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[ October 22, 2017 ]

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Greece: Muslim migrants attack police at German embassy, demand relatives gain entry to Europe


Demand, demands, and more demands. Yes, these “refugees” are so grateful to be here.

Muslim migrants in Greece shouted “no more waiting!” and violently protested outside the German embassy in Athens against delays in bringing their family members to join them.

Reuters reporting is pro-migrant down the line:

August 2, 2017: ATHENS (Reuters) – Syrian refugees stranded in Greece chanted “no more waiting!” and protested outside the German embassy in Athens on Wednesday against delays in reuniting with their relatives in Germany.

About 100 people, among them young children, marched from parliament to the embassy holding up cardboard banners in English reading “I want my family” and shouting slogans about travel to Germany.

Greek media have reported that Greece and Germany have informally agreed to slow down refugee reunification, stranding families in Greece for months after they fled Syria’s civil war.

About 60,000 refugees and migrants, mostly Syrians, Afghans and Iraqis, have been in Greece for over a year after border closures in the Balkans halted the onward journey many planned to take to central and western Europe.

“My message is ‘enough waiting, enough suffering’,” said 41-year-old Syrian Malak Rahmoun, who lives in a Greek camp with her three daughters while her husband and son are in Berlin. “I feel my heart (is) miserable,” she said.

Nearly 11,000 refugees and migrants have crossed to Greece from Turkey this year….

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  • Rebecca Kirkland Moucha

    And the US wants them to assimilate. Good luck with that.

  • Suresh

    Foolish policy of German govt only encourages such demands just like in sweden.

    sweden in attempt to reduce muslim immigrants agreed to allow only children. And now Muslim invaders posing as unaccompanied refugee children (24 – 44 years olds) threaten to kill Swedes if not allowed to stay

    And Left/Liberal loons are to afraid to deport them . Can it get more ridiculous ?!

    • gia

      Hello my name is abu .. my parents were killed in a bombing by ISIS will you please adopt me ? I will be 12 on my next birthday!
      (Forgets to shave beard)

      • santashandler

        Ha, ha. He should have at least tried for 17

        • gia

          I know it’s ridiculous ..but am I far off? We are expected to believe this B.S

          • santashandler

            No. Not far off at all.

        • tatka150

          what’s the difference? He needs foster care anyway.

      • Scorpio

        Sickening picture. It’s enough to make me puke. I hate these freaking ugly muslims.

        • gia

          I guess he will have a hard time getting adopted with that ugly mug.. lol..
          Hate them 2 ..

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        LOL. Abu sure does need a shave — and some dentures.

        • gia

          His shaving kit was lost in the bombing, what’s a 12 year old orphan to do when that happens?

  • Mahou Shoujo

    O yeas, now its trot out the child soldiers, take pitiful pictures of them tearfully wanting only to join up with other muslims to murder anyone who is not muslim.

    • felix1999

      These are ISIS cubs.
      I suppose the more the merrier for the EU.

      • Alicejsepulveda


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    • tatka150

      Their “husbands” shouldn’t hide in Berlin, but to defend Syria. Traitors/inbreeds. All must be deported immediately.

  • rambler

    Who died and made them so special that their demands should hold any weight? I demand that they return to their own countries and fix those countries, so they don’t get to ruin any other countries. They are not entitled to enter a country just because their own is so messed up. They pray 5X/day, so why not pray to have a better situation in their own countries. They should fix their own problems and not carry those same problems every where they go.

    • santashandler

      Too late…..

      • normie

        No it isn’t too late. Europe had to rebuild after WW2. They can be helped to go home and help to get their country back in shape.. It would be cheaper for us in the long run. That will stop a collision of cultures from going any further.

        • santashandler

          Under that idea, yes it could happen. But…..when you have most of europe’s leaders working in the other direction, europe’s prospects become dimmer and dimmer. They don’t want to stop a ‘collision of cultures.’ You must understand there are much more powerful forces at work here working to undermine european stability at every turn.

  • Jeremy Steering

    There are words here that should give a bit of hope to the good people of Europe: “have been in Greece for over a year”. It means that, unlike at the height of the madness when everyone was entering unchecked by the hundreds of thousands, countries are fighting back and no longer allowing these “migrants” to pass through and head for their destinations of choice, Germany, Britain and Sweden. These countries know very well that the vast majority of these “refugees” are not refugees at all in the accepted sense of the word, but Third World economic migrants who have nothing to offer or contribute to the civilised, peaceful societies of Europe.

    The problem now is how to deal with the millions who made it through when they should have been immediately sent back.

    • normie

      Right. How come we can see it and our politicians can’t or won’t? What kind of vetting did they use to allow these refugees through. Economic refugees should never have been allowed into our countries. They just pull the countries down to their countries level. All of Europe will become a third world country. Where can we go?

  • carole

    there gores Greece! more mixed mongrelism. we are going to lose our culture, our religion everything. we are going to be a mixed bag of nuts. please please send these moslems back to their own countries. cant’ aMerica find another way of getting the oil and gas!!!

    • Jeremy Steering

      Don’t be worrying about Greece, Carole! Almost none of them have any intention of trying to get asylum in Greece (or in most of the other 27 countries in the EU). They are all desperate to find a way through Central Europe to get to one of just three countries: Germany, Britain and Sweden. The last two are particularly popular because of the generous benefits offered to anyone sneaking in and triggering the asylum process. They won’t stay in Greece any longer than they have to!

    • andrew

      With the reputed discovery under Las Vegas, we no longer need so much as a molecule of their precious oil… Time to “take” their oil is long gone, because Saudi Arabian oil was first discovered by the Americans in commercial quantities at Dammam oil well No. 7 in 1938 in what is now modern day Dhahran. Those days SA was too backward to realize what they were sitting on, and THAT was the time to screw them out of it

  • gia

    It should be you don’t demand nothing muzzie scum and when you do you get a bullet to your allah worshipping cranium ! Just shoot on site ! Isn’t this what Nazi s did to the Jewish? Shot on site it was like a sport for them!!!
    Well new sport give muzzie head start then if he makes it past 10 feet he is rewarded with a medal , a nice shiney silver bullet!

  • santashandler

    Oh, they demand, eh? A seven or eight year old girl in this video using her banner to hit someone. And Germany is supposed to welcome this filth into their country? Out of the hundreds waiting at the German embassy, that will amount to several million dollars a year in free money the German citizens will end up handing out to these free loaders, who will not give back but, will insist upon receiving more and more. If Germany accepts them, they can only blame themselves for the fallout. And it will be great.
    As a side note, not ONE of these filthy protestors, is taking time out to pray. Surely, if they must pray five times a day, there would be SOMEBODY out there praying on a mat. Ohhh…..getting in on that gravy train is far more important. They can use the prayer thing later, in the middle of some busy intersection in Berlin, or something.

  • felix1999

    DO take them in.
    What’s a few more savages?
    Merkel, YOU will be the one remember for destroying EUROPE.

    • dogtrainer1

      The scary part is that it appears that after all this “refugee” BS, the imbecilic Germans are going to re-elect Merckel! It just goes to show, “YOU CANNOT FIX STUPID!”

      • gypsie

        these people if you can call them that are rapists, gropists, and welfare bums, i still can’t believe a syrian refugee is a soccor coach for one spanish team in spain.?

      • Richard Harris

        I hate to say it, but I believe you are right. Yes, you CAN NOT FIX THE STUPID GERMANS. It looks like the imbecilic Germans are going to act like imbeciles again and vote for Merkel again. The German people have always lacked common sense. This is why they voted in Hitler and the German leaders before him who tore up Europe. You can always count on Germany to destroy Europe. It doesn’t matter who runs Germany. Germany has been and will always be the WRECKING BALL of Europe.

    • Richard Harris

      Indeed. Yes you can leave it to Germany to destroy Europe. It doesn’t matter who runs Germany. Germany has been and will always be the WRECKING BALL of Europe.

  • iprazhm

    Could this be happening because the American government jihadis ordered it done for Islamists here?

  • Alleged Comment

    They don’t want to wait?

    OK, we send the Moslem donkey lovers back to Greece then. No more waiting. At least till he’s through with the donkey.

  • Drew the Infidel

    The root of the problem is that the European nations have not only blindly allowed an influx of illegal immigrants into their countries but have allowed them to do their thinking for them. It is somewhat of an arrogant attitude to “demand” concessions and benefits from a host nation because you have decided you are deserving of such cushy treatment.

    • Jeremy Steering

      Quite right, Drew. The most inexplicable and infuriating thing about this new wave of “migrants” from the world’s two most backward and violent cultures, Muslim and black African, is this sense of entitlement – the belief that somehow the peoples of the West, from North America through Europe to Australia, have a responsibility to rescue anyone from the Third World who decides to leave their self-created hellholes. Worse, they seem to see it as their RIGHT to be subsidised indefinitely by the hardworking, taxpaying ordinary people of the West. In fact, they have no right to demand ANYTHING from us: the chaos in their countries comes from their own inability to live peacefully with each other and form democratic societies. WE OWE THEM NOTHING.

  • Jeremy Steering

    Just four children? Small family. Germany’s future is clear: the fertility rate for German women is 1.50 births per woman, for Syrian women it’s 2.90. Almost DOUBLE. An even more chilling warning to the West are fertility rates in Africa – births per woman in Niger, for example, are 7.57.

    It’s not about racism, Islamophobia, rejection of refugees, or politics. The brutal reality is that almost all the millions heading for the West are from the world’s two cultures with one very dangerous thing in common: they have no concept of, or interest in, birth control. While people in the West have the number of children they think they can afford, usually 1-3, in the Muslim world and black Africa that’s not even considered. And, obviously, if Western societies are foolish enough to keep “rewarding” multiple births with multiple and increasing welfare payments, these cultures will continue to outbreed (and logic dictates, eventually outnumber and replace) the indigenous people of the West.

    • andrew

      this is true… but how many of these “litters ” can be fed adequately ??

      • Jeremy Steering

        Good point. But as with black Africa, it’s a cultural thing, having many children proves a man’s “masculinity” and decides how much a woman is seen as acceptable and desirable. Feeding them takes second place. But of course, should they reach the West, incredibly, they find that the more they have the more they are given in housing and welfare payments. No wonder they keep coming!

        Naturally we should be helping the world’s genuine poor; but they are trapped by war, corrupt governments and poverty. The World Bank estimates that more than 800 million people struggle to survive on a couple of dollars a day – most of these “migrants” have the means to pay THOUSANDS of dollars to people smugglers: THEY ARE NOT THE WORLD’S POOR. They are the better off, even rich, of the Third World who are abandoning their countries and their own poor people when they should be trying to make them better places for all.

  • John Magne Trane

    Shouldn’t their men be fighting, together with NATO forces, in the same countries?

    Fake refugees, deserters, and jihadis.

  • solange9

    They just do not get that we do not want them here, and Europe does not want them there. So, wait they will or return to whence they came or in that neighborhood. Sorry, but the inn is full.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Athens, the birth place of democracy — in every sense of that word and just like Israel they had their own temple mount.

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