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[ August 23, 2017 ]

Trump Supporter Wearing Israeli Flag Told to ‘Get the F–k Out’ of Boston by Hecklers

[ August 23, 2017 ]

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[ August 23, 2017 ]

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[ August 22, 2017 ]

Democrat’s Office Approved $120k Missing Equipment Write-off Linked To Muslim Spy Ring

[ August 22, 2017 ]

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[ August 22, 2017 ]

VIDEO/Photos: Smiling axe-wielding jihadi stabs 8 people in supermarket in Russia

[ August 22, 2017 ]

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[ August 22, 2017 ]

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[ August 22, 2017 ]

Hizballah condemns Barcelona attack, saying it “harms the image of jihad”

[ August 22, 2017 ]

Virginia Muslim pleads guilty: helped buy rocket-propelled grenade for ISIS

Rocket Launcher found next to Quranic School in France


Caluire et Cuire is the fifth-largest suburb of the city of Lyon. The Muslim school was run by the Association Nouvel Horizon. It ceased operations in May. The founder and former director of the school was arrested and placed in custody to attend the searches. His school was adjacent to the building where the rocket launcher was found.

Madrassas and mosques must be monitored. It’s not islamophobia, it’s islamorealism.

A demilitarized rocket launcher discovered near a Koranic school (Caluire, France)

August 3, 2017, Par Philippe Bette Publié le ,France 3, Translation thanks to Alexandre

A rocket launcher was discovered by chance this morning in an abandoned warehouse in Caluire-et-Cuire. This demilitarized material was located in the immediate vicinity of a building that had until recently housed a Koranic school. The head of the school was placed in police custody.

It is quite fortuitous that two municipal employees made this stunning discovery this morning in a disused building on the avenue Barthélémy Thimonnier in Caluire-et-Cuire. A rocket launcher found in the former premises of a company specializing in the packing and packaging of military objects, which worked for the national defense. The information was revealed by our colleagues of M 6.

The machine proved to be demilitarized, therefore totally inert, according to the expertise of a demining team. Now what was the use of this material dedicated to the instruction of the troops? But the coincidence is especially troubling with the presence, next door, of another place recently occupied by a Koranic school that has triggered a major police operation.

This Muslim school was run by the Association Nouvel Horizon. It organized night courses in Arabic for adults and courses in Arabic and religious education for children. It ceased operations in May. The founder and former director of the school was arrested and placed in custody at the time of the searches. His school was adjacent to the building where the rocket launcher was found. The judicial police in Lyon has received the investigation for “breach of the law on weapons and criminal association.” For now the anti-terrorist prosecutor’s office has not been brought into this case.


  • arturo

    Hey, if you can’t launch a rocket from an Islamic school. where the heck can you release it from?

    • santashandler

      They’re working on launching from synagogues……

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Mosques. During Operation Cast Lead the f’ing muslums in Gaza used mosques as OP’s and ambulances as APC’s.

  • santashandler

    Well now, the rocket launcher was just part of the young jihadi’s school for progressive education. Kids were taught how to use it, along with how to properly seduce, then slaughter a goat…, very productive.

    • Suresh

      Agree. Left/Liberal Loons have bought and sold the “Islam is religion of peace” B.S. while ignoring the history of jihad and the present active ongoing jihadi attacks .

      While Muslim youths practice the art of torturing and beheading infidels
      to prepare for future jihadi attacks !

      And Left/Liberal Loons & police Run away when
      attacked !

      • Annettesleslie


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  • puhiawa

    That is what you use to teach the baby terrorists. Muslimettes.

  • gia

    It was needed for science class! Wow you infidels. Are stupid, and jump to conclusions! Lol..

  • thinkwell

    Madrassas and mosques must be razed to the ground, islam must be banned as an evil, regressive, geopolitical cult of conformance or death and all defiantly professed moslems who refuse to give up islam must be ejected (at the point of a gun if need be)

    It’s not islamophobia, it’s islamorealism. The reality is that we in the West are in an existential war with islam. The evil meme of islam must die.

  • What’s a school without “Show and Tell”?

  • Kalambong Kalambong

    When kids tried to smoke a joint and we found out about it, they might argued that they ‘found’ that joint (pretending they do not know it has dope in it) and that they are merely trying to ‘experiment’

    Yeah, right!

    Same thing with a rocket launcher found next to a jihadi brain washing machinery — them moslems will tell you that it is the ‘enemy of islam’ which want to ‘harm the good name of islam’ by placing that rocket launcher there


    Pure coincidence, obviously
    and any of those vicious pigs
    who say otherwise
    altho they are actually

  • felix1999

    Symbolic of promoting jihad and a coming WAR with the infidel?

  • rickyoo

    Islam has tried to dominate the western world for a thousand years and now all these dumb ass European and Scandinavian leaders are welcoming them in with open arms while several European charities and navies are providing sea taxi services to bring in thousands more inbred Muslim parasites to destroy their host countries and rape their women and girls. The stupidity of these people is unbelievable.

    • Simba

      This is the new normal. And thanks,rickyoo for up voting me from time to time.

  • Alleged Comment

    You should check out their Mosque. Arms depot. When the SHTF you guys will be raided from the Mosques. Rounded up and probably SHOT.

    Happened a lot in WW II. Haven’t you learned???

    • Simba

      Arms depots?
      You don’t have to look at the WW2.Just have a look at the Indian Subcontinent,where most mosques are suspected to have stocks.

    • KristenJ

      A bad thing to consider is militarized drones. They’re small. ISIS uses them. Think about that. We know they are stockpiling weapons in the US besides the training camps on our soil where basically terrorists are trained…bad Muslims. When some Texans had their guns protesting whatever at a mosque, after that some Muslims came out with AK47s. CAIR had even told how in Florida they were getting gun training “in case the mosque was attacked.” I saw the photos and right, your ordinary mosque dweller is going to be shooting AK47s. They are constantly trying to scare us, and then some outright tell us what they will do to us. Some foreigner had said to me on an Iranian state run YT video that, “You’ll see, you Americans will be treated like the Jews.” He said that to me last year. These are barbarians. They can’t win with words and they don’t care that they ruin countries, but to win their imaginary jihad fight. They can’t win with their minds nor rationality, so they fight. That includes the Islamic governments that fund them. They are stupid, even after years of holding themselves back and not modernizing. You’d think they would get that their jihad is poison to their own future. Hard to believe we’re even talking about this in 2017. Blame the evil politicians and such people coddling this and promoting. I’m not saying evil lightly…these are people with no consciences and don’t deserve living.

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Muslim School for Terrorists.

    • Simba

      With so many students going up to paradise sooner or later,how do they expect the 72 damsels to remain virgins?

    • Nefarious420

      I think they just call that a Muslim school.

  • putupjob

    training equipment? sounds like the Gaza strip.

  • George bauer

    I/m sure it was only a clock.

  • Simba

    So now expect a battle tank rolling out of a mosque.

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020

    It’s a ‘Training Aid’ for teaching the children proper operation, functionality and use !!

  • Stephen Honig

    I think the rocket launcher was placed there by a priest or rabbi.

  • Pray Hard

    Monitored? No. Bulldozed and or burned.

  • bannedquran20

    Both quranic schools and mosques are always loaded down with weapons and ammunition. These people are out to kill you dead for the sake of allah aka muhammed and It’s splattered (like camel poop) all over their disturbing quran and hadith.

  • Are we supposed to be surprised!

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