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[ January 23, 2018 ]

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Pamela Geller: Trump Was ‘Adhering To The Sharia’ By Not Criticizing Islam In 9/11 Speech

Donald Trump

Nasty site, good content. Right Wing Watch can’t demonstrate that what I said about Trump is false, so they do what the left always does: present it as if its falsity were obvious, without explanation.

President Trump should take note: when a hard-left site such as Right Wing Watch starts sticking up for you, you should know you’re on the wrong track.

“Pamela Geller: Trump Was ‘Adhering To The Sharia’ By Not Criticizing Islam In 9/11 Speech,” by Jared Holt, Right Wing Watch, September 12, 2017:

Anti-Muslim activist Pamela Geller said today that the fact that President Donald Trump didn’t criticize Islam during his remarks at a 9/11 memorial service yesterday means that the president and his administration are “adhering to the Sharia.”

This morning on “Breitbart News Daily,” Geller and guest host Raheem Kassam shared their disappointment with the lack of criticism of Islam in Trump’s speech at yesterday’s memorial service and lamented the idea that “globalist” forces inside the White House have shifted Trump away from his extreme anti-Islam rhetoric.

“We are now sure that it’s a pattern,” Kassam said. “So the positive will be that we can now move on this issue.”

“What the president is doing, and his administration is doing, is adhering to the Sharia; you cannot criticize Islam,” Geller said. She then declared that anti-Islam activists like her “have to make our voices known.”

“We have to, whether it is via Breitbart or comments or phone calls—yes, we have to tell the president that this is unacceptable,” Geller said….

Pamela Geller's shocking new book, "FATWA: HUNTED IN AMERICA" is now available on Amazon. It's Geller's tell all, her story - and it's every story - it's what happens when you stand for freedom today. Buy it. Now. Here.

  • Patti York

    In this one instance, gotta say I disagree, this was a 9/11 memorial service, not a political rally. Can’t we have ONE day a year where the SOLE focus is the victims and their families? Trump has been very vocal about destroying these bastards and not only vocal, but actually going after them. Since he was sworn in, how many terror attacks have there been on U.S. soil?

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    • felix1999

      WRONG. Being critical of Islam is not a “political statement” or a “political rally”. Perhaps in your mind being critical of the MUSLIM terrorists that murdered these people is “political”? ISLAM drove that attack. Geesh! Have you over dosed on political correctness?

      If you think MUSLIMS are done with terror attacks on U.S. soil you are wrong. They are feeling Trump out to see how serious he is. Something else will happen.

      • Patti York

        How many attacks on U.S. soil have there been since he was sworn in? The reaction here is that Trump was somehow engaging in apologetics. Not seeing it. And yeah I think we need ONE day per year where these assholes are given NO attention at all. Your argument felix is not persuasive.

    • Covadonga

      On 9/11 and immediately afterward President Bush seemed strong against terrorism. I forget the exact formulation he used, but it was something like “Islamist extremism”, and he famously (or infamously) compared it to the somewhat nonsensical list of, iirc, “fascism, Communism, and totalitarianism”.

      (The list was flawed because because the way he expressed it showed no awareness that fascism and Communism are types of totalitarianism, and it so contained a kind of category error.)

      But on the plus side, he vowed to fight, to take the fight to the enemy, to build a coalition against the enemy, to continue the fight as long as necessary, and refused to accept the cult of moral grayness, stating categorically that everyone not for us was against us.

      But by the 3rd day, he was appearing on camera again, but this time with a whole menagerie of Islamic terrorist leaders, funders, recruiters, and apologists, claiming that they were on our side.

      And he went on to explicitly adopt and propagandize for the false narrative of the Warm and Fuzzy Muslim.

      It goes something like this:

      1.) Muslims are warm and fuzzy.

      2.) If you’ve never hugged a Muslim before, you can’t imagine what you’re missing.

      3.) Hug a Muslim today. You’ll never go back.

      4.) Islam is a religion of peace™.

      George Bush the Younger: In the face of the greatest strike on the US since Pearl Harbor, maybe the most murderous armed attack on American civilians on their own soil in all history, it took him just three days to switch from fighting the enemy wherever they holed up, to standing shoulder-to-shoulder with them, and mouthing their despicable talking points.

      Islam is a religion of peace™, indeed.

      Candidate Trump famously blasted Islamic extremism, and mocked Republican establishment figures, and others, for refusing to name it.

      President-elect Trump became President Trump on Jan. 20th. From Jan. 20th to Sept. 11th is 234 days. Just 234 days to go from mocking his opponents for failing to name the enemy, to failing to name the enemy himself.

      Nor did his National Security chief, nor his chief of staff, nor even his supposedly conservative Vice President name the enemy.

      234 days of incomprehensible nominations, personnel changes, even purges.

      234 days of steps backwards on policy promises.

      234 days punctuated with interviews by fake media personalities, but with precious little interaction with anyone in the alternative media that had stood by him and clinched his victory.

      The problem is not just one day. The problem is the general direction of change, and the increasing pace of change in the present absence of any of the innovative, outside-the-swamp nationalists whom he had originally brought in.

      234 days for Trump to succumb to Shari’a dictates is better than 3 days for Bush. But we cannot win the war for civilization merely by reducing the speed with which we surrender.

      The deplorables who put Trump in office are getting restless.

      • satcatchet

        Geo. Bush used 9/11 then turned on the muslums. A classic use of functional illustrates. The same is happening to many in our government per Geo. Soros and Agenda21. Get what you want of them, the deed doers, then destroy them. Kinda like a Walmart grocery bag, fill it, empty it, throw it away.

        • Covadonga

          I don’t know what you mean about using the Muslims then throwing them away. After 8 years of the Soetoro administration, our government is quite a bit cosier with Muslims of all stripes than it was when Bush left office.

          And at the time he left office, the government was arguably closer to Muslims than it was on 9/11.

          No, I don’t see any evidence that Bush, or any other policy maker in Washington, ever “turned on the Muslims”.

          On the contrary, there is more evidence that Washington has turned on the American people than that it has turned on Muslims.

  • teacherofenglish

    Respectfully disagree, Patti. To honor those murdered by Islamic jihadists, you don’t provide those jihadists cover by refusing to name and shame them. It’s not a political question; it’s a moral one. And this marks a deliberate and horrid change in strategy in how Trump’s admin will approach the biggest problem of our generation: expansive, violent, authoritarian Islamism. Muteness and the avoidance of truth in order to shield Islam from scrutiny, accountability, and reformation.

    To me, his administration’s refusal to identify what inspired the murder of all of those 9/11 victims–on the anniversary 9/11 of all days–was equivalent to spitting in the faces of their families.

    • Patti York

      Sure his administration is hobbled by PC,what do you expect, all he had was the swamp to choose from ( thus far). I will give you that. But Trump himself has been VERY vocal about destroying this filth.

      • teacherofenglish

        “Has been very vocal,” an important tense choice. Let’s see if he minces words or continues naming and shaming honestly from this point forward. I think McMaster has convinced him to change his approach and his wording.

    • Trump can’t ban islam

      the hand of mohammad is strong. you can’t blame trump. according to muslims, mohammad after preaching islam to a caravan of infidels went to rest under his camel. In a dream islam ruled the east and the west. Islam already rules the east and is starting to rule the west before your very eyes.

      • teacherofenglish

        In the end, love conquers hate, so Islam–driven and ruled by hate–will lose.

      • Camelo Humping

        Go suck your allah dildo.

      • michaelofsydney

        Satan is strong but will be defeated-again

        • jim

          We urgently need to inculcate the love of Jesus, our traditional American values, our history and patriotism in our young.

      • Robert Batchelor

        Hmm, the murdering, rapist, pedophile,you call mohamnad knew how to preach? What did this infidel preach?

      • Gordon Miller

        We’ll see about that.

      • balafama

        islam will never rule the world, allah has not accomplished its goal for 1400 yrs because allah is too weak and is depending on humans to do allahs work therefore islam will never triumph. .like nazi germany islam may enjoy some victory but it will all come crashing down like a pile of fake cards it really is .

        • satcatchet

          Christ is alive and well. Allah is a dead man and has no power what so ever. To follow your allah is to find death in h3ll.

      • satcatchet

        Wrong again.

      • Dorrie

        moohamed doesn’t have a hand, he’s DEAD! And he will spend eternity in the Lake of Fire – that’s where YOU’RE headed if you don’t repent and turn around!

  • Benny Rothman

    Agree 100%
    Trump has been enlightened on how powerful the Muslims are in our government..Hah…Saudi Arabia owns the largest petro. refinery in the USA …How in the *uck was that allowed to happen… We are slowly being bought piecemeal by foreign investment …Most are our sworn enemies…
    Trump was also shown the Zapruder film of JFK getting a tune up from the CIA ….

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Appearances are very important, the right word in the right place can have immense influence. In this case, it was a major tactical error not to mention circumstances that lead to the event. Another major tactical error by the Republicans, smarten up, remember the next election is yours to loose, if you want to.

  • RCCA

    I thought there was a major positive in Trump’s speeches and actions on 9-11, in his returning 9-11 to a solemn day of grief and remembrance. For eight years Obama did everything he could to deflect attention from what actually happened, pushing for transforming our national mourning into a day of service and moving on, as many would suggest. I’m surprised people did not notice that shift back to real mourning. The First Lady at the White House service looked like she was about to burst into tears. The Trumps have not moved on. President Trump is not confused about what happened or his mission to destroy Islamic terrorism. He’s talked about destroying Islamic terrorism in blunt terms and has given the military on the ground a green light to do whatever they deem necessary.

    As far as the rhetoric is concerned Trump is in a different position from so called “anti-Muslim activists.” They have to keep up the pressure on the administration to do the right thing, but as far as the 9-11 ceremonies are concerned I agree with Patti York here. When we observe D-day, for example, we honor the fallen, we don’t go into a critique of Nazism. In addition, I have to point out that Trump has to deal with Muslim nations and Muslim American citizens. He has to appeal to their better angels rather than condemn them all as potential jihadis. Furthermore, Trump can’t broadly condemn Islam as a Constitutional matter, i.e., the First Amendment. But there is no question about his resolve and the heat he’s taking for keeping his safe.

    • Poppey

      I understand the point you make RCCA, but for me, the point is the whole challenge, do we or do we not continue to regard Islam is a religion, benign and to be protected/respected or a political doctrine of hate and violence with a religious element of justification. IF Islam is relisted we’ll say, we should have a chance IF constitutions can be updated to deal with this new threat.

      • RCCA

        I don’t believe your solution is viable. Islam is not some arcane and small cult group, it’s billions of people. Who has the authority to define Islam, except for Muslims? I think we need to work with people within the Muslim world who also are troubled by Islam’s violent doctrines. For instance, see: “In Interview, Top Indonesian Muslim Scholar Says Stop Pretending That Orthodox Islam and Violence Aren’t Linked” Remember the First Amendment to our Constitution states: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”

        • CreoleGumbo

          And the 1st Amendment is precisely why what constitutes a religion deserves to be defined and differentiated from a murderous cult. The Manson Family was a “religion” too and had a lot of similarities with Islam. The only difference between a cult and a religion is the number of followers.

          You may wish to read this outstanding piece by Diane Sori on why Islam is not a religion:

          • RCCA

            I looked at the link. There is a legal framework worked out by our courts on what constitutes a religion which is mentioned by Sori. Then she proceeds to ignore all that. So while I’m no fan of Islam arguing about whether Islam is a religion seems like a real waste of time to me.

            Reminds me of conversations by Christians about whether Jews can be saved if they don’t accept Jesus, as if Judaism isn’t a real religion or Jews care what Christians think. Likewise, Muslims don’t care what you think about their religion, nor should they.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          “I think”…no you don’t.

          • RCCA

            Not interested, don’t care.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Yeah and we should’ve tried to appeal to the “better angels” of nazis as well. Get stuffed.

      • RCCA

        You are such a moron you are a negative drag on the cause to expose and eliminate jihad.
        News flash: the Nazis were defeated. Not all Germans are Nazis. ISIS will be defeated. Not all Muslims are jihadis.
        Dig yourself a little hole and put your little brain inside. Maybe the rotten decay will provide some fertilizer for something worthwhile.

        • Camelo Humping

          You idiot. Show me when and where muzzies have publicly cindemned terrorism. Yeah.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          Yes, not all Germans were nazis fool, but ALL f’ing muslums are, surprisingly enough, f’ing muslums.
          Get yourself a big pile of sand, a 5 lb. sledge and hammer all that sand right up your rectum.

          • RCCA

            Spoken like a true schmendrick, who knew you were also a fudge packer as well.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Shouldn’t you be molesting some unlucky little boy in Pakistain, Iranistain or Afghanistain.
            It’s interesting how cowards like you defend muslums from your dying atheist democracy but never go to muslum states to confront their sick, fascist, totalitarian ideology in person.
            Why don’t you go pontificate to the f’ing muslums about tolerance to the kafir al najjis in some muslum sh!ttystan instead of lecturing the dying atheist West on why we should be tolerant to f’ing muslums?

          • RCCA

            You better get back on your meds, Stat!

    • CreoleGumbo

      “Muslim American” citizens are Muslims first and always will be. There are no “better angels.”
      See Benny Rothman’s comments and poster above.

  • s;vbkr0boc,klos;

    Last chance? It is as good as gone. To borrow from Scarlett O’Hara:

    “As God is my witness, I’ll never vote Republican again. I’m going to live
    through this and when it’s all over, I’ll never vote Republican again. No, nor
    any of my folk. If I have to lie, steal, cheat or kill. As God is my
    witness, I’ll never vote Republican again.”

  • Poppey

    IF I was to be unhelpful to the young man who wrote the article, I would wish to explore, on the scale of “extremeness” where bringing down four packed aircraft onto buildings murdering 3000 innocent people in the process, appeared next to a few words spoken by a President of his country in recognition of the obvious.

    Given that there is a link between Islamic scripture and violent Muslims, his actions in trying to call an immigration ban is justified unlike his silence on the truth now.

  • Maranatha

    Trump, or the administration that never was..

  • Alleged-Comment

    But maybe because he knew Moslems were not really involved. That it was an INSURANCE SCAM (mysterious fall of Bldg #7) and Moslems were the bait, the false flag and excuse needed to pull it off.

    They were suckered as 3000 of the Twin Tower victims. With lieberals you are always SACRIFICED..

  • notme123

    Just wen through hurricane, so I missed speech, but sounds as though Trump is listening to the wrong people, like traitor McMaster. McMaster is a traitor and should be court martialed

  • Gordon Miller

    Recent events, such as keeping that Muslim-loving McMaster on staff, is leading me to the conclusion that our President has lost his mind. Many people voted for Trump because of his tough stance on the threat Islam terror poses to this country. If he starts to waffle on that campaign promise by cozying up to McMaster and his ilk, he can consider going back full-time to the real estate business.

  • DancerTiffy

    Trump has completely capitulated. It looks like the Left got their president after all.
    It makes me sick: The campaign–the voting—Hooray-WE have our president, and then, Ohhhhh NO. WE only thought we had our president. We were massively conned. I look at trump now and all I see is our communist future.

    The update on the Wall we were all promised: Well, there will be no new wall. What Trump really meant by that was just patching a few holes in the existing wall and calling it good. Of course the existing wall is pretty much useless, as evidenced by the millions of brown people living here illegally.

    So, yeah–NO wall—–no nothing, and the marxists got their president after all.

  • satcatchet

    President Trump’ speech was about We The People and not about the rest of the world.
    He is trying to pull all the good people together. He is trying to make us strong so we may destroy our enemies, foreign & domestic. He is trying to MAGA. All you negative commenters can’t see this because you want to see the bad in everything. If you can do better, then be the first to throw the stone oh you without sin.

  • Dorrie

    Is anyone, who is paying attention, SURPRISED???

  • solange9

    Perhaps he is not so much “adhering to the sharia” as not believing the official story of who the 9/11 perpetrators actually were. Don’t forget, he has insider info, just sayin’.

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