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[ December 17, 2017 ]

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[ December 17, 2017 ]

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We have become scared of killing terrorists

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[ December 17, 2017 ]

New Jersey Imam who called for killing the Jews will NOT BE FIRED

[ December 17, 2017 ]

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[ December 17, 2017 ]

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[ December 17, 2017 ]

Shouting “Allahu akbar!” knife wielding jihadi STABS two Danish National Geographic journalists

[ December 17, 2017 ]

“Blood-smeared floors”: At least five killed in devout Muslim homicide attack on Pakistan church

Las Vegas Mass Murderer Left NOTE


The lack of information coming out of law enforcement and feds is criminal.

He filmed himself during the rampage. Las Vegas slaughterer Stephen Paddock set up a camera inside his hotel room to capture his deadly shooting rampage — and other surveillance in the hallway to alert him as cops closed in on him, according to reports.

Photos emerge of Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock’s body….and there is a NOTE

PHOTOS have leaked online of the dead body of Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock – and he appears to have left a note.

By Henry Holloway / The Star Published 4th October 2017

SWAT cops burst into his 32nd floor room and were met with the grim scene of 23 guns, ammunition littering the floor, and the dead Paddock.

Police also confirmed today the shooter had cameras hooked up into his hotel room.

Images have leaked showing Paddock lying dead on the hotel room floor with blood pouring from his mouth.

The alleged gunman appears to be wearing a brown shirt, black slacks, loafers and a pair of gloves.

Chillingly, he appears to have left some kind of note on the side table.

Paddock’s motives remain a mystery, with the millionaire property developer having no criminal history.

He appears to have checked into the high roller hotel days before in a meticulous plot to kill.

A note left by the gunman may offer clues to his reasons for slaughtering country music fans at the Route 91 Harvest Festival.

Cops have repeatedly said investigations are ongoing and have yet to make public any details.

MANDALAY BAY: Stephen Paddock hunkered down in the room before the massacre of 59

Pictures show a pile of magazines neatly stacked next to a column in the bedroom.

Weapons are scattered madly throughout the room, propped up against chairs and lying on sofa cushions.

It is believed Paddock obtained the guns legally, before modifying them himself for a faster rate of fire.

Explanations have been offered for his motive, but law enforcement has remained coy.It has been suggested debts, a relationship collapse, or his family history may have contributed to the his drive to kill.ISIS claimed responsibility for the Vegas slaughter – but the FBI rubbished this boast.Paddock is understood to have racked up huge gambling bills before the shooting spree yesterday.
Daily Mail:
  • New photos show Vegas shooter’s dead body on the floor of his hotel room after he committed suicide
  • In the photo, Stephen Paddock wears a brown long-sleeved top, black slacks, loafers, and black gloves
  • Next to his body are two assault rifles with bipods; one has a ‘bump stock’, making it effectively full-auto
  • Dozens of spent shells litter the floor and in one corner magazines sit in neat stacks  
  • A hammer is also seen, which Paddock presumably used to smash open two windows in his suite 
  • It was from both of those vantage points that Paddock fired on a crowd of 22,000 attending a music festival 
  • He fired on the crowd for 9 minutes, killing at least 58 and injuring 527. His death brought the total to 59
  • Video from outside the hotel room shows bullets piercing the front door, from when Paddock shot at cops
  • He set up a camera on a room service cart outside the room to warn him when police were arriving 
  • By the time a SWAT team blew open the door to the suite, Paddock had shot himself dead
  • Investigators are struggling to find a reason for why the millionaire retiree carried out the massacre 
  • He had no criminal record, and his brother says he wasn’t religious or political 
  • He did, however, like gambling and in the two weeks prior had carried out several large figure bets
  • In the week before he died, he also wired $100,000 to an account in his girlfriend’s native Philippines 
  • Girlfriend Marilou Danley is back to being a person of interest and is en route back to the U.S. for questioning
  • On Tuesday, Las Vegas authorities say they had identified all but three of the 58 victims 
  • New photos show the horrifying scene SWAT teams encountered when they blew the door off the Las Vegas shooter’s room and found him dead inside – as authorities reveal the mass murderer set up a camera on a room service cart outside the room to warn him when police arrived.

    The photos, leaked Tuesday, show Stephen Paddock’s body on the floor of his suite in the Mandalay Bay resort and casino, which he used as a sniper’s nest to open fire on 22,000 innocent people attending a music festival across the street Sunday night.

    Only the 64-year-old’s legs, torso and left arm are visible in the photo – and he wears a typical outfit for a retiree: a brown long-sleeve t-shirt, black slacks and slip on loafers with white socks. The only thing that reveals his nefarious actions are the black gloves he’s wearing.

    On the floor next to him are two assault rifles, dozens of spent shells and a hammer – which he presumably used to shatter two windows in his two-room suite which he then used to shoot out of.

    One of the assault rifles has a ‘bump stock’ added to it – making effectively fully automatic – allowing him to unleash hundreds of rounds per minute.  The branding on the gun indicates it was made by Daniel Defense, a Savannah-Georgia-based company which produces variants of the AR-15 rifle, based off the U.S. Army’s M16.

    Another photo shows how he pushed two sitting chairs together to form a cradle-like space to store at least two other rifles. Another AR-15-style rifle is seen at the foot of chairs with an extended magazine that would allow him to shoot for longer before reloading.

    Behind a nearby pillar, about 15 magazines are piled in neat stacks. It’s unclear if they are loaded or spent.

    A SWAT team located Paddock in his room about 72 minutes after the beginning of the deadly attack – but cops estimate he only fired on the crowd for nine minutes, starting at 10:08pm. He reportedly had cameras set up in the hallway to let him know when law enforcement arrived – including one on a room service cart.

    Police say he shot at officers as they breached the door, but by the time they made it into the suite, Paddock had committed suicide.

    Paddock killed 58 in the attack and injured 527. His death brought the total death count to 59.

    On Tuesday, Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo said they had identified all but three of the victims, and that the injured county might be slightly off because one of the hospitals was double counting patients. However, he didn’t release a revised injured number.

An investigator works in the room at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino where a gunman opened fire from on a music festival Tuesday, Oct. 3, 2017, in Las Vegas

Two pictures leaked Tuesday afternoon appear to be the full unedited photos of two Paddock’s rifles obtained by Boston 25 earlier in the day.

Also on Tuesday, video was released showing debris strewn outside the shooter’s hotel room, from when the SWAT team blew the doors off the front door.

The video shows bullet holes piercing the left side of the suite’s double doors, confirming reports that Paddock shot at officers as they tried to break into the room. However, most of the door is knocked down from the SWAT team’s forceful – but necessary – entrance.

Earlier in the night, a security guard approaching the door had been shot in the leg by Paddock. Police were notified of that at 10:28pm; SWAT didn’t storm the room until 11:20pm. The guard is still in hospital and is expected to survive.

Directly behind the doors, inside the suite, the video shows yet another assault rifle set up on the ground on a bipod.

Outside the door, debris litters the carpeting in the hallway and crime scene tape covers the entrance to the room. A Do Not Disturb sign sits on the ground next to the front door, along with an Exit sign that has been struck down. Outside a neighboring door sits a used room service cart.

At a Tuesday afternoon press conference, Lombardo confirmed that Paddock had cameras set up inside and outside of his room – including one on the food service cart.

The cameras outside the room appear to have been used to warn Lombardo when police were outside. A source told the Washington Post that the cameras outside the room were connected to a tablet which streamed live footage of the hallway.

Lombardo refused to comment on whether the cameras inside the room were used by Paddock to capture the massacre.

In a Tuesday night conference, Undersheriff Kevin McMahill said that another camera had been placed at the peephole of the door, giving a view of the corridor outside.

He added that an investigation was underway to find out who leaked the photographs.

Pictured above is the first glimpse inside Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock’s hotel room, showing the debris left when SWAT teams stormed the room Sunday night and found the 64-year-old dead

On the ground behind the double doors, one of Paddock's 23 firearms is seen set up on the ground with a bipod

On the ground behind the double doors, one of Paddock’s 23 firearms is seen set up on the ground with a bipod

To the right of the doors leading into Paddock's room is a room service cart, covered with empty plates and a plate cover knocked to the ground in the chaos. Sheriff Joe Lombardo said Tuesday that the shooter set up a camera on the cart, which he used to keep an eye on the hallway 

Two investigators walk down the hallway, away from the scene 

Two investigators walk down the hallway, away from the scene

The Mandalay Bay resort and casino pictured above on Tuesday, as investigators continue to investigate the shooting 

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  • Patrick

    All of our institutions have been undermined by the deep state. We cannot trust the “authorities” any longer. If they are forced to admit he had any dealings with Islam (from his electronic devices etc.). They will wait as long as they can until the shock of the slaughter lessens. It may seem incredible to some but these are truly deceptive and perilous times we are living in. I pray for Pamela, Trump, and all who are working against this tide of evil.

    • Kalambong Kalambong

      If the note happened to be “Allahu-Akbar” the authority will never tell us

      But if the note is something of the Klans then the whole world will know the content

      • Mark Steiner

        The evidence trail and reporting the evidence goes cold when: (1) Islamic behavior is beyond suspect; is known, or (2) far-left behavior or politics calls for and initiates the shots.

        No pun intended. The paymaster dictates the behavior, and death keeps the score.

      • Summerwarmth

        We already know it was not Klan even though he was a Democrat because it would have been front page news via a leak 10 min after they found the note.

    • Suresh

      The killer is a Anti-Trump democrat and Antifa activist also claimed by ISIS

      The article also shows video that clearly shows firing coming from 10 th floor and another video by cab driver, the driver himself states firing coming from 10 th floor.

      Stephen paddock was in the 32 nd floor, was there another shooter who got away ?

    • Dustwitch


    • Hussars2016

      I see a pen on a table , a piece ofpaper weighte ddown with a roll of green tape. There is writing or printing on the piece of paper.
      Explain please.
      If this is another JFK Grassy Knoll we can expect a chain of bodies to start dropping dead in the cover up.
      Watch carefully for unexplained deaths of those connected in any way with this event.

      • Sage Nighthawk


    • Reality Check

      Can’t blame Obama anymore, so now it’s the “deep state.” Boy, Trump must be a lousy president if he can’t control his own agencies. Remember when he blamed Bush for failing to prevent the 9/11 attacks?

    • Ziggy46

      Excellent post, Patrick, and unfortunately true. Exactly, our institutions have been undermined by the deep state.
      Trust in our ‘authorities’ has been diluted to naught; I suspect much of the facts of this case will be secreted, swept under the proverbial carpet. Speculation on my part; the Philippines are rife with the like of ISIS and other Islamist terror factions. Therefore, there may or may not be an affiliation; nonetheless he may also be a psychopathic nutter. If the truth is denied by the authorities, it will breed a myriad of conspiracy theorists. Most sickeningly, undoubtedly, somewhere in La-La-Land a scumbag is dreaming up a movie for the masses.

      Agreed, thanks to Pamela, Spencer, President Trump and patriotic Americans working against this tide of evil.

      • Patrick

        I absolutely concur!

  • puhiawa

    I got news for the cops. He planned this long before his gambling debts mounted. And I find it interesting that he started shooting about an hour after America the Beautiful was sung. The cops and FBI are hiding information.

    • Bradley Lexvold

      America gave him many opportunities in life, more than any other place. Then got caught up in evil propaganda and went nuts. If he had a strong enough character, he’d of realized that he had had a good life and that any short comings that occurred were up to him to resolve. I can think of thousands of people I’ve known that would have been glad to have had his opportunities. Now, to go out a villain. He’d been alive long enough to know that killing innocent victims wouldn’t make him a martyr. Most people don’t get this, sometimes you just gotta let people fight, and that’s why that when that happens you come up with rules as to how you fight. It’s part of what separates us from the animals.

  • ronm1950

    Antifa massacre in Las Vegas?

    • Sgtsnuffy


  • Sgtsnuffy


    • santashandler

      Interesting how, after four days of stay at the Mandalay Bay hotel, NO surveillance footage has been released of Paddock. As everyone knows, casinos have more surveillance cameras than any other entity, or organization. In theory, Paddock’s movements would have been tracked every second he was in that hotel. With time stamps. So…..where’s the footage?

      • Hanana

        I read the owner of Mandalay Bay is Islamic with possible ties to terror.

        • santashandler

          That would be interesting if proven true.

    • Steve Curran

      he’s the decoy.

      • Craig Sink

        Oh please. A conspiracy?

  • Mdog

    The FBI decided he wasn’t Muslim almost immediately. That practically guarantees he is.

  • garry pollack

    He ain’t no mooselim! He ain’t no antifa! somethin’ is wrong here!!!

    • santashandler

      Manchurion candidate?

      • garry pollack

        queen of diamonds…U tell me…

        • santashandler

          Hmm…..a possibility

  • Drew the Infidel

    After watching Sheriff Lombardo and his demeanor and straightforward answers in several regularly scheduled news conferences, it is obvious he is trying to inform the public while still maintaining the integrity of the investigation. Compare that with the number of times this article takes leaps with the phrase “appears to be”. Compared to how little has been revealed about the bin Laden raid to this very day, this guy is being more than cooperative.

    Also, Paddock had more than one rifle because continued rapid fire produces overheating of the barrel which makes them inoperable. He would need to alternate between them.

    • Jim

      Drew: Search Youtube for “Ultimate AR-15 Meltdown!”. You will see that one can fire continuously for quite awhile before it malfunctions. In fact, as you will see, the forearm will often catch fire before the weapon fails (look at his videos of other guns he tries to “meltdown”.) Moreover, In the video the guy is loading faster than the Las Vegas perp, having less a length of pause during reloading than the perp, thus the weapon has a bit of cool down time, especially if he is switching weapons while going to the other window. The reason for replacing barrels in machine guns is because the lands wear down quickly, or the barrel droops, contributing to inaccuracy. I doubt the perp was concerned with inaccuracy or the long term condition of his rifle. What amazes me is that he was able, apparently, to bump fire without malfunctions. If you look at videos of bump firing, there’s a lot of stopping, restarting, recharging the weapon, etc. Yet this perp was able to fire 120 round volleys without a hitch. There was one video I saw/heard were the rhythm oscillated quite often within one of those 120 round bursts and I thought that was consistent with bump fire. I think he must have practiced bump fire a lot in order to get that regularity.

      • Drew the Infidel

        I don’t claim to know the technical aspects of the particular weapons involved in this incident but was only mentioning an off the cuff possibility. And trust me, I would never pretend to be in touch with this jackwad’s mentality.

        What baffles me is the guy has no background in firearms proficiency, be it military, law enforcement, whatever, but showed remarkable skill. Someone somewhere is keen to his practice sessions and acquired knowledge of weaponry.

        • Craig Sink

          He did not show remarkable skill. He didn’t have to be a good shot. He was 64 years old. His father was a bank robber. He was probably familiar with firearms since childhood like most men his age are.

  • I just have one question – is that the original position of the gunman? It looks posed. I can’t imagine someone killing themselves, but managing to die in such a straight position.

    • santashandler

      Interesting point.

    • Craig Sink

      Stranger things have happened.

  • S N Smith

    Trump and Las Vegas: With no Muslims to blame, Twitter troll falls silent

    • Jim

      Aren’t you premature. The authorities have no told us all enough to say one thing or the other. It could have any motive at this point; we just don’t have enough information. It’s taking them too long to hint at a motive. If past history is any guide on the nature of these things…well, you fill in the blanks. Oh, and Salon is not a primary source; it’s just an opinion rag.

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020
  • Dave

    To sgtsnuffy: this wreeks of a cover up. To Kalambong:If it were Islam related, authorities will not tell the public bec they would go apeshit on muslims. To Patrick: you are absoutely right about our authorities; feeding us tidbits of info making MSM look like idiots. If this is not religiously motivated, it sure is ample evidence of the threat of some middle east philosophies. Pray for Pamela, Robert Spencer, Jamie Glazov, John Guandolo and others who keep the truth coming

    • Craig Sink

      A cover-up? Really? How do you explain the firearms, unspent ammo, shell casings, broken windows, smoke alarms, cameras, massive news coverage, girlfriend, leaks, photos, press releases, interviews with the brother, searches of other properties, and diagrams? You can’t make this up.

  • Jim

    There is also a photo of the perp’s dead face with blood all over his mouth and cheeks, and blood on the floor beneath his head. Also, a handgun, I think it was a grayish revolver, was visible a few feet “above” his head on the floor. Apparently we are too childlike for them (MSM) to show us that.

    • Craig Sink

      Where did you see (find) that photo?

  • James R

    It’s possible police aren’t releasing info on the note because it could’ve led them to think more attacks are planned–as a security measure, they might not want to tip off any accomplices that they’re on to them.

  • Jim

    Why was my post about the photo showing the dead perp with a bloody face and a handgun nearby removed? It is not fake news. I’ve seen the photo. You have to do a little digging to find it, but it’s there, along with all of the other released photos. It’s done slideshow-style. It is a fact. The T-shirt, actually a Hanley-style shirt (3 buttons), is of the same color as that shown in the pic of his legs and arm, ie, it is brown. My purpose in mentioning it was to head off those deniers who say the body is not really his. Well, it is. Also, it supports the idea that he committed suicide. If you want, I could send you the slideshow; determine the validity for yourself.

    • Jim

      Just looked at the photo again. Same carpet as in the other photos, gun is a revolver, it’s a gray finish, does not look like shiny chrome, it’s about two feet behind his head. There are about 23 expended cartridges on the floor around him. It looks like he shot himself in the mouth. He’s slightly bearded, maybe a moustache too; hard to tell with all of the blood on his face. Balding. I’m not intending to be gory, just accurate in my description.

  • Jim

    Why are you censoring the truth? Why delete my comments about the photo of the dead perp’s face? Censorship is unbecoming of this site. Does Pam know this?

    • Jim

      Nevermind, I see you allowed it to be posted. Thanks, faith restored.

  • Dan Knight

    For the record… the US Constitution does NOT require law enforcement to wrap itself into knots and perform gymnastics while shaped like a pretzel in order to prosecute a criminal.

    As we have seen in the recent past, overwhelming evidence of culpability can be dismissed and ignored for political reasons, and

    Overwhelming exculpatory evidence can also be dismissed and ignored for political reasons.

    Save for a few cherries, these trends lean Left the vast majority of the cases.

    • Dan Knight

      Have to bring it up b/c this is why some brave soul has risked his career – and possibly his whole future – to leak these photos.

      Obviously, there is a concern – and we have good reason to be concerned – that the FBI and Las Vegas political forces will not release these photos or the information in the note or about the weapons – at all.

      The normal course of events would allow this information to be released – long after the mainstream narrative has been firmly entrenched in the mind of the drones – and maybe after the first conspiracy books have been written. But in this case – the situation is so hot, we may never know what the authorities find, and it will be difficult to trust their findings when they are reported. Video and evidence may be withheld for all time.

      Indeed given the FBI’s recent collaboration with the Clintonistas – deliberately creating agreements to destroy evidence before knowing either what they would get for it or what they would be destroying – does not give any of us confidence in the FBI.

      In fact – the Chain of Custody for the American Public obviously doesn’t even exist. They have totally lost the idea that law enforcement also provides assurance to the public that their actions are professional and trustworthy.

      That this includes proper preservation of evidence and timely disclosure has been totally flushed down the toilet.

      Upshot – so we have reason to worry that evidence will be suppressed or go missing if it turns against the mainstream – that is, Left-wing – narrative.

      • Dan Knight

        That said … the photos do not show Antifa materials – albeit those were alleged to be at his home.

        What we suspect – and I hate to say it, but it’s not even a joke or sarcasm at this point – this is very likely the case: Those materials do NOT indict America, Conservatives, Christians, the Tea Party, RW Radio, Whites of any group, or any other type of shade of the Political Right.

        Obviously the victims were most likely to be on the Political Right than any other targeted group with the exception of a Trump Rally. But that does not mean the shooter’s motives were political or religious.

        What speaks volumes – nay, screams it – is the SILENCE.

        If Steven Paddock (et al – not ruling out accomplices) was a Rush Limbaugh fan, a Trump fan, a Republican, or a member of any group that could be colored (true or not) as White Supremacist or White Nationalist – WE WOULD ALL KNOW IT BY NOW.

        The Left would have SWAT Teams sent to the jungles of New Guinea to break into the huts of those living without cell phones or internet access to make sure they are aware of this crime.

        We’re still talking about Dylan Roof, but they have completely forgotten about the Antioch shooter, Emanuel Kidega Samson.

        Going by experience, if we are still talking about Vegas next week – it’s only to attack Trump.

        If the MSM drops the Vegas shooting before using it for weeks to fixate on Trump and blame his supporters (and Whites and gun owners, etc. etc.) for the crime … it will all but confirm that they know the shooter had Left-wing connections.

        If Paddock is ruled a Lone Wolf Nut Case – he will show up on Spam Emails as an example of White Evil – along with James Holmes, and Charles Whitman, etc.

        But if Paddock, et al, disappears … it may be as close as we come to knowing the truth.

        UNLESS – brave souls risk their lives and careers to release all the evidence.

  • ElevatedAmoeba

    Another thing weird, is the shooter has the number 13 tattooed on the front of his neck. But the picture I saw on a different site that was supposed to be of his dead body, didn’t have that on his neck. Who knows who that person is, or this one, or any of them. And you don’t take that many weapons with you for a mass shooting. Unless this was all about making the statement anti gun, since the amount and type is ridiculous. Over kill, staged. And conservatives don’t target their own, so obviously this guy was a leftist. Which is why they already decided he has NO politics, religion, or affiliation. Seriously. Nice that the FBI, etc, just happened to announce all this BEFORE investigating. Oh, and this millionaire also was determined to have no electronic footprint. Amazing! How fast this investigation was all over. No one does this without making a huge statement, leaving notes and letters to declare their stance. It’s bull.

    • Covadonga

      >”And conservatives don’t target their own”

      Actually, in American political history, conservatives haven’t targeted anybody.

      Every assassin in American history has been a Leftist or a Muslim.

  • SemurJengkolMaknyus

    Pamela …….. as we know …… his girl friend is from Philipine ….

    Philipine is neighboring country to Indonesia …the biggest muslim country …..

    No wonder !!!!!!

    We can connect the dots now !!!!!!!!

  • SemurJengkolMaknyus

    The note contains “j” character … “h” …and “d” ….

    if combined together it become “jhd” …. it’s jihad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    but the authority will never tell us !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • solange9

    Strange how one man with little to no knowledge of such weapons became such a crack shot at such a distance. The woman who warned concert goers said. “They are all around us.” There are so many things that just do not add up in the official narrative, except, of course, the left’s chorus of “gun control, now.”

  • Craig Sink

    I have learned more about his shooting from Pamela’s reporting than I have from any other source! Why is that?

  • wpjokari

    that nypost writing sort of made me vomitey, as if they were writing a sports blog…similarly I heard some douchebag on the radio call him a “genius”. Anyone could pull that off with enough time and money: the cameras are a drug dealer tactic since forever, his perfect utilization of the rifle cartridge’s effective lethality range while maintaining accuracy to get hits on target, combined with his position amongst close proximity defacto human shields (i.e. if you miss the small slit windows he shot from you might hit someone near him) delineates most or all pistol responses, by most CCW citizenry, so only a rifle response remains, which in this case and place would only effectively be the police, but more specifically a high caliber (.300 win mag or above) scoped sniper rifle (always bolt action) and again in this case, only by the SWAT subsection of the PD could bring to bear and surgically eliminate this meticulously planned threat….

  • MEP1101

    Pamela is the source of real news ! – God bless her !

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