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[ December 15, 2017 ]

Wave on an open thread

[ December 15, 2017 ]

Houston Muslim Taken into Custody on Charges of Islamic Terrorism

[ December 15, 2017 ]


[ December 15, 2017 ]

Bitcoin jihad: New York Muslima Laundered Nearly 100k In Bitcoin For Islamic State (ISIS)

[ December 15, 2017 ]

New Jersey Imam Calls for Killing of Jews

[ December 15, 2017 ]

Faisal Kutty, who wants Pamela Geller banned from Canada, supports killer of Christians and pro-Hitler...

[ December 15, 2017 ]

VIDEO: Police shoot knifeman who threatened crowd at Amsterdam airport – terminal evacuated

[ December 15, 2017 ]

Netherlands: Muslim migrant stabs two to death, cops say no terrorist motive

[ December 15, 2017 ]

Muslim migrant with nine bombs strapped to suicide vest takes 13 hostages inside Canada bank

[ December 15, 2017 ]

Minneapolis Prosecutor: Investigators ‘didn’t do their jobs’ in probe of police officer Mohamed Noor’s murder...

Texas: Muslim parents lied about their sons’ involvement in Islamic State (ISIS)


Such lovely boys, right? Brothers Arman, 27, and Omar Ali, 26, from Plano, Texas left home to fight with ISIS. Their parents, Mohommad Hasnain Ali and Sumaiya Ali, knew about it, and lied to Federal authorities.

The family always knows. They lie, but they know.

FBI: Texas parents lied about sons’ involvement with IS

Associated Press, October 2017:

PLANO, Texas – FBI officials say a Texas couple lied to authorities about their sons’ involvement with the Islamic State group.

Mohommad Hasnain Ali, 57, and Sumaiya Ali, 49, pleaded guilty in federal court in June to making a false statement about international terrorism, The Dallas Morning News reported .

The couple reached an agreement with prosecutors for probation and a $5,000 fine each. The agreement will be reviewed by a judge Thursday during a sentencing hearing.

“The defendant has cooperated with the government and agreed to provide testimony, should it become necessary to do so in the future,” said Catherine McDonald, an attorney for Mohommad Ali, in court documents.

Federal court records allege their sons, 27-year-old Arman Ali and 26 year-old Omar Ali of Plano, moved to Egypt and then traveled to Syria to fight alongside the Islamic State group.

Court records show that Mohommad Ali told investigators his sons were not affiliated with any terrorist group in 2015.

“He advised that his sons were peaceful, liked to study, and never indicated they would be affiliated with any terrorist group,” court documents said.

But email records show the couple was aware of their sons’ activities.

“Prior to her sons’ departure from Egypt, the defendant communicated regularly with them regarding their whereabouts and desire to fight for ISIS,” court documents said.

The brothers were charged with providing a foreign terrorist organization with material support or resources in a sealed federal complaint in March, but no indictments have been publicly filed.

It’s unclear whether the brothers are still alive.

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  • Wayne Ville … a Deplorable

    Yes because they are moderate muslims. When will Americans wake up. A muslim is a muslim, always.

    • MTC

      Believe me, many Americans are awake. It’s the liberals who refuse to wake up.

    • disqus_KH0F5xMG8U

      “Send not to know for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.”
      The “bell” has been tolling for us for many years. It becomes louder with each attack on America! (Decibels increased on 9/11).
      Blessings on all patriots!
      Marianne Ricci-Wilson

      • disqus_KH0F5xMG8U

        These people are from Plano, TX and I believe that Plano is where that little turd, Clock-Boy is from. It must be a hot-bed of Muslim activity. If I had one wish from a Genie, I would wish them all gone from this planet!

  • Liatris Spicata

    Muslim parents lied

    This has just gotta be a major shocker. Who would ever think that Muslims would lie? I’ll be sure to tune in to CNN tonight so I can get the gory details!

  • Mahou Shoujo

    What makes the court so sure they are telling the truth when they say they will cooperate in the future?

  • mackykam

    ”It’s unclear whether the brothers are still alive.”

    hopefully not!

    • Michael Buley

      lol … I second THAT!

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    They got lucky with such a light sentence.

    • t Adler

      Probably their fine will be paid by some Islamic organization supported by our tax payer. Disgusting.

  • Michael Buley

    Muslims lied? What? WHAT??? Say it ain’t so!! lol … I’m just shocked! The religion of peace and truth!! lol …

    Basic premises of Islam: they lie. And they kill.

    Any other questions? lol ….

    • SentaAPW89

      yeah, how do we stop the slide of EU and UK into an Islamic hellhole?

      • Michael Buley

        I don’t know if it can be stopped. The demographics are so many decades along in the changes. The % of kids 0 to 5 is over 10% already. The known Muslim population in Britain — well, it isn’t known. The Brits won’t collect most information on Muslims, and if they do, they don’t share it.

        Reading a book right now called ‘2030: Your Children’s Future in Islamic Britain.’ Not encouraging.

        The lifetime welfare system is breaking Britain — most of the UK — just as DACA and chain migration will financially break America.

        The enemy is deeply entrenched, probably over that 10% ‘tipping point’ level. Another 10 to 15 years, and Sharia law will be through many parts of UK.

        There don’t appear to be any forces to resist them, to defeat, to expel them. Because Muslims, as anyone knows who understands Islam, is not ‘assimilating.’ It’s not allowed.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          It will have to be civil war or a military coup. Millions will have to die or become slaves/dhimmis to islum and muslums.

        • SentaAPW89

          WHAT THE HELL
          Okay, I’m going Godwin: it’s like Nazism only worse in a way: because they’re being coddled and encouraged to practice their death cult ideology, and the Left is enabling them!

          I’m depressed.

          • Michael Buley

            It’s worse than Nazism, only because they have 1,400 years of being barbaric, and over a billion in their army. Note that in the countries where they are invading thus far — most of Europe, England, Australia, Canada — those countries are disarmed first. Not a small thing that we have millions of guns here, and millions of men and women ready to use them. But … it’s dire.

            The best we can do is be very, very aware, very articulate, understand Islam, what they’ve done, what they are doing, where and when — i.e., know our stuff; know THEIR stuff. And whenever and wherever and to whomever, make clear that Islam is the scourge of the earth, and should be banned.

            Yes, we’ll p_ss a lot of people off, we’ll be labeled extremist, racist, etc. I don’t care. I know what I know. And too much is at stake. Many know nothing at all about Islam, haven’t the dimmest clue of what is happening anywhere. Islam is ‘just another religion’; sure, live and let live, they have a right to practice their religion. It’s not all that long ago that I woke up, really woke up, to what it is. We can wake people up. and then … we’ll see.

            This is all a plot, basically, hatched long, long ago, to overthrow free countries and install a communist one world government.

            Hang to our guns!! lol … I carry everywhere, all the time. And as serious as it is … enjoy the ride! Keep laughing through it all — as crazy as that sounds, laughter gives us the ability to persist. Khomeini is quoted as saying, ‘there is no laughter in Islam.’ And there isn’t. No music. No laughter. No joy or love. So come what may … let’s keep laughing through it all.

            A nephew read a book a year ago about Navy Seals. He shared with me that one of the common threads of those who survive the training, is humor — the ability to laugh. Laughter is truly vital.

          • raj

            Muslim hater dirty kuffar natanyahoo’s dikk sukker

          • SentaAPW89

            Oh my gosh, you’re right
            It’s been around for centuries, there are 50 countries that are Muslim majority, worse, they accept any race as a fellow brother/sister Muslim

            Good grief, it makes me nervous.

            Yes, I tell my fellow liberal friends, get a gun, learn to safely use it and enjoy! It’s not some scary thing.
            I’m a vegetarian who’s pro small farm, humane slaughter and pro responsible hunting.

            Honestly if we all lived like that, there’d be little problems.
            I think living away from Mother Nature has made us crazy.
            It’s not normal, to live in urban canyons

            Mother Nature is my political party, lol

          • Michael Buley

            Mother Nature is good political party, Senta! Freedom, as I surely have come to realize, is hard won, and easily lost. Too many of us — including me — have been asleep on this for way too long. Glad to hear what you value and believe in. Yes, cities too often become jungles … We have interesting times ahead, my friend! Let us keep finding joy and laughter through it all. It always has been a gift just to be here.

          • SentaAPW89

            Thank you!
            I look beyond labels now, b/c we’re all more than being a Republican or Democratic voter

            I like to think of everyone I met as a new friend, regardless of how they vote, or their skin color etc
            (Unless they want to kill me of course! lol)

          • Michael Buley

            Yes, I agree … and with ‘unless they want to kill me’! Those people I can do without in my life!! Other than that, I don’t care about the labels. I like a good discussion of issues, deal with facts, hear people, respect what they’re saying — and hopefully it goes both ways!

          • SentaAPW89

            Thank you my friend.
            My best friend in the world is a GOP voter
            And we have many values in common
            I love people, and I esp love my fellow Americans
            We’re not perfect, but we do try!

          • SentaAPW89

            I lived around the most fundamentalist Christians of all, the Swartzentruber Amish, in Northern NY, and I can’t help but think, if we lived like them, how much better off we’d all be.
            Absolutely non political, non violent, very family and community ordinated.

            My area made the news a few years ago when two sick “English” (that is what they call us) people kidnapped two little Amish girls, in Heuvelton, NY.

          • Michael Buley

            I always look for common threads, or the pieces that seem to be common among those who live good lives. A strong work ethic is huge. The Amish work, and provide for their own, and offer goods to the community. I haven’t been to Amish farms and communities, but in Montana, there are the Hutterites, similar to the Amish, I think. Very successful farms. They pool resources and have bought large pieces of land. Very advanced farming equipment.

            A plain, simple, old fashioned work ethic is not so much in favor any more. And there’s no substitute for it. And to have God, some moral code we live by, some basic fundamentals of how to treat others, is huge.

            You look at countries and communities where the work ethic absent, and it’s chaos and poverty. A simpler life, devoid of many of our ‘conveniences,’ has a lot of advantages. One being far less income needed, and the family is together far more often.

            We have gotten off track in our world in many way … lol … Let us each do our best to be some kind of bright light in this world! I very much enjoy our conversations, Senta! I have no doubt you and I would be good friends if we lived near each other! On these boards, I have met far more kindred spirits, than I have in my day to day life!

          • SentaAPW89

            I agree with all you say, :)

          • Michael Buley

            People say that this country wasn’t founded on Christianity. I don’t claim to be any expert on history during that time period; much to learn. But white Christians did build this country. There was a moral code, an obligation to a higher being than ourselves. Religion, God, Christianity, have been under attack for decades because it has been one of the pillars of this country: a belief in God. Christianity. Stalin knew God has to be destroyed in order for America to fall. Then people no longer answer to a higher power, there is no God before country. There is only the state.

            Remove God from our lives, and we see the result more and more clearly.

            It would be sick people — godless people, we might say — who would kidnap little girls. The extent of pedophilia in this country, among the rich and powerful, is far more extensive than most of us would ever want to believe possible.

          • SentaAPW89

            Well, I’m a Buddhist so my views might be different, but I respect yours. :)

            I AM disgusted with the glorifying of single parenthood, drinking, drug use, wanton sex, etc.
            When I saw a teen mom hashtag “celebrating” teenage parenthood on Twitter, I was stunned.
            You should be MARRIED if you’re going to have children.

            And now, the LA school district is teaching about Islam and anti Israel propaganda!


          • Michael Buley

            The more we learn about what’s going on, Senta, the crazier and sometimes more hopeless it seems! lol … The ‘celebrating’ teen pregnancies and parenting stems, I think, from the ‘self esteem’ fantasy that schools have been preaching for a long time. Rather than self esteem being something that is a result of hard work and achievement, they just want everybody to ‘feel good,’ and if someone ‘feels bad,’ then don’t look at how they’re living their lives or encourage them to work hard and persist. instead, these mantras of self esteem come up — with the worst of choices. We all make mistakes, but we have long ago stopped holding people accountable for how they live their lives. My ‘cue’ is when we are blaming anyone else for our lives, then we are in trouble.

            I grew up Catholic. I don’t know a lot about Buddhism, but enough to know that it is truly a religion of peace. Are you familiar with Pema Chodron’s writings? I’ve read a couple of her books. I love what she says, and how she writes. And Thich Nhat Hahn is a prolific writer, and I love what he shares with us about how to live this life.

          • SentaAPW89

            Catholics are pretty cool.
            I would probably be a Catholic if I weren’t a Buddhist, just for St. Francis alone.

            No I haven’t read Hahn or Chodron writings, I really should someday. :)

            Yes, I agree with what you say about self esteem etc.
            It’s very alarming how far we’ve fallen in many ways.
            When I see vapid “stars” like the Kardashiens glorified, I just cringe.

        • SentaAPW89

          Thoroughly bummed out.
          Always wanted to visit Europe and the UK too.
          Japan doesn’t put up with Muslim immigration at least
          Very few of them there.
          Just heard that France has gone from 2 Mosques in 1973 to over 2000.

          That is terrifying and awful.

          • Michael Buley

            I made it to Belgium for a few days in 2005. That’s the extent of my visits to Europe. Now? Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary are still Muslim-free! As you point out, Japan simply doesn’t allow them in, and the tiny number that are there, are quite heavily monitored. For better or worse, China is banning the Koran. While I don’t like the idea of censorship, that book has led to much evil in this world.

          • SentaAPW89

            Beautiful countries, always wanted to see Prague.
            Japan is quite hard core about letting people in, and I don’t blame them.
            Mind you I don’t mind immigration, as long as they’re going to be good citizens
            Yeah, China is horrible in regard to human rights, but I rather approve of the Koran banning, sad to say.

  • Halal Bacon

    throw them in the can

    • Thistle

      Deport the parents to wherever their sons went. Confiscate their property get rid of them.

      • DemocracyRules

        Season’s Greetings, Thistle!

    • raj

      Muslim hater dirty kuffar natanyahoo’s dikk likker

  • Joseph Mack

    Are they not guilty of sedition and/or treason? Are they ‘refugees,’ immigrants, or natural born citizens? If other than citizens, they should serve prison time then be deported. If natural born citizens, they should be executed. All imams and other muslim leaders state that there is ONLY ISLAM!!

    • Michelle

      Deport them or hang them for treason.

    • dad1927

      revoke citizenship, then off to north korea work camp

  • susanjmaki

    Will the Christians, Jews, Buddhists, etc please read the Koran, Hadith and Sunna to see for yourselves the core of the Islamic religion. They are encouraged to lie about to Christians, enter treaties and break them once strong enough. Islam is evil. It’s practice should be banned in America.

    • SentaAPW89

      Buddhist here.
      Just taking to Ex Muslims is enough for me
      I’m fairly left on most things, but on Islam?
      Full right
      Same with support of our good friend Israel.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Go Burmese Buddhists! Go Burmese cats! May Burma be free of the malignancy of muslums and islum forever.

    • MTC

      Not just in America, but everywhere in the civilized world.

      • Metatrona

        Muslims ARE NOT EVOLVED enough to live in civilized countries.

    • dad1927

      I won’t touch that filth

    • mztore

      No, they will not. It is too much like work, and they really don’t want to know. Islam is evil,

  • notme123

    I don’t know how to spell it but taquyia.

  • dad1927

    Muslims lie, Americans die. — bumper sticker

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Muslums lying! But what would a muslum have to lie about? Islum is a religion of peace!

  • Mark Huber

    Lets hope the judge ignores the deal and throws the book at them, as he is permitted to do. These lying SOBs should be deported.

  • Joseph Mack

    Strange that when the press or the gubberment talk about the small number of muslim attacks and consequent deaths of Americans, they start the count at 9/12/2001, isn’t it! That leaves out almost all of the horrific attacks on our soldiers all over the world before that date, and of course, the despicable attack – by MUSLIMS – on the twin towers on 9/11/2001. To all the young in our country, it is ancient history – probably hardly mentioned in our ‘progressive skoools.’

    • Michael Buley

      Looking at Muslim attacks only on America, limits the real scope of Islam. America is ‘the big fish,’ and is also heavily armed. So they’re taking different approaches here — infiltrating all levels of government and education. You may be familiar with It tracks Muslim attacks daily. Since 9-11, there have been over 30,000 worldwide.

  • Arcturus

    Amongst other quotes is this gem :

    We are not here to adopt western values, we are here to colonize the US and Canada, and spread islamic sharia law. Canada has one of the easiest legal systems to penetrate and advance sharia from within—but if that doesn’t work, we won’t hesitate to use violent jihad.

    -Tariq Ramadan, Professor Islamic Studies, Oxford

    • Michael Buley

      Couldn’t be more clear about what they’re doing, how they’re doing it, and that they mean to conquer and subjugate, and kill those who get in their way.

  • Bacchus

    the koran states it is NOT a sin to lie to Christians and Jews.

    • Michael Buley

      and killing them is their highest duty.

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