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Belgium Fathers Banned From School Activities to Attract Muslim Women


Schools in Belgium have begun banning fathers from some campus activities in order to attract more mothers from foreign countries.

Of course, what they mean by that is — more Muslim women.

Dads can stay home from now on — that’s the message coming from some schools in Belgium who see the fathers as the reason more Muslim women don’t attend after-school events.

Sharia in the schools. What a treat. And it’s the dads who have to suffer most.

The trend was reported by Belgian newspaper De Morgen.

The Old Continent blog has the story, hat tip The Religion of Peace:

Belgian newspaper De Morgen reports that in Belgium, some schools are trying to lower the threshold for parents with a migration background by only welcoming mothers of pupils to school events and activities. Through this, they hope to attract mothers from a foreign origin into school.

De Morgen lists a few examples, like a school in Antwerp where only the mothers are allowed to cut fruit during lunch breaks and a school in Ghent where only mothers are allowed to assist during gym classes. Simultaneously, the school let the fathers know on their website they need not worry: “The dads will get their turn.“

De Morgen comments that:

“Nevertheless, it seems strange that fathers are being shunned in the first place. Should schoolchildren not have to learn that dads can also cut fruit? And why not have fathers and mothers attend gym class together? Do we really want to teach children that men and women should do certain things separately?”
When asked, philosopher Patrick Loobuyck can’t conclusively say whether it’s a good thing or not:

“If you intend to reach parents who you would otherwise not get into the school, then that’s a good idea, but you have to be careful. You should not strengthen certain prejudices or ideas of people which are problematic. I think it’s important for schools to use such mother-activities as a step-by-step approach. Ultimately, the goal should be to treat men and women equally and to get them involved in activities that are mixed.”
It’s a tough balance, recognizes Nathalie van Wassenhove. She has been working as a go-between in Ghent schools for 17 years. Her goal: involve parents in school activities.

“In general, we try to avoid this approach. Trying to reach a group by excluding another group: that’s not the best method.”
Sheikhwatcher Prof. D.A.H. Vintik comments that:

“It’s like schools are trying to be extensions of the mosques, all of which have their own so-called “sister committee”, which only seats women, who solely organize ‘ladies only’ activities, where men are not welcome.”
Earlier this year, A Belgian school in Brussels ditched Mother’s Day “out of respect for other cultures“.

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  • Sharia compliance never ends, n’est pas?

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  • Suresh

    Belgian voters elected the Left/Liberal pro-islam loons so they can celebrate their stupidity by having Special Muslim Iced coffee laced with fecal bacteria at one of the Top 3 Coffee chains

    They deserve all the cultural high they can get !

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Forget about western europe, it is as islamic as any nation in the middle east, only with stupider politicians.

    • Poppey

      Are you paid by Soros?

      Do you understand how powerful Europe is, the GDP figures combined for the 28 states of the EU just published show those countries are only 1 trillion $ I think it is lower than the combined GDP figures for Canada the USA and Mexico combined which means America {and the world} dare not let Western and central Europe fall into the hands of Islam, the struggle is in the cockpit and that cockpit is Europe.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Are you paying attention? So what? It is not what you’ve got, but how you use it. North Korea has the world pissing its panties ever time it passes flatulence. A few muslims have western europe by the balls.

      • pipo

        As a western European Europe of today is a mere joke. I agree, unfortunately. Mahou.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        I’d imagine the GDP’s of Western Europe will be falling precipitously with the importation of uneducated, vile, violent muslum savages. At a minimum, the tourist industry will be dying in your islamic future.

  • pipo

    Belgium as a country is a joke, we used to call it the “banana republic of Europe”.

  • konnen

    Thank you belgium to do this,and hep to reinforce the negative view of Eastern EU has about western eu mental retardation.
    Thanks for helping the normal people in the right wing to feel good about themselves .

  • Tilt

    The sweaty Muslim shlong (male genitalia), is forging forward with an ever increasing thrust, penetrating into the EU’s “backdoor” (Anus)

    Blood and tears are flowing out of the EU bitch, which has began to vomit and loose any remaining semblence of lucidity / contact with reality…

    I still can’t decide if the EU bitch has a major “rape” fantasy and is actually enjoying this cave man savagery, or this is just a combination of ideological blindness / zealotry, combined with fear (To be called a xenophobic racist and / or, the Muslims…)

    Fortunately, the EU is actually beginning to disintegrate as sane Europeans in Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Norway, Netherlands, Eastern EU countries, and separatists in Spain (Catalonia) and north Italy, are helping to change (in several ways) the suicidal course the EU is currently on

  • Voytek Gagalka

    “The dads will get their turn.“ If they are Islamic dads (i.e., Muslims), they will have power (and authority) to beat those women at home, all sanctioned by sharia. If they are not Islamic, tough! Another incentive for “conversion.”

  • Poppey

    When the voters in both halves of Belgium get brassed off enough with this PC clap trap and a charismatic leader arises, the whistle for full time will be blown and these arrangements will in turn be blown away. The Czech Republic, the Slovak republic, Poland, Hungary and now Austria have all shown what is possible when the right leader comes along and Italy goes to the polls next year.

    All to play for.

  • pdxnag

    But it is only the Muslim men, by reason of their adherence to and practice of Islam, that must be excluded from civil society.

  • Jpp

    belgium is the battle field between france and germany created by england. also to avoid french to get Antwerp.
    so said, its a small country that need to deal with others big ones around and has to accept muslim money to keep its level of life.

  • Snailmailtrucker

    Any parent who would allow his child to attend one of these events….
    should have their Kids taken away from them !

  • Alleged-Comment

    Why don’t you just say NO, to the ucking Moslems?? It IS your country isn’t it? You wouldn’t be able to do that in a Moslem country and tell that to their FACES!!

  • Keith1941

    About schools: There was an article earlier in the year about the high number of muslim students in Special Ed.(England) The author attributed this to first cousins marrying. Just wondering?????

  • notme123

    Europe is a total loss. Learn and don’t let it happen here.

    • Poppey

      Rubbish, the 28 states of the EU have a bigger population than America and a GDP America can only dream of, Europe is the cockpit where this titanic struggle is taking place, if you think America can survive without Europe you’ve got a shock coming. Get into this fight if you want to survive, isolationism don’t count.

      • notme123

        Maybe you should read the article again, your reply has nothing to do with my comment

      • pandainc3

        Bigger population.
        Cockpit for the struggle.
        Can we survive?
        Get into the fight.
        Gee Willikers. Seems to me we’ve had troops there since the end of WWII protecting these buttheads. And please, forget comebacks. I spent 20 years in the Navy — some of it ‘over there’.

  • az

    Islam is really another word for the 3rd wave feminism, as stupidity walks side by side, in both cases.

  • David Glynn

    Countries in the west are bending over backwards to accommodate and please the Muslim immigrants and all it’s doing is eroding our culture and strengthening theirs.
    We will awake one morning to find nothing left but the alien culture.

  • David Glynn

    And this is why any Brit with a brain voted for Brexit! Leave the very sinister and stupid EU to drown in its own Islamic stew.

  • I hope the Belgian females enjoy their cultural enrichment when they get forcibly schlonged by Abdul and his fellow rapefugees.

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