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Bombshell: Antifa Are Receiving Military Training in Syria


Antifa has finally crossed the line from thuggish to outright terrorist — and now, as a new bombshell report finds, members of the protest groups are actually crossing into Syria to receive training from ISIS terrorists.

The ties that bind?

Both groups use violence as a means to their ends. And both groups share similar tyrannical political views that are aligned with communist, controllling principles.

The John Brown Gun Club is one of the group involved.

The blog Vlad Tepes has the story (h/t

American and European Antifa members are being attracted to the US-backed Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) due to their anarcho-communist politics, who are in turn persuading the Antifa extremists to fight alongside them in the “Rojova revolution.” reports: Security agencies are concerned that these Antifa members will continue the “revolution at home” once they return. Already FBI sources have revealed Antifa literature and photos taken in the Middle East which were found in the hotel room of suspected Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock.

n a policy that began under the Obama administration, the US military is providing weapons and training to YPG members, many of whom are directly linked to the PKK terrorist organization.

This policy was wrapped under the guise of fighting ISIS, however, backing terrorists to fight terrorists hasn’t worked in the past.

An uproar occurred when US special forces in Syria attached YPG insignia to their arms and the US military was accused of supporting terrorism, to which the Pentagon admitted wrongdoing and said the use of the insignia was unauthorized.

As a result, the US military was forced to rebrand YPG as “Syrian Democratic Forces” (SDF) to provide plausible deniability.

The weapons and military training that the US military has provided them with are in turn being provided to western members of Antifa.

These members of Antifa, along with the Kurds, have been constantly glorified in the mainstream media.

Rolling Stone magazine interviewed several “western leftists” that are fighting in the YPG.

And the fact that these anarcho-communist militias have ‘women who are fighting ISIS’ is something that is oft-repeated.

Antifa groups in Europe and North America have posted photos of their fighters holding up the Kurdish YPG-flag along with the Antifa flag in Syria.

Now this group of militants is calling themselves the International Revolutionary People’s Guerilla Forces [IRPGF] and the vanguard “of the revolution” in Rojava who vow to fight capitalism all over the world.

This is already happening as Antifa members were part of an armed demonstration in Phoenix, Arizona.

One of the groups involved, the John Brown Gun Club, already glorifies the Kurdish YPG.

It’s plausible the photos from the Middle East that were found in the room of the Las Vegas shooter (along with Antifa literature) were photos of Antifa fighting alongside Kurds in Syria, and it’s also possible the shooter crossed into Syria to receive military training.

Foreign fighters are able to legally fly to Turkey and then illegally cross into the Syrian border without being detected.

Germany is already reeling from a large population of Antifa, 1.2 million Kurdish immigrants and Kurdish militant groups working together in large numbers.

Furthermore, thousands of Germans have illegally crossed into Syria to fight alongside Kurds, thus it’s no surprise when German Antifa gangs show up at right-wing rallies with hundreds of people and commit violent attacks.

The media, however, continues to glorify Kurdish fighters as “the only people fighting ISIS” while ignoring the efforts of the Syrian and Russian governments.

This is mainly because the military-industrial complex had plans to balkanize Syria and Iraq, in the “project for a new Middle East” and they don’t care if they accomplish it using Islamic terrorists or Kurdish communists.

The Kurdish militias are not much better than ISIS, nor as liberal and democratic as the media portrays them to be.

In fact, the Kurds themselves are not one homogenous group, with the majority of Kurds being Sunni Muslims and some of them even joining ISIS.

In Iraqi Kurdistan the percentage of female genital mutilation is around 70% while it’s zero in all other parts of the country.

In fact Iraqi Kurdistan, along with Yemen and Egypt, are the only areas of the Middle East where female genital mutilation is routinely performed.

But even the communist YPG has been active at ethnically cleansing Christian Assyrians, Arabs and other minorities in the areas they deem the “Kurdish” state. Often times the areas they claim don’t even have a Kurdish population.

Since the Kurdish population aren’t a majority in the areas Kurdish militias are trying to annex, they are carrying out these ethnic cleansings of non-Kurdish minorities in an attempt to achieve a demographic shift.

The YPG forcibly disarmed Assyrian Christian militias after assassinating their leader, David Jindo.

In Iraq the US-backed Kurdish militia Peshmerga forced Christian and Yazedi militias to disarm, before abandoning them to genocide once ISIS attacked.

And the Kurdish regional government of Iraq is still not allowing these minority groups to return to their villages even though ISIS was pushed out two years ago.

The idea that Kurds deserve their own state is something that is being perpetually pushed by pro-war think tanks and liberal sympathizers; however, this pays little attention to the origin and history of the Kurdish people.

For one thing, the word Kurd was a designator for Iranian nomads.

Like many other nomadic groups such as Bedouins and gypsies, they cross borders tending to livestock.

They typically cross through Iraq and Turkey following the Euphrates River and live mostly in mountains.

In 1915, the Turkish government promised Kurds the homes and cities of the Armenian Christians if they were to participate in the Armenian and Assyrian genocide.

However after Kurds complied, Turkey reneged on the deal of giving them autonomy.

The population of Kurds in north Syria resulted from multiple waves of illegal Kurdish immigration from Turkey after they failed to mount insurrections against the Turkish government.

Many of these Kurdish were given refugee status by the Syrian government at the time, but now these same refugees are demanding their own state and are trying to claim ownership of much of Syria’s oil fields and are blocking the Syrian army from fighting east of the Euphrates.

This foreign policy of balkanizing Middle Eastern countries to create a Kurdistan may have explosive implications not just for the Middle East, but also for the West, as it breeds a new form of “Antifa resistance” as well as terrorism in the same way that ISIS was bred through US deep state foreign policy.

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  • Michelle

    When they use violence, it is time to start shooting them. Horrible to state this but refusal to confront violence with greater violence only has defeat as its end.

    • Suresh

      They don’t even have to use violence in USA/EU.

      Muslims are united in their goal of occupation , domination , terrorising and subjugation and practice Islamic Art Of Occupation & Ethnic Cleansing Without Killing

    • Steve

      Conservatives don’t fight, they just whine. These liberal dirtbags have an unlimited source of money to keep doing what they’re doing. The world is doomed, and always has been. Don’t have kids if you haven’t already.

      • Paul Bird

        “Conservatives don’t fight, they just whine. These liberal dirtbags….” You’re not making sense.

        • Steve

          Your problem you don’t understand, not mine.

      • SoniaJWeeks

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      • Dorrie

        We DO fight, Steve, the difference is that we don’t fight dirty like liberals do. We choose to use the Constitution to fight with. They fight AGAINST the Constitution.

        • Steve

          Please. Conservatives and Republicans never fight back. Every time the left says or does anything dishonest, illegal, immoral, or unethical, the right’s only solution is to look annoyed with their thumbs up their rears asking the same stupid questions… over, and over, and over again.

          “Wahh… why isn’t the mainstream media covering this?”
          “Wahh… where was the media when Obama did the same thing?”
          “Wahh… when are these criminals going to be arrested?”
          “Wahh… how would the left react if the situation were reversed?”

          That’s it? They still don’t know the answer?

          The left: Organizes, riots, burns cars, blocks traffic, vandalizes businesses, beats people with bats, stabs people, stops free speech rallies, destroys statues, intimidates police into surrender, threatens the president’s life without consequences, censors the internet, has the names of roads and buildings changed…

          The right: Prays.

          Yeah… good luck with that. Hope you come up with something better…. and soon.

          • Dorrie

            The MSM is controlled by the left. If you don’t know that, you’re as ignorant as they come

            And yes, Conservatives DO fight back! The fact you haven’t noticed that is BECAUSE of MSM!

            But we do NOT fight back with rioting or destroying others property!

            Will pray for you, Steve … you must be one who doesn’t fight, you just lay down and roll over. Very sad . . .

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020
  • Speak the Truth

    The LV shooter had repeatedly traveled to the ME, and ANTIFA literature was found in his room. Obviously, there is so much more we will NEVER be told.

    • Michelle

      I have wondered just how many past similar shootings , superficially unconnected to islam, can be linked somehow to it. The Oklahoma bomber obtained his explosives from a muslim IIRC(feel free to contradict me) and I have often wondered how many crypto converts pulled the trigger and this includes adolescents who are by far the most vulnerable to ideological indoctrination. You can be certain of one thing and that is that we will NEVER find out the truth. I bet the blatant actions of the 9/11 terrorists really annoyed the establishment as they could not cap it and make it seem a non jihad act although the conspiracy theorists tried so hard afterwards.

    • morgondag

      He had travelled on cruises (as far as we know now). Taking a vacation in Egypt does not make you a jihadist suspect.

      What are the sources for “antifa litterature being found in his room”?

    • ladywarrior

      I said from day one that Paddock belongs to Antifa…..I believe the investigators already know it and are working night and day to twist themselves into pretzels and say he was “only mentally ill” …..well yeah! All of these murderers are “mentally ill”…..

      And……Danley is his co-conspirator…..she is a Filipino Muslim….and his contact with the Muslims who are training Antifa in America…..if we are ever to get the truth it will be through “leakers”….not the authorities. I saw a picture of her the other day that doesn’t look like she makes herself look today…..she had on makeup, cute dress, and a sexy poise. Nothing like the pictures now.

  • Fred

    Execute them all!

  • Tony Holmquist

    All the progressive factions are colluding with islam. Watch the Awan Brothers/Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Congressional IT breach investigation. It’s full of democrat and muslim brotherhood sympathizers and players. We’ve been infiltrated…

  • Fake News Analyst

    More of the poisonous fruit of Kenyan tribal chief, Obama.

    • Ebayer
      • Craig

        5000 years of running around in the juggle, naked, killing and eating each other and they have absolutely nothing except AIDS and EBOLA to show for that 5000 years. No inventions, no great cities, no great civilizations…nothing.

        • Joseph Anthony

          Sodomy … About the only invention..

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          Hmmm, you do realize Egypt is in Africa right?
          I heard from an IDF commando who fought in the Yom Kippur War that one of the commonplace things his fellow soldiers said when they crossed the Suez to beat 7 shades of sh!t out of the Egyptian muslums was “welcome to Africa”.

  • Pray Hard

    They’ll die.

  • Sgtsnuffy


    • ladywarrior

      There is an arrest warrant out for him in Russia…..I say President Trump and Putin need to have a conversation about how to turn him over to them. He is banned from four countries….he is hiding under America’s skirts while he plots to kill us. He and Killary are both funding these anti-America, anti-freedom groups….take them both out.

  • Pray Hard

    “Now this group of militants is calling themselves the International Revolutionary People’s Guerilla Forces [IRPGF] and the vanguard “of the revolution” in Rojava who vow to fight capitalism all over the world.”

    Is it the late 1960’s again? Will they wear their Che t-shirts while “destroying capitalism” too? What a bunch of f*cking jokers. Bring it on, pansies.

    • ladywarrior

      No matter what they call themselves….no matter what their “cause”…..they are all terrorists who have decided to take over the world with violence and murder of the innocent. If the official investigators don’t tell us the truth, what we already know….then we know we’re going to have to protect ourselves…..the only way we will every know the truth about this and other attacks….is through leakers.

    • lukas tobing

      Once again a certain corrupt dictator in Asia was right about the “latent danger of communism” (not endorsing him)

  • DemocracyRules

    The Leftist Civil War has already begun.

    • Craig

      Hey, DR. Yes, I tell folks all the time to buy a gun, learn to use it and carry it always.
      Take care, my friend.

      • DemocracyRules

        Hey Craig!

      • Dorrie

        I’ve carried concealed for 15 years.

  • Craig

    Anyone who did not see this coming had their head in the sand.

    • ladywarrior

      Me too. After the UK concert shooting ISIS called for attack on Las Vegas….

      Read more:
      Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook
      ISIS called for a lone wolf attack on the Las Vegas Strip in a chilling ‘call to arms’ video released in May
      Terror propaganda video in May called for lone wolf car and knife attack in Vegas
      Shows Caesar’s Palace, Bellagio Hotel and other scenes from Las Vegas Strip
      Twenty people were killed and 100 more injured when at least one gunman opened fire in the early hours of this morning

      Bombshell: Antifa Are Receiving Military Training in Syria
      By Geller Report Staff – on October 9, 2017

      Two items among many that says Vegas was a planned Antifa attack. They put out a statement a few weeks ago that attacks and violence was called for against those who disagree with them……sadly, look for more of them …especially during the holidays.

  • Halal Bacon

    makes it easier on Soros payroll department to have them all in the same place

  • A terrorist is any group who regularly uses violence and intimidation to achieve their political aims. This organization seems to rather fit such a description.

  • livingengine
  • Jim

    “…to receive training from ISIS terrorists.”

    YPG&YPJ are anti-ISIS. You can see the Red Star in their yellow flag in the upper right of the photo. Not a surprise that Antifa is with a bunch of Communists, since the red in the Antifa flag is representative of Communism, so says one of the Antifa flag bearers in one the protests on the West Coast (search Youtube for the video). (The black represents BLM, according to the same flag bearer.)

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      It’s funny how atheist Communism and the totalitarian muslum world have always had a close working relationship.

  • sinelari

    “along with the Kurds, have been constantly glorified in the mainstream media.” — bullshit. Kurdistan being named “SDF” proves that’s bullshit. Kurds are not ISIS. The article tries to shift the blame of genocide from Turkey/Erdogan to the Kurds which is ridiculous.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Where are all the Kurdish muslum lovers now? Why don’t all you Kurdish muslum lovers move to the part of Iraq controlled by your Kurdish muslum heroes?

  • Jim Austin

    It’s all the more reason to treat Antifa as an insurrectionist group, which means treating them as a military problem rather than a law enforcement problem, that is, send armed personnel to hunt them down and kill them.

  • baki

    but YPG is not ISIS

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Ever notice how the antifa flag looks like a horse’s ass?

  • Fer137

    “..receive training from ISIS terrorists.”
    ISIS isn’t YPG. Edit that, Pamela. Truth always ahead.

  • morgondag

    The text itself provides 0 evience that ISIS members have been training YPG fighters, which would be totally illogical since the groups are still at war.

    The fact that anti-fascists, other leftists, and secular people in general have been fighting with YPG has been well published for years, not least by those groups themselves. There isn’t anything remotely resembling a “bombshell” here, not even the smallest firecracker. Total bullshit.

  • DancerTiffy

    Most of us do not know the muslim’s savage brutality.
    Here is a link to a video that shows the depravity of isis,
    Warning: Extremely violent, extremely graphic.

    • ladywarrior

      I’ll pass. Just the few images I’ve seen is all I need to know…….Islam is a invading army….not a “religion.”

  • DVader

    You started out by saying that Antifa are receiving training from ISIS. The article then talks about their training with the Kurds, who are fighting AGAINST ISIS.

  • Joel Ford

    You seriously maintain americans are training in syria? Thats kind of impossible as our beloved Government does indeed keep a very close eye of americans leaving and returning from war4 torn area’s and intel on the ground there, get serious, this is nothing but book promotion BS

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