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[ August 22, 2017 ]

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[ August 22, 2017 ]

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[ August 22, 2017 ]

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Trump STANDS BY McMaster, Claims He’s “Very Pro-Israel”


McMaster has called Israel “illegitimate” and an “occupying power.” Trump saying that McMaster is “very pro-Israel” is laying down a red line. McMaster must be exposed to a wider audience — to America, not just to conservatives on the Internet — before Trump can fire him. Now he has made it clear that McMaster has to be pro-Israel, or he will go. We can only hope that the President will follow through on this.

Caroline Glick has much more about McMaster and Israel here.

“Trump Stands by McMaster, Claims He’s ‘Very Pro-Israel,’” by Adam Shaw, Breitbart, August 4, 2017:

President Trump defied his base Friday and defended under-fire national security adviser Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster from accusations that he is anti-Israel and opposed to the president’s agenda — as calls for his firing among conservatives heat up.

“General McMaster and I are working very well together,” Trump said in a statement emailed to the New York Times. “He is a good man and very pro-Israel. I am grateful for the work he continues to do serving our country.”

Senior Adviser and Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner also backed the globalist general: “General McMaster is a true public servant and a tremendous asset for the president and the administration,” he said.

“He has created and oversees a very thorough and clear process for the agencies to work together to give the president credible options to advance the president’s priorities for America’s foreign policy,” Kushner added.

McMaster replaced Gen. Michael Flynn after Flynn resigned in February over his accounts of a conservation with then-Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. But McMaster has faced accusations he is anti-Israel due to his support of the Iran nuclear deal and reports that he refers to Israel as “the occupying power.”

The Jerusalem Post’s Caroline Glick claimed that McMaster’s bias came out during Trump’s visit to Israel:

What hasn’t been reported is that it was McMaster who pressured Trump to agree not to let Netanyahu accompany him to the Western Wall. At the time, I and other reporters were led to believe that this was the decision of rogue anti-Israel officers at the US consulate in Jerusalem. But it wasn’t. It was McMaster.

In February McMaster was said to have told his staff he is not fond of the phrase “radical Islamic terrorism” and told them not to use it in the office. His justification was allegedly that terrorists are “un-Islamic” — a common talking point on the left.

But he enraged Trump’s base this week then he fired Ezra Cohen-Watnick, the senior director for intelligence on the National Security Council — the third conservative departure in a week. He then reportedly came to the astonishing conclusion that former Obama national security adviser Susan Rice did nothing wrong by unmasking Trump campaign officials during the transition — a belief firmly at odds with past statements by Trump.

McMaster’s various moves have been noticed by Trump’s base, with #FireMcMaster becoming a trending hashtag on Twitter, and a regular topic on conservative news sites — including Breitbart News. The Times reported that the hashtag had been tweeted at least 50,000 times since Wednesday.

Fox News pundit Sean Hannity asked whether McMaster needed to be fired over his reported treatment of the Susan Rice scandal.

The Times noted that Frank Gaffney Jr., president of the Center for Security Policy, had called McMaster “insubordinate to his commander in chief” in areas such as Islamic terrorism….

  • Evan

    If this is true we are in very deep trouble.

    • Suresh

      Either McMaster is an paid shill for saudi/qatar Lobbyists like most politicians and media.

      ..or ignorant Left/Liberal Loon Like Cloony the Loony .

      coward Cloony not feeling safe in Britainistan so flees to ………? Guess where ? To the “Racist” Trump’s America ! What should be done to such scumbags ?

      One option is given at end of the article here

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        If Cloony and his wife really believe islum is a religion of peace why aren’t they living in some muslum pig’s anus state somewhere?

      • Covadonga

        Considering that he is the President’s National Security Advisor, that’s a pretty stark choice.

  • RCCA

    I looked for videos where McMaster spoke about Israel. All I saw was the press conference where he was asked if the Western Wall was in Israel, and he refused to answer calling it a policy question. What was even more stupid was McMaster was shilling for Trump’s trip as a call for unity and respect and tolerance for all religions. He couldn’t see the absurdity that Islam can have its Mecca, Christianity can have its Vatican, but there is some debate over whether the Jews can have the site of the Temple Mount or even the Western Wall.

    • Bradley Lexvold

      Thanks for looking into that! After rereading the article this could be where the deep state is giving selected info to POTUS to further their own agenda, or Trump is just plain stupid. Weak willed people can, in time, become part of a group mentality and lose focus on what their supposed to do.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      What makes the occupation of the Temple Mount even more ludicrous is the fact the Jewish people built the Temple Mount before the Arabpigs even had a written language — much less allah the barbarian or muhamMAD his prophet.

      • RCCA

        We know the fact is that Muslims stole the site from the Jews centuries ago as an act of Islamic supremacism and concocted a myth about Mohammed dreaming about ascending to heaven from that spot. (As if it was the “furthest mosque” when there were no mosques in the Land of Israel during Mohammed’s lifetime.) And the educated elitist response is,”Well, never mind. We have to respect the Islamic faith. The Jewish faith, not so much.” I say, time to call out this fraud.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          Even if mohamMUD did take his night ride to the Temple Mount he could only fly there because the Jewish people had built it a thousand years before he mounted his flying donkey w/the head of a woman.


    *Al Jazeera Special Weather Report*
    Weather Report For Iran:
    Stormy, Heavy Downpour Of Daisy-Cutters With 60 MPH Gusts Of Muzzie Body Parts!!

  • s;vbkr0boc,klos;

    With apologies to Scarlett O’Hara:
    “As God is my witness I will never vote Republican again. No, neither me nor all my folks. If I have to lie, cheat, steal or kill, as God is my witness, I’ll never vote Republican again.”

    • felix1999

      That is very silly. There are still a few good Republicans. Tom Cotton appears to be one.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        What about Ted Cruz?

      • s;vbkr0boc,klos;

        A party riddled with sell-outs, traitors, deep government spies and hypocrites is WORSE than a party of out and out ‘libtards’.

      • Daniel FX Dravot

        Good point.
        Notwithstanding, IMHO replacing the existing 480 Congressmen and Senators with an equal number of citizens drawn at random from the ‘phonebook would probably produce results far superior to what we’ve seen thus far.

        Also, repeal the 17th Amendment.

      • jim

        One? ONE? WTF are we supposed to do with one? He’d just stand for the party instead of throwwing them all out and getting a new one.

    • jim

      So ,you would vote for Hilly the Saudi.?

  • jewdog

    Damn! More from Jared?! Losing faith in Trump rapidly.

  • Ron Cole

    What can President Trump be thinking?

    Comrades McMasters, Comey, Mueller, Mc$tain, Rino Ryan, McTurtle and most of the other deep sewer denizens are out to destroy him, America, our Warriors, Families and his loyal constituents.

    It seems that President Trump is vilifying his most loyal supporters such as Jeff Sessions and sucking up to
    Americas worst Enemies.

    Please tell us we are wrong.

    • Trump can’t ban islam

      Trump is working with moderate muslims to fight the few islamic extremists. Trump understand that islam has nothing to do with terrorism, as a moderate muslim country like saudi arabia protects trump’s business and hotels there

      • tut

        Nice taqiyya Mr. Mohammed. How’s your halal meat today?

      • satcatchet

        Your nuts. Eat more bacon, it will do you good.

    • DemocracyRules

      It’s BS. Trump said nothing about McMaster

      • Chrisbbeaudette


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  • felix1999

    McMasters did not inform Trump PRIOR to the firing of Trump loyalists. I am confused by Trump’s defending of McMasters.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Error, President Trump, please fix.

    • santashandler

      Yeah, WTF?

  • santashandler

    That McMaster persuaded Trump not to go with Netanyahu to the western wall, is not only in very bad form, it is near treasonous. That combined with the fact that he said Susan Rice did nothing wrong, should set off alarm bells. What is Trump thinking. The greatest threat always comes from the inner circle

  • wildjew

    Over at The Hill just now: McCain: Republicans ‘see weakness’ in Trump

    I see weakness in Trump in that he won’t fire this anti-Semitic, Islamic supremacist loving National Security Adviser John McCain recommended he hire; H.R. McMaster.

  • Paul

    The hiring of McMaster was the result of poor vetting, which can be laid firmly at the feet of Reince Priebus. Reince was(is) a lazy apparachik.

    GEN Kelly would not have allowed a hire so opposed to DJT values. The interesting thing will be to watch how Kelly and DJT handle the disastrous McMaster hire. Maybe Kelly can whip McM into the party line… or maybe McM will be fired.

    In any event, pass the popcorn.

    • Covadonga

      The word here the other day was that Gen. Kelly and Gen. Nasty McNasty were buddies in the Army, and that it was precisely the appointment of Kelly as Chief of Staff that gave McNasty the cover to make such a rash of terrible firings of knowledgeable patriots.

      • MrLogical

        An Mattis is part of that unholy trinity too.
        All thee of them have sympathies toward Islam and Muslims.

    • MrLogical

      Kelly is in league with McMaster and Mattis.
      All three are members of the CFR and all three are globalists with sympathy toward Islam and Muslims.

  • DemocracyRules

    It’s A LIE : Roger Stone
    Roger Stone is RIGHT
    There is nothing from Trump about McMaster in weeks
    Trump has said nothing about McMaster for a month. Anyone can check the White House website.
    NYT lies, big time.

  • Dorrie

    But he ISN’T pro-Israel!!

    • MrLogical

      He’s pro-Palestinian.
      A 100.00% fictitious people.

  • Gordon Miller

    You’re making a big mistake Mr. President. McMasters is a Muslim-lover and a Jew-hater. Do you really want him on your staff?

  • American

    He didn’t tweet it, I don’t believe it! Email statements to New York Times? (Sheesh
    Flynn should be in.)

  • Alleged Comment

    Mr President, just watch carefully what he DOES, instead of what he says. If it’s not in alignment with what he says, you know what you need to do…… FIRE HIM!!!

  • MrLogical


    Traitors to America and the President.
    All three of them.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Agreed. Time to break out the draino and flush the swamp.

  • MrLogical

    Trump is ‘playing nice’ with so-called ‘moderate’ Muslims in order to protect his hotels in the Middle East.
    Think of it as ‘protection money’ paid to an organized crime syndicate. “Nice hotels ya got there.”
    To Trump, his business empire in the ME is more precious than our U.S. security.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Trump also has at least one multi-million dollar property in Turkey.

  • Kim Bruce

    H.R. McMaster will be Trump’s weak point and his eventual downfall if he continues to trust in him.
    I believe in Pamela Geller and Caroline Glick…I also believe Jared Kushner and Trump’s own daughter may be giving him some flawed advice.

  • Kim Bruce

    “What hasn’t been reported is that it was McMaster who pressured Trump to agree not to let Netanyahu accompany him to the Western Wall. At the time, I and other reporters were led to believe that this was the decision of rogue anti-Israel officers at the US consulate in Jerusalem. But it wasn’t. It was McMaster.” ~ Caroline Glick

  • It’s not even been a year yet . Many of these people whose job it was to further the Obama agenda once are realizing now their job is an opposite agenda . For that reason Trump is right on to give these people the benefit of the doubt and even a little time to get their head on straight . It seems to me that Sessions was deliberately deceitful in how he came to be the most impotent AG in the history of AG’s almost overnight . He was supposed to be a bad ass . It seemed like he wanted to bring justice , all along he was there to thwart it . Who knew ? I don’t expect Trump to have.

    On if McMasters is for or against Israel , his job was Obama’s very anti Israel agenda once but if you invested your life in the military to be a General you probably would have kept a low profile and kept your career in the Obama years . There’s a lot more to think about than simply what’s right on some issues like moving the Embassy , who controls Temple Mount that we can’t factor as civilians . Israels ability to control massive riots is a consideration , like it or not . If it could be done without the riots that might be worth it , For the savings , for the better historical depiction , the future generation matters and it is where Israel has chosen to place it’s ideological bets . One must read politics like the Bible , when you get a devout idea in your head research it from all angles , there is often a countering principle to weigh . The jury is still out on McMasters but I think the verdict is in on Sessions . But the history written now , how he got his chance and had to disgracefully blow it is sweet . We would have been subject to what might have been fantasies for the rest of history if Jeff Sessions had not been given a chance . We know who he is now , the narrative has just not caught up to the facts yet .

    At some point we have to trust a leader to make a call without having to know every detail our own self . It just can’t be that way , if we know everybody does . If we could cut of the Iranian and Arab money to the Palestinian Authority , UNESCO and Hamas first the Embassy could be moved with barely a peep but how do you control a riot of a million people especially if you don’t want to write a massacre for the next generation to read about in history .


  • Mustapha Baicoun-Sarneh

    Apparently it’s misinformation and Trump wasn’t even informed of this tweet. He has been made aware and heads will roll.

    • imwithstoopid

      What, do you mean, ALL that he’s done, or just the statement. What about the appointments, the Rice privileges given back.
      Source please…………..

  • Janet

    How can Trump stand by him when there’s so much information about how this man feels about Israel. It doesn’t make sense to me. He let Bannon go? That’s a mistake and I don’t know how Trump allowed it to happen. Anyway I guess we’ll have to just wait and see. It doesn’t seem like this guy is for America First! Hope he doesn’t do a lot of damage while he’s there.

    • imwithstoopid

      Are you serious, damage? His actions are no doubt those of the left, just what a secret (no longer secret) Democrat, a la McCain, Ryan, et al wouLd do to undermine the POTUS.

  • Guy Bocian

    Trump will lose everything he’s fighting for if he keeps defending people who betray him–like McCaster, McCain, McConnell–and of course–POS Paul Ryan…..

  • notme123

    McMasters needs to be court-martialed!

  • imwithstoopid

    WTH, will someone please explain just what is going on with this president. Is this the doing of his globalist son-in-law or does he, POTUS, have a secret agenda with this guy, the General.
    Has this guy done all, and I mean ALL that I have read about his appointments.
    Is this the big thing that says we have been sold out?

  • Ziggy46

    The President is either gullible or a poor judge of character. He is allowing himself to be encircled by those bent to destroy, usurp his Presidency and in turn, this nation. What the hell is our President thinking or is he thinking? If we, those whom voted for Trump can see that this usurper is cog within the leftist-progressive contagion, why can’t he?

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    It’s incredible that a POS like McMasters can dictate to Mr. Netanyahu (a man who has combat experience fighting the f’ing muslums) what he does in Israel.

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