school shootings were done by people that were suffering from the side effects of antidepressants. Why isn’t that front and center on the debating panels on our cable news networks!!! Instead like fools that they are they and the liberal idiots in Washington point the fingers at our 2nd amendment rights!!! Such liars and fools we have in our nation’s capital…

    • Dorrie

      Valium isn’t an antidepressant.


    Steve Wynn, speaking to Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday this morning, said that he had checked with all his staff (right down to masseurs and beauty shop operators) who had or might have had contact with Paddock or Mari Danley, and they reported that no one had ever seen Paddock or Marilou take a drink.

    That’s a bunch of crap that that mental defect never drank—–Lies!

    “He was a heavy drinker and that is what impressed upon on them,” Curtis said.
    Paddock had lived in the town of Mesquite, Nev., 80 miles north of Las Vegas, since purchasing a home for cash in an upscale retirement community on a golf course with his girlfriend. He was known at the casinos there, and there, too, some described him as a drinker.
    Kallie Beig, who worked at the local Great Clips, told CNN that she had cut his hair at least three times over the past three years. He smelled strongly of liquor each time.

    Steve Wynn should lay off the liquor……….. and how could he prove that Paddock NEVER drank; was he following Paddock every where he went??!! I think NOT.

    • SK

      The first pic we saw of him was with a shot in his hand. This guy is being painted as some saint for some reason. Probably because he is a big lib with ties to antifa and/or Islam.

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