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[ January 23, 2018 ]

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NYT Editor Blasts ‘Oblivious Idiot’ Trump, ‘Horrible’ Pence in Latest Project Veritas Sting


Project Veritas just released its latest video outing a hypocritical member of the left — and this time, it’s a top New York Times editor.

The undercover watchdog group sent around a video that included a clip of a senior staff editor at the paper calling out President Trump as an “oblivious idiot” and Vice President Mike Pence as “horrible” and “worse than Trump.”

A new Project Veritas video outed a senior editor at the New York Times slamming the president and vice president.

Once again, the media’s been outed for its utter contempt for all things conservative.

The Washington Times has more:

The video, part of an investigation into liberal media bias, shows London-based home page editor Desiree Shoe blasting the president and vice president while acknowledging that “our main stories are supposed to be objective.”

“I feel like Trump is a just a sort of an idiot in a lot of ways, just an oblivious idiot,” she told the Project Veritas investigators in the hidden-camera footage apparently taken at a bar.

“If you impeach him, then Pence becomes president, Mike Pence, who’s f–– horrible, I think maybe worse than Trump. I’m speaking off the record,” Ms. Shoe said. “He’s extremely religious, extremely religious. He at one point backed a bill that hinted at conversion therapy for gay people, which is like electrocution.”

That The New York Times employs staffers with left-of-center views may not come as a surprise to most readers, given the newspaper’s ongoing battle with Mr. Trump, who routinely refers to the outlet in tweets as the “failing New York Times.”

Ms. Shoe, who has worked for the Times since 2009, made it clear in the video that she is not the final decision-maker, saying there are “three layers [of people] above me.”

“I monitor breaking news, write alerts. … Essentially my job right now is to curate the front pages,” she said.

Why was there so much Trump coverage during the election? “Part of it was because it was sensational,” she said.

“But also, I think one of the things that maybe journalists were thinking about is like, ‘Oh, if we write about him, about how insanely crazy he is and how ludicrous his policies are,’ then maybe people will read it and be like, ‘Oh, wow, maybe we shouldn’t vote for him,’” said Ms. Shoe.

It’s tough for reporters to remain neutral with Mr. Trump in the White House, she said.

“Our main stories are supposed to be objective. It’s very difficult in this day and age to do that,” Ms. Shoe said. “When you have something like the Charlottesville story, it’s hard to portray, for instance, the president in an unbiased light when the words that are coming out of his mouth are apologetic toward white supremacists, which is what they were.”

The latest video comes with Project Veritas already skirmishing with The New York Times over the release of footage last week featuring a junior editor who admitted to political bias.

In a talk last week on YouTube about that incident, Times Executive Editor Dean Baquet called Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe “despicable” while acknowledging that the staffer, who had been on the job for six months, “said things he shouldn’t have said, and he said things that were damaging, and I will deal with that.”

At the same time, “his sin was a sin of foolishness, and it violated our policies. Their sin was greater. Their sin was a sin of lying, of subterfuge. They’re just awful,” said Mr. Baquet.

On Friday, Mr. Baquet issued an updated social media policy that said journalists “must not express partisan opinions, promote political views, endorse candidates, make offensive comments or do anything else that undercuts the Times’s journalistic reputation.”

The latest video also sheds light on the pressures facing even venerable legacy newspapers in the rapidly changing digital age.

Mr. Trump sells papers: The New York Times‘ second-quarter earnings increased by 9.2 percent this year from the previous year, while its digital subscriptions jumped by 63.4 percent, according to Project Veritas.

There’s even a phrase for it: the “Trump bump.”

“The main objective is to grab subscribers. You do that any way you can,” Ms. Shoe said.

She acknowledged that the Times is “widely, widely understood to be left-leaning,” but that there’s more to it than just telling liberal readers what they want to hear.

“It’s not so much that you have to give the readers what they want; you have to be respectful of readers’ desires, what interests readers,” Ms. Shoe said. “It’s not so much that you’re tailoring your content toward them, but one of the things we’re doing at the Times now is making sure we’re aware of our audience.”

Mr. O’Keefe has been accused by his critics in the past of selectively editing videos, which he has denied.

The series, part of the group’s “American Pravda” probe, follows footage posted in June showing a CNN associate producer calling Mr. Trump “crazy” and voters “stupid,” while another producer called the network’s focus on Russian election collusion “mostly bullsh—.”

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  • Michelle

    Trash like the NYT only preach to the converted. I wish!!! As there are many common people who ONLY have such trash MSM sources as their news of the world and this sort of bias is propaganda no different to Pravda and just as damaging. The common man does not read much, nor know much and with the takeover of education by the Left what he does know is very skewed and reinforced by faeces such as the NYT.
    What is a marvel is that despite this tsunami of brainwashing leftist lies, the common man had enough sense to see through the effluent and elect trump. So there still is hope. Personally from what I am told by such people, the fate of people who produce such trash might be decided in a way that they will not appreciate in the near future as the Left all over the west, are traitors to western culture and its ideals and people are realizing this.

    • Suresh

      Agree. the vile Left/liberal Pro-islam get away with sexual harrasment, intimidation, Prostitution and more

      And are now busy suppressing the news in social media too. while claiming to be morally superior to the “deplorables”!

      • ladywarrior

        They can claim anything they want…..but now that the cat is out of the bag…..she won’t be letting anyone put her back in again….claws come out.

        But my concern is that between the phony NFL fake show….and the Sex scandals of Gollywood,,,,average Americans will get distracted and forget the critical things…..the magician calls your attention to one hand…..while his other hand is doing the “magic” trickery…don’t be distracted…..stay the course.

    • VictorMC

      The NYT is obvious trash. The problem is that the average reader only reads headlines. The ignorance level of the NYT and their readers is below belief.

    • ladywarrior

      I took heart in the primary of the election when we heard that thousands and thousands of people in the north east states went in and changed their registration to Republican from Demoncrat. That’s when the awakening started.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    The nyt and other lames stream idiots are determined to destroy the printed media and the alleged news organizations that they are. The sooner the better, there is too much liberal democrat hogwash being smeared around to allow anyone to believe a word they say. At first the lams stream media looks like it was bough out by islamic money, but actually it is run by imbeciles as well.

    • ladywarrior

      Right now they’re desperately running around trying to put out Demoncrat “fires” right and left….Harvey Weinstein/others sex scandals…the very people who have been wagging their fingers at us….the new revelations that the FBI and others have been covering up the biggest conspiracy/financial crimes in American history of the Clintons in the Uranium scandal…..their paper tent is crumbling…..and they are terrified….people make the most mistakes when they are terrified.

      And now we’re seeing the radical Demoncart wing -Antifa- rearing it’s dangerous, ugly head….vowing that the use of violence is justified against their enemies when they disagree with them….it will ultimately come out that Paddock was Antifa…..if they actually tell us the truth.

      If Killary had gotten in…by now the internet would be controlled and toast and none of us could post……

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Whatever a Muslim paper says, you must think the opposite :)

  • Alleged-Comment

    ONE thing about the left. If you got them angry and foaming at the mouth – YOU ARE WINNING!!!

  • Midniterider

    NYT,Good for lining the bottom of the birdcage and cleaning fish on.

  • ladywarrior

    Have you ever seen an exocistism? Just as the priest is about to get the Devil out of that person, notice that is when he gnashes his teeth, goes berserk, and fights the hardest…..When an animal is close to death….that is when they are the most vicious and dangerous…..

    I take heart in how vicious the enemies of Christ, America, and good people have become…’s like the last throes of death before they die….and their plans have failed.

    What we are seeing right now is the last, desperate, vicious throes of those -domestic and foreign – who thought after 8 years of Obama that they had it made and were moving in for the kill believing Killary would be their Queen…..and we would all be living under the NWO by now….what you are seeing is shock and rage that their plans failed in President Trump.

    Praise be to God.

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