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More victimhood propaganda: Muslim claims his wife won’t leave home alone because of “Trump’s anti-Muslim hysteria”


Here is still more whining and claims of victimhood by a Muslim spokesman in the U.S., and of course, it’s all Trump’s fault. But there isn’t a single factual claim in anything Fakhruddin Ahmed says.

“New Jersey: Muslim claims his wife won’t leave home alone because of ‘Trump’s anti-Muslim hysteria,'” by Robert Spencer, Jihad Watch, October 17, 2017:

Here is still more trumped-up victimhood propaganda. It’s much more likely that the only real reason why Fakhruddin Ahmed’s wife might not be able to leave the house is because he hasn’t given her permission to do so. Islamic law stipulates: “The husband may forbid his wife to leave the home…because of the hadith related by Bayhaqi that the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) said, ‘It is not permissible for a woman who believes in Allah and the Last Day to allow someone into her husband’s house if he is opposed, or to go out if he is averse'” (Reliance of the Traveller m10.4).

Much more commentary interspersed below.

“My wife won’t leave home alone thanks to Trump’s anti-Muslim hysteria,” by Fakhruddin Ahmed, Star-Ledger, October 15, 2017:

Hijab or headscarf-wearing women are disproportionately impacted by the anti-Muslim hysteria President Trump’s rhetoric and incitements has engendered. Hijab is a mystery to most Americans.

“Do these women wear it when they are intimate?” some wonder. (No, women take their hijab off as they enter the privacy of their homes.) Women aspire to enhance their spirituality by donning the hijab. However, those who think the hijab makes women obsequious do not know Muslim women!

Fakhruddin Ahmed leads off with a rhetorical straw man, trying to make any opposition to the hijab appear ridiculous. “Do these women wear it when they are intimate?” Does anyone ever really wonder that? It only seems to appear in Muslim and Leftist apologetics for the hijab, such as this egregious video from Vox.

Muslim Americans do not compel their womenfolk to wear the hijab, nor do they consider women not wearing it less Muslim. It is the woman’s choice. American society pressures women not to wear it. Those who do, consider it feminist, liberating and empowering. Hijab covers the head, not the brain, they stress.

“Muslim Americans do not compel their womenfolk to wear the hijab.” Maybe, but Muslims in the U.S. don’t have a different version of Islam from that held elsewhere, and elsewhere, multitudes of women have been compelled to wear the hijab. Has Fakhruddin Ahmed heard of Aqsa Parvez, whose Muslim father choked her to death with her hijab after she refused to wear it? Or Aqsa and Amina Muse Ali, a Christian woman in Somalia whom Muslims murdered because she wasn’t wearing a hijab? Or the Muslim woman in Italy who was raped and beaten by her husband, and forced to wear a burqa? Or the 40 women who were murdered in Iraq in 2007 for not wearing the hijab; or Alya Al-Safar, whose Muslim cousin threatened to kill her and harm her family because she stopped wearing the hijab in Britain; or Amira Osman Hamid, who faced whipping in Sudan for refusing to wear the hijab; or the Egyptian girl, also named Amira, who committed suicide after being brutalized for her family for refusing to wear the hijab; or the Muslim and non-Muslim teachers at the Islamic College of South Australia who were told that they had to wear the hijab or be fired; or the women in Chechnya whom police shot with paintballs because they weren’t wearing hijab; or the women also in Chechnya who were threatened by men with automatic rifles for not wearing hijab; or the elementary school teachers in Tunisia who were threatened with death for not wearing hijab; or the Syrian schoolgirls who were forbidden to go to school unless they wore hijab; or the women in Gaza whom Hamas has forced to wear hijab; or the women in Iran who protested against the regime by daring to take off their legally-required hijab; or the women in London whom Muslim thugs threatened to murder if they didn’t wear hijab; or the anonymous young Muslim woman who doffed her hijab outside her home and started living a double life in fear of her parents, or all the other women and girls who have been killed or threatened, or who live in fear for daring not to wear the hijab?

“American society pressures women not to wear it.” Really? Where? The hip, cool Leftist intelligentsia celebrates the hijab. Western feminists defend the hijab. So where is this pressure coming from?

Hijab is a symbol of modesty, privacy, and perpetual prayer. It is not a defiant religious statement. The Qur’an (24:30-31) implores Muslims –men and women — to lower their gaze and guard their modesty, and advises women to draw veils over their bosoms and not flaunt their beauty. While many women fulfill the Qur’anic exhortation by wearing the hijab, most men avoid wearing religious garb.

“While many women fulfill the Qur’anic exhortation by wearing the hijab, most men avoid wearing religious garb.” Why the dichotomy? Fakhruddin Ahmed doesn’t explain it, but actually it is because the hijab is a manifestation of a woman’s responsibility to prevent men from being tempted by her appearance. If they’re tempted anyway, and she is molested, it’s her fault — hence honor killings.

Women wear the hijab to discourage unwelcome prying eyes from male strangers. Although the hijab reflects a desire to be left alone, ironically, it makes the woman more conspicuous — and a target: Hijab-wearing women are the easiest to identify as Muslims, and bear the brunt of anti-Muslim prejudice.

Hijab-wearing women are the targets of verbal abuse, racial slurs, and taunts, such as “ISIS terrorist!” “Go back home!” Sometimes the attacks are physical, such as snatching away of the hijab exposing the woman’s hair, or punching the woman. In May, a substitute male teacher was charged with a hate crime for ripping off eight-year-old Safa Alzockary’s hijab in a Bronx school, injuring her eye.

Not surprisingly, Fakhruddin Ahmed’s account is misleading. The teacher must have been a white racist Trump supporter, right? Wrong. The teacher’s name is Oghenetega Edah, and he is black. Nor was his action some out-of-the-blue manifestation of “Islamophobia.” The New York Post reports: “The girl was misbehaving in class and sitting in the teacher’s chair without his permission. So the teacher tapped her on her arm to get her to move. When she wouldn’t, he threatened to take the scarf, cops said. ‘I’m taking it off,’ he said as he pulled the Hijab off her head, causing an injury to her right eye, according to cops.” So is Oghenetega Edah a bad teacher? Yes. Should he have pulled off Safa Alzockary’s hijab? No. But this is more an incident of poor classroom discipline than of “anti-Muslim hate.”

After enduring eight days of silent hostility and cold stares, and the Muslim and Syrian refugee bans, Rumana Ahmed, a hijab-wearing Obama National Security Council appointee, left Trump’s White House, according to a 2017 article she wrote in The Atlantic.

Here is Rumana Ahmed’s Atlantic article. It’s a classic piece of victimhood posturing, but she says nothing about “silent hostility and cold stares” in the Trump White House. Her article is all about how she opposes Trump’s policies, which made her a poor fit for his NSC anyway. She says: “I had to leave because it was an insult walking into this country’s most historic building every day under an administration that is working against and vilifying everything I stand for as an American and as a Muslim.” It was an insult, but she says nothing about any Trump staffer insulting her, and you can be sure she would have if any of them had done so.

Two American heroes were murdered and another injured on a Portland, Oregon commuter train on May 26, when they came to the assistance of a hijab-wearing 17-year-old Muslim girl who was being verbally assaulted and physically threatened by a 35-year-old white supremacist. The best and the worst of America were on display on that train. To express their gratitude, Muslim Americans raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the families of the three heroes.

In reality, the Portland killer ranted against Jews, Christians, and Muslims. He said: “You don’t like it? You got a problem with what I’m saying? F*** all you Christians and Muslims and f****** Jews , f****** die. Burn you at the stake… f****** die.” But the establishment media did not note that he included Jews and Christians in his hatred, and reported him as “Islamophobe.”

On June 18, another 17-year-old hijab-wearing teen, Nabra Hassanen, was murdered by a 22-year-old man, as she, along with a group of hijab-wearing women were heading toward a Virginia mosque for morning prayers after eating the early morning meal Suhoor at a fast-food restaurant in preparation for the day’s Ramadan fast. As the assailant got out of his car swinging a baseball bat, all her friends ran away. Hassanen, wearing the traditional long dress abaya, tripped. The man bludgeoned her to death with the baseball bat and dumped her body in a pond near his apartment.

The killing of Nabra Hassanen was a heinous crime, but the killer was not an “Islamophobe,” he was a deranged thug, and he did not kill her because she was a Muslim. Police found nothing to indicate that this was a hate crime.

Fear of such life-threatening encounters is persuading some Muslim women not to wear the hijab. On Dec. 16, 2016 USA Today related the story of Melissa Grajek of San Marcos, Calif., who stopped wearing the hijab after a man snatched away his son, who was playing with Ms. Grajek’s son, and said, “I can’t wait until Trump is president because he’ll send you back to where you came from.”

Here is the USA Today story. Is there any witness to this incident besides Grajek herself? Even if it did happen, it’s just some lout. People are rude and obnoxious to other people every day; it doesn’t make the news.

Because of the increasing threat that the hijab poses to women wearing it, many Islamic scholars are expressing the opinion that under these adverse circumstances, it is permissible for Muslim women not to wear the hijab. To protect themselves, Muslim women are also signing up for self-defense workshops, buying pepper spray, taking firearms training, and applying for permits to carry concealed weapons….

Carried to the extreme, tendencies toward seclusion and segregation can result in non-integration and Muslim ghettos, which have incubated Muslim terrorists in Western Europe. We, as Americans, should not let that happen here.

If there are going to be Muslim ghettos in the U.S., it will be Muslims who establish them. Last year, the former head of Britain’s Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), Trevor Phillips, said that Muslims refused to assimilate. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said: “Assimilation is a crime against humanity.”

The Qur’an says to Muslims: “You are the best nation produced for mankind. You enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong and believe in Allah.” (3:110) Meanwhile, it says of unbelievers: “Indeed, they who disbelieved among the People of the Book and the polytheists will be in the fire of Hell, abiding eternally therein. Those are the most vile of created beings.” (98:6)

Why would one of the “best nation,” who “enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong,” want to integrate into the society of “the most vile of created beings,” who do not?

Pamela Geller's shocking new book, "FATWA: HUNTED IN AMERICA" is now available on Amazon. It's Geller's tell all, her story - and it's every story - it's what happens when you stand for freedom today. Buy it. Now. Here.

  • HT

    I’m not seeing the downside to this story…

  • BrianWPB

    We should all refer to them as “patriarchy towels” …. in every article about a hijabi or burka clad woman.

    We must not normalize this barbaric custom, or adopt their words. Patriarchy sheets (burka) and patriarchy towels (hijab).

  • AlOmega

    I’ve thought about this for sometime: We need to apply for massive funding support from George Soros to “research Islamophobia” and “refugee programs”. And then we do exactly that: we’ll do an in-depth research on how many FAKE cases of Islamophobia there are and how much crime and damages the refugees actually do. In other words, we should apply for funding exactly the way muslims do and then use them for the opposite.

    • Suresh

      Muslims are united in their goal of occupation , domination , terrorising and subjugation and practice Islamic Art Of Occupation & Ethnic Cleansing Without Killing

      while infidels are clueless and disunited. Unite,fund, support, inform, Organise and resist . Or you’ll end up in a Islamic hellhole.

      • OverIt

        Unfortunately I believe we have a long, long way to go before we reach the level at which the masses start to seriously fight back. But it will happen.

      • ladywarrior

        I agree……once the Muslim/Marxist Obama took office we were in a hell-hole that only now is starting to disappear under President Trump….hope is rising again….keep the light shining and pray that he and Pence make it out that Swamp alive.

    • ladywarrior

      I know you’re being facetious……but even saying the evil Soros’ name is the same as Breir Rabbit punching Tar Baby in the briar patch….once you touch that slime you are stuck…..

  • Fred

    If life is so awful in MY COUNTRY GTF OUT!

  • overboosted ✓ᴰᴱᴾᴸᴼᴿᴬᴮᴸᴱ

    LOL – New Jersey is a deep blue state that voted overwhelmingly for fat, crooked Hillary. Is Ahmed saying that liberals in NJ are Islamophobic Trump voters?

  • MR_Mr_Deplorable_Hapla

    so the sharmuta is allowed to leave home alone???

    • Ravaa

      his sharmuta is only worth half of a man, that’s why he’s probably got a few spares around.

  • Liatris Spicata

    Ref 1 quotes Sura 33:39

    O Prophet! Tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to draw their cloaks (veils) all over their bodies (i.e.screen themselves completely except the eyes or one eye to see the way). That will be better, that they should be known (as free respectable women) so as not to be annoyed. And Allah is Ever Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.

    Sahih International translation of same:

    O Prophet, tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to bring down over themselves [part] of their outer garments. That is more suitable that they will be known and not be abused. And ever is Allah Forgiving and Merciful.

    I understand there is considerable debate over the translation from Koranic Arabic, and the word “veil” may have meant something very different to what it means today (Ibn Warraq discusses this at some length in one of his books- I think in Virgins? What Virgins?). Of course, that doesn’t stop thugs filled with hate by their local imam from throwing acid into the faces of “immodestly dressed” women.

    In Ref. 2, the superb Anni Aynaz Cyrus describes her view of the requirement for a woman to cover herself.

    Once again, I note that Islam is not an immutable ideology. The Koran as originally intended may well not have been as restrictive as some Moslems today understand it. Frankly, that’s a good thing, as it points to a possible path to an Islamic Reformation.

    Ref. 1

    Ref 2:

    • ladywarrior

      As I learned from Michael Youssef’s book: JESUS, JIHAD, AND PEACE (awesome book, found it on Amazon) by Islamic law the Qu’ran is allowed only to be read in Arabic….85% of their followers are illiterate and can’t read Arabic……they can only rely on what the Iman tells them it says…..and that Imam can say anything he wants to say it means……

  • Voytek Gagalka

    Fakhruddin Ahmed: how to justify Islam horrendous track record by referencing to daily life “suffering” (true or invented) in the land of kuffar, and always with an objective to further spread Islam. One must admit, extremely clever tactic which, so far, unfortunately, works in most instances. Most of media will eagerly jump to help them in that task: look how those “poor” Muslims are “suffering” because of widespread “Islamophobia”!

    • Ravaa

      But they can’t claim any deaths due to this so-called “Islamophobia” supposedly so rampant in America. They’ve tried to fake a few, but they just turned out to be Muslims killing their own; honor killings, or husbands trying to get rid of their wives, etc.

    • ladywarrior

      Didn’t the Blacks – coached and fueled by Dimms – once claim they were afraid to go out on the streets- afraid of the White man?
      Ironically, they are afraid to go out in their own streets in Chicago because of other Blacks shooting them and their children…and Mexican drug Cartels…..The Dimms tamp down that news pretty good…..

      Seems Karl Marx has more acolytes in the Muslims…all these tactics are Marx 101….Killary was a rabid acolyte of Marx….I have a copy of her college paper of how much she loved and adored Marx……and still the Red Queen keeps her head and her admirers……

  • Yes, that’s right. 9/11 and the nearly 22,000 Muslim terror attacks last year has nothing to do with it. Like diaper rash, New Coke and the Great Chicago Fire, it’s all Trump’s fault.

  • Justice

    You mean she can’t leave her home without your permission.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Good, the more muslims that stay home and off the streets, the less whining, complaining and violence. The arrogance of muslims is beyond belief, what does this cow think? That the President of the United States must acquiesce to some muslim welfare bum’s every whim? Read even the lame stream media, it is not muslim women who are getting randomly raped and murdered. Honour killings perpetrated by their muslim family, is who they need to protect themselves from. muslims do not want to integrate they demand to dominate… not going to happen.

    • Ravaa

      He obviously doesn’t care about the fears of millions of Americans who are afraid to go to crowded places, and must constantly open their bags and purses at checkpoints when they do — all because of murderous Muslims. He pooh poohs those fears. He thinks our fears are silly. Even though we’re being murdered! So why does he think we should be concerned about “his wife’s fears”? How many Muslim wives have been murdered because they went out in America? (And the ones murdered by other Muslims don’t count, but only serve to support the validity of OUR fears … OF THEM!

      • Alice

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      • ladywarrior

        Never forget the poor woman in Oklahoma that went to work one day and had her head chopped off by a Muslim co-worker…..who in Court now claims “mental illness” made him do it. Duh! Islam is a collective mental illness…..

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Everything, according to islam, is all about muslims all of the time. No one else is even considered human. islam must be disrespected, ridiculed and beaten into extinction.

        • turkeychoker

          bueno ! ( I`m just teasing) I agree with you 101 % of time !

    • Isaac_G

      We should all hope that every Muslim decides to stay home in fear forever. The fact that the he’s not afraid should be counted as our moral failure.

    • ladywarrior

      With all the rapings going on I imagine that Planned Parenthood is ramping up abortion facilities right and left…..we descend into madness when we acquiesce to the evils of Islam…..fight back now, America…..or we are the next Darfur or Bosnia……

      • Mahou Shoujo

        The fight is on our door step, best we get serious about it.

  • Gerionious Falker

    What’s his address?

  • Rocinante44

    do muslim dudes even let their women out of the house alone anyway?

  • OverIt

    Sounds horrendous, Ahmed and Mrs Ahmed. You would clearly be so much happier living in a Muslim country where women can go out alone dressed in a hijab any time they like. Wait….

    • Liatris Spicata

      Um, not exactly. In some Moslem countries, they must to be accompanied by a male relative.

      • OverIt

        No need to state the obvious!!

  • LT714RET

    Thought they weren’t allowed in public without a male family member present.

  • Maranatha

    Islamophobia is foretold and provoqued by the quran:
    Sura 8:12…..”fill their hearts with terror”’
    Among others

    • NonIslmophobicAthiestPedoHater

      Not Gonna Happen.

  • Maranatha

    Stay home….
    A good example to follow by your kind….

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020

    Another jihadist upset that Hilliary isn’t in the White House backing him !!!

  • Halal Bacon

    does she get her information DIRECTLY from her owner/husband?

  • guymacher

    This man is a devout Muslim who understands Islam: he’s lying as he’s been commanded by Allah, aka Satan.

  • Richard

    Has anyone seen the wife, or has this scumbag killed her for some perceived slight of his non-existent “honor”, and this is just the cover.

  • bannedquran20


  • Alleged-Comment

    It’s the hysteria of the Moslems, you idiot, that is driving her and everyone around you batty.

  • Tm.

    She is afraid to leave her home? I don’t believe it. And in France, are they afraid to attend a music festival, or sit at a cafe or lie on a beach? Perhaps they may, if they recall the events of Bataclan, of Nice, and numerous other events, and the killings on the beaches of Tunisia. Why would they be concerned about what happened n Tunisia? Open borders, globalist, progressive thinking.
    And in UK, are they afraid to attend a music venue, or walk on a bridge? Perhaps they may, if they recall the A. Grande music concert or the Rigby slaughter, or the subway and bus massacres, or the vehicular jihad where some victims jumped off the bridge, and others were mowed down.
    Tough living in a world like this, and how did it get like this!

    • ladywarrior

      An “unaccompanied” Muslim woman threw acid on the faces of two young American women strolling down the street in France…they were newly arrived to attend college in France.
      What is obvious is that the women didn’t have a clue what they were walking into thanks to their clueless Dimm parents who only watch MSM “news”……look for this to be coming soon to American streets in Dimm controlled cities and towns…..see a Burqa on your streets….go the opposite way immediately.

  • Stephen Honig

    I only hope it’s true. Repatriate her with a piglet on the plane.

  • notme123

    Just wants attention, poor baby.

  • ladywarrior

    Good. Glad to hear it….that’s one less tent-wearing, knife wielding, acid-throwing, enabler of Muslim men no longer on the streets…I feel better already.

  • Personally, I think it’s more likely that most Muslim husbands rarely allow their wives to leave home unaccompanied for religious reasons.

  • NonIslmophobicAthiestPedoHater

    He may be onto something, my pet pig refuses to go out for days on end whenever it see’s an especially ugly sllmer in full costume.

    He is doing right by keeping her indoors as much as possible or perhaps until her black eye’s heal then he could even safely let her loose at night.

    If she is only going out to shop what effect has the travel ban have on going to a local store, that is of course certified to be halal?

  • Ed Maher

    By the laws of Sharia, she is not allowed to leave the home without a male escort (husband or brother, ect…). My question is: “What the hell is he complaining about?”.

  • turkeychoker

    Good ! One less Moslem out in public.


    Muslim claims his wife won’t leave home alone because of “Trump’s anti-Muslim hysteria.” Yeah sure —like as if we even give a rat’s ass about someone in a black garbage bag (known as a burka)…..

    The goats have more to fear whenever a Savage Muslim so much as looks their way……

  • Duchess of Pork

    Perhaps Mr Ahmed needs to have a wee chat to the feminist movement’s new leader Linda Sarsour who has publicly cajoled muslims not to assimilate in America. For shame Ms Sarsour, you are aiding and abetting the formation of muslim ghettos and the development of muslim terrorists.

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