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[ January 20, 2018 ]

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[ January 19, 2018 ]

Bangladesh: Man arrested for posting images criticizing Qur’an on Facebook

Pamela Geller on leftist social media censorship: “They mean to cut off everything from those who are working in defense of the free and the brave”


The freedom of speech is under strenuous attack. This is not just about me. If I am silenced, a dangerous precedent will be set that people can be denied access to the means of communications if their views aren’t acceptable to the elites. This would mean the end of a free society in the U.S. Every American should care about this. There is nowhere to flee, nowhere else to go.

“Stifling free speech, one Pamela Geller-Robert Spencer-Michael Savage at a time,” by Cheryl K. Chumley, Washington Times, September 12, 2017:

Conservatives of the country, take note: Voices are being squelched. Viewpoints are being stifled. Free thinking is being vilified. The First Amendment is being choked.

And it’s all being brought about by a leftist’s favorite tool — controlling in the name of protecting.

The left’s logic goes this way: “Free speech is good, but it has limits.” Or, “We believe in free speech — of course, we believe in the freedom of speech. But some speech is harmful and hateful and hurtful.”

It’s the type of logic that gets Milo Yiannopoulos banned from taxpayer-funded university speaking podiums. It’s also the type of logic that lets thugs masquerade as righteous protesters, and set things on fire, like buildings and police cars, ‘cause their snowflake sensibilities get offended.

It’s spreading.

It’s making massive inroads in the private sector, most noticeably perhaps online, in social media.

“My website and posts have been scrubbed from Google search,” said author, speaker and activist Pamela Geller, explaining in an email how her American Freedom Defense Initiative and Atlas Shrugs sites, aimed at revealing the truths of Islam, were also recently booted from PayPal and Pinterest. Why?

As PayPalexplained [sic] in an email to Geller: “We have recently reviewed your usage of PayPal’s services … [and] due to the nature of your activities, we have chosen to discontinue service to you. … We ask that you please remove all references to PayPal from your website. This includes removing PayPal as a payment option, as well as the PayPal logo and/or shopping cart.”

PayPay [sic], following an outcry from Geller’s readers, reversed its decision.

Small victory.

Geller still faces this: “Google Adsense has banned my account. YouTube demonetized all of my videos. My Twitter account has been shadow-banned,” she wrote in her email.

A shadow-ban is when hashtags only show up in the feeds of existing followers — an occurrence that then restricts the ability of the account holder to grow and expand.

Geller’s not alone on that.

“I’m shadow-banned on Facebook and Twitter,” said Robert Spencer, an author who’s written extensively about Islam and jihad and who serves as director of the online Jihad Watch.

In an email, he said: “In mid-February, my referrals from each one dropped off by 90 percent, and have never recovered. Twitter has flagged several of my tweets as ‘hateful,’ including one in which I said, accurately, that Islam is not a religion of peace.”

Spencer’s facing his own shenanigans from Google.

“Google,” he said, “has altered its search results to give only results favorable to Islam, so while for years one searched for ‘jihad’ and got Jihad Watch as the first result, based on content and size of readership, now it doesn’t even come in on the first page.”

YouTube, meanwhile, has also removed a playlist of “Robert Spencer” videos, he said.

It’s alarming, yes? We’re talking about attacks on free thought here — but we’re also talking about attacks on livelihoods.

Geller and Spencer, in part, earn their livings on social media backs.

“The left is trying to use Charlottesville as its Reichstag Fire moment — a chance to shut down all dissent,” Spencer said. “The Southern Poverty Law Center’s spurious and politically biased ‘hate group’ list became the linchpin of this effort, and that’s when I was banned from PayPal.”

Like Geller‘s, Spencer’s PayPal ban was reversed — but only after supporters raised substantial outcry.

And again: That’s just one small victory.

The onslaught against free speech is growing wider as we speak.

“Twitter Bans Activist Mommy for Tweeting Her Dislike of Teen Vogue’s Anal Sex Guide,” blasted one recent PJ Media headline, in a story about Elizabeth Johnston, “The Activist Mommy,” also known as @activistmommy1 on Twitter, who dared to criticize the digital editorial director of Teen Vogue, for allowing for the publication of a guide on anal sex.

Her tweet wasn’t even that controversial.

“Congrats Phillip!” she tweeted in mid-August, to editor Phillip Picardi. “A sodomite mag just awarded you for teaching kids sodomy. Way to recruit there @TheAdvocateMag!”

YouTube, owned by the same Alphabet company that owns Google, then cut Johnston’s ability to monetize her videos. Geller, Spencer, now Johnston — that’s starting to seem par for the course. But as PJ Media wrote on Johnston’s plight: “This one falls under ‘too stupid to believe,’ but it’s actually true. … While Johnston’s posts and views are controversial to some, none of what she has to say is new. Her views on homosexuality come from the best-selling book in the world — the Bible.”

Note to social media self: No comments critical of Islam. No remarks based on biblical teachings. Got it.

Geller suggests the left, “awash in funding,” is on rampage to kill all dissent. And if they can’t get the government to do it, well then, there’s always the private biz world — at least the private business ventures that are headed by similarly minded leftists.

“They mean to cut off everything from those who are working in defense of the free and the brave,” she said. “The left elites control the cultural apparatus in this country — media, movies, entertainment, academia, etc. There was one place that was free and unfettered — the Internet. Consequently, they blame social media and Internet sites for Trump’s victory and the continuing opposition to jihad and sharia. So, they mean to shut us down. Totalitarianism cloaked in ‘hate speech’ restrictions, and ‘tolerance.’ “…

“The freedom of speech is under strenuous attack,” Geller said. “This is not just about me. If I am silenced, a dangerous precedent will be set that people can be denied access to the means of communications if their views aren’t acceptable to the elites. This would mean the end of a free society in the U.S. Every American should care about this. There is nowhere to flee, nowhere else to go.”…

First comes Geller and Spencer. Then, the Mommy Activist, and Savage. Next? Patriots, beware. We shouldn’t wait for the answer on that. It will mean it’s too late.

Pamela Geller's shocking new book, "FATWA: HUNTED IN AMERICA" is now available on Amazon. It's Geller's tell all, her story - and it's every story - it's what happens when you stand for freedom today. Buy it. Now. Here.

  • These large social media companies need to be regulated like utilities or monopolies. Take your pick but this crap has to be controlled.

    • Bradley Lexvold

      The problem originated when the government gave huge subsidies to Google and now having a financial stake made Google their bitch. The free market has Steemit, where you get paid for your input, and Minds and others. What we’re suffering from is not adherence to receiving the Mark of the Beast, as we have no interest in worshipping the Snake.

      • Patriotic American

        It also is tied in to Obama’s having ceded control of the Internet, last year, to foreign entities with no commitment to free speech. Trump, I’ve noticed, has been MIA on this issue. (Although if, G-d forbid, Hillary Hell’s Kitchen had gotten in, not only would she have nodded at what these monoliths are doing, she may well have pushed for it or leaned them towards it.)

        • Bradley Lexvold

          Yep, gonna take a lot to fix all this. We’ve got a tough road ahead, but people are becoming more aware every day.

    • Richard Wiig

      They have every right to regulate their own forum.

    • Suresh

      GOOGLE , FAcebook , twitter etc to target criticism of Islam in new anti-First Amendment censorship purge

      • notislam

        I can tell that FB is gearing up for another banishing – They start interfering like it is just another day but they will start stopping postings for weeks at a time.

    • Suresh

      There must be concerted effort to sue and move away to alternative options.

      Left/Liberal/feminazis will impose sharia everywhere if there is no resistance to such stupidity. Just like they banning a Model on Instagram for being too hot and sexy

      CAN IT get more Ridiculous ?

      • ShannonDGusman

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    • Patk27

      Then “who will watch watchers ?”

  • Bertie

    Simple solution.

    Google is a public listed company. Youtube owned by Google.
    Ditto Facebook.
    Ditto Twitter.

    Next step obvious.

  • Suresh

    There must be concerted effort to sue and move away to alternative options.

    Left/Liberal/feminazis will impose sharia everywhere if there is no resistance to such stupidity.

    Just like they banning a Model on Instagram for being too hot and sexy

    CAN IT get more Ridiculous ?

  • RCCA

    I’m not savy in the world of advertising and mass marketing so forgive my ignorance. I google jihad and see Jihadwatch, I searched for Robert Spencer on Youtube and see his channel. Is that because I am subscribed and otherwise I wouldn’t see it?

  • rh2

    The left, “awash in funding,” is on rampage to kill all dissent. That’s it, isn’t? Lefties have unlimited funding to muzzle anybody and everything that goes against their planned makeover of our free and democratic societies. Money talks – every time!
    Not only the Left has plenty of financial support, but there also are many individuals on the Right who are rolling in dough. Conservative billionaires such as the Koch Brothers, for example, could start new social media sites to give access to those who hold views opposing the repressive Left ( Geller, Fisher, BNI, et al). It may be a possible solution to the complete shutdown of Free Speech by fascist scum such as Zuckerberg and his ilk. . .

    • Bradley Lexvold

      There unlimited funding ends up coming from the Federal Reserve which just prints out money for them so we get hit both ways. 1st we combat them and they come back, using essentially our own money and labor, and we are diminished in resources quickly because we’re paying for both sides. FUBAR

    • Patriotic American

      The Koches aren’t all that conservative. I read somewhere that, as one example, they’re open borders . . .

      • Dorrie

        I’ve read that as well, but they, themselves, have never said that. They are strong humanitarians, which is a good thing, since they have a LOT of money to help others with – and they use it well.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    The stage is being set for a cultural freedom “cultural revolution” that will make the social upheaval of the 60’s mild in comparison.

    • Bradley Lexvold

      Was just a kid in the 60’s but remember their quotes. ” If you feel so strongly about this war, you go stand on the front line”. “You can’t even run your own life, I’ll be damned if you’ll run mine.” At least they had ideas with substance. This stupidity nowadays seems like you’re getting punked cause nobody is that stupid. That and the whistles, what are they imitating, Bart Simpson as a child. Jerry Springer was just a stupid show, not a suggestion on how to live.

    • Dorrie

      Yep and George Soros is the ring leader!

    • Gunter

      And lest we forget, the “cultural revolution” in China was little more than the implementation of Marxist ideology re-labeled Mao-ism.

      Yes, Mao was HEAVILY influenced by Marx, as was Adolf Hitler.

  • Patriotic American

    It’s not just this situation. These monoliths are also out to destroy and silence pro-life advocates, and drive pro-life women’s health clinics and crisis pregnancy centers out of business – all to the bidding of Planned Parenthood, the most vile baby-killing organization out there (think their collusion with the SPLC in branding the entire pro-life movement a “hate group”), and the rest of the abortion culture as exemplified by NARAL, Emily’s List et al. If the quote in “Atlas Shrugged” about life-haters who seek to squelch any sign thereof is valid, these advocates of the culture of death are it. And that’s not counting PP’s crusade to outlaw the use of ultrasound machines in women’s health clinics, all of which proves that as far as they’re concerned, “a woman’s right to choose” is to begin and end with abortion and women should have no other option available to them.

    • Bradley Lexvold

      Well said. If we truly want God on our side then we must protect all his children, something that seems to be lost in the shuffle. Keep reminding people, you can’t enjoy life unless you’re alive.

  • Alleged-Comment

    Anything that gets usefool and powerfool get corrupted immediately by the left and lieberals. Whether it’s TV, the Internet, radio, books, etc.

    You are not allowed to be free, know freedom or spread the news about it. That is; the TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE.

    So the truth is suppressed and is proof their is a DEVIL! The prince of power of the air.

  • Gunter

    The inimitable Pat Condell:

    Goodbye To The First Amendment

  • Fred8512

    I would like to see all the left dickwads sent to the middle east permanently.

  • Neva

    America our voices are being silenced and we are not even noticing it! #BanIslam #BanMuslim #ArrestSoros #ArrestObama #MSM is leading us into WAR!

  • DemocracyRules

    U.S. Government Agencies Ordered To Remove Kaspersky Software:
    Kaspersky busted for ties to Russian spy agencies

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020
    • Dorrie

      Do you have any worthwhile comments or do you just like to post the same memes over and over????

  • Not unlike the infamous censorship tactics of Communism…which was, unironically, a left-wing ideology at its core.

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