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[ August 22, 2017 ]

Why are those concerned with slavery anti-Trump but pro-Islam?

[ August 22, 2017 ]

VIDEO/Photos: Smiling axe-wielding jihadi stabs 8 people in supermarket in Russia

[ August 22, 2017 ]

Raw Story throws a fit after PayPal reinstates Pamela Geller’s AFDI

[ August 22, 2017 ]

VIDEO and PHOTOS: “Trump is Killing Us: Mourning Heather Heyer” Protest in NYC – Part...

[ August 22, 2017 ]

Hizballah condemns Barcelona attack, saying it “harms the image of jihad”

[ August 22, 2017 ]

Virginia Muslim pleads guilty: helped buy rocket-propelled grenade for ISIS

[ August 22, 2017 ]

Trump’s Afghanistan speech: mentioned “terrorists” 16 times but for 1st time left out word “Islamic”

[ August 22, 2017 ]

Alliance Between the Left and Islam Cemented by Lenin and Hitler

[ August 22, 2017 ]

BBC Asks Twitter Followers If Criticism of Muslim Child Sex Gangs Is ‘Racist’

[ August 22, 2017 ]

Anti-Israel Leaders Hosted at State Department Seek to Drive Wedge in U.S.-Israel Alliance

France: Muslim shouting “Allah akbar!” “Kill all the French” “It’s well done for Charlie Hebdo!” “I will kill you all”


This devout and pious Muslim was listening to Qur’anic verses on a CD while saying that he was “going to kill all the French.”

Islam – respect it!

Thanks to Alexandre:

🇫🇷 #Nord Il arpente la rue en vociférant qu’il va «tuer tous les Français».

It was around 6:15 pm on Monday, when the police were called by passers-by who were on the Jacques-Prévert street. It was the behavior of a forty-year-old who worried them. He visibly paced the street, shouting words such as “It’s well done for Charlie Hebdo! “, ” I will kill you all ! “Or” Allah akbar! “ “. One witness confirmed that the individual was making statements that could be labeled as an apology for terrorism. He would have seen it in his vehicle. Listening to Qur’anic verses while saying that he was “going to kill all the French”.

He would have said that “he was going to kill all the French”

The suspect was identified by a patrol of the Anti-Crime Brigade (LAC). During his custody, which was lifted on Wednesday morning, he would have admitted that he had “consumed more alcohol than reason”, and that he would therefore no longer be able to recall what he said required. The Koranic verses CD described by the witness were found in his vehicle. The suspect, who is 42 years old, was deferred on Wednesday morning.



🇫🇷 #Nord Il arpente la rue en vociférant qu’il va «tuer tous les Français».

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Muslim Drunks.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    It was the camel piss talking. He really didn’t mean it.

    • Kalambong Kalambong

      That scum fell into depression after his girlfriend, dolly the sheep, left

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Camel urine cocktails tend to sneak up on you — it’s hard to tell when you’ve had one too many because they’re so smooth.

      • Drew the Infidel

        Don’t you just hate a guy who doesn’t know when to say, “When.”?

  • Suresh

    Left/Liberal Loons have bought and sold the “Islam is religion of peace” B.S. while ignoring the history of jihad and the present active ongoing jihadi attacks .

    While Muslim youths practice the art of torturing and beheading infidels …to prepare for future jihadi attacks !

    Left/Liberal Loons Run away when attacked !

  • Craig

    The muslim savage was immediately picked up by a Fwench limousine and whisked away to his new luxury accomodations, because the stupid Fwench surrender-monkeys know appeasing their murderers is a right thing to do .

  • Poppey

    Well, he was picked up, so far so good, but what happens next ?

    How do you prevent him speaking to his mates and getting all worked up again before he grabs another of those kitchen knives before going on his “stabbing jihad” among a shopping crowd as recompense for his drinking ?

    Time is coming when a prudent non muslim man in that area will have concealed on his person half of a pick axe shaft for his own defence and that of others, it seems only fair and proportionate in view of trends.

  • Drew the Infidel

    It is better to have a gun and not need it than to need a gun and not have it.

    Be safe, be trained, be alert.

  • Halal Bacon

    did he have to play it backwards, of was it regular satanic?

  • Juanita


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