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[ December 15, 2017 ]

Wave on an open thread

[ December 15, 2017 ]

Houston Muslim Taken into Custody on Charges of Islamic Terrorism

[ December 15, 2017 ]


[ December 15, 2017 ]

Bitcoin jihad: New York Muslima Laundered Nearly 100k In Bitcoin For Islamic State (ISIS)

[ December 15, 2017 ]

New Jersey Imam Calls for Killing of Jews

[ December 15, 2017 ]

Faisal Kutty, who wants Pamela Geller banned from Canada, supports killer of Christians and pro-Hitler...

[ December 15, 2017 ]

VIDEO: Police shoot knifeman who threatened crowd at Amsterdam airport – terminal evacuated

[ December 15, 2017 ]

Netherlands: Muslim migrant stabs two to death, cops say no terrorist motive

[ December 15, 2017 ]

Muslim migrant with nine bombs strapped to suicide vest takes 13 hostages inside Canada bank

[ December 15, 2017 ]

Minneapolis Prosecutor: Investigators ‘didn’t do their jobs’ in probe of police officer Mohamed Noor’s murder...

My Story


Longtime Geller Report (nee Atlas Shrugs) readers know I have spoken little of the impact this fight has had on my life and the personal toll exacted by these devout savages.

I thought it was time to tell my story. This is the story of how a NYC newspaper executive went from an apolitical career girl to one of the most notorious anti-jihadists in the world.

And so I have. And Milo was brave enough to publish it.

If you believe in what I am doing and support the work, buy my book.

Jihadis have tried to kill me a number of times. Right now, as we speak, a jihadi in Boston is on trial for a plot to behead me. And their leftist partners murder my work. YouTube deleted my eleven-year-old account and the thousand-plus videos of work, history and news the media won’t cover. Facebook banned my feed. Pinterest blocked my links. Google adsense suspended my account. Twitter shadowbanned me.

This book gets the word out. Shouting into the wilderness is not freedom of speech.

FATWA: Hunted in America is my story. It’s what happens when you take the enemy on head on, speak the truth and refuse to adhere to the barbarian legal code (sharia).

Here are what leaders in the movement have said about the book:


“When Pamela Geller talks about Islam, she does it with both barrels.  For sparing us the platitudes when confronting this direct and present danger, she is reviled by society’s bien pensant.  In this book, she recounts her adventures in “hate speech,” or as we used to call it, “telling the truth.” It is both an enlightening and gripping tale.” — Ann Coulter, Bestselling Author

“This is a riveting tale of a “controversial” woman. She believes in “controversial” principles such as free speech, and holds “controversial” positions such as the right of Muslim girls in the developed world to enjoy the freedoms of all other western women without being honor-killed, beheaded or otherwise murdered. She is so “controversial” that, when Islamic fanatics tried to kill her in the first ISIS attack on American soil, this country’s appalling and stupid media blamed her for being so “controversial” as to drive people to open fire on her. In a saner, healthier world, she would not be “controversial” at all, but would be recognized as the brave – indeed, fearless – woman she is. This is her story, and splendidly told.” — Mark Steyn, Bestselling Author

“Over the years, many have made their disagreement with Pamela Geller clear. Islamists fear her; adherents of identity politics loathe her. Threatened with death by ISIS, denounced as a “hater” and “Islamophobic” by others, she is fearless.  Even her detractors must concede that Pamela Geller has grit, is passionate and determined. She is a formidable adversary of all those seeking to further the cause of Shariah.

In her book Fatwa, Pamela Geller discusses her upbringing, her family, the ideals that drive her, and chronicles her numerous battles with Shariah law and its defenders. Read this book to see an advocate of freedom in action, defending the right to dissent from orthodoxy, as well as the principles that are at stake in defending the free society.” –Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Bestselling author

“How did a nice Jewish girl from Long Island become the Joan of Arc of the counterjihad movement? In this remarkably absorbing page-turner of a book, Pamela Geller tells her story – a story of courage in the face not only of the jihadist enemy but of a veritable army of apologists, appeasers, pacifists, whitewashers, self-styled “bridge-builders,” and assorted cowards, careerists, and sellouts. Armed only with the truth and a passionate love of American liberty, Geller has survived their smears and kept hope alive. It’s an inspiring story that I hope will encourage other freedom-lovers to stand up and be counted before it’s too late.” — Bruce Bawer, author of The Victims’ Revolution: The Rise of Identity Studies and the Closing of the Liberal Mind.

A courageous book by a courageous woman. This is not just one individual’s adventures in defense of freedom – this is a guide for anyone and everyone who is ready to stand for the truth in these days of universal lies. Political correctness is intellectual dishonesty and Pamela Geller isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. —Tomi Lahren, Fox News Contributor and television host

“Pamela Geller’s fascinating book is the vivid chronicle of a courageous woman who fought vigilantly and with fierceness, confronting dangers, threats and vile defamation, to preserve the American soul of freedom and democratic liberties. A most actual record of our perilous time.” —- Bat Ye’or, Historian, author of Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis, and of Europe, Globalization and the Coming Universal Caliphate

“Pamela Geller is a towering hero of freedom. If free people survive into the next generation, which is by no means assured, Pamela Geller will be celebrated as one of those who stood against the tide of Leftism and Islamic supremacism when it was at its apogee. No proper history of the freedom of the human spirit in our darkening age can be written without including her.” — Robert Spencer, director of Jihad Watch and author of the New York Times bestsellers The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades) and The Truth About Muhammad.”

“Free-speech advocates who don’t make waves are not doing their jobs. Pamela Geller writes a guidebook here for Paladins of the First Amendment.” —Ambassador John Bolton


Pamela Geller's shocking new book, "FATWA: HUNTED IN AMERICA" is now available on Amazon. It's Geller's tell all, her story - and it's every story - it's what happens when you stand for freedom today. Buy it. Now. Here.

  • Ordering now, plus sharing!

  • Dennis

    Pamela, I intend to buy and read your book, and I hope that it does, in fact, contain “your story.” I have for years referred to you as the “Jewish Joan of Ark,” and my respect for your courage and fortitude during all of these terribly tough times cannot properly be put in words of accolade that would be befitting you. I have always considered myself a centrist when approaching issues. yet, I have always tried to approach issues from the prospective of the actual realities that exist and as those realities impact on the issues. I see is and to face the reality of what Islam is doing and intends to do to our free world is refreshing, especially when I observe the liberals and the media constantly failing to accept the realities that we are facing from the belief system that is Islam. You are, to me, a treasure of honesty and reality, and I will always wish for your safety, while simultaneously hoping that the leaders of the free world come to recognize the propriety of what you are saying and accept the reality that the belief system that is Islam is promoting the heinous conduct that ultimately intends to dominate and overthrow everything the free world considers sanctimonious. If we continue to turn a blind eye to the “cancer” that is radical Islam, future generations will suffer for our failures to stop this very noxious belief system earlier.

    • Dennis

      Please excuse my grammatical error in my above fifth sentence comment. I meant to say: What I see is your willingness to face the realities of what Islam is doing and intends to do to the free world, a refreshing approach, especially when I observe the liberals and the media constantly failing to accept the realities that we facing from the belief system that is Islam.

      • Liatris Spicata

        You know, Dennis, that on this site, at least, you can edit your comments.

        Hint: accept the realities that we facing from the belief system that is Islam.

        P.S. Happen to me all the time :>)

        • Dennis

          Nice to know that neither of us are perfect…

          • GPAltaBob

            Your original comment was very easy to understand Dennis! No need for apologies!

      • John Nosser

        Most any site allows you to edit your comments. I usually edit mine before I post or soon after.

    • Liatris Spicata

      when I observe the liberals and the media constantly failing to accept the realities that we are facing from the belief system that is Islam.


      Americans are all too apt to take for granted the freedom bequeathed us by Dead White Males like Washington, Jefferson, and Adams. There is an appalling lack of understanding the the significance of “the shot heard around the world” in 1776. The best we can do is give young people a reason to cherish their liberty and to take the actions necessary to preserve it.

      I will purchase this book- the first by Pamela I will have purchased new.

      • Don’t bother your grammar! You wrote very kind words and I wholeheartedly agree with them! She is the Jewish Jean d’Arc indeed!

        • Liatris Spicata

          Yo Benjamin-

          I didn’t make that comparison!

          What you want Pamela burned at stake?

          ‘Sideswhich, my grammar’s fine! :>)

          • wilypagan

            I prefer to think of her as the Jewish Maggie Thatcher. Maggie never lost a war that I know of. I wish Pamela would run for President. She would support the Constitution like no other.

          • Mark Steiner

            The swamp would be drained – pronto!

          • umanakka

            Yes you are right, let us honor them and respect them for their Fight towards the atrocities in the name of religion but let us not compare them to some sentimental examples.

      • Larenzo1

        Do not understand the reason for the “Dead White males ‘Comment?

        • Phyllis Renee’ Arpin-Nelson

          I took it as using the lingo of the left to highlight the commenters point.

          • Liatris Spicata


    • Suresh

      Agree. Muslims are united in their goal of occupation , domination , terrorising and subjugation and practice Islamic Art Of Occupation & Ethnic Cleansing Without Killing

      while infidels are clueless and disunited. Unite,fund, support, inform, Organise and resist . Or we’ll end up in a Islamic hellhole.

      • Daizys Loyd

        They are NOT united as they are savagely butchering their own for merely not saying a Muslim prayer the “proper way”. I saw a vid of a gang of savages making two innocent truckers recite a prayer, and as apparently they did not say it the “acceptable SANCTIONED way”, they were both put down right then and there. 1000’s savagely beheaded, shot for practicing a slightly different form of is-scumbag-lam. In other words, Is-dong-lam Is FATALLY DANGEROUS for all. Any Muslim out there that appreciate freedom or what the West is offering as far as decency, dignity and liberty, should immediately leave that garbage behind and join the fight as it is in their Utmost Interest to do so.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          “So before I was nine I had learned the basic canon of Arab life. It was
          me against my brother; me and my brother against our father; my family
          against my cousins and the clan; the clan against the tribe; and the
          tribe against the world. And all of us against the infidel.”

          Leon Uris,

          The Haj

          Just because the SS slaughtered the SA doesn’t mean either group wasn’t dedicated to the dictates of nazism.

          • Daizys Loyd

            Apparently you are attacking post you have not even read!!!!!

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            There’s no such thing as a decent muslum — except in your delusions.

          • Daizys Loyd

            Like I ssaid, you are a confirmed Schezophrenic. Go take your medication. I cannot help you as I am not a psychiatrist.
            And I am sure if the opportunity presented itself to you to drop your pants & bend over for these thugs if they show you some American dollars, you wouldn’t hesitate for a second. At that time, you’d conveniently forget aaaaaall about their “UN-decency”.

          • Alex

            Any group, that hides behind “religion” like Muslims do, finds a perfect way to explain their misogynist, backward and dangerous behavior. They hate, not only Christians, but they hate every other group out there THAT IS NOT THEM. I don’t know how they have manged to worm themselves into Britain and every other country that they have now successfully ruined by their mere presence. And to these stupid women, still running around in burkas? If you wanted to dress like some freak out of the 16th century, then why the hell didn’t you stay in your own damn country, instead of coming here? You set women back hundreds of years!!!

        • ElizabethPMiller

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    • Trump can’t ban islam

      anti-jihadist? so it’s not against islam? surely because islam is peace. even Breittbart never mention the islamic religion of rapefugees, islamic terrorists anymore, because islam is peace and it belongs to usa and the west now

      • Emmett


      • Larenzo1

        My ass.

      • John Nosser

        I believe that as much as I would that the earth is flat!

    • famouswolf

      ‘Sanctimonious’ is ENTIRELY the wrong word there. Try ‘sacred’ or ‘righteous’ instead. The meaning is 180 degrees from the meaning I believe you are looking for. Just saying.

    • Underzog

      I’ve called her America’s Joan of Ark. Great minds think alike!

      • Bill Jones

        fools seldom differ

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      The only blind eye is to the fact that the only difference between “radical” islum and “moderate” islum is one of tactics and the muslum world is full of switch hitters that will bat to either side of the field.

      • Larenzo1

        Also the homosexual switch hitters as well with little boys.

  • Liatris Spicata

    In the vein that history doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme, I once again will note the following:

    In the 1930’s, there was a well known Englishman who tried to warn his countrymen of the rising danger from Nazi Germany. The BBC banned this gentleman’s commentary, presumably on the grounds that it was too incendiary or wasn’t politically correct, or some such blarney. So Britian and the West were caught unprepared when Hitler struck. Oh yeah, the “well known Englishman’s” naem was Winston Churchill.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      You’re fond of reminding us of all the great things muslums have brought to the world, why don’t you mention the great advances nazis brought to mankind in rocket science? Sarcastically speaking that is.

      • Liatris Spicata

        Idiotic non-sequitor. About what I expect of you.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          Yes because anyone who disagrees with you is an “idiot” aren’t they Flaccid Flower?

          • Liatris Spicata

            Nope, it’s because you have nothing of any substance to say. Your question about advances in rocketry under the Nazis is case in point.

            BTW, I called your comment idiotic, I didn’t say you were an idiot (which is what you’ve called me). One might reasonably question of the intellect of someone who shows himself unable to make that distinction.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            I wouldn’t call you an idiot, I’d call you a muslum apologist cum sympathizer Flaccid Flower.

        • Larenzo1

          Now be nice

      • Larenzo1

        What did Islam bring to the world that was so great?? Clitorectomy’s?

        • god

          vile and vulgar, but you nailed it, that is it,
          the up side of honor killings, by husbands, fathers, uncles, brothers, grandfathers, is that they kill off future baby making ovens,
          dismays me to write that, since I am seriously pro feminine, but the concept does not exist in MUZLIME, The earth would be vastly different if Ishmael had not survived in the desert,

    • Larenzo1

      Superb analogy I have had the pleasure of reading some of those so called rejected columns.

  • Patrick

    I strongly believe in and support your work Pamela. I have placed my order and am very much looking forward to the read. Thank you so much.

    • rh2

      Ditto here. Pre-ordered “FATWA” moments ago. P.Geller is one brave lady! ( and being a male chauvenist pig, I can’t help but notice her good looks. B&B is an unbeatable combination.)

      • santashandler

        Those aren’t ‘good looks.’ She’s simply stunning.

      • Patrick

        She’s got it all!

  • felix1999

    I will buy your book and then LEND it out for more supporters. We love you and many of us pray for you.
    You are a fearless woman that we can be so proud of.

    • Larenzo1

      Hell I will buy it and then buy it for Christmas and Birthday presents. Great gift and easy to send.

  • felix1999

    “Disarm the people–most effectual way to enslave them”- George Mason, Father of Bill of Rights

  • Pk Hawke

    GREAT! You the best!

  • santashandler

    Pamela, you are doing God’s work. Don’t ever stop.

  • Mark Steiner

    From the author: “Jihadis have tried to kill me a number of times. Right now, as we speak, a jihadi in Boston is on trial for a plot to behead me. And their leftist partners murder my work. YouTube deleted my eleven-year-old account and the thousand-plus videos of work, history and news the media won’t cover. Facebook banned my feed. Pinterest blocked my links. Google adsense suspended my account. Twitter shadowbanned me.”

    But … a loving God has NOT abandoned you, dear Lady.

    • Patrick

      We shall continue to hold her in our prayers brother.

  • GPAltaBob

    I have the utmost respect for you Pamela, and Milo, President Trump, Anni Cyrus, Tarek Fatah, Raheel Raza
    and every other red blooded human being that fights to defend our right
    to free speech! Antifa, Neo Nazis, KKK and Hillary supporters are all
    domestic terrorists that do nothing but
    abuse free speech for their hateful purposes! Free speech is not, and
    should never be, hate speech! Thank you all for your fight to save

    • Larenzo1

      Sorry Bob I have to disagree, That is the alibi used by anti-fa. There is no Hate speech and it should not be banned what we are referring to here is speech that urges others or enables them to commit crimes murder, assault on their fellow human beings that is not hate speech it is a crime. The term hate speech is used by leftist to try and muzzle people like Pam and other conservatives that believe in protecting this nation and our freedom of speech. Every time I hear the term hate speech used my ears burn. Nothing in our constitution about hate speech. In all humble respect.

    • bob jacobi

      Free speech is about protecting speech that is objectionable, vile and hateful. If you can’t stand free speech there a are lots of countries that work within your definition of free speech just the USA is not yet one of them.

  • s;vbkr0boc,klos;

    Oriana Fallaci lives on in Pamela Geller.

    • Semur Jengkol

      yeah …absolutely …. Pamela Geller is a fallacy

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    I can only imagine the kinda flak John Bolton got for supporting Ms. Geller. I’d like to see him running for POTUS, only if Ms. Geller doesn’t run first.

  • Trump can’t ban islam

    anti-jihadist? so it’s not against islam? surely because islam is peace

    • Emmett

      ISLAM IS JIHAD !!!!

      • Liatris Spicata

        Shhh, Emmett. You might wake up the kuffar.

        • pipo

          Better we wil kill in the end the muzzrats.

  • Emmett

    PAMELA is the ESTHER of our time !

  • Commieobamie

    I haven’t read your story, but I’ve SEEN what you do and what you’re made of. All the news is about the commies in the NFL. Well if women had BALLS, yours would be Mt Everest size compared to these anti-American commie panzy kneelers like the islamo moHOGmad demon KaperCommie moslim that started this LIE about victimization. Islam IS EVIL. KEEP UP THE EXCELLENT WORK Pamela!!!

  • Jeff Ludwig

    Pamela Geller, you are a lovely and wondrous beacon in our dark world. You make Wonder Woman seem like a wimp, and you have twice as much femininity besides. You have inspired me to be more outspoken as I have over the last few years published articles at and although I will never be as bold as you. Thank you for standing for righteousness and truth in our “nanny state” world. Thank you for embracing Muslim women who are being sacrificed on the altar of political correctness, and for helping show that the desire for self-protection is a reasonable and needed goal, and that the law enforcement and immigration and political authorities who have not made this their top priority have many times and in many ways let us all down.

  • Jeff Ludwig

    I just went to and typed in Pamela Geller and came upon page after page of entries. Seems Pam is restored….or am I mistaken?……..

  • PamelaGeller Hero for Our Time

    I am definitely going to buy this book. It looks like a very interesting read.

    The cover is beautiful and inspiring.

    We need someone inspiring and Pamela Geller is definitely a hero for our time.

    I haven’t bought any of Pamels Geller’s books but this one I am buying and I am sure I won’t be able to put it down.

    Shana Tova!

  • Kalambong Kalambong


    Do you do ‘PDF-version’ or ‘audio-book-version’ for your book?

    I am asking this because a printed version of your book has already been declared ‘banned books’ in some islamic countries, and it would be hard for us to ‘smuggle’ your book to readers staying inside those countries

    As PDF-version and/or as audio-book it would make the smuggling job much easier

    Your book would be inspirational for those who are oppressed by them moslem savages

  • Lee Sargeant

    ordered from Amazon and I notice it is a Best Seller – congratulations!

  • It’s about time . I have wanted to know the complete Pamela Geller story since I first discovered her , just about the only person talking about this topic then . I remember when her quest was to wake up the world . She achieved more . No more fierce of a creature has ever walked the earth than Pamela , no greater a prey has ever been so mortally wounded as Islam in age of Pamela Geller . If Pamela were to retire to nurture her softer side that’s at least equally intriguing. I only hope all of the warriors that have risen up in her shadow can continue the rate of progress . When she started awareness of Islam looked like it would never quite happen . Now the death of Islam seems on the horizon . I’m betting Pamela shows up as an inspiration in many other great peoples stories in the future . In Judges 4-5 Jael goes down in history as ” blessed among women ” .Pamela reminds me of Deborah who wrote the song .

  • John Nosser

    Pamela, congratulations on the new book. It is very important in understanding how your life was changed by 9/11 and what has happened to you since then. You fight against the flawed philosophy of Islam like a lioness of Zion and never give up. I intend to buy your book as soon as I can get around to reading it. Should be sometime this year. Shalom!

  • Hans

    Have pre ordered the book because i want to support you and your work

  • pipo

    @Pamela Geller do not worry your back is guarded by the ex members releated to the mistravim, also known as Yamas

  • casey377

    Thank God for Pamela Geller.
    The msm, Islam and political correctness despise the truth and those who dare to express it.
    But the rest of those in a free society knows she is great.

  • MEP1101

    DEAR COURAGEOUS PAMELA, a Jewish friend ( I have several) told me a Hebrew saying that you must be keenly aware of. – muslims are only useful idiots of a far more insidious enemy, please excuse my spelling: MEHAR SAICH UMACH RIVAICH MITOCHECH YETZ-U

  • Pingback: Contrary to FBI Hooey, Steven Paddock Fits the Profile of a Convert – The NeoConservative Christian Right()

  • mavrik28

    I am a secular Canadian Jew who is a child of holocaust survivors. I am appalled at the cowardly actions of politicians and media outlets who pander to the Sharia besotted, jihadis. Pamela Geller, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Sarah Haider, Sandra Solomon, are true heros and should be celebrated not vilified. Every single person who says “I believe in freedom but…” is not to be trusted. Keep up the great work ladies and never let the bastards get you down.

  • Liatris Spicata

    ————————————————–My Fatwa———————————

    Despite having pre-ordered Pamela’s Fatwa a month ago (expecting to receive it on Monday), I stopped in my local B&N this morning with an eye toward purchasing a second copy. Here’s what happened.

    After entering the store, I looked quickly at the front display where the books B&N was highlighting were prominently on view. I was slightly disappointed, but unsurprised, not to see Pamela’s latest book. I then headed to the information counter and asked the pleasant woman there if they had “Pamela Geller’s Fatwa”. She looked in her inventory and, not seeing anything, asked if Geller was G-e-l-l-a-r. I corrected her, and a moment later she declared they should have two copies.

    She accompanied me to the shelf and handed one of the two copies to me. I asked the price, and she gave me the list price. My face fell, and I told her I had received coupons in the mail from B&N that I was not sure applied to the book I wanted and that I had unfortunately neglected to bring with me. After passing on her offer for membership, I told her I’d rather buy from my local B&N than some online juggernaut, and could I get a discount. She offered to call the manager, who arrived quickly and with little discussion offered me the 20% discounted price. I said I would buy it, and she said she would notify the checkout counter to apply the discount.

    The only slightly discordant note was that only after paying and turning to my right to leave did I notice that the checkout clerk to her right was wearing a hajib. I was not quick enough to make an appropriate comment along the lines of the religion of peace that seeks to murder Pamela is one that kills, blinds, and mains women who refuse to wear the garment adorning her head. I plan to post some thoughts about the book in due course.

  • USMC69

    I pre-ordered your book. I don’t have TV and our little town newspaper does not print much “national” news. (It is a once-a-week publication). I didn’t know who you were, but when I saw the right up on Amazon about your book, I wanted to make my donation to your livelihood. I will be purchasing the rest of your books. Unlike you, I didn’t need to read the Koran. I served in the Marines for 7 years. I am well aware that we (the USA) have been fighting muslims since our beginning (…to the shores of Tripoli, we have fought our country’s battles…). What people in the USA are failing to admit is: Islam is not just a religion, it’s a government system. They (supporters of Islam) use the religious aspect in the USA to squelch “free speech” because it’s politically-correct in this country right now. If the American people ever wake up in mass and see Islam for what it truly is, there will be an uprising not seen for centuries in this country. You can’t appease evil, you don’t negotiate with it, and above all, you can’t coexist with it. And Islam is pure evil.

  • umanakka

    You are Great Pamela, I honor you and Hats off to you. Regards and blessings.

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