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[ December 15, 2017 ]

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[ December 15, 2017 ]

Houston Muslim Taken into Custody on Charges of Islamic Terrorism

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[ December 15, 2017 ]

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[ December 15, 2017 ]

New Jersey Imam Calls for Killing of Jews

[ December 15, 2017 ]

Faisal Kutty, who wants Pamela Geller banned from Canada, supports killer of Christians and pro-Hitler...

[ December 15, 2017 ]

VIDEO: Police shoot knifeman who threatened crowd at Amsterdam airport – terminal evacuated

[ December 15, 2017 ]

Netherlands: Muslim migrant stabs two to death, cops say no terrorist motive

[ December 15, 2017 ]

Muslim migrant with nine bombs strapped to suicide vest takes 13 hostages inside Canada bank

[ December 15, 2017 ]

Minneapolis Prosecutor: Investigators ‘didn’t do their jobs’ in probe of police officer Mohamed Noor’s murder...

Former FBI Agent John Guandolo Riles CAIR in Iowa


“Why are people concerned with what’s happening in the little town of Oakland, Iowa?” Jorgensen said. “That question needs to be asked.”

Former FBI agent John Guandolo is kicking up dust in the Midwest.

After a relatively uneventful appearance in Nebraska, Leftist counter-protesters came out in numbers against Guandolo’s presentation in Iowa, which was entitled, “Understanding the Threat: the Muslim Brotherhood’s Secret Strategies for the USA.” Protest leaders were adamant about not engaging Guandolo in discussion.

“Racism and hate and white supremacy are not up for debate,” said protest leader Glenn Hurst. Instead, the protesters were determined to ignore Guandolo by attending his talk and sitting in the front rows while wearing ear plugs and rustling newspapers.

The protesters are part of Indivisible, the Left’s answer to the Tea Party —  a loosely connected network of anti-Trump groups, of which CAIR is included. The founders of Indivisible do not inspire confidence, particularly when repeatedly giving evasive answers to questions about their funding. Indivisible’s co-founder, Ezra Levin, says that George Soros is not involved, but they like Soros and would welcome his assistance. Washington Journal Ezra Levin Leah Greenberg Discuss Progressive |

But why all the attention on Iowa? Is it because of the Iowa caucuses, the winner of which receives a boost for his Presidential campaign? Whatever the reason, groups such as American Muslim Alliance do have Iowa in their focus. AMA has moved its headquarters from Washington, D.C. to Des Moines for unknown reasons.

The American Muslim Alliance is well known as another Muslim Brotherhood front group.

“The AMA mission statement describes its goal as to “transform our pent-up frustration, anger, and pain into creative and meaningful steps towards political empowerment of the American Muslim community … to methodically gain influence in the American political system commensurate with the sum total of our skills and creativity … to organize the American Muslim community in the mainstream public affairs, civic discourse, and party politics all across the United States.” “

The AMA is listed by Project SALAM as one of the participants in the May 6, 2010 rally in support of Aafia Siddiqui.

During the 1990s, the AMA co-hosted a series of conferences with the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the Islamic Association for Palestine, the American Muslim Council, and the Muslim Public Affairs Council.

In 2000, AMA founder Dr. Saeed endorsed war against Israel. This led Democratic Senate candidate Hillary Clinton to refund $50,000 in donations received from an AMA fundraiser.

In 1999 the AMA co-sponsored the “United for al-Quds” conference in Santa Clara where, according to Steven Emerson, “speakers accused Israel and the U.S. of carrying out a conspiracy to kill Muslims” and “one speaker called for the death of Jews.”

In 1998, the AMA co-hosted the conference “Palestine: 50 Years of Occupation” at a Brooklyn college.

John Guandolo must be over the target, considering all the bluster he is inspiring, and try as they may, the bad Muslims at CAIR are unable to shoot Guandolo down, as this reported exchange shows.

One CAIR-affiliated woman did speak up.

She said the presenters were only teaching about the extreme version of Islam found in places like Saudi Arabia.

“I asked her to name the title of one book that teaches the other version of Islam, the moderate version. She couldn’t name one,” Guandolo said. “The whole audience gasped because they realized what was going on.”

Well, let’s hope so.

Pamela Geller's shocking new book, "FATWA: HUNTED IN AMERICA" is now available on Amazon. It's Geller's tell all, her story - and it's every story - it's what happens when you stand for freedom today. Buy it. Now. Here.

  • Emmett


  • livingengine
  • Bradley Lexvold

    Surely wish Pam would have said this, ” Make sure you have John come to your town and speak!” The Act for America group that I go to, its members all know him and most have been through his training program. He has many styles of training courses, ranging from church groups, other types of public groups, and short and long Law Enforcement Officer training courses. GET him to one of your local group meetings!!!! It’s always a no nonsense, straight forward, honest view of the Muslin Brotherhood. Includes their plans with the documents recovered from a police investigation that are very revealing. Understanding the Threat. Get involved with it in your community. This article proves he’s a threat to their takia, or whatever you call it, their lying in the name of Allah.

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020

    CAIR is a legal terror front org,.. just like ACLU, DNC, Clinton Foundation and SPLC !!!

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  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020
    • Jackie Puppet

      Hopefully pics like these were part of Guandolo’s presentation.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    No muslim will ever engage in anything resembling a discussion about islam, They know it is a bag of lies, but it is very profitable for the muslim clergy who will permit rape, robber, murder or any other crime to any muslim. The fact is that looking at islamic nations, they are all failures, with Christian charity the only thing keeping them from death from disease and starvation. As a death cult, they think alice will take care of them, the fact is, maggots will.

    • Hussars2016

      Yep. Islamophobia = Discussion of Islam.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        muslims do get annoyed when they are forced to explain islam, usually they shout the questioner down, threaten them, or walk away. Every discussion with a muslim ends up with the muslim looking like the fool they are.

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Guandolo is very good.

  • Hussars2016

    ““I asked her to name the title of one book that teaches the other
    version of Islam, the moderate version. She couldn’t name one,” Guandolo
    Gotta re,member that.

    • Bradley Lexvold

      He’s been doing this for a while. His presentations and .com are worth your time to look into. Understanding the Threat.

      • Hussars2016

        Yeah he is one of most well spoken on the issue adn excellent on the comeback.

  • william carr

    “Racism and hate and MUSLIM supremacy are not up for debate,” In fact we are not even allowed to talk about it
    as it is ‘islamofauxbia’ (sic)

    • rishi

      Natanyahoo’s dikk sukker dirty kuffar Muslim hater

  • Alleged-Comment

    When you told me they were in Iowa I knew ONE THING. A bigger force is at work here. Iowa and other Midwest States represent white America in its truest state.

    This can be only the work of a Nation-State using proxies like the sodomite Negro and the Demoncrap party and other well-heeled pagans like Bill and Hillary.

    Bill, Hillary and the sodomite Nerogro especially RESENT white people. Talk about being a racist.

    • SouthernMaster

      I lived, worked & went to college in Iowa & loved it. However, sometimes they can be taken in by a pretty face & elect some of the most leftist politicians.

    • mztore

      The mudslimes are afraid of what is/was/might happen in middle America after the last election. They know that the “big cities” no longer control the electorate but they want to so they are invading middle America.

  • Hussars2016

    When is Trump going to re-hire or hire him and have him make presentations to the FBI, CIA DHS etc?

  • Hussars2016

    Here’s the headline the MSM feeds the sheeple:

    Video: CAIR-Iowa Denounces Hate Message of Anti-Muslim Conspiracy Theorist John Guandolo

    And the rest of the MSN

  • iprazhm

    Meet the Jewish couple leading the Trump resistance Leah Greenberg and Ezra Levin started Indivisible almost by accident. A few months later, they’ve inspired over 5,000 local groups “NEW YORK (JTA) — The group at the forefront of “resisting the Trump agenda” started in the middle of December with a single document circulated among friends. One that was “poorly formatted” and “full of typos,” in the words of one of its authors, Leah Greenberg.” By JOSEFIN DOLSTEN March 4, 2017

    This couple are liberals who call themselves Jews. You know, like Hillary Clinton claiming she is a Christian. There’s nothing orthodox about these leftists.

    • VTS

      Reform Jews are not Jews. They are embarrassment.

  • joc22

    Why hasn’t POTUS not declared the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization as Egypt has is beyond me. All a person has to do is read their manifesto to understand what these dogs are about

  • santashandler

    “The AMA mission statement describes its goal as to “transform our pent-up frustration, anger, and pain into creative and meaningful steps towards political empowerment of the American Muslim community ….” So, that’s where the muslim on the street gets his goats so he can relieve all his ‘pent-up frustration.’

    “….to methodically gain influence in the American political system commensurate with the sum total of our skills and creativity …” Ha, ha. Oh, they mean creativity with respect to their bomb-making skills and how they come up with all the different ways to justify marrying a six year old.

  • Karl

    A follow up question to “Name a book on moderate Islam” is
    “name a book you have read in the last year”.

  • Rose Keeling

    Islam’s Method of Takeover
    1. Gain Entry
    2. Establish a Masque
    3. Make the inhabitants of the area feel uncomfortable in their own town, city, county. State, or country.
    4. Grow the Muslim population.
    5. Indoctrinate the children.
    6. Claim Islam is being victimized.
    7. Work to resist host law and customs.
    8. Exploit local laws when it is to the advantage of Islam.
    9. Demand the acceptance of Sharia law as an act of freedom of religion.
    10. Secede from surrounding areas.
    11. Take control of the remaining inhabitants, convert to Islam, die, or be enslaved
    *****NOTE***** Afghanistan was a Buddhist nation, Pakistan was a Hindu nation, Lebanon was a Christian nation they are all now Muslim nations. Soon Europe may fall. The Prime Minister of Germany already said they will be an Islamic nation. Many Muslims only remain in Islam because if the attempt to convert from the religion of love and peace they will be BEHEADED.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Indonesia and Malaysia were once peaceful Buddhist countries — now Buddhists are being persecuted by f’ing muslums in both those muslum pig’s anus states.

  • Fred

    Hey, Glenn Hurst- yeah you bitch boy!

    It’s your kind that generate hate in the first place. Try telling me what is and isnt up for debate boy. You’ll wish you never met me.

    If someone shot Hurst I’d look the other way and hope there were no security cameras around.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Council on American Islamic Repression.

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