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[ December 17, 2017 ]

Chain Migration Imported 120,000 Foreign Nationals from Terrorist-Funding Countries Since 2005

[ December 17, 2017 ]

Sex Offender Al Franken Still Has Not Left Senate, Despite “Resigning” Two Weeks Ago

[ December 17, 2017 ]

We have become scared of killing terrorists

[ December 17, 2017 ]

Hamas: Trump’s Jerusalem decision “racist” and “hateful,” intifada should escalate

[ December 17, 2017 ]

Hungarian Public Overwhelmingly Rejects ‘Soros Plan’ for Mass Migration to Europe

[ December 17, 2017 ]

New Jersey Imam who called for killing the Jews will NOT BE FIRED

[ December 17, 2017 ]

FATWA: NJ Senator Cory Booker gets DEATH THREATS after he slams ‘repugnant’ call for killing...

[ December 17, 2017 ]

Germany: Muslim teen migrant who raped and murdered EU official’s daughter is actually 33 years...

[ December 17, 2017 ]

Shouting “Allahu akbar!” knife wielding jihadi STABS two Danish National Geographic journalists

[ December 17, 2017 ]

“Blood-smeared floors”: At least five killed in devout Muslim homicide attack on Pakistan church

Muslim IT worker at center of House scandal accused of abusing three Muslim women


As the scandal widens and worsens, the media goes to extraordinary lengths not to cover it.

“Five Capitol Hill technology aides said that members of Congress have displayed an inexplicable and intense loyalty towards the suspects who police say victimized them. The baffled aides wonder if the suspects are blackmailing representatives based on the contents of their emails and files, to which they had full access.” (more here)

“House IT Worker At Center Of Scandal Allegedly Abused Three Muslim Women,” by Luke Rosiak, Daily Caller, September 20, 2017:

Multiple women in relationships with Imran Awan, the indicted former IT aide for Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, have recently called Virginia law enforcement and alleged being abused by him, police reports obtained under Virginia’s Freedom of Information Act show.

Officers found one of the women bloodied and she told them she “just wanted to leave,” while the second said she felt like a “slave,” according to Fairfax County Police reports obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group. A third woman claimed she was being kept “in captivity.”

The third woman is Awan’s stepmother, Samina Gilani, who said in court documents that Awan invoked his authority as a congressional employee to intimidate immigrant women, in part by telling them he had the power to have people kidnapped.

All but two of the nearly two dozen Democratic women Awan worked for in the House declined to comment on the police reports.

Wasserman Schultz, the former Democratic National Committee chairwoman, refused to fire Awan for months after his Feb. 2, 2017 banishment from the House computer network due to his being a suspect in a criminal investigation by the FBI and U.S. Capitol Police into a major cybersecurity breach.

Wasserman Schultz said that “as a mother, a Jew, and a member of Congress,” she wanted to defend his rights, a sentiment echoed by Rep. Marcia Fudge, an Ohio Democrat. Rep. Gregory Meeks, a New York Democrat. Wasserman Schultz also claimed allegations against Awan might stem from Islamophobia. All three women are Muslim.

Awan’s attorney, Chris Gowen, a former aide to Bill and Hillary Clinton, has blasted journalists covering the investigation. The press “should be reminded that Imran Awan is a husband and a father, not a political pawn,” Gowen said.

Awan’s attorneys declined to comment to TheDCNF on the police reports.

Neither of the other two women who complained are married to Awan, though both were apparently in relationships with him. Awan’s wife, Hina Alvi, worked as an IT aide for dozens of members of Congress, including Wasserman Schultz. The two women who called the police both lived in the same Alexandria, Va., complex but in different apartments for which Imran paid.

A crying Salam Chaudry called police in December 2015 to the Manitoba Apartment complex for a “domestic dispute,” according to a Fairfax County police report.

The investigating officer wrote that “Imran Awan was not supposed to live there and [Chaudry] wanted him to leave … It appeared that the two people were in a romantic relationship. Ms. Salam had a [redacted] that she said happened when she was doing dishes. Ms. Salam said she just wanted to leave and go to a shelter as she has no money. Ms. Salam has two children that were both at the residence both under the age of 8.”

The officer wrote that he “asked Ms. Salam why she was crying and calling police. Ms. Salam insisted nothing happened but that she wanted to leave. I went and spoke to Mr. Awan who quickly advised that he wanted to speak with a lawyer.”

“I asked him about the small amount of dried blood that appeared to be on his left hand,” the officer wrote. “He stated that it was from when his ‘roommate’ was getting the phone from him … After he left, I stayed and spoke with Ms. Salam about getting a protective order.”

Samara Siddique told authorities in a July 18, 2016 police report that “her boyfriend treat her bad and keep her there like a slave … [she] wants him out of her life. Ms. Siddique wanted info on how to obtain a restraining order against him.” The July 18 incident was the third time in less than a year police had responded to altercations between Siddique and Awan, once finding “small cut[s] on stomach and arm.”

The stepmother, Gilani, said on page 22 of this court document that after she had called the police, “Imran Awan showed up and threatened me for calling the police. Mr. Shahid Imran Awan threatened that he is very powerful and if I ever call the police [he] will do harm to me and my family members back in Pakistan and one of my cousins here in Baltimore.”…

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  • Delilah

    Deport the whole lot of them!

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Reading these stories about the IT scandals is almost as fun as reading the gossip columns :)

  • DemocracyRules

    Breaking: N. Korea says Trump’s words were declaration of war
    Pyongyang holds the right to self-defense

    2017/09/26 00:09
    WASHINGTON, Sept. 25 (Yonhap) — North Korea’s foreign minister said Monday that U.S. President Donald Trump has declared war against his country and Pyongyang holds the right to self-defense.
    Trump tweeted over the weekend that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un will not last long.
    “It is clearly a declaration of war because those were words by an incumbent American president,” Ri Yong-ho told reporters in front of his hotel in New York. “As long as the U.S. has declared war, even if U.S. strategic bombers don’t fly over North Korean air, we will hold the right to all measures of self-defense.”

    • DemocracyRules

      – NORKs and IRAN are closely linked. Iran missiles are close copies of Nork missiles
      Bolton says if Norks get workable nuke missiles, Iran will have them soon afterward
      – China says it won’t help Norks of they start it
      – Norks are trying to claim that the US started it.
      – But Trump did not say anything new. Aristotle said it first. Tyrannies don’t last long.
      “…tyranny is inherently extremely short lived and clearly without value…” ~ Aristotle
      The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

  • taxpayer22

    When a woman is raped in an Islamic area, then , she must provide four male Muslims to testify for her, or she – the victim – is killed. Sharia Islamic law.

    Same since the 7th Century..

    • Suresh

      Agree. And if she can’t find the witness , she will be accused of adultery and stoned to death by muslim mobs or honor killed by family members !

      That is why America needs Trump now more than ever and he is not afraid to call out son of bitches

      • ElizabethPMiller

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      • MargoAHernandez

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  • Mahou Shoujo

    “Awan’s attorney, Chris Gowen, a former aide to Bill and Hillary Clinton, has blasted journalists covering the investigation. The press “should be reminded that Imran Awan is a husband and a father, not a political pawn,” Gowen said”.
    Alrighty then, Chris Gowan stating that Imran Awn’s marital status is precedent over all criminal activities? Does this mean that the marital status of his victims is of no consequence? Are they sexual pawns? This very much looks like Chris Gowan is addressing a shari’a court. It that how things are done in Washington?

  • Kook of the East

    Tip for all muslimas currently in the U.S.:
    Sharia is not in effect here.(Yet)
    We don’t approve of domestic violence, we will support you and protect you.
    Take off the slave clothes and become part of civilized society.
    Leave the cult.
    You will probably like the change.

    • Harrie Mossel

      I do agree with you! There are de-programming organizations specialized in helping parents, siblings and children of people who have been brainwashed by vicious cults, I think they are financed privately, i.e. it is the relatives of those affected who pay for the treatment in order to recover their love and affection. I don’t have statistics right now about the successes accomplished in these endeavors, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to professionalize de-programming of victims of cults. Given the fact that the “freedom of religion” in the US and many other countries is virtually without limits and that thanks to the tax exemptions they enjoy make these cults immensely wealthy, it would be not a David vs. Goliath fight but that of a much weaker adversary against very powerful enemies, I thnk therefore that private donors (and not the governments) quietly finance de-programmings of (fanatic) muslims and victims of other cults. Another problem is how to rescue the victims and who pays for the treatment, but at least this should be mandatory for newcomers.

  • Sadly, many Muslim women don’t seem to care about the risks of being abused, they are deeply religious and actually seem to fiercely defend Islam at all costs.

  • SK

    It’s amazing to me how the dims keep protecting and defending Awan. He has the dope on them for sure. Otherwise they would have thrown him under the bus a long time ago. Our press is criminal for not reporting this also. This guy sounds like a typical arrogant muzzrat.

  • Oldsailor65

    This should be a bigger story than Watergate but the MSM won’t push it.

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