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[ August 22, 2017 ]

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[ August 22, 2017 ]

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7 kidnapped loggers found beheaded by jihadis in Philippines


Another country under siege by savage Muslim supremacists. Another major news story blithely ignored by our sharia-compliant media.

The Philippines has been under siege by Muslim fighters for years. The Islamic State is a worldwide movement. A full-on jihad is raging in the Philippines. Bloody terror. The Philippines has made extraordinary concessions to the violent Muslim uprising. But as we know, that only leads to more violence and more demands for an even bigger Islamic state. Islamic terror rages on in the Philippines. Worse, these supremacist savages are rewarded. The modern-day manifestation of the caliphate, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), had “observer status” in the “talks” between the Philippine government and the jihadist Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF). Muslim terrorists slaughter and the OIC “mediates.” The Philippines (a former American protectorate and 95% Catholic country) has had to give up territory and “share wealth” with these jihadi rebels.

To what end? More jihad. Terrorism works.

7 kidnapped loggers found beheaded

August 01, 2017, Business World:

ISLAMIST [sic] MILITANTS in the Philippines have beheaded seven local loggers they kidnapped last week in their stronghold in the strife-torn south, police said Monday.

Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao Gov. Mujiv Hataman condoles with the families of the seven loggers beheaded by the Abu Sayyaf in Isabela, Basilan yesterday in this photo provided by dxNo Radyo Communidad.

The bodies of the loggers were found on Sunday in a mountainous village on the island of Basilan, local police chief John Cundo told AFP, blaming the killings on a faction of the Abu Sayyaf kidnap-for-ransom group based there.

The group of senior Abu Sayyaf leader Furuji Indama abducted and killed the loggers apparently over a local business row rather than for its typical ransom activities, Mr. Cundo said.

“This was an act of revenge by Indama who may have blamed the destruction of his rubber plantation on these loggers. The kidnappers did not demand ransom but immediately beheaded the loggers,” Mr. Cundo said.

The Abu Sayyaf is a loose network of militants formed in the 1990s with seed money from Osama bin Laden’s al Qaeda network.

One faction based on Basilan has pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group, with members among militants who have been occupying parts of Marawi, the largely Catholic nation’s most important Islamic city, since May.

The militants have withstood a US-backed military offensive in Marawi that has claimed 650 lives and displaced nearly 400,000 people.

President Rodrigo R. Duterte has imposed martial law across the southern third of the Philippines, including Basilan, to quell the militant threat.

The Abu Sayyaf, blamed for the worst terror attacks in the nation’s history, is known to behead its hostages unless ransom payments are made.

The militants beheaded two Canadian hostages last year and a German captive in February after ransom demands were not met.

Abu Sayyaf militants are holding more than 20 hostages, including several foreigners, in Basilan and another of their bases on the southern island of Sulu, according to the military. — AFP

  • Suresh

    Bomb/kill their families and homes in retaliation.

    And in America When citizens are organised , aware and willing to fight this using the Legal methods its possible to win against the Islamonazis just as Parents of san diego school did

    Its a lesson on how to fight back and win. Its far more difficult in Europe due to Pro-islam Left/liberal Loons running the govt.

  • Meoldfart Fartme

    where is Black Jack ? took the 50 terrorists, and he took 50 men and he dipped 50 bullets in
    pigs’ blood — you heard that, right? He took 50 bullets, and he dipped
    them in pigs’ blood. And he had his men load his rifles, and he lined up
    the 50 people, and they shot 49 of those people. And the 50th person,
    he said: You go back to your people, and you tell them what happened.
    And for 25 years, there wasn’t a problem. Okay? Twenty-five years, there
    wasn’t a problem.”

  • Mahou Shoujo

    There is no negotiating with muslim terrorists, or any muslim for that matter. When they break the law, shoot on sight.

    • dad1927

      Pershing handled it… (sic) A Jewish woman puts them alive into the wood chipper. Mix with pork. Use to feed the hogs should do it… No nirvana if a woman kills them..

  • Keith1941

    Just think, if we still had Obama, this would be the fault of the Filipino government!

    • dad1927

      and he would be sending bales of cash, and weapons fast and furiously

  • dad1927

    The UN/OIC has been after du-30 to stop killing muslims.. But he uses foul language when they call

    • As would I, only I have a language that would make RD’s language sound like a Christian sermon lol.

  • Juanita

    Why has the US not assisted this nation?

  • iprazhm

    Muslims have been trying to overthrow the Philippines for several years now. They’ve slaughtered many.

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