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[ December 17, 2017 ]

Chain Migration Imported 120,000 Foreign Nationals from Terrorist-Funding Countries Since 2005

[ December 17, 2017 ]

Sex Offender Al Franken Still Has Not Left Senate, Despite “Resigning” Two Weeks Ago

[ December 17, 2017 ]

We have become scared of killing terrorists

[ December 17, 2017 ]

Hamas: Trump’s Jerusalem decision “racist” and “hateful,” intifada should escalate

[ December 17, 2017 ]

Hungarian Public Overwhelmingly Rejects ‘Soros Plan’ for Mass Migration to Europe

[ December 17, 2017 ]

New Jersey Imam who called for killing the Jews will NOT BE FIRED

[ December 17, 2017 ]

FATWA: NJ Senator Cory Booker gets DEATH THREATS after he slams ‘repugnant’ call for killing...

[ December 17, 2017 ]

Germany: Muslim teen migrant who raped and murdered EU official’s daughter is actually 33 years...

[ December 17, 2017 ]

Shouting “Allahu akbar!” knife wielding jihadi STABS two Danish National Geographic journalists

[ December 17, 2017 ]

“Blood-smeared floors”: At least five killed in devout Muslim homicide attack on Pakistan church

Facebook listed ‘Jew-hater’ as category for advertisers


This is no surprise, since Facebook is rushing to censor anything critical of Islam. Islamic Jew-hatred: it’s in the Quran. And since it is in the Quran, no one should be shocked that it shows up now on sharia Facebook.

“Facebook listed ‘Jew-hater’ as category for advertisers,” JTA, September 15, 2017:

(JTA) — A news site was able to target ads at Facebook users who expressed interest in “Jew hater” and “how to burn Jews.”

ProPublica, an investigative site, reported Thursday that Facebook’s advertisement algorithms generated categories including “Jew hater,” “How to burn jews,” and “History of ‘why jews ruin the world.’”

Facebook removed the categories after being alerted to their existence and said it would seek to prevent such categories from popping up for potential advertisers. Later Friday, Facebook said in a statement to JTA that it would remove “self-reported” categories — those generated by users, as opposed to those generated by the company — “until we have the right processes in place to help prevent this issue.”

The categories on their own were too small to justify an ad buy, according to the Facebook system, so ProPublica added as targets the SS and the Nazi Party, available on Facebook’s generated list as “employers,” and the National Democratic Party of Germany, a current far right political party in Germany.

ProPublica paid $30 for three targeted posts, which reached 5,897 people….

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  • Eurabia Imam

    Wallahi ISISBOOK is great!!

    • Mahou Shoujo

      As is it is the replacement of the egyptian book of the dead, it is the fervent hope of many, that it is popular with muslims, who will take jihad personally and send themselves to alice.

    • mark

      Eurabia Imam reccommends everyone googles ‘muhamads sexual perversions’ to see what filth mumu was from their own mainstream books, satans quran and hadith.

      Then you realise what filth muslims are for saying he is the best example of men to follow.

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst


  • Suresh

    Its sharia compliant Mullabook !

    Like facebook , twitter, even Google has joined Islamofascist gang

    To censor conservative and Anti-jihadi news to push the islamisation agenda of the Left/Liberal/jihadis funded by saudi/qataris

    • ladywarrior

      If it wasn’t for Pamela’s site….none of us would ever know half of what we do….it’s like she’s the Paul Revere of our time……Sharia is coming! Sharia is coming! Dhimmis are everywhere in our government and military…..thank you, Pamela for warning us….now it’s up to us to stop it in our towns, communities, government, military, etc….

  • jew dog

    Islamic Jew hatred, it’s in Facebook.

    • ladywarrior


    • IzlamIsTyranny


  • 7Liberty12

    I am not Jewish and consider myself a Christian Zionist, but I am constantly amazed by the number of influential, self loathing Jews I read about who are, in my humble opinion, incredibly dangerous to the Jewish religion.

    • Ebayer

      Mark was raised Jewish, but admits he was an atheist. His wife is a practicing Buddhist, and I believe Mark is now leaning toward or has converted to Buddhism.

      • Canadien gal

        His kids don’t even remotely look like him. Her genes dominated his totally.

        • Marta

          Oy vey.

          • Exuperancia Pérez

            That’s exactly what my ashkenazi husband said!
            The J.I.N.O.(Jewish In Name Only) scumbag now says that he wants to convert to Buddhism. I wonder how the Buddhists feel about a Mammon worshipping p.o.s…

        • DR Jensen

          Mixed-race Asian-Caucasian kids will always look more Asian than Caucasian.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          He is the runt of the litter, trying to compensate through megalomania and being a big dick.

      • harbidoll

        at least they are both from Shem! lol

        • Exuperancia Pérez

          Brilliant comment!

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            But Shem was a location in the Mid-East? Or are they both sons and daughters of Shem, the son of Noah, who had no progeny?

      • LeslieFish

        In that case, why is he so sympathetic to the Jihadists? Buddhists in Asia *hate* the fundamentalist Muslims (which, according to the UN, is about 77% of all Muslims in the world), with good reason.

        • ladywarrior

          Zuckerberg actually went to the Middle East to set up cell towers to help the so-called “Arab Spring” rioters communicate and coordinate….the uprising was touted as spontaneous and generic by Killary and her Minions….Zuckie also helped Obama get money to Nethanya’s political opponents in the last election in Israel ……

          When is our government ever going to start shutting down people like him…..break up the cabals of Zuckie and Bezos? Maybe never.

          • caliroxanne

            Too much money for the government to break up these monopolies but if we’d all stop using Facebook the world would be a better place, but I know, there’s no chance of that. Facebook, Google, Amazon aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, unfortunately.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          There is no non-fundamentalist islum — it’s all the same Jew hating, totalitarian, fascist, theology of hatred and violence. There is no “reformed” or “protestant” islum. The whole idea of such a thing in islum is ludicrous as to even suggest islum needs reformation would be a crime in any muslum state. The gates of itijihad have long been closed. Furthermore, how would go about reforming something that is fundamentally EVIL?

      • ladywarrior

        Could care less what Zuckerburg is or is not… me he is suffering a God-syndrome….He and Amazon’s Bezos are ushering in our defeat and descent into Globalism…..Zuckie and Bezos have people working around the clock monitoring and stopping free speech on the internet. One morning we will all wake up and find that only people “approved” by them can be on the internet….
        …I don’t know how difficult it is to learn how to set up and use a Hamm radio…..but it could come to the point that is the only way freedom fighters will be able to communicate…

        • Mahou Shoujo

          The good part of ham radio, is that it is relatively easy to use, very efficient, if used properly and 100% stand alone. It does not require any infrastructure as each staton is easily self reliant and sustaining. Not terribly expensive and rather amusing. Go to and find out everything there is to know.

          • caliroxanne

            Is ham radio halal?

          • Mahou Shoujo

            No, even mutgonad, police beat upon him, heard voices other of the sky. Must have been a radio operator, that was exposed to a bit more r.f than his rather diminutive brain could handle, should have been wearing a tinfoil fez.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            No, even mutgonad, police beat upon him, heard voices other of the sky. Must have been a radio operator, that was exposed to a bit more r.f than his diminutive brain could handle. He should have worn a tinfoil fez.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        I’ll bet neither him nor his wife support the embattled Buddhists of Burma.

    • hezi

      I am from Israel and we have that problem too. I think it happens because the Jewish people suffered so much in history, that it actually effects some Jews psychologically. I mean, some of start to think “Jews suffered like no other people in history, maybe we deserve it”. It’s sounds strange, but 2000 years of persecution and genocide kind of makes you a bit crazy.

      • Jill

        Not to excuse it but being surrounded by Jewhatred and the craziness that is Islamic and Christian Jewhatred, not to mention all the “Jews are thieves” memes and the legacy of the Holocaust, the urge to belong is very strong, since it is very human to want to be part of the human race.

        The pathology is on the Jewhaters’ side but it has an effect on Jews too.

        • Gill Payne

          True Christians do not hate Jews. If they claim to be Christian but are speaking or acting in a hostile way to the Jewish people, then they are disobeying Gods Word and are rebelling His commands. We are instructed to pray for the peace of Israel and bless her people. God has chosen the Hebrew people to show His salvation and faithfulness. I love the people of Israel and so do all the Christians I know.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Considering who Yeshua was, all his apostles and his mother, Jew hatred would be contraindicated.

      • ladywarrior

        It’s sort of like the abused spouse syndrome…where they believe they deserve it after years of abuse. Its a form of mental illness….like Stockholm Syndrome…

        • Gill Payne

          I believe it has more to do with a refusal to follow God than anything to do with mental illness. It is a spiritual deception of their own choosing, because they do not want to surrender their lives to God and do what He is asking of them in this day……particularly Aliyah.

      • Gill Payne

        I believe it has more to do with a refusal to follow God than anything to do with a psychological issue. It is a spiritual deception of their own choosing, because they do not want to surrender their lives to God and do what He is asking of them in this day……particularly Aliyah.

    • Exuperancia Pérez

      yes, what you write here is incredible. Some of those self loathing Jews I know are adamant at being “politically correct.” I assume they want to be “accepted” in those circles…
      I guess that won’t help them in any way. “Antizionists” are nothing but Jew haters who deny the Jews a homeland.
      Before 1948 Greek antsemites used to tell my sephardic grandparents “go back to palestina, where you belong.”
      Now it is “get out of Palestina.”
      Well, the time of “accomodating” to that kind of demands is over for the majority of us. Those selfhating Jews who want to ‘belong” to the politically correct” left should perhaps adopt non Jewish sounding names and stop calling themselves Jews.
      I do understand that Israel is far, very far from perfect, yet it is the only democracy in that region. Netanyahu is not exactly my cup of tea, but if I had the choice between living under his government or in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, etc. etc. etc. etc. the choiuce is clear!
      Thank you for your solidarity.

      • caliroxanne

        Why did you even feel that you had to somehow rationalize or justify yourself by saying that Israel is far from perfect? What relevance does that have here?

        Anyway, even if those self-hating Jews stop calling themselves Jews, to people who hate Jews, they are still Jews and just as Jewish as any other Jew. Many Jews who thought of themselves as not Jewish were also slaughtered in Hitler’s death camps.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          How could Israel be hope to be perfect when it is surrounded and infiltrated by the muslum enemy?

          • Shirley Rosenhohn

            “If the Arabs would love their children more than they hate us, there would be peace.”
            Golda Meir.


          Churchill said once that democracy is far from perfect but that he didn’t know a better system and Israel is a democracy, the only one in the Middle East and of course I am very proud of it.
          What you say is true, very assimilated Jews were butchered and also christians who had converted to the Jewish religion were murdered too. The nazi hatred towards us was limitless.

          Edith Stein, who became a Roman Catholic long before the nazis took over and became a nun was murdered in Auschwitz, she’s been canonized by the catholic church.

          It is always “damned if you do, damned if you don’t.”

          • caliroxanne

            Yes, I’m familiar with Edith Stein and the Edith Stein story is one that I like to tell to the Jews who try to pretend they’re not Jews. Also, some of the first Jews Hitler went after were the Jews who converted to Christianity and thought they were no longer Jews, but Hitler and other Jew haters thought differently.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Heisenberg, the great German physicist was incarcerated by the Nazis on suspicion of being Jewish.

          • caliroxanne

            Thanks, I am not familiar with the Heisenberg story.

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020

    Here’s a Jew hating group of advertisers facebook WILL NEVER TURN AWAY !!!
    The MONEY$$$ for Jewish, Hindu and Christian blood shed is just too good !!!

  • Mahou Shoujo

    The megalomaniac runt that is face book is slowly destroying it, which is a good thing. Competition is the essence of continuous improvement, there are many reasons for others to come up with a better less bigoted and ignorant person of social media. He is not a Buddhist as the underlining face book cult beliefs are 100% sharia, there is no possible way that face book’s stated policies have anything to do with Buddhism or any decent belief.

    • Shirley Rosenhohn

      yes, this individual is a despicable punk. The only thing he has is money and his g-d is Mammon. I sincerely hope he meets his end in the same way those who worshipped the golden calf did.
      I don’t have a FB account and thank G-d I don’t need it

      • Mahou Shoujo

        face book is only of value to junk mail collectors, teenage gossips and pompous millennials who strut about its pages like flatulent toads impressing themselves with their literary discharges.

        • ladywarrior

          Agreed. But right here on Pamela’s site are all kinds of aberrant and disgusting ads…..they are just shoved into our faces whether we want to see them or not….any site you visit has them. I wish Pamela would stop these ads……
          ….and very curiously….notice on Zuckie’s sites there are no Christian leaning ads or comments…nowhere on Zuckie and Bezo’s site will you see anything Christian…..think about it.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Not surprising, as they are shari’a compliant, which would explain a lot of the stupid bigotry that is seen.

          • caliroxanne

            Try ublock origin browser add-on

      • ladywarrior

        But millions and millions of Millennials do…..they are the ones who will be running the country, the nursing homes, medical care, and just about everything as we age out….. the radicals co-ordinate riots, flash mobs, and all manner of anarchy on Facebook….why isn’t Zuckie shutting them down?

        As Rahm Emmanuel (Obama’s former Chief of Staff and Mayor of Chicago the Murder Capitol of America) keeps saying, “In Chaos there is opportunity.”

        Obama used that “opportunity” to create a Deep State Shadow government and Military complex….apparently no one was listening when Eisenhower said in his farewell speech…”Beware of the Military Complex.”

        That “Complex” is McMasters, Mattis, and the former Brennan and Clapper inside our infrastructure. I pray President Trump makes it out alive…..

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020
  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020
  • LeslieFish

    According to the First Amendment, all religions are to be treated equally; whatever the law allows or forbids to any one religion (or religious philosophy, such as Atheism), it must *equally* allow or forbid to all of them. So why are exceptions made for Islam?

    According to (frankly ill-advised and unconstitutional) law, “hate speech” is a crime. So why doesn’t that apply to hate-speech aimed at Jews?

    If you dig hard and deep enough into its crime statistics, the FBI will admit that the vast majority of “religious hate-crimes” are aimed at Jews, and that 49% of “hate-crimes” committed against Muslims are hoaxes, 50% are committed by other Muslims, and maybe 1% are genuine and committed by non-Muslims. Why, then, is “Islamophobia” treated so seriously, while Antisemitism is ignored?

    Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

  • Alleged-Comment

    Catering to Moslems, Megroes, Mexicans, Migrants and Mongrels. Anything but Americans and America that gave them everything they have today.

    You have SPOILT BRATS running everything. Not good!

  • Facebook for Jew Haters

    Mark Zuckerberg’s facebook allows for terrorists to encite on facebook the killing of Jews in Israel.

    Zuckerberg is a pathetic wimp.

    Hopefully one day karma will come for Zuckerberg.

    What goes around eventually comes around Mark. lol

  • Scumbag Lawyers are athiest

    Mark Zuckerberg’s wife looks more masculine than he does lol she has more muscles.

    Of course Mark is an athiest – most cruel people I know are athiest – Most scumbag lawyers are athiest too !!

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      I had a run-in w/a lawyer at my Act for America chapter — she seemed to be playing both sides against the middle because she praised her muslum clients. I told her she might make more money and have more integrity as a street walker — and the convo ended right there.

  • carl

    Zuckerberg should be indicted and sent to prison for inciting hate speech.

    • Shirley Rosenhohn

      yeah, indicted for high treason too and sent to jail where big hairy thugs are more than eager to ”welcome” a new “bitch…”
      Prior to the trial, that p.o.s. won’t even know who will be satisfying their urges on him because M.Z. doesn’t have eyes behind his ugly face and after that, the chair or the jab will mean “euthanasia” for the scumbag.

    • ladywarrior

      Uhhhhhh….we have Free Speech in America…..oh…uh…but not for Freedom lovers…only for Globalists.

  • ladywarrior

    Zuckerberg – like George Soros – is another self-hating Jew. I don’t do Facebook and never saw the good of telling anyone with a computer or phone where I am, what I am doing every minute of the day. Zuckie and Amazon’s Bezos have way to much power over way too many people. God help us if they ever join together……this is why we have laws about anti-trust….
    …..The movie Terminator/SkyNet is starting to take shape and form right before our eyes. George Orwell’s NINETEEN EIGHTY FOUR is already here. Camera’s everywhere, NSA taping all our calls and emails, Speech Nazis on every corner, doctors ordered by Obamacare to ask people if they have guns, second-graders in California being shown how to use condoms, young school kids in Tennessee taken to Mosques to be in a Muslim service (the girls ordered to sit in the back), abnormal sexual orientations being lauded as “normal”, and so much more….

    I saw the election of President Trump as our last chance to reverse all of this…..but that Swamp is a lot deeper, more deadly, and more determined to tear down our country than we ever imagined…..President Trump cannot do this alone…..get out and vote out all of your representatives from local to Federal who are clearly not helping Drain the Swamp….those who are working against the President and therefore US as well…..
    ….those who fail to act now are setting the stage for our next Civil War….

    • caliroxanne

      NSA spying is unnecessary being that all these people willingly and enthusiastically volunteer every detail of their lives on Facebook, etc.

      Trump actually brought the swamp monsters into the Oval Office, especially McMaster.

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