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Sweden: Migration Board Staff Receives Death Threats From Savage Migrants


“The Board Staff is bedeviled….” Bedeviled, indeed. This is an invading army. Why would anyone think that Muslim migrants would accept the man-made laws of the non-Muslim countries they are invading?

Sweden has become a hotbed of jihad activity. Do they think they can put the genie back in the bottle?

Swedish Migration Board Staff Bedeviled By Death Threats From Angry Applicants

September 13, 2017, Sputnik News:

Being a clerk at Sweden’s Migration Board is anything but a cakewalk due to vast workloads and occupational hazards. For instance, some of the asylum seekers whose applications have been rejected choose to track down the Migration Board employees responsible.

Employees at the Swedish Migration Board are exposed to tampering and intimidation, even reportedly receiving death threats and menacing phone calls during off hours. The rise may be attributed to the fact that many of the applicants from the “bumper crop” year of 2015 are now being rejected.

According to Swedish national broadcaster SVT, the Migration Board staff is facing a tough environment. In July and August of this year alone, 25 bullying incidents occurred in just Stockholm. Additionally, six employees were contacted privately in an unsolicited manner, while another twelve cases of mental stress among staff were recorded. Between September 1, 2015 and August 31, 2016, a total of 2,049 incidents were reported, including undesired contact via social media, e-mail and private phone numbers.

“You really look behind your back when leaving the workplace. There may be someone standing behind the door. Such situations induce fear, and you need to cope with it,” Swedish Migration Board chief safety officer Helena Liss told SVT.

 Liss reported a marked increase in threats to Migration Board staff via social media or through direct contacts at home or by telephone.Her report echoes that of Swedish Migration Board Regional Director Magnus Rodin. According to him, there’s been an increase in reported cases since 2015, when the immigration authorities had to employ more staff to cope with the migrant crisis. Although Rodin ascribed the rise of such cases to better reporting, he added that threats and violence against staff were “unacceptable.”

Additionally, every Migration Board reception has since employed extra security personnel to increase the safety of the staff and be able to prevent serious situations. However, the personnel itself have been advised to keep a low profile on social media so as not to attract extra threats.

According to the regulations, any security-related incident has to be reported to the police by the Swedish Migration Board, yet sometimes employees have to do it themselves.

Although the threats have clearly become more (and more varied), relatively few of them develop into actual violence. Since 2008, the number of violent incidents against staff has remained fairly stable. Of the total number of reported cases in 2016, violence incidents constituted “only” just over 1 percent, SVT reported.

After receiving a peak number of 163,000 asylum seekers in 2015, which marked the highest percentage of refugees taken in per capita in Europe, Sweden experienced a predicted drop in the number of migrants. In 2017, the Swedish Migration Board expects to take in about another 30,000, which marks a further decrease compared with similar numbers in 2016. In addition, the Migration Board is fully prepared to take in an extra 10,000 asylum seekers, if the refugee agreement between the EU and Turkey cracks.

At present, Sweden is still struggling to process the massive cluster of asylum applications, despite the fact the Migration Board repeatedly being slammed for running an overblown budget of 30 billion SEK (roughly $3.6 billion) and a disproportionate staff of over 8,000 employees.

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  • Suresh

    SWEDEN: Police begging for help, legal system collapsing

    swedish police is so overworked, outnumbered that the Police chief is begging for help from his own govt

    But they are too busy bringing in more jihadis and dumb Left/liberal women I heard are allowing themselves be their sex slaves so they won’t be killed !

  • Poppey

    I don’t believe it’s rocket science to say that this multi culti fantasy is costing more than this countries white productive population can support medium/long term, and that will be the hidden fault in the expectations, people paying for this nonsense will increasingly choose to leave Sweden to preserve what’s left of their personal and business prospects.

    Sooner or later, Socialism always runs out of other peoples money.

    • ChinChinChoo#508

      Have you read Nima Sanandaji”s Debunking Utopia ? He is a Kurdish -Swedish researcher.

      • DebbieJHodges

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    • Robert Batchelor

      Yes, and when they run out of money then they’ll really have a problem with those peaceful migrants.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    More islamophobia, the swedes consciously voted to have their drab and uninteresting culture enriched by something exotic and foreign. That has happened, now sit down and shut up, you have got what you asked for, enjoy.

    • Hussars2016

      Yeah they broke it , they bought it.
      Go ahead Muzzzlims kill all the Swedes – get it over with , they are useless slabs of meat not halal. ,

      • Mahou Shoujo

        That is what the swedes want, there is no police force or law to prohibit murder in the streets, in sweden.

    • dad1927
    • IzlamIsTyranny

      “exotic and foreign” is an interesting way to describe islum, but only if by “exotic and foreign” you mean psychotically violent and totalitarian.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Yes, exotic and foreign are convenient weasel words.

  • Lynn D

    Is there anyone left of the indigenous Swedes that has a brain cell left? The police are saying they are overwhelmed, Hospitals have to have 24/7 security. Migration office staff are receiving death threats.. YET NO ONE COMPLAINS!! They just accept it as the way Sweden has to be now..WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM???

    • OverIt

      The Swedes see themselves as tolerant, their ‘guests’ see them as extremely weak and will take full advantage whenever it suits them, and ordinary people like me see them as suicidal.

      We’re ALL right.

    • dad1927

      hospital workers also get death threats. Thats how you can tell its (a) a muslim (b) he is not dead

  • Mohammad Izzaterd

    The “Migration Board’ is the great machine implementing the destructon of Sweden. It’s the tank, and the leftists are the drivers, mowing down Sweden, leveling its culture.

  • dad1927
  • Alleged-Comment

    As I’ve said before, NOW you know why they are TURD world. GODLESS and LAWLESS, live by the pack and justice is tribal.

    In another words SAVAGES. Savages in your midst. Meaning where you shop with Muzak, the nice office you work in, the paved street you walk, the quaint restaurant you eat and your little house behind the white picket fence.

  • conan_drum

    It is good to see that people are starting to speak out and especially encouraging that the national broadcaster is actually reporting reality!

  • GR Arnold

    This is Sweden’s own damn fault. When a society fails to protect their natural-born citizenry over those they feel sympathy and apathy for that also openly sets to destroy them for their efforts has begun a death spiral of which they will never recover. Sad.

  • Robert Batchelor

    Sweden, another shining example of what happens when you leave liberals in charge (of anything ).

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