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[ January 23, 2018 ]

EU Reiterates Support for Future ‘Palestinian’ Capital in Eastern Jerusalem

[ January 23, 2018 ]

“Moderate” Indonesia: Christian man whipped 36 times for selling alcohol and violating Sharia law

[ January 23, 2018 ]

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[ January 23, 2018 ]

Media Lies: Turns Out, Trump Immigration Plans Score High With Hispanics, Blacks

[ January 23, 2018 ]

Diversity Visa Lottery Winner Offered to Kill Obama for ISIS

[ January 23, 2018 ]

Israel Only ‘Free Country’ in Mideast, Turkey No Longer ‘Free’: Report

[ January 22, 2018 ]

Germany: Iranian Spy Network Targeted Jewish Institutions for Strikes

[ January 22, 2018 ]

Muslim Migrant ‘Didn’t Understand’ It Was Illegal to Have Sex with Minors

[ January 22, 2018 ]

UK: War Hero of embassy siege HOMELESS, while terrorist lives taxpayers’ expense in a London...

[ January 22, 2018 ]

Democrats cave to American outrage, government is back open #SchumerShutdown #epicfail

Islamic State (ISIS) Doubles Down on Las Vegas Jihad Attack Claim


ISIS media agency Amaq has claimed the two larger shootings in recent US history, the Orlando gay nightclub shooting and now the Las Vegas Music festival shooting. In neither case, however, did #ISIS provide proof.

SITE Intel is reporting:

It is a rare event that the the ISIS news agency Amaq releases  a follow-up statement i.e. it’s follow up about Paddock purportedly converting to Islam. Prior to the claim ISIS supporters didn’t suspect a connection to the group but ISIS  linked Aswirati Media was already posting celebratory images. ISIS is doubling down on its claim for the Las Vegas jihad attack as a Amaq statements being further disseminated in different languages. It’s not clear if its a promise for proof or a threat, a pro ISIS message states that those saying “it has nothing to do” with the attack will “regret” it.

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  • Voytek Gagalka

    They don’t need to provide “a proof.” Apparently, from THEIR perspective terror works and they will EXPLOIT any attempt to their propaganda advantage. If that particular attack was done by “their man” or not is totally irrelevant. Because it WAS TERROR and successful like hell. Does anyone have slightest doubt about that?

    • Reality Check

      If people believe their BS, then it works.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        What you just wrote could just as easily be applied to the F-I_B in the 21st century.

  • Reality Check

    If Trump choked on a cheeseburger, ISIS would take credit for it.

  • Reality Check

    ISIS and Hamas both claimed credit for the Jerusalem attack in June, but Israeli officials found no connection to either group.

  • Dennis

    Even assuming that ISIS has no connection to the horrible Las Vegas event and the CRAZY shooter, which is likely the case, the fact that they are trying to claim responsibility, probably to assist them in recruiting other CRAZIES, is evidence of how significant our war is with these radicals of the Islamic world. They must be eradicated to save all of us non-Muslims from their wrath. Though I wonder what could have been done to have kept the lunatic shooter from managing to get any and so many rifles into his hotel room, I also suspect that we may find out that his motivation was based on his purported ultra liberal, antifa, anti Trump beliefs and conduct, and might have been his sick form of protest against our President; the fact is that people like him are taking the constitutional right to protest, as we have seen at Berkeley and other events in a violent direction, and this conduct must be stopped before this country turns itself inside out. Clearly, we live in a dangerous world, and we must get back to treating each other as equal American’s and together face the world which now has many demigods ready to destroy our wonderful country. That, to me, is the reality.

  • Gizmo

    At 64 Paddock seems a bit old for these types of jihadi massacres. I don’t recall any of them being anywhere near his age. He does not fit the profile at all. A nutjob, to be sure, but killing for ISIS?

    • Nathan

      Stranger things have happened. Look at the young chick he was shagging. A mere 62 year old.

    • Strange

      I totally agree with you.

  • pipo

    IS has nothing to do with the massacre but does IS understand we can bring terror to them, any muzzrat can be kidnapped and slaughtered.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Whom to believe? The corrupt liars in the F-I_B or the Islamic State? Maybe Molly Norris can provide an answer — if she hasn’t already been fingered by muslums in US law enforcement and murdered.

    • Trump can’t ban islam

      true americans must trust the FBI. It has nothing to do with islam. Don’t make stupid moves, be quiet and everything will be ok

      • Melanie Wooten

        What country are you from? Only editors trust their government. Even some imams can be corrupt and revel in the power of position.

      • KathyALynn

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  • ed

    It rained really hard where I live two days ago, and we had some flooding throughout our town. ISIS has claimed responsibility….those b@st@rds !!!!!

  • What if he really was some kind of secret convert to Islam? Haven’t lots of Western men joined the Islamic State and fought in Iraq and Syria?

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Ban Muslim immigration …..

  • Rev. Roy Trepanier

    Hmmmmm. No one has mentioned that the shooter may have been the victim of mind-control or brainwashing of some kind. Because no other reason can be offered, because he is so un-stereotypical, mind-control should be considered. The old Russian KJB and the North Koreans are experts at this.

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