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[ January 23, 2018 ]

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Canada: Muslim not guilty because he thought he could have sex with wife anytime


“The man was part of an arranged marriage in Gaza. His wife, a Palestinian who grew up in Kuwait, lived in Ottawa and the family settled in this city.”

And these are the attitudes they brought with them: “Your wives are a place of sowing of seed for you, so come to your place of cultivation however you wish and put forth for yourselves. And fear Allah and know that you will meet Him. And give good tidings to the believers.” (Qur’an 2:223)

He’s not guilty according to Islam. In Islam, women are chattel and men can force their wives to have sex anytime. So apparently Canada is now a sharia state.

“Ottawa man not guilty because he thought he could have sex with wife anytime,” Ottawa Citizen, October 19, 2017 (thanks to Graham):

An Ottawa man has been found not guilty of sexually assaulting his wife because of his honest belief that he had the right to have intercourse with her whenever he wanted.

In a written ruling, Ontario Superior Court Justice Robert Smith said the Crown failed to prove that the accused had formed the required criminal intent — mens rea — to sexually assault his wife in 2002.

“I find that the accused probably had sex with his wife on many occasions without her specific consent, as both he and she believed that he had the right to do so,” Smith said.

However, the judge ruled the man was not guilty of sexual assault because the Crown had failed to establish that he knew his behaviour was, in fact, criminal.

The decision, issued earlier this week, followed a five-day trial in June.

The man was part of an arranged marriage in Gaza. His wife, a Palestinian who grew up in Kuwait, lived in Ottawa and the family settled in this city.

She testified that during their marriage, she considered it her obligation to have sex with her husband. Often, she told court, she did not consent, but they both believed it was his right.

The couple separated in January 2013, but they had difficultly making child arrangements work.

Court heard that it was during a dispute over child access — after speaking to a police officer — that the woman came to understand she had the right to refuse sexual relations with her husband. She subsequently complained to Ottawa police about a 2002 incident.

The husband denied ever having sexual relations with his wife without her consent, and specifically denied the incident that led to the charges.

His wife alleged that, in 2002, he grabbed her by the wrist, pulled her onto the couch, pulled down her pants and had sex with her even though she asked him three times to stop.

The judge said she was a credible witness who gave straightforward answers….

“Marriage is not a shield for sexual assault,” Smith wrote in his decision. “However, the issue in this trial is whether, considering the whole of the evidence, the Crown has proven the allegations beyond a reasonable doubt.”

The man’s defence lawyer, Sean May, said the timing of the charges — they came to light during a combative phase in the relationship — also raised doubt in the case.

Carrolyn Johnston, acting executive director of the Ottawa Coalition to End Violence Against Women, called the ruling “disappointing.” She said it highlights persistent myths about sexual assault….

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  • Suresh

    This marital rape B.S is something feminists invented as tool to blackmail , threaten their husbands from doing what they wanted making present day men slaves to feminist women.

    seriously if its really forced rape with no physical assault needing medical treatment then its not really a crime , if you continue to live with him. if not file for divorce and go . why make him a criminal and then enjoy living off his earnings under same roof ?

    And the dumb feminists support muslims & they welcome their future jihadi husbands

    Can it get more ridiculous ?

    • wilypagan

      There are men who rape their wives. By rape, I mean forced intercourse, not morning after regrets. Some women are unable to leave because they don’t have the financial means. What is your solution for them?

      Do you draw a line anywhere? You seem to resent women for being financially dependent on men, although if one is to be a stay at home mom such dependence is built in to the relationship. No person sacrifices their right to bodily integrity even if they marry.

      • Suresh

        she can divorce and get alimony. Its absurd to live with a “rapist” . And if you file case of rape , he loses job goes to jail and loses ability to get good job in future . so you can then forget about any money whether you live with him after he gets out of jail or you decide to divorce.

        Isn’t it better to divorce and seek alimony instead of foolish “rape case” that only benefits lawyers?

        • wilypagan

          No. Animals who abuse other humans belong in prison. If she doesn’t cooperate to prosecute him he might do something to another woman.
          We women here in the US don’t accept the iron rod treatment, like in India, Suresh.

          • Suresh

            so why do you want to live with a “rapist” ? It shows double standards.

            In muslim countries they kidnap , rape and force the infidel girl to marry her rapist. you are advocating same thing by claiming its ok to live with a rapist. Its the kind of feminist absurdity that does not make sense.

            Here’s little more on it

            And in india you claim to know so much about , wife can divorce and walk out and get alimony. nobody sits around accepting “iron rod ” treatment.

            If she is physically assaulted he goes to jail (justified).

            in fact merely on false accusation of dowry harrassment he can be jailed along with his mother, father, sister , nephews, nieces whoever that liar chooses to accuse WITHOUT ANY INVESTIGATION.

          • wilypagan

            I wouldn’t live with a rapist nor did I claim it was ok. I was pointing out that some women have no support system and no way to leave. Somehow I doubt you are a big supporter of battered women’s centers. The fact is men are more violent, in general, than women. Perhaps you should police your brothers a little better rather than whining about fake rape claims.

            You might also want to work on your English language comprehension so you don’t accuse people of advocating things they never said.

          • Suresh

            I’ve already answered that but you keep repeating the same thing.
            women in America have better support system than living with “rapist”. stop talking in circles .

          • wilypagan

            Who said I was just talking about women in America?

          • Suresh

            I was talking about women in America.

          • wilypagan

            You have a history of posts demeaning women. I don’t know if it is your creepy iron rod, burn ’em alive culture or if you just have mommy issues, but it gets old.

    • Nabi Rasch

      You may reconsider if you think of it in the context of Islam and Sharia–arranged and forced marriages etc. Unless, of course, you’re an ignorant barbarian yourself.

      • Suresh

        I’ve already replied below. go read it.

        • Nabi Rasch

          Can’t but I will assume the worst. Ciao for now.

          • Suresh

            then stay stupid. typical leftists loons.

          • Nabi Rasch

            You’re conservative?! Then I’ll assume the best.

          • Suresh

            Trump supporter . oppose jihadis and their supporters

  • Voytek Gagalka

    So, according to this court, the bank robber would be found not guilty because prosecutor “failed to establish that [the robber] knew his behavior was, in fact, criminal”? Or murderer found not guilty because he did not know that committing murder is illegal? And that is now a JUSTICE?

  • Mahou Shoujo

    “However, the judge ruled the man was not guilty of sexual assault because the Crown had failed to establish that he knew his behaviour was, in fact, criminal”. Is there a “most stupid judge award” that judges are in competition for? How many time has it been said that “ignorance of the law, is no excuse”. Apparently when dealing with muslims, ignorance is an excuse, as every muslims that is heard of, is because they did something ignorant. This decision must be made a legal precedent for all Canadians, so that when they are charged with a crime, they will be found not guilty if they plead they did not know something was a crime.

  • Michael Copeland

    A Pakistani couple – she speaks no English and her husband is very lacking in it – settle in Canada and have their little girl’s organs mutilated, as is required in Sharia. That is against Canadian law. They are not aware that it is against the law. Ignorance of the law is no excuse.
    The judgment in this case sets an appalling precedent.
    Thus is Western law undermined and rendered useless.

    • Daiseymae

      Why move to another country if they are not aware of their laws? They can’t bring their way of life into another country and ignore and disrespect the laws of the new country? No excuses.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        muslims think they are the “best of all people” laws other than shariah, are totally ignored. When there are stupid judges supporting this, the situation gets worse.

      • mztore

        They never plan to assimilate, so why bother figuring out the laws when they aren’t going to be found guilty of obeying them? They are after all, the majority right – not.

  • Patrick Leary

    All part of Pierre Trudeau’s plan to institute Sharia Law in Canada…it starts with dull witted Judges.

  • James R

    Ignorance of the law is no defense. This verdict can’t be accepted, it’ll open the door to other people claiming they “just didn’t know” they couldn’t rape someone, or rob a house, or whatever.

    People in Canada, contact your government. Tell them your concerns. Protest. Raise awareness.

    • The government and Prime Misery Turdeau especially, protect Muslims. Most of the electorate are ignorant of the truth. The press never reports the truth about Islam or terrorist activities here. Through M103 we already have sharia and risk being charged if we say anything about Muslims that they deem offensive – which would be everything!

    • mztore

      already has been accepted.

  • anthony edwards

    Oh that is right .. if you don’t know the law .. it does not apply to you .. WAIT A MINUTE!

    • Midniterider

      It worked for hitlery.

  • Drew the Infidel

    This sounds like a convenient dodge for Harvey Weinstein to use since his “sex rehab” isn’t going so well.

    Ever notice there is not a dime’s worth of difference between “sex rehabilitation” and muzzie deradicalization programs? Neither work as advertised.

  • James Stamulis

    I have to laugh every time i hear the left claim they champion women’s rights! No outrage from the feminist groups as usual.

    • mztore

      Don’t understand what the outrage is all about to begin with. This behavior has been going on for decades, and has always been known and tolerated in the past. What’s the big deal now? – sarcasm off now.

  • Steve

    Well there you go. Man’s best friend is always a dog – no offense to the real dogs.

  • KP

    After reading all the details, it seems the incident happened several years ago, and since they are battling over divorce and custody, that seems to be taken into consideration. I still disagree with her assessment of the details, and I have heard a lot of these cases against muslims and frankly, I wonder if the judges are on the take! No Canadian would be held to this standard, so why are we allowing foreigners to flout the law? She said he assaulted her sexually, whether he knew it was against the law or not is no defense. He has done it several times, he first lied about it, and now, it’s OK cause of his ignorance of the law? His religion says he can have her whenever he wants, whether she says so or not, why wasn’t that taken into consideration? Both of them have said they know this to be true, so knowing this is a crime under our law, why did the judge not even find him guilty, or even fine him?

  • Bill

    They abandoned their own law and caved to a foreigner because he thinks sharia supercedes Canada’s.
    Where’s the Women’s Marchers?

  • American 1st.

    People really need to understand that under Islamic Sharia Law, rape is allowed, even of infants, little boys and girls. Also allowed is lying, extortion, torture, murder and all other perverse and sick twisted activities that most civilized societies have the good sense to outlaw!
    This false religion truly is an evil religion from hell!


    Canada is as trashy as the UK—–Islam will soon rule Canada thanks to that pathetic parasite Trudeau. He is as worthless as the inbred Muslims.

  • Mike Kevins

    Does this judge have a god looking daughter. If so,. I really believe….you get the idea. As Bugs would say, “What a maroon!”

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    So instead of date night muslum married couples have rape night?

  • Theresa McMillin

    I have always been taught that ignorance of a law doesn’t mean you are innocent of the crime.

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