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VIDEO: Military attacked by Muslim migrants in Italy


The American media has not reported on these daily attacks, acts of war really, by Muslim migrants. They do our country a great disservice. Because this is what happens when you allow uncontrolled Muslim migration into the country — which is why the enemedia censors these news stories.

«Militaires agressés par des migrants à Naples» : un incident défraie la chronique en Italie (VIDEO)

August 8, 2107LFrancais.RTt

Une vidéo sur laquelle on peut voir un groupe d’hommes d’origine subsaharienne prendre à partie des soldats à Naples a été vue plusieurs centaines de milliers de fois. Relayé par la presse, l’incident a poussé le maire de Naples à réagir.

Une vidéo tournée depuis un balcon du quartier Vasco à Naples, proche de la gare centrale, a été publiée sur une page Facebook, où les riverains excédés ont l’habitude de partager images et témoignages de la dégradation de la qualité de vie dans les rues de leur ville. On y voit des hommes, visiblement originaires d’Afrique subsaharienne, prendre à partie un groupe de militaires en uniforme. La vidéo, visionnée plus de 400 000 fois, a été largement relayée sur les réseaux sociaux et par la presse nationale.

Thanks to Alexandre for the translation:

Military attacked by migrants in Naples:

(VIDEO) A video shows a group of men of sub-Saharan descent taking on soldiers in Naples was seen several hundred thousand times.

Relayed by the press, the incident prompted the mayor of Naples to react. A video shot from a balcony in the Vasco neighborhood in Naples, near the central station, has been published on a Facebook page, where the overcrowded residents are used to sharing images and testimonies of the deterioration of the quality of life on the streets of their city.

There are men, apparently from sub-Saharan Africa, taking part in an attack on a group of soldiers in uniform. The video, viewed more than 400 000 times, has been widely relayed on social networks and by the national press. The low quality of the amateur video does not make it possible to determine precisely the context of the scene which took place on 6 August, but its progress remains clear.

While a group of uniformed soldiers lying on the ground a man of Sub-Saharan descent, a dozen other individuals attempt to aggressively prevent the soldiers from acting. The reasons for military involvement remain unknown, and it is unclear whether they acted brutally or not.

Initially taken up by the local press, like the Neapolitan daily Chronache di Napoli, which evokes a “revolt of foreigners against the soldiers”, the altercation ends up interesting the national press. La Repubblica describes the scene in the following way: “Military men were surrounded and assaulted by a group of immigrants to prevent an arrest.”

The newspaper of the first Italian private channel, Canale 5, also broadcast the video in its edition Of 7 August. “We are even on Canale 5,” exult several residents of Vasco on the Facebook group, where many of them welcome the media success of the video. “We have had an explosion of enrollments [on the page]!”, One of the women’s administrators said. Alongside these messages of satisfaction, those of exasperation flourish: “One feels abandoned, one is afraid for our families,” writes a Neapolitan. “Abandoned … and betrayed!” Comments the man who initially shared the video. The affair took on such a magnitude that the mayor of Naples ended up reacting to the press. Luigi De Magistris (whose Orange Movement is classified in the center-left) assures that the municipality takes the safety of the inhabitants seriously. “When these things happen, there is no doubt that it takes control, prevention and repression,” he said, while highlighting the initiatives taken by the municipal executive to “revitalize a difficult neighborhood “Particularly in terms of trade. For its part, the anti-racist association Rete antirazzista condemned the agitation provoked by the broadcast of the video. “She was cut off: the migrant had been beaten!” She says. “Do not beat him!” Shouts one of the men attacking the soldiers – but no blow is carried to the man ashore in the seconds preceding the arrival of the dozen supposed migrants.


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  • desperaddo


  • Eli F.

    Where’s the soldiers weapons!!?? Shoot to kill!!!

  • Joaquin D. Canals

    I didn’t see any ATTACK. A scuffle maybe, but no attack.

  • oldrolledgold

    Pick him up and put him in the truck and drive him to the police station? If you need the army to arrest them now it’s gone too far to wait for the police to show up and exchange custody.

  • vwVwwVwv

    There is no will to win in the command, what can a soldier do with tied hands?

  • Lalu Prasad
  • Lalu Prasad
    • Daizys Loyd

      As Emiliano Zapata said : “I’d prefer to die standing, than to live always on my knees.”

      • Mahou Shoujo

        It is better to remain standing, make the garbage die grovelling in the gutter.

  • Yonderthehill

    These Italian dummies need to wake up: they are being invaded in their own cities!

  • B17G

    Missed another opportunity to take care of some business.

    • Lisacreinke


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  • Necromancer1943

    No rules of engagement will do it every time. There have been none for many long years.

  • tammie

    Do they even know what a gun is?? Or how a bullet to the face will deter these thing from recurring. No repercussions means I win, I will come again and again to we have just run you all away! So disgusting these countries are doing this to their own people. They need tried and held as treasonous bastards they are and hung on the public square!!

  • Okay, Britain and Germany are pretty much lost. But not my Italia, no, NEVER.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      italy is over run, socialist are pushing islam along with Christian religions. italy’s days are numbered.

      • Chandra S Singh

        go back where you came from !!

        • Mahou Shoujo


        • Dana

          You have to face facts. Mahou is correct, yet again. Pull your head out of the sand, and you may be able to save yourselves. You have to be very quick about it, though.

  • cylde

    The soldiers appear to be unarmed, uniforms are not intimidating. Anti-gun Europeans impotent kabuki displays of power are rightly mocked by uncivilized Africans.

  • Lysy

    Weren’t italian soldiers well known for their ‘bravery’? In 1936 they were unable to conquer Ethiopia, in 1940 even French kicked their azz, then Greeks did it again, not even mentioning Brits in North Africa. No wonder that now they can’t pacify goat-molesters on their own streets.

  • Patrick

    It’s an utterly despicable sight to see what has become of the west. To have allowed this once great culture come to this is an insult beyond measure.

  • Gary White

    No doubt all shipped in by the NGO taxi boats.

  • Lancelot Blackeburne

    The video ends before the final outcome of this incident.

    What happened in the end? Was the individual the soldiers were initially trying to arrest actually taken into custody? Was he freed by the intervention of the “migrants”?

    Italy needs to get tough with the “migrants” or there will be no more Italy.

  • pandainc

    It doesn’t say whether or not this was the Carabiniere (national police) — if it was, the Italians are in BIG trouble. Back in the day, you screwed with them and bad things happened to you. If this was them today, Italy is shot.

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  • o0o0lllll0o0o

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