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Muslim college student who lied about Trump supporter subway attack pleads guilty


Read my column here about this case — read the whole thing. I said from the beginning that Yasmin Seweid made the whole thing up, but the enemedia could not get enough of her story. A Muslim teen said she was “verbally abused on a NY train” by “islamophobic Trump” supporters. It was worldwide news. No one in the media questioned all the holes in her story.

Yasmin and her brother Abdoul were featured together in NY Newsday talking about the “pigs” who attacked her and the cowardly witnesses who sat idly by. Yet no witnesses ever came forward and no surveillance video corroborated her story, which supposedly happened on the platform and in the train car of a post-9/11 New York City subway station.

Ironically, it was also NY Newsday that reported the police charges against Abdoul from a few years earlier. Allegedly, Abdoul Seweid and his friends were involved in some serious criminal activity that Abdoul tried to cover by blaming the involvement of “three unknown males.”

Did Newsday ask police the tough questions? Did The NY Times? Apparently not, but they reported Yasmin’s story as fact, anyway.

Now they are exposed, and Yasmin has pleaded guilty in court to making up the whole thing.

“Muslim college student who lied about Trump supporter subway attack pleads guilty,” by Shayna Jacobs and Jefferson Siegel, New York Daily News, September 8, 2017:

The Muslim college student who lied to cops about getting attacked on the subway by drunken Trump supporters took a plea deal on Friday.

Yasmin Seweid, 19, copped to falsely reporting an incident and disorderly conduct for the bogus claim.

Seweid, of New Hyde Park, L.I., said hate-filled white men harassed her and tried to snatch the hijab off her head during an encounter on the No. 6 train on Dec. 1.

Seweid previously admitted she wasted police resources to cover up for her missed curfew.

She must go through six months of counseling and complete three days of community service.

If Seweid fulfills the terms of her deal, the top charge against her will be tossed and she’ll be left with just a violation….

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  • Deplorable HoundOfDoom

    Another lying muslima. Never trust a muslum. Never.

  • kiwifruit

    She lied and said they tried to snatch the hijab off her head. Here she is in court with no hijab.

    • LOL I had the same thought. It’s SO important she forgot it for court & opted for a hairstyle that would never fit properly under a headscarf. ?

      • wilypagan

        Deport. Them. All.

        • NSNZ

          .. and BAN entry to all of them.

    • Suresh

      Muslims use Al-taqiya to take advantage of infidels is part of jihad. Left/liberal loons support them.

      Patriots from this country were right in kicking them out

    • Eli Cvetic

      Never seen one tell the truth yet….

      • Corey Gray

        I have…but liberals hate to hear it.

        Kurds “supported” during Desert Storm, to an extent…some of us got to interact with them. I got told by one of their equivalents to our lieutenant colonel (a position held by relationships in his…tribe, I guess is the best way to say it…young guy, too young for the rank) “You are Infidels…for now, you fight our enemies, you are our friends, for now. But when this is over? You are still just Infidels, who must be converted.” Earlier conversations left this clear as “by sword, if necessary”.

        No reason to lie THAT direction, not a subject he’d lie about in the affirmative, not covered by Taqiyya. Military leader backed by his troops in a “relaxed” environment, in HIS home territory, with him NOT as a ranking officer, hanging out with the common troops, along with most the company commanders from us…

        Absolutely nothing to be gained saying this, much to be lost, in trust. Therefor most likely total honesty.

    • Linda Lee

      Yeah I noticed that. She’s nothing but a hate mongering malevolent liar.

      • Ricktime54

        She identifies as a liberal Democrat.

    • Corey Gray

      Do please remember that many courts have ruled they may not wear them in that specific judge’s courtroom (supposedly to help ensure no islamophobic influence in juries)…and even then, she may not ALWAYS wear one, but USUALLY does.

      However, regardless, she did this to avoid punishment for a missed curfew…her punishment should be one HELL of a lot harsher…as in “pay all costs involved, pay for media space for retractions, make public apology…or go to jail for theft of services to the tune of however much the whole thing ended up costing”…which will be a massive felony charge, as it’s WELL into the tens of thousands.

    • anyonebutmarkeyforsenate

      I think someone snatched it off her head on her way into the courthouse….

  • Bob O’Hara

    Another plea deal that will skew the statistics, and another criminal who will walk away clean. If she was Black and a Christian she’d be going to prison for a few years.

    • Pray Hard

      Good joke.

  • Isa Guy✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Will the NYT report this outcome or did they already?

  • Suresh

    Muslims use Al-taqiya to take advantage of infidels is part of jihad.
    Left/liberal loons support them.

    Patriots from Hungary were right in kicking them out

  • Meanstreak

    Now she needs to be dealt with proper! DEPORT HER OR WE WILL!

  • Mike

    We have a lawyer infested legal system not a justice system. In a justice system this rag head scum would be facing the full term punishment of those accused, had they been convicted, AND 5 years for lying to police and cause taxpayer money to be wasted.

  • roccolore

    Just about every other media outlet is silent on this.

  • wilypagan

    She should have been charged with inciting racial hatred.

    • Lester Pennington

      It would never fly. She’s not White.

      • Jay

        Yeah, you know you would not want that tender, Muslim, body put in an American jail for 2 years.
        Islamaphophobia would set in. Leave her out to contaminate the world.

  • Ritch Ritchloui

    She should have been charged with inciting racial hatred. The time is coming when Islam will be in the dock as a criminal enterprise, the world’s oldest and largest criminal enterprise. Muslims should be put on notice that their CHOICE to remain foreigners ALSO means losing their FAKE citizenship or at the very least having it put on probabation with a view to their eventual deportation to their REAL homelands.

  • santashandler

    Absolutely disgusting. She should never have been given the luxury of having the charge removed. And if she is a college student, why isn’t the university taking action against her. No doubt, if it were a Christian in her shoes, the university would have given a press conference outside her courtroom denouncing her as a hate-filled islamaphobe. But, I guess the university is willing to forgive and really needs the money, in Yasmin’s case.
    And one look at her expression in the photo above says it all. It says ‘I’m above all of you. Big deal, today I had to pay a stupid fine from your illegitimate courts. Tomorrow, I’ll do much more damage and get away with it.’

  • Linda Lee

    Throw the book at her, signaling that this kind of stuff will NOT be tolerated.

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020

    Perhaps her family needs to do the ‘honorable’ thing with this insolent young lady !!!

  • Mahou Shoujo

    What a surprise, a muslim lying, who ever would have guessed.

  • Pray Hard

    Moslems are liars. It’s a given.

  • Peter Wiggin

    You know what…she “dishonored” her family…

    • Duck

      Yes, by confessing.

  • Pat Davenport

    She ends to be in jail! If anyone else had committed this same crime they would be!

    • ted

      Lock her up with the witch Hellary

  • Ziggy46

    Lying is a tenet of Islam. As many have stated this should have been a hate crime. The old double standard is thriving in this nation and other western nations.

  • Halal Bacon

    the devils cookbook, AKA the Quran is pretty much the New Testament on “opposite day” so what would you expect from its adherents?

  • Don.Roy Hemingway

    Why isn’t she serving time for a hate crime, that’s what this was, hatred of good hard working Americans. Give ten years turning big rocks into little rocks and then deport the bitch and her entire family and as many friends as she has. Chain her to a pig for month too.

  • Ragman69

    But let a white, Christian male eat a BLT in front of her and watch him go to prison….

  • NonYa Biz
  • NonYa Biz
  • AFGus

    Three whole days of Community Service? Big Whoop!! She deserves to be in jail, pay restitution for the money Cops had to spend to investigate, and then deported and US citizenship (if she already has it) revoked. This POS and her brother need way more punishment that they’ve received. They’re getting off waaaaaay to easy!

  • Betty4440


  • DontMessWithAmerica

    When we get infestations of bugs that give us discomfort, unhappiness and possible health hazards we fumigate homes to get rid of them and bring peace and happiness back into our lives. Queen Isabella applied the same sensible tack to people who reduced the enjoyment of life in Spain – she deported all Muslims. We don’t need to be that dramatic. Those who are willing to reject Islam can stay. The mosques, of course, must go.

    • David Cohen

      Unfortunately, Isabella deported or forcibly converted all the Jews as well. That didn’t bode well for Spain. Those who bless the Children of Israel will be blessed and those go curse the Children of Israel will be cursed. All the Empires that did that ddeclined or disappeared.

  • John Havens

    She’s got the look of contempt on her face that I have seen on spoiled rich kids who are in trouble with the law. No doubt, she feels justified in her actions because of “the millions of Muslims being murdered all over the world”by the American government.

  • Afsaneh Khoshgeleh

    This is no punishment at all. She should’ve gotten serious time and be made an example of, but hey Democrats.

  • Michael Garfinkel

    Does anyone believe this is her first big lie – or that it is the last?

  • Charles Cross

    Now imagine if she had been white and accused muslicks of the same? From the movie a Time to KILL IMAGINE IF SHE WAS WHITE.

  • MargieMcTrouble

    So very happy that Miss Geller has been restored to FB.

  • Mongocutwood

    Saddest part is the MSM reported her story without gathering any facts.

    • ted

      what else is new.



  • Wade Austin

    Throw her Muslim ass in jail for a few years. Fortunately she didn’t blame a specific person and that person was arrested and jailed in which case I’d recommend a long jail term. These people who falsely claim to have been raped damage other’s reputations. Whether it is the balk girl who claimed the college boys in NC raped her, only to recant later or this latest Muslim skank these people damage the reputation on innocent individuals. They should be made to pay.


    She and all family and friends that were involved in this should now be deported!!


    What’s with the curly kinky hair?! Another deranged inbred Muslima portraying herself on (that court date) that she feels like a Black woman, like her deranged ilk–SarSOUR..((just another poor victimized mentally sick Muslim trying to take away the spotlight from those poor victimized thug like BLM)

  • Denver Bob

    Not sure if it rises to the level of deportation – but – a guilty plea is a conviction. Being a non citizen – I would watch out for running afoul of the law. Especially in today’s immigration environment.

  • Connie Snyder

    Deport her back to her country of origin..she has cost the tax payers money and tried to get innocent people in trouble

  • peakpower

    Now I see why muslim women where head scarfs. Her hair should be endless joke on the talk show circuit.

    • Unapologetic America

      She used to have long locks, shoulder length hair, her parents shaved her head and eyebrows right after she got caught (see earlier court photos).


  • JSpicoli

    Lying sacks of taqiyya

  • Unapologetic America

    Lets make sure she violates the terms of her release, NY-ers here’s your chance to show you love the USA, bait the admitted criminal and/or her brother, the nation will appreciate the effort.


  • marhannah

    She and her family ought to have been deported, end of story. Any of them here illegally ought to be deported, and then our doors closed to any of them coming from terrorist jihadi countries.

  • jeme rappel

    She was in the wrong state. In California, the Long Beach police just paid $85k to a muslim woman who was forced to remove her hajib when she was jailed on outstanding warrants. Out here, Seweid could have placated her curfew-enforcing parents and made a boatload of money by doing something stupid and telling the police they couldn’t search her headgear for drugs, contraband, weapons or bombs due to her religious beliefs.

  • Denis Meyer

    Finally, one of the lying, cheating, liberal pos’ gets caught and has been proscecuted and is found to be just what she is.

  • Elton Jones

    3 fook’n days of community service???? She would have gotten 50 lashes in her own Shir-ea court–If not outright beheading for going hjbab-less

  • Kathy McKinny

    ANYONE who lies about a crime like that, should be jailed for the same amount of time as if they committed the crime. Maybe then this false accusing would stop.

  • John Mackey

    And to think all she ends up with is a slap on the wrist. Most folks would have gotten jail time.

  • RalphB

    Her three days of community service will be to go to three of her local elementary schools and teach the children all about Islam’s gentle prophet, Muhammad, and how much he loved children.

  • Lisa Askwit ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

    If she were in her Country, she would have AT THe VERY LEAST, had her Tongue cut out! Only 3 DAYS OF SERVICE?! It should At Least be 1 year!

  • Janet Sharpley

    I am not Islamophobic. I am Anti-islamic

  • Mary Meglin-Staples

    That’s not a harsh enough sentence

  • Harleyrose

    So, will her father still ‘honor kill’ her now the whole world knows this was a lie to cover for her being out all night getting some infidel lovin?
    These people see deception as a virtue! Their only unforgivable sin is getting caught!

  • onwardSoldier1

    She should get the death penalty. I’m not kidding. This wicked bitch should get the firing squad.

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