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[ December 15, 2017 ]

Wave on an open thread

[ December 15, 2017 ]

Houston Muslim Taken into Custody on Charges of Islamic Terrorism

[ December 15, 2017 ]


[ December 15, 2017 ]

Bitcoin jihad: New York Muslima Laundered Nearly 100k In Bitcoin For Islamic State (ISIS)

[ December 15, 2017 ]

New Jersey Imam Calls for Killing of Jews

[ December 15, 2017 ]

Faisal Kutty, who wants Pamela Geller banned from Canada, supports killer of Christians and pro-Hitler...

[ December 15, 2017 ]

VIDEO: Police shoot knifeman who threatened crowd at Amsterdam airport – terminal evacuated

[ December 15, 2017 ]

Netherlands: Muslim migrant stabs two to death, cops say no terrorist motive

[ December 15, 2017 ]

Muslim migrant with nine bombs strapped to suicide vest takes 13 hostages inside Canada bank

[ December 15, 2017 ]

Minneapolis Prosecutor: Investigators ‘didn’t do their jobs’ in probe of police officer Mohamed Noor’s murder...

NY Times ISIS expert does a 180, thinks Vegas slaughter might be ISIS after all


Rukmini Callimachi, New York Times ISIS correspondent is having second thoughts about the Islamic State’s involvement in the Las Vegas attack. It appears increasingly to point in that direction and it would be a stunning indictment of the FBI’s nonchalant dismissal of their claims. Knowing what we know about the FBI’s involvement in the Garland Texas jihad attacks and the Boston plot to behead me, the kindest thing I can say about them is that they cannot be trusted.

On Twitter, the New York Times ISIS reporter is having second thoughts:

After ISIS claimed Vegas, I was waiting for them to release Naba, their weekly newsletter, to see if anything new emerged. Naba is out:

Under a picture of the Mandalay Bay drenched in blood they rehash the attack. New info: They are now claiming shooter converted 6 mos ago. Below is the @siteintelgroup translation. ISIS earlier said shooter converted “months ago.” Now they’re saying it was 6 mos specifically.

No proof is provided, but ISIS has rarely claimed attacks that were not by either their members or sympathizers. ISIS members meanwhile are pointing out that after ISIS downed Metrojet over Sinai, no one believed them:

In their chatrooms, they are claiming that the West and the media is leading a cover-up in order to hide the “martyrdom” of their brother

I don’t take ISIS’ claim at face value. And so far, 0 evidence tying this attack to ISIS has emerged.
But here’s why I disagree with those rejecting it out of hand. I’ve been covering ISIS since 2014 and since then I have kept a timeline

Everytime ISIS claimed an attack in West, I jotted it down. Month later, I’ve gone back over list & annotated what investigation found

My list is not complete but of the more than 50 cases I have annotated, I could only find 3 false claims.

Yes, the group frequently exaggerates death tolls & yes, they inflate & distort details, but the crux of the claim is typically correct

The thing to understand is ISIS considers an attack to be their handiwork if the attacker is sent by them or if he is inspired by them.

The reason I don’t buy argument that they are now opportunistically claiming attacks to deflect from battlefield losses is as follows

Remember the Thalys train shouting? They never claimed it. Attacker shared a hotel room with Abdlehamid Abaaoud, leader of Paris attack

Remember the attack on the Jewish Museum in Brussels? Attacker was 1 of ISIS’ jailers who held European hostages. Yet they never claimed

Do you remember the devastating attack on the Istanbul airport last year? Investigation determined it was ISIS. Again they did not claim

And 1 day before Vegas on Saturday, a guy who’d placed ISIS flag on his car’s dashboard used it to ram police. Did ISIS claim it? Nope

Does this mean ISIS had a role in Vegas? There is as yet 0 evidence of that. My point: This group has been more right than its been wrong
Given ISIS’ insistence, I’m with @AmarAmarasingam: Have any reporters asked Paddock’s brother and other family members if he converted?

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  • Fabrice DeMilo

    Again, consider the source. Name ONE 64 year old mass murdering jihadi over all the attacks since 9/11.

    • Loyd Beasely II

      While it is true that theoretically almost anyone could be a jihadi, they have left some definite patterns. Your reasoning seems sound to me.

    • JPL17

      OK, I’ll bite: Name ONE 64 year old mass murdering NON-jihadi over all the attacks since 9/11.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      There was a guy who shot up a Jewish community centre he was definitely middle-aged or older.

  • Patti York

    ah she is using critical thought processes, watch them fire her.

  • spfoam1

    It doesn’t matter if a jihadist who murdered people here was a member of ISIS or al Qaeda or any other group based overseas. The murder was here, and the Muslim who committed the murder was here. All Muslims are members of the same group called Islam, and they have no borders. Why are they here at all?

    • Suresh

      Agree. Its Left/Liberal corrupt media, bureaucrats on payroll of saudi/qataris who are doing what they can to suppress the truth.

      The result is what sweden is facing today they attack police and firemen who go into their sharia zones

      Ignorance is No Bliss when dealing with Islam.

      • Richard Harris

        The thing about ISIS is that, although it may be a sick, vicious, maniacal, evil group… general…they are pretty honest about what they do and believe. I believe this attack was somehow related to ISIS. For this guy Paddock (and he most likely had Leftist/ISIS helpers) to have all this top notch military gear in his room and tons of it… showed he had help from a major terrorist organization like ISIS.

        I believe the authorities and media are AFRAID of letting the public know about ISIS’s success in the US and KNOW the other ISIS people who carried out this attack are STILL on the loose! This is why the authorities and most of the media are not saying this is an ISIS related attack.

        It was interesting when about a year ago, the (Fake) Pope came out and said that “Real Islam is not violent and terrorist”….and then ISIS quickly refuted the Pope and cursed him out saying….”NO you stupid Pope, REAL ISLAM is ALL ABOUT TERRORIZING non-Muslims!”. I hate to say it, but I agree with ISIS on this and I believe ISIS is pretty honest about most things.

        • Drew the Infidel

          I don’t know that I would go so far as to use the word “honest” but the trend among these gaggles of lunatics is that they very rarely take credit for someone else’s mayhem. However, like you, the breadth, depth, and granular detail of the planning is sending up more red flags for me than a Chinese office building. Like my granddad used to say, “One man can’t think of everything.”

        • Steve

          You may as well add that all serial killers are honestly insane and they will kill you to prove it.

    • david7134

      That is the point. If you bother reading their junk, they are dedicated to killing us, just like Hitler wrote about the Jews in his book. Islam is not a religion , it is a cult.

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020
    • sodacrackers2

      Now that’s a scary thought!

    • Steve

      An addicted personality is perfect for hypno brainwashing therapy to be the latest manchurian. That guy that went after scalise was probably one too. It’s all been done before by CIA or others like them.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    The lame stream media are lying even when they are lying, no point in reading the gibberish they see fit to print.

    • DVader

      The alternative media has never been known to be wrong or exaggerate, of course…

  • Deplorable Kulak

    The NYT? Pretty much a negative indicator. They’re worried (with good reason) that Paddock was a hardcore, never-Trump lefty. The optics (pardon the pun) are worse than Hodgkinson who, after all, just targeted a few Republican politicians and was too inept to kill anybody. Now we have a lefty mass murderer — probably voted for Bernie Sanders too!

  • Mary

    For more on this see Amir Tsarfati on youtube. Just type in his name, and “Las Vegas Massacre” and that should get you the right video.

  • shershark69

    some idiot the day prior has ISIS flag on his dashboard and uses his car as a weapon towards the police, wtf !!! ady says your all gonna die, wtf ! RADICALIZED

  • brock marks

    this is what happens when u let the liberal media demonize trump and his supporters, unchecked and wave severed heads of trump and call it comedy. first this guy is a leftist, possible antifa member, then he was recruited by an isis sympathizer to kill trump supporters. the jihad is working wonderfully, they will be grabbing guns next and use this as an excuse to pry into law abiding citizens. never register ur guns people… registration = confiscation

    • Drew the Infidel

      If that is the case, send them into the killing fields in south Chicago.

  • Lee Sargeant

    Our MSM are afraid to ask the family if he converted. The moslems are all of the same ilk – follow the same murdering thug, pedo pervert – Mohamed – Islam’s ‘perfect example’ who was a terrorist, slaver, pedophile, rapist, liar, torturer, and just an all around puke.

  • Anon

    Only Islam has that kind of demonic effect over an individual and I’m inclined to believe the shooter did convert as no sane person of his age would ever embark on such an elaborate plot towards a horrendous killing spree.

    • ladywarrior

      He was Antifa….they use the exact same tactics as Islam and the Mexican Cartels….Antifa is now proudly announcing that violence is the only way to go…..and they proved it during the last election….with money from Killary and Soros. There is no difference now in Antifa and Islamic terrorists…..

  • Drew the Infidel

    Who reads the New York Times? And what are the qualifications for being an expert? There aren’t any.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    There is zero evidence that the shooter converted to islum, but has law enforcement released all the data they have? Will they EVER do so? Or is it cover-up time?

    • Richard Harris

      Sadly, it looks like it’s cover-up time…..and or… “DON’T SCARE THE HELL out of the public that ISIS really did this and is still out there” time.

    • ladywarrior

      Maybe not….but Antifa has been co-opting Muslim and Mexican Cartel methods…..and they aren’t through yet. We could cut off their funding by arresting their chief financiers in Hillary and Soros by arresting both of them and freezing all their assets.
      Soros has a dual citizenship with America and Hungary…..time to cancel his American citizenship for his sedition and inciting to riot. Time to arrest Killary for her crimes against America.
      There are four countries now that have banned Soros. Russia has an arrest warrant out for him….I think it’s time that Trump and Putin have a little talk about trading Soros for one of ours…..

  • Jim Austin

    In pushing for more tolerance and indulgence of ISIS atrocities, Obama once told us not to get on our “high horse” about ISIS burning people alive. If liberal start acknowledging ISIS involvement in the recent Las Vegas shooting, it certainly isn’t that they’re willing to countenance significant action that would inconvenience them.

  • Don_in_Odessa

    Motive??? That’s easy, using the propagandizing, deductive reasoning of the the lying mainstream media these days, it’s obvious the man was a Liberal terrorist. His target was a group of mostly white country music fans. A mostly conservative leaning group. If it walks like a duck, if it talks like a duck and finally if it looks like a duck then it’s a damned duck.

    • Richard Harris

      Yes and with all of the Media’s Leftist hate propaganda against White people…especially against White Conservative/Pro-America people……it doesn’t take much to make a brainwashed Leftist to then go into ISIS mode.

      • ladywarrior

        It was Antifa….who have recently been linked to Muslims and Mexican Cartels……they’ve started adopting their tactics….but the Deep State run by the Muslim/Marxist Obama from a mansion within sight of the White House will do everything to not let us know the truth.

        The mental derangement of the Far Left/Deep state is going to get worse….when we snatched away the last chance they had to Globalize America under the criminal Clintons…..they went absolutely Postal…..

      • Joan Galt

        We are all white supremacists now.

  • ladywarrior

    I believe it was Antifa….inspired and aided by Muslim factions in this country. And, I would look long and hard at that Filipino girlfriend….the Philippines have been inundated with Muslims…..and we never heard anymore about the pilot that left there and took his passengers into the Indian Ocean….

    • Patti York

      I think so too. I am willing to bet it was Antifa’s opening salvo.

  • BeatrizV

    Leftist MSM media will confirm he POS shooter was ISIS to cover the fact that he was antifa activist.

  • poortaxpayerwindsor

    isis is obama’s
    obama is isis
    isis has more credibility then the obama corrupted FBI- sad

  • wilypagan

    The Las Vegas massacre was planned and announced last year. Get with it, Keystone cops. The US needs to know how badly infiltrated we are.

  • Robert Kahlcke

    Islam is not a religion,it is a cult of males who fornicate swine.

  • Steve

    WW I, WW II, JFK, RFK, MLK, Moon, Music Industry, Sports, Movies, Books, Art, Schools, Leaders, Media – lies everywhere Las Vegas is just the latest.

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