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Oded Owen Schwartzberg: Temple Mount: patterns of blood, lies and terror


The violent Islamic supremacist jihad that raged in Israel these past two weeks was a result of an inflammatory false narrative and incitement to violence based on the vicious Jew-hatred exhorted in the Quran. Hamas called for a “religious war” against Israel. And they meant to have it.

Below is an exclusive opinion piece from Oded Owen Schwartzberg is the spokesperson for ‘Likud Pride’ – ‘Ga’ava BaLikud’ – a conservative LGBT organization founded in 2011 and linked to the Israeli right-wing Likud party.

Meeting with members of Likud LGBT wing: Evan Cohen, Oded Owen Schwartzberg and Omri Rosenkrantz.

August 2, 2017, By Oded Owen Schwartzberg

At 7:00am on Friday, July 14th, 2017, three Arab-Israeli terrorists from Umm al-Fahm entered the Temple Mount and murdered two policemen, Command Sergeant Major Hayil Satawi and Command Sergeant Major Kamil Shanaan, both members of the Druze community. The terrorists used weapons smuggled into the al-Aqsa mosque by an accomplice terrorist. In response to the attack, the Israeli government forbade access to the Temple Mount for two days in order to investigate the attack, search for weapons, and put in place security measures to prevent future attacks and escalations which often follow the incitements during the Friday worship at the mosques. The following Sunday, Israel opened the Temple Mount to visitors, with newly-installed metal detectors placed outside the holy site. Many Palestinians, with the encouragement of the Mufti of Jerusalem – Muhammad Ahmad Hussein – responded by refusing to undergo a security check before entering the holy site. They initiated violent riots in East Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria which included calls for the murder of Jews and the destruction of Israel, in addition to burning tires and throwing stones and Molotov cocktails. Three Palestinian rioters were killed during clashes with Israeli forces. That evening, a Palestinian terrorist infiltrated the Solomon family’s home in Neve Tzuf, where he stabbed Yosef Solomon, the family’s grandfather, and his two children, Chaya and Elad, while celebrating the birth of a new grandchild. The terrorist, Abd al-Jalil, a 19-year-old Muslim, was shot by a soldier who resided nearby and heard the cries of the family. He survived and received medical treatment in an Israeli hospital.

On July 23rd, another major security and diplomatic incident occurred at the Israeli Embassy in Jordan, where an Israeli security guard shot and killed two Jordanians after one of them attacked him in his apartment. The incident caused an increase in tension between Israel and Jordan as the two countries were already on edge due to the situation on the Temple Mount. Jordan, which signed a peace treaty with Israel in 1994, called on Israel to remove the metal detectors, with the United States joining these calls. Israel was forced to relent, but announced that they plan to set up a security system in the future. As of the time of this writing, it is unclear whether Israel will keep this promise. The violent riots, as expected, continue.


The Strategic Aspect:

The public image is claimed by many to be a clear Palestinian victory, with Hamas and Fatah launching celebrations for their “huge and historic victory.” This is a victory that undermines Israeli sovereignty on the Temple Mount.

Indeed, the world watched Israel fold in the face of threats to the delight of the Palestinians. This is not an unusual moment. Even during the British Mandate, the Arabs understood that through pogroms and murders they could achieve what they wanted: to achieve their political goals and gain international recognition and sympathy. The moral compass of the West is broken, and it tends to reward violence from the Palestinians while pointing a finger at the victims of terror and those who try to eradicate it. For example, following the Arab pogroms in 1920 and 1921, the Arabs successfully pushed the British to set up the Haycraft Commission and publish the first White Paper. This is but a single example of a clear repeating pattern in which Arab violence led to a British yield manifested by restricting Jewish immigration and granting land to Arabs, who identified themselves as part of the Greater Syria vision at this time and not as a Palestinian people.

Modern-day cases like these permeate Israeli public opinion. The current right-wing government is being attacked by the right for removing the metal detectors, seeing it as a sign of weakness and defeat, as well as by the left, many of whom objected to the metal detectors in the first place. It will be interesting to see how Netanyahu will try to shape discussion and justify their removal. He may use this decision as leverage to pressure the allowance of other security measures – such as cameras. It is important to understand that the decision to place metal detectors was a direct result of the attack inside the Temple Mount. It was not an easy decision. Even before the attack, discussions on the need for additional security measures on the Temple Mount were raised, as Muslim worshipers frequently riot as well as shout at and even attack Jews and people of other religions who ascend the holy site. However, any initiative to add security measures is met with strong opposition from Palestinians who baselessly claim that the Jews are trying to violate the status-quo and take over the compound.

The anxiety of Muslim riots is so great that Jews are not even able to pray in their most sacred area. If Netanyahu is wise enough to use the removal of metal detectors as a way to devise more effective means, then the temporary public image defeat will pay off by helping implement a long-term strategic goal. He will be forced to negotiate with Jordan, which as a Palestinian majority under the control of the Hashemite minority. The Hashemite Kingdom is under constant threat of a violent revolution, only managing to persist by relying on the Bedouin indigenous minority that holds power positions within the army, police, government, and special forces. This is as the Jordanians see crumbling and unstable countries all around them in the Middle East.

Israel has an interest in maintaining good relations with Jordan as well as ensuring its stability mainly because it provides Israel with a quiet eastern border. Jordanian public opinion plays an important role in this relationship, and Jordan’s King Abdulla II has been forced to intervene on issues related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the Temple Mount in order to maintain stability in his kingdom. The two countries have a mutual interest in maintaining stability in Jordan. Because of Jordanian public opinion, which became even tenser following the incident at the Israeli Embassy, it is not surprising that Jordan decided to take a firm line and demand that Israel remove the metal detectors. It must be understood that the decision to turn metal detectors at the Temple Mount into a major issue was made by the Palestinians and Turks with the intention of pressuring the Jordanians. Jordanian Parliament Speaker Atef Tarawneh praised the perpetrators of the attack on the Temple Mount; nevertheless, the king of Jordan will not rush to burn all bridges with Israel. Jordan continues to rely on Israel on areas such as water, and Israel can help him in the event of an uprising as it did during the Black September events. Israel should be careful that the current situation does not serve as a catalyst for an attack on the Israeli Embassy like the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi in 2012 or the attack on the Israeli Embassy in Egypt in 2011. Israel has taken into account additional strategic considerations in its decision to remove the metal detectors. It follows growing American intervention in the region and various developments in the Syrian civil war. Decisions on the issue of the Temple Mount, whose significance is undeniable , cannot be accepted without taking into consideration other regional events and the other actors who influence it.

The Media Aspect:

Many media outlets attacked the decision to place metal detectors on the Temple Mount on the grounds that such a move would endanger life, inflame the area, lead to violence, and endanger Israeli lives. These arguments show the contradictions of the left’s ideology. On the one hand, they claim that Israel has someone with whom to reach a peace agreement. On the other hand, their expectations from our ‘peace partners’ is so low that they prove to us that what they are trying to sell is fiction. This is a regular occurrence from the left, which chooses to treat the Arabs as children – racism of low expectations – since it is clear to all of us that one does not wake up in the morning with the desire to kill someone over metal detectors. Whoever wants to murder Jews will do so sooner or later, whether metal detectors are placed or not. Not one scientific study has ever shown that metal detectors inspire people to murder Jews.

Another argument the media often references is that placing the metal detectors is a violation of the status-quo. This is even a more disgusting spin from the media, since it was not Israel that changed the status quo on the Temple Mount, but those who decided to turn it into a terrorist base where weapons are stored and terror attacks are carried out. The decision to place the metal detectors came after the attack. As mentioned above, decisions on placing inspection measures in the past have been halted.

Reports of the attack on the Temple Mount and the subsequent demonstrations were a demonstration of anti-Semitism and a lack of objectivity. After every attempted attack, the media tends to report on the terrorists and victims as equals. “Six died in attacks in Jerusalem,” the headlines blared, for they see the terrorist as a victim who cannot be blamed for his actions. According to them, there is no difference between the family that celebrated Shabbat dinner in their home and was slaughtered and the three terrorists who chose to participate in violent demonstrations and call for a second Holocaust. They ignore the violent nature of the demonstrations and avoid answering the difficult questions: What in the culture or religion of Islam causes the Arabs to loathe the idea of freedom of religion? Why do they object to security measures from taking place in such a sensitive area that they claim to honor? Do they not think that attacks inside the compound conflict with their religion? Why do they cry out against security on the Temple Mount, but not when the millions of Muslims are screened in Mecca during the Hajj, or when they are examined in Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, and other countries? Why are they trying to paint the terrorists as a few individuals while ignoring the support they receive from a large segment of the Palestinian population?

The latest round of violence surrounding the Temple Mount will not be the last. Since the early days of the Jewish Yishuv, the body of Jewish residents in the land of Israel, the Arabs have used the compound as an excuse to murder Jews. This was the case in the 1929 riots, when the Mufti at the time, Haj Amin al-Husseini, used the compound to unite Muslims by claiming that the Jews put it at risk. Many Muslim leaders followed Husseini’s footsteps. The “moderate” leader, Mahmoud Abbas, for example, who accuses Israel of wanting to divide the Temple Mount, said that “the Israelis will not be allowed to dirty the Temple Mount with their filthy feet,” and that “every drop of blood spilled in defending Jerusalem is pure”. The current Mufti of Jerusalem, Sheikh Muhammad Hussein, added fuel to the fire when, as part of his Friday sermon, preached that “the Jews, the enemies of Allah, are threatening the al-Aqsa Mosque.”

It can be understood that the use of the Temple Mount as an excuse for terrorism is widespread and will continue to exist regardless of Israel’s actions. This must be understood so that, instead of speaking in terms of emotions, we speak in terms of justice and preservation of freedoms, asking questions such as how we will protect the worshipers on the Temple Mount and how we can allow freedom of prayer for all. It is impossible to ignore the fact that the attack on the Temple Mount and the violent riots had taken place only a few days before Tisha B’Av, marking the destruction of the First Temple in 586 B.C.E by the Babylonians and the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 C.E. by the Roman army. On Shabbat before Tisha B’Av we read the haftorah of Shabbat Chazon – on this Shabbat, we see before our eyes the Third Temple. The Jewish connection to the Temple Mount, where the Temple was located, is ancient and eternal, and the latest round of violence will not succeed in severing it, just as previous attempts have failed. The recent events around the Temple Mount raised the site to the consciousness of the secular and religious alike, and the symbolic time in which they took place underscores in particular its religious and national importance as the holiest site for the Jewish people.





Oded Owen Schwartzberg is the spokesperson for ‘Likud Pride’ – ‘Ga’ava BaLikud’ – a conservative LGBT organization founded in 2011 and linked to the Israeli right-wing Likud party.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Place mine fields along the boundaries that muslims are expected to stay inside of. Better yet, bring in a rock crusher and reduce the mosque to gravel, then give every muslin a piece of it.

    • tatka150

      or hit every muzzie with a piece of it.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        There’s a thought, break it up into stone sized pieces then stone the criminal palestinians in the street.

  • Dennis

    Personally, I was very impressed by the substance contained within this article. Unfortunately, my conclusion, based on my personal beliefs and supported by the observations made within this well written article, are that nothing will change simply because the Arabs have an immovable history and a belief system that preaches and promotes anti-Semitism and hatred towards all non-Muslims. With that being the facts of life, there is no resolution available to the issues being “contested.” Therefore to the extent that anyone can bring any resolution to the issues faced, we all must be expected to first determine what the result should be and then determine how to get there. The world will never be able to change the evil which is the basis of Islamist beliefs. There is no compromise from the Arab world that is acceptable to them, short of the destruction of every non-Muslim, and especially every Jew out there. If Israel and the world seeks to protect themselves from the rabid thinking and conduct which permeates the Arab world, the resolution must be how are we to find safety from these inherently evil believers. To do that, we must isolate the radicalized thinking which constitutes Islam into locations where they can live among their own kind, and close the borders of non-Muslim countries to these savage thinkers to disable them from committing the horrible acts that we describe as “terrorism.” When the world comes to grips with that conclusion we can move towards resolution. Right now, I believe it will take leaders of immense courage to recognize what is required, and I can only hope we move in that direction.

    • Michelle

      “when the world comes to grips with” …..Islam as it really is. When that day arrives, if ever, total war will be seen as the ONLY way to make them settle down….. until the next time. It would appear that only total and thorough removal of Islam will ever solve this problem and I have thought that for over a decade now. Total War or Sharia Law. take your pick! Drop your ethics ( I see no problem with killing rabid sub animals) temporarily or enable the destruction of most of humanity which WILL occur once the whole world is Sharia and there is NO ONE left to parasitize.

      • Alleged Comment

        They are the creation of Yahuah from Abraham’s disobedience obeying a woman – his wife Sarah. Sound familiar to Adam and Eve?

        One brought DEATH to mankind. The other it’s DOOM. Both are related to DISOBEDIENCE to Yahuah. He created the Moslem man as a CURSE to you when you SIN.

      • Michael Garfinkel

        The Muslim Arabs are not “rabid sub-animals” – they are human beings.

        It’s true that they are encouraged to behave in, and often seem to relish despicable behavior, but this does not mean that they have ceased to be human.

        After all, human nature itself is not, to put it bluntly, all that it is “cracked up to be.”

        Still, in time of war, there is no need, as you suggest, to “drop your ethics.” In war, the enemy must be destroyed, and killing is an essential part of that.

        Unfortunately, the Arab and Muslim worlds, by and large, appreciate that they are at war with the Jews and the Christian West – while those whom they define as their enemies are often unwilling to accept this as fact.

        In that unwillingness, certainly, lie the seeds of their own destruction.

        We see this both in the brutal disappearance of the Christians in the Middle East, and in the endless terrorist atrocities perpetrated in Europe, Israel, and in the United States.

        So, I agree with your conclusion, if not your characterizations.

        In order to preserve life and liberty, the gloves must come off – and the war must be won.

        The question remains – how much more blood must be spilled, in how many more atrocities, before the West, and more immediately the state of Israel, become convinced that this is a war for its very survival?

        Because only then, will the Muslim world realize, to paraphrase Yamamoto, that they have awokened a sleeping giant and filled him with a terrible resolve.

  • Alleged Comment

    Huh? Don’t you know what kind of DEVIANT sex gays practice? It is crimes against nature and their own bodies. Many DIE young of horrid diseases and cancer, not to mention mental illness.


      What consenting adults do in the privacy of their own homes is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. If you are a (christian?) bigot, follow the example of the one who preached “He who is without sin cast the first stone.” (Not even Virgin Mary threw a single pebble at the woman…good for her that YOU were not around to throw stones at her!) So, if you don’t like gay sex, don’t engage in it! AS SIMPLE AS THAT!
      “Straights” also engage in countless forms of sex different to the “missionary position…” and so what? Just read Marquis de Sade’s “The 120 Journeys of Sodom” and you’ll learn a few things about heterosexual (and gay) sexual human behaviour.

      • Alleged Comment

        Huh? Did I mention religion??

        You can tell me it’s none of my business just as I can tell you it is a CRIME against nature and how destructive it is. I thought you guys don’t like when we go against mother nature? But I guess it’s OK when it comes to homosexuality?

        So, whose being the bigot AND hypocrite here?


          your bigotry and self-righteousness are very repugnant, I don’t care whether you are a religious person or not.
          It is very easy to judge and comdemn others like they did in the Middle Ages with lefthanded or just different people who were “possessed” by demons and then burnt at the stake.
          Fortunately you don’t have any authority to impose your views on anyone, nor how people live their lives.
          Besides, does what people do in their homes affect YOUR income? Do you get less food on your table because of how people enjoy sex?
          Instead of worrying about other people’s lives, get yourself a couple of wholesome Pat Boone or Disney films of the 50s and push away your worries. And for your information: I am not gay, I am not afraid of them, nor do I have to prove to anyone how “macho” à la John Wayne (or any redneck’s film “hero”) I am.
          And one more thing:
          “WHOSE” is the possessive case of WHO and WHICH; i.e. of whom; of which.

          • Shirley Rosenhohn

            Discussing with macho rednecks is a waste of your time. Polluting the environment is a CRIME against nature but that doesn’t worry hillbillies trying to show off how perfectly heterosexual they are. Homophobia is after all THE way to fight latent homosexuality. I have no lesbian tendencies and no need to flaunt my feminity in any way whatsoever.

          • Jason Tupperman

            You are so right! Some people seem tp be obsessed with the sex life of others and use gods, bibles and prophets to justify their bigotry. Some 3000 years ago people would be gullible enough to believe that a god spoke to someone who has been elevated to the category of a prophet or a saint, nowadays anyone claiming to have received a direct message from a god would be considered mentally disturbed.

            Indeed: if you talk to god, you are praying and if he talks bacxk you are schizophrenic…

          • Alleged Comment

            I’m telling you what happens when you go contrary to nature. So I guess you are going to have to blame “mother” nature for her bigotry and self-righteousness and being repugnant by giving you horrible diseases and mental illness.

            I don’t have to “impose” my views. They are not mine but mother nature. Why do you insist on going contrary to nature?

            If you admire gays, you are ONE of them. Sorry. You cannot be for a DESTRUCTIVE lifestyle and say your love your friends. This shows you ACTUALLY hate them. You should correct them. How silly of you!

            Gay people should stay away from you.

            No, “whose” is being used correctly.


            Ms. Rosenhohn is right, discussing with people like you is pointless, a waste of time. I’d rather stay away from the likes of you a zillion times, I mean it! Fortunately Mrs. Geller is a more enlightened person and shows it in her words and deeds.
            Don’t bother lecturing me again.
            (BTW: Who’s and whose have two different meanings, like you’re and “your.”)

          • Alleged Comment

            So many people want to see other people suffer for going against nature. So sad…..

            Gays die young, bodies riddled with disease and their minds wrecked by guilt and still their buddies like Shmuel, Shirley and Jason urge them on.

            I suppose all 3 of you heartily endorse abortion too? Wishing GENOCIDE on the human race.

            Is your father Satan by any chance?

          • Jason Tupperman

            there is no god nor satan! Are you so blind not to know that there are gays and lesbians who are over 90?
            I assume you applaud those “pro-lifers” who kill doctors and nurses of abortion clinics, who “care so much” for the unborn foetus but once born, don’t give a damn about them, you would probably force a victim of rape or incest to have the product of the rape, as well as if the echos predict a seriously affected baby with a horrible disease that will make his/her life miserable, since “suffering purifies the soul and these martyrs will enjoy eternal bliss in heaven…”
            And of course: in your views women are just reproductive machines, the white ones to ensure the continuity of the white race, the black and latinas should be also forced to bring more children to this world so that the wealthy can have servants, gardeners, cleaners and McDonald’s and Wal-Marts can engage them for peanuts, if these black and latinos grow up to become (petty) criminals, the prison industry will provide jobs for more wardens and policemen…
            Self-righteous religious fanatics make me puke.

          • Jason Tupperman

            Please read my reply to Ms. Rosenhohn, don’t waste your time with people obsessed by the way people enjoy their love life.

      • VoiceInDesert

        The same one who preached “He who is without sin cast the first stone” and “Judge not, and
        you shall not be judged” is the same one who denounced the Pharisees and Scribes for their hypocrisy, for they majored in minors and minored in majors. The same one also preached,
        “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of
        thistles?” My point is that Christians are also called to be “fruit inspectors”.

        Of course, no one is perfect. I’m certainly not perfect. But the prophets of old were commanded by God to address sin, and to warn a nation to repent or face judgment. And some of the prophets were accused of meddling into others’ affairs, and some were arrested and even put to death. Were these prophets without sin? Were they any better than anyone else? In God’s eyes, no. But still they were commanded by God to preach and to warn.

        Raining fire and brimstone on Sodom and Gomorrah sounds like a harsh judgment. But someone has said that if God does not ultimately judge America and some of the other nations, He will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.

  • Christian Gains

    This problem strikes me as a SERIOUS PRAYER NEED….DESPERATE PRAYER will gain the Lord’s attention, AND get results. But, this hatred stems from Spiritual REALITIES, that go all the way back to Abraham, Ishmael & Ysa’ac; & Esau & Yahcob; [Malachi 1: 1 – 5] (TANAKH…The New JPS 1985 Translation).

    And, of course, the Ishmael & Esau branches have FULLY yielded to the destroyer of SOULS, and enemy of Yahwey; and his plan, (which he began in Genesis 3:15 & desperately tried to enact in LUKE 4:1 – 13, [esply. ver. 5 – 8])!

    Mohammed spoke truth, when he ran back from his cave & first encounter with his “lord”, and told his wife that the Devil had spoken to him!

    And now, there are millions of deceived souls who have UTTERLY become MUSLIM, [submitted], to the thing (which rules), “allah”! Which itself has an interesting History, being a MAJOR IDOL. THEN, (at the fall of Ancient Babylon), coming out, and eventually ending up in the Arabian Peninsula…where Mohammed snatched this IDOL out from the 250 Idols at the KABA, and immediately began condemning & destroying ALL other “gods” worshiped!

    Until now, his spawn are PREPARING to assault the ENTIRE EARTH’S peoples & worships…(PRIMARILY, Christianity & Judaism)!!!

    What ALL TRULY Yahwey loving & fearing peoples NEED to realize is that, VILE, EVIL, MALICIOUS Spirits have been once again released to inhabit the WILLING, and to pilfer, plunder, and besiege humankind as in SOoooooo many cases, when HIS People turned away! We MUST turn BACK to the WORD & OBEY the leading of Yahwey’s SPIRIT.

  • Alon Pasternak

    Bravo!!! very informative and well written article and as an israeli i can assure you that every word here is unfortunately true. the israeli-palestinian’s conflict isn’t about metal detectors, “occupation”, poverty or any other nonesense your local media has told you over the years. it’s all about being jews who live in israel and nothing else.

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