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[ January 23, 2018 ]

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[ January 23, 2018 ]

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[ January 22, 2018 ]

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[ January 22, 2018 ]

Muslim Migrant ‘Didn’t Understand’ It Was Illegal to Have Sex with Minors

UK: Imam told children as young as three they would get “everlasting pleasure” for fighting jihad


This is Theresa May’s Britain. She allows this — and make no mistake, there are many, many more imams like Kamran Hussain out there — while banning me from the country for telling the truth about jihad. The Britain of the Magna Carta is dead. Sharia Britain will be a reality sooner than anyone thinks.

“Imam, 40, ‘told children as young as three they would get “everlasting pleasure” for fighting jihad and ranted that not even the Queen or Prime Minister could stop the law of Allah,’” by Rod Ardehali, Mailonline, September 12, 2017:

An extremist imam told a group of children aged between five and 15 that waging jihad would bring them an ‘everlasting life of pleasure’, a court heard on Tuesday.

Kamran Sabir Hussain, 40, told the impressionable youngsters that martyrdom in the name of Allah was the ‘supreme success’ during a sermon at a charity-funded mosque in Stoke-on-Trent.

The shocking rant was recorded by an undercover law enforcement officer named Qasim who was sat among 35 Asian men, two toddlers and the seven children.

Hussain said in the recording: ‘What’s the nature of life? That you are killed, that you kill and that you are killed. This is your part of the contract… to fight in the way of Allay, to kill and be killed.

‘In return for this Allah will give you an everlasting life of pleasure.’

Hussain also referred to an ‘eternal life of enjoyment’ before claiming that martyrdom was ‘the supreme success.’

Children’s voices were also heard as Hussain referred to going before Allah on Judgement Day ‘with the bullet wounds and the sword wounds and you are raised in that situation with the blood still coming from your body.’

Hussain was recorded telling said: ‘What’s the nature of life? That you are killed, that you kill and that you are killed. This is your part of the contract… to fight in the way of Allay, to kill and be killed.

Hussain said martyrs were ‘standing on the front line defending Islam and the Muslims… they answered the call of Allah and the messenger.’

Three children aged around five years old were also part of the congregation on 5 August 2016 when Hussain allegedly referred to the Islamic State.

Hussain told the crowd: ‘They stand a black flag and establish the law of Allah over the necks of the people whether they like it or don’t like it.

‘The King, the Queen, the Prime Minister, whoever it is, they are not in a position to say you are not allowed to establish the law of Allah.’

Two weeks later the crowd included 25 Asian males, a young girl aged between two and three years old and ten to 15 children aged between five and 15, it is claimed.

Hussain told the audience that the British Government had created and funded the English Defence League (EDL) and Britain First ‘to come into your area and attack you and to insult you and to put you down.’

A child’s voice can be heard in the background as Hussain said: ‘I am saying stand up and be ready to sacrifice, be ready to spill blood and have your blood spilt in the way of Allah.’

Several children were also present on 26 August when Hussain attacked the counter-terrorist Prevent programme, saying: ‘They want to make Islam intolerable.’

The Old Bailey heard Hussain tell the crowd: ‘They stand a black flag and establish the law of Allah over the necks of the people whether they like it or don’t like it.’

The prosecution claim Hussain was encouraging terrorism and encouraging support for ISIS during the sermons between June and September 2016.

The court heard the mosque was funded by a charity and set up in what used to be shop premises at 229 Tunstall High Street.

Following his arrest an audio recording of someone else (not Hussain) telling a rally: ‘Inshallah we will see the black flag rise over Big Ben and Downing Street.’

He gave a short written statement to police claiming he was exercising his freedom of religion and freedom of speech, adding: ‘I do not believe I am a terrorist or encouraged anyone to be a terrorist.’…

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  • felix1999


    • rh2

      If it is at all possible to reform Islam, then a good place to start would be the elimination of all its “religious” leaders. They are the main sh**disturbers, the evil minds that whip uneducated, illiterate Muslims into murderous frenzies. Without them, there might be an outside chance of the RoP renouncing all violence committed in its name, and REALLY becoming a peaceful religion . . . .One can always hope!

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Would you bet a dime on that ever coming true? Even at 200 to 1 odds?

  • No matter what so many clueless Westerners believe, this is classic Islam, and Jihad has always been an integral part of it. Many say, “Not all Muslims are violent terrorists”, and that is true, but beside the point.

    Jihad (warfare for Allah) can be in the form of violence, and also can use the culture and politics to attack the West (as well as other Muslims) as well. It is all warfare, and no truly peaceful and respectable form of Islam exists on the planet.

    Allah is a poser, deceitfully pretending to be the one true god of creation (and yes, I believe that either Satan himself or a high-ranking demon has posed as Allah).

    Islam isn’t a religion of peace, and never has been. It’s definitely time for well-meaning but deceived Westerners to open their eyes and see the vile enemy that is Islam, encompassing every genuine Muslim on the planet.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    The response from the britishstinian government will be to assist the imam in producing “educational videos” of his prating, to assist in the propagation of islam and multiculturalism. It will be mandator viewing for all school children in the caliphate.

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Everlasting pleasure would become painful in short order.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Especially for little boys in islamic “heaven”.

  • santashandler

    If there was ever a case for charging someone with crimes against humanity, this has to be it. By indoctrinating these children, he is just as guilty if he had strapped a bomb to his chest and gone to the local market place and blown himself up.
    If Britain were at all concerned with countering this, they would immediately set up re-education centers for the children to reprogram them.

    • Poppey

      They already have Santa, it’s the statutory duty of every teacher to spot and report on “radicalisation” in both Muslim pupils as well as non muslim, then a referral to a special unit or programme is made where correction {it’s hoped} is made. It’s called the Prevent Strategy. As of Jan 2015, the scheme is now running in at least 44 British towns and cities.

      { Because so many muslims vote for them, the Socialist Labour Party campaigns against it with petitions claiming such a policy is ” Racist “.} I kid you not.

      • santashandler

        Wow. So, the “Prevent Strategy” program is meant to counter whatever teachings are against what the gov thinks is destructive?

        • Poppey

          The Prevent Strategy is intended to arrest at an early stage ALL “extremist” thinking in Islam
          {principally} and “Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition” is campaigning against it.

          • Keith

            I am not sure but I don’t think they have had any success as yet.

          • Poppey

            Agreed, they’re trying NOT to be “nasty” to the chosen ones because the house of Saud wouldn’t like it, then there’s the demographic issue surrounding everything.

  • Jerry Dobson

    How come the learned Imam thinks that Jihad has something to do with the violent expansion of Islam, and not what so many western apologists say that it’s only self improvement.?

  • Jeremy Steering

    I have little doubt that he is a British citizen, either born in Britain, or given citizenship in the desperate rush to make Britain more “multicultural” and to enforce “diversity”.

    Future generations will have every right to ask: just what was so wrong with societies being predominantly white and Christian that they had to be “enriched” with mass immigration from the two most backward cultures of the Third World, Muslim and black African? Why did countries willingly commit economic, social and cultural suicide by importing millions from these backward and, even worse, inherently violent cultures?

    But even more, to ask why, when it started to become clear decades ago that multiculturalism was disastrous for the host society, countries like Britain and Sweden refused to abandon the fantasy, ignored all the evidence and continued with its policies?

    • Poppey

      As to your first point Jeremy, he is a subject {of a Constitutional monarchy} a citizen is a citizen of a Republic, small point but it matters.

      The answer to your second paragraph is that many of those decisions were made over our heads by the UN in 2000 / 2003 and others like Blair with no consultation, I don’t remember them ever being properly discussed with the people who matter, us, the only man to make a speech on coloured immigration in 1968, Enoch Powell, was drummed from office and party in disgrace, despite saying what 5 million people believed to be the case at the time.

      As Miss Ann Marie Waters in her article European Rape Epidemic states as do I in my Memorandum of Understanding {Mass Immigration to Western Countries} it’s all about race hate, or anti white racism.

      In a two party state, the chance for correction is a slim one especially when the media is so left wing and concealing.

      • Jeremy Steering

        I agree totally with all your points! I use the word “citizen” because things changed after the British Nationality Act of 1981, it became incorrect to describe a British citizen as a British subject, although “subject” is still often used in legal discourse (see Wikipedia on British citizenship). But we are on the same wavelength…

  • Tamara Hussey Jewer

    And they say they don’t do drugs! Where on earth does any human being manage to hear this sort of nonsensical thinking and accept it unless drugs or alcohol was messing their brains up?

  • Poppey

    In my view, the outrage over this recording by the ” state ” is somewhat synthetic, even a fool knows that kind of incitement can be heard in every mosque several times a month at least, in America as well as Britain, it’s par for the course. With an estimated 35,000 Jihadists mooching about checking their phones further “developments” must be expected.

    Oh sure he’ll get sentenced, but that is for show, what is the real and truly dangerous threat is the fact that under the far left Corbyn and his Marxist mates in the Unions, {and Democrats in America} some kind of political accommodation will be worked out and presented as a ” progressive ” answer to ” this kind of thing “.

    I understand this, others will call it a surrender to terrorism and they’ll be right. Objections from natives will be labeled as statements of ” White Supremacism ” before being banned as ” Illegal Hate Speech “..Then will come the round up of people who speak to the truth about all of it, that’s when hard choices will be made by some.

    People overseas need to remember that the British state jealously keeps unto itself all armed or unarmed violence and guards it well, we have something called the Civil Contingency Act which provides legal cover for our state to make war against us who vote them in without recompense or redress.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Yeah will these little boys end up being the pearly-eyed boys that service muslum men in allah’s heavenly whorehouse?

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  • Lynn D

    Isn’t is strange how the likes of Zuckerberg are clamping down even more on our rights to speak the truth, aka hatespeech, while this POS claims his rights to say anything under his right of free speech… Sorry< to say it's one rule for us and another rule for them.. What would happen if a white Anglican minister (if you can find one) told his congregation that they must oppose the Islamification of UK? He'd be pilloried and drummed out of the church wouldn't he?

    • Keith

      Of course he would, you only have to look at the response of the media and our stupid MP’s to the 2 MP’s Sarah Champion (white Christian) and Naz Shah (ethnic minority Muslim).
      Sarah in her role as a Labour shadow minister with the role of speaking up for women pointed out that there is a link between Pakistani men and the rape gangs lost her job because of that report. Naz Shah was a leading light in the attempt to get her removed.
      Naz Shah, who was temporarily suspended from the Labour party last year for Anti-Semitic speach, liked and retweeted a tweet saying about the abused girls in Rotherham should “shut up and keep quiet for the sake of diversity”. She is still in her position as chief hater for the Labour party supported by her good friend, and friend of terrorists, Jeremy Corbyn the party leader.
      There has been complete silence by the media over Shah’s tweet but an immediate uproar over Champions report.

      • Lynn D

        I have read about all that and are as disgusted and alarmed by it as you are.. I hope you never get another labour government, but given the demographics, by the 2030’s that is all you are going to get..

  • peakpower

    Muslims only come to promote jihad and conquer. Anyone that doesn’t get that is one of them.

  • Robert Batchelor

    Another shining example of why this sick ideology has to be eradicated from planet Earth.

    So, can the Muslime trolls that read the posts on this site please cite where your so-called religion is peaceful?

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      The only way nazism was defeated was to kill millions of Germans.

  • Tatiana Covington

    They should all be expelled.

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