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[ December 15, 2017 ]

Wave on an open thread

[ December 15, 2017 ]

Houston Muslim Taken into Custody on Charges of Islamic Terrorism

[ December 15, 2017 ]


[ December 15, 2017 ]

Bitcoin jihad: New York Muslima Laundered Nearly 100k In Bitcoin For Islamic State (ISIS)

[ December 15, 2017 ]

New Jersey Imam Calls for Killing of Jews

[ December 15, 2017 ]

Faisal Kutty, who wants Pamela Geller banned from Canada, supports killer of Christians and pro-Hitler...

[ December 15, 2017 ]

VIDEO: Police shoot knifeman who threatened crowd at Amsterdam airport – terminal evacuated

[ December 15, 2017 ]

Netherlands: Muslim migrant stabs two to death, cops say no terrorist motive

[ December 15, 2017 ]

Muslim migrant with nine bombs strapped to suicide vest takes 13 hostages inside Canada bank

[ December 15, 2017 ]

Minneapolis Prosecutor: Investigators ‘didn’t do their jobs’ in probe of police officer Mohamed Noor’s murder...

British jihadi Sally Jones (who threatened my life) is KILLED by US drone strike fleeing ISIS hell


Ding dong, the witch is dead. The notorious Muslim convert Sally Jones threatened my life a number of times. Her husband, Junaid Hussain, was behind a plot to behead me. “Hussain communicated with at least four men in four states, imploring them to initiate attacks or help spread the Islamic State’s message. Mr. Hussain was behind a plot to behead Pamela Geller, the author of a conservative blog. In early 2015, Mr. Hussain began communicating with Usaamah Abdullah Rahim, 26, and gave him instructions to kill Ms. Geller.”

Sally Jones had posted the names, photos, addresses of US soldiers and counter jihadists (including mine).

Read it all in my new book: FATWA: HUNTED IN AMERICA.

Hussain was killed in an American drone strike. Sally Jones boasted Junaid Hussain was killed by Allah’s greatest enemy and vowed that the “crusaders” would never win. His Muslim convert wife Sally Jones took up where her dead husband left off.


ISIS ‘White Widow’ gets sent to hell

By Yaron Steinbuch, NY post, October 12, 2017: er

The world’s most wanted woman — a former punk rocker who left Britain to join ISIS — has been killed in Syria by a US drone strike, according to a report.

“The Americans zapped her trying to get away from Raqqa. Quite frankly, it’s good riddance,” a British government official told the Sun about Sally Jones, 50, who left the UK in 2013 with her 12-year-old son, JoJo, to join the terror group in Syria.

CIA officials told their British counterparts that a US Air Force Predator drone flown by a pilot in the US killed the pair in June near the border between Syria and Iraq, the paper reported.

But news of the strike has been kept under wraps on both sides of the Atlantic amid fears that JoJo — whose jihadist mom had used him as a human shield — might also have been killed.

US intelligence officials were quoted as saying they could not be 100 percent certain that Jones had been killed because there was no way of recovering any DNA from the site — but that they were “confident” she was dead.

Jones had last been seen alive fleeing the carnage in the group’s de facto capital of Raqqa and heading toward the town of Mayadin on the Syrian border, according to reports.

A convert to Islam from Chatham, Kent, Jones was nicknamed the “White Widow” by the British press after her jihadi hubby Junaid Hussain, whom she met online, was killed by a drone in 2015.

Jones, who was active as an online recruiter, sometimes posted propaganda messages on social media, including a sepia-toned image of herself dressed as a nun pointing a gun toward the camera.

Jones, a major ISIS recruiter of foreign female jihadis, had been designated a high-value target, but sources said her son was not specifically targeted because he was not deemed a combatant.

He is believed to have been brainwashed by ISIS thugs, who gave him lessons in radical Islam, as well as firearms and ­martial arts training, according to the Sun.

Pamela Geller's shocking new book, "FATWA: HUNTED IN AMERICA" is now available on Amazon. It's Geller's tell all, her story - and it's every story - it's what happens when you stand for freedom today. Buy it. Now. Here.

  • Lysy

    Fry in Hell, bitch!

  • Bill Gregg

    Hoping they got Jojo too. As Gen Sheridan once said, “Nits make lice.”

    • Platopus

      Jojo sounds like a monkey 🐵!

    • Jim

      There is an ISIS video of “Jojo” executing a orange clad captive with a pistol. At one point, as he is aiming the pistol at the back of the victim’s head, he smiles. Saw it in the UK Daily Mail.

      • Erica Ling

        Drugs, brainwashing and parents like that, what hope did that kid have ? Imagine the amount of psychotherapy he would have had to undergo.

  • Suresh

    Good riddance to Bad jihadi Rubbish.

    And now we have BLM supporting NFL thugs vow to fightback against Fans and continue to Kneel

    some action is also being taken but too little to late ?

  • Jim

    The Daily Mail (UK) wrote:

    “US intelligence chiefs say they cannot be 100 per cent certain the
    strike killed Jones as there was no attempt to recover any of her DNA.”

  • Mahou Shoujo
    • Daniel FX Dravot

      Hmmm. The ice-pick in the ear of my life had that played at our wedding….

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Interesting way to describe it.

    • Sunshine Kid

      Good selection!

  • Bill

    Just taking out the garbage

  • Trump can’t ban islam

    this is sad. the good thing is that the british government is fighting and determined to eradicate islamophobia, so is canada, australia, europe, etc. now there are muslims in the british parlament, a muslim is mayor in london, soon a muslim prime minister. USA, just wait islam get access to the nuclear codes, nukes…… a muslim king of britain, calipha, will be the cherry in the pie

    • Halal Boycott will end Islam

      Islamophobia is now mainstream. Look! a new mainstream anti-muslim party starting this week in the UK

      France, the Netherlands. Trump. China are confiscating Korans.

      Don’t confuse political correctness designed to gain votes in the short term, with the long term overwhelming desire of non-Muslims to annihilate Islam.

    • Delenda Islam Est

      Humanity will ban the homicidal cult of shitlam, the greatest crime ever faced by mankind.

    • TD


      ISLAMA-FACISM actually.
      The destiny of Muslim radicals is to kill one another. That’s their ultimate fate.

      eventually you all turn on one another; and will start cutting each others heads off.
      Muslim are the biggest oppressors of Muslims: it is your curse.

      Israelis don’t mistreat other Israelis. But Palestinians do behead their own people. and sell their own children into slavery.

      Wether it’s Shia vs. Suni., asshole vs. even bigger asshole. that’s the sociological reality in your world.

      Muslims raddies are incapable of getting along with anyone. The curse is so bad, that they can’t even get along with themselves!

      Conquer the world?! Please… You’ll kill each other first.

      Pleasant Dreams!

    • ed

      Iuck Fslam !!!! Oh….how Islamofauxbic of me…..

      • Hidayat Rizvi

        Muslim hater dirty kuffar natanyahoo’s a$$ likker

  • Ed C

    Why the concern for JoJo?

  • lostlegends

    When Fatwa meets Drone.

    • Hussars2016

      Sally has proved Islam is a religion of pieces.. a piece of her there, a piece of her here, a piece of her everywhere..

  • Fred

    One savage down. Billions more to go.

    • TD

      I’ve always been a Drone supporter (for our military).
      The media and the left hate them with a passion! Probably because they are so effective.

    • Hussars2016

      Actually 200 million will take care of it, the rest can be controlled.

      • Nabi Rasch

        They tend to reproduce quickly and are nurtured by the political set.

        • Hussars2016

          We just need to cut off the heads of the snake and obliterate Mecca.
          No Mecca – complete demoralization and Islam has no center.
          Islam teaches them to surrender in face of superior strength – we can use that against them.

          • Nabi Rasch

            You know that but the entire political class has brainwashed itself to defer to Mecca.

          • Hussars2016

            I wouldn’t assume that. The Political class works for the Globalists, the Power Elite. They have a plan to install a totalitarian State.
            They are only using Islam as a means to an end.
            It may be that permanent Martial Law is declared and that will be the end – not with a bang but a whimper.
            Or it may be that their pet dog Islam gets out of control.
            There is a Red-Green alliance – as they begin to win, they will then fight each other.
            The end is not yet clear, but the Globalists have a plan.

          • Hussars2016

            Yeah that would be if we were united to fight Islam. As it is… ?

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Need to keep expanding the drone fleet.

    • marlene

      I love drones!

  • Halal Boycott will end Islam

    We’re getting good at taking out these treasonous loons.

    My first and favourite though was this fat faced teenage Paki f***

    And I almost came in my pants when his parents tried to sue the UK government for killing him.

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020
  • SRN99

    Stupid bitch. Her husband gets 72 virgins while she gets nothing.

    • TD

      “Her husband gets 72 virgins while she gets nothing.”
      Obama would call that “a good deal”!

      • moose

        LMAO !!! That’s a GOOD one !!

  • thinkwell

    P. Geller, I am so glad she is dead and you are alive.

    • TD


  • Michelle

    I guess Jojo will be welcomed back to Britanistan and his murders excused by “Islamic brainwashing” and so not his fault. I have NO hope for the UK.

    • Poppey

      It’s reported he was killed too.

    • Halal Boycott will end Islam

      Jojo, who was filmed executing prisoners, was indeed killed.

      This happened a couple of months ago, and the UK govt were wise to keep it under wraps in order to avoid premature reaction and legal threats which would not have benefited the non-muslim community.

  • Drew the Infidel

    Kindly omit flowers. The b*tch went looking for trouble and she found it. Case closed.

  • Sunshine Kid

    I shed no tears for a muslim that threatens other people for just having an opinion that is contrary to the muslim dogma.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Mattis is minimally a muslum apologist. He blames Israel.

  • marlene

    Justice comes when you least expect. How nice!

  • Robert Hope

    Drones – another example of how our society moves forward while Muslims continue to look backward. Hopefully in 100 years when we are dealing with the issue of life on other planets, these violent primates will be history.

  • MTC

    Wonderful news!

  • James Stamulis

    Many thanks to Trump, General Mattis and our troops who finally are allowed to wipe ISIS out!

  • Patriotliz

    That’s terrific that she’s dead BUT, the supply of Jihadists inspired by the evils of Islam is limitless. It’s the IDEOLOGY, STUPID! Islamic supremacism no better than white supremacism, but much worse and more widespread….more people murdered due to Islamic supremacist imperialism—270 million in 1400 years and ongoing.

  • putupjob

    i won’t miss her. the only regret i have is that they didn’t off her sooner than they did.

  • Ziggy46

    This woman was a malignancy on the hiny of humanity. There are innumerable others, of her pestilential ilk, deserved of the same justifiable fate. Sally got her just desserts; this news made my day. Enjoy Hell, Sally.

  • Poppey

    With this speck of filth wiped, the world today is speck cleaner, good riddance to bad rubbish as we say, and that goes for her kid too native Brits or not, they chose do do what they did instead of turning away.

  • Hook

    Finally, some GOOD NEWS !!

  • David Glynn

    So glad to see the end of such a traitorous slag. I only hope her twisted up son was with her. The little murdering turd. Piss be upon you both!

  • Andrew Sears

    Bye Slut. May you get banged by 72 hogs

  • John Nosser

    Gives credence to the fact that if you sow bad things, you will reap bad things.

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