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H. R. McMaster letter told Susan Rice she can KEEP HER SECURITY CLEARANCE


McMaster is aligned with the enemies of Trump and America.

Bear in mind, the Wall Street Journal reported back in June that the House Intelligence Committee issued seven subpoenas in connection with its investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election and of the Obama administration’s potentially illegal use of the government’s foreign-intelligence-collection power for the purpose of monitoring Americans — in particular, Americans connected to the Trump campaign and transition.

The committee subpoenas demand any information related to unmasking requests by Susan Rice and John Brennan.

Why would McMaster give her this kind of clearance?

The Republican establishment will spin this as “conspiracy” — to protect McMaster — to protect him and McCain who recommended McMaster to POTUS.

H.R. McMaster told Susan Rice she can keep her security clearance: Report

by Melissa Quinn |The Washington Examiner, Aug 3, 2017:

National security adviser H.R. McMaster told former national security adviser Susan Rice in April that she would continue to have access to classified information, and that he would waive a “need-to-know” requirement when it comes to accessing classified information contained in documents she saw or received during her time as national security adviser, according to a report.

“Going forward, the NSC will continue to work with you to ensure the appropriate security clearance documentation remains on file to allow you access to classified information,” McMaster said in his letter.

“I hereby waive the requirement that you must have a ‘need-to-know’ to access any classified information contained in items you ‘originated, reviewed, signed, or received while serving’ as National Security Adviser,” the letter continued.

Republicans have worried that Rice was involved in the “unmasking” of members of President Trump’s team that were caught up in surveillance of foreign targets, as well as other Americans.

Rice, along with former CIA Director John Brennan and former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, reviewed intelligence reports from the National Security Agency’s “incidental collections” of names or conversations of Americans, and she and Brennan confirmed they asked for the unredacted names of Americans included in the intelligence reports.

But Rice has also insisted she never revealed the identity of anyone for political reasons, and has said there are legitimate reasons for unmasking people in certain cases.

The House Intelligence Committee has since launched an investigation into the Obama administration’s unmasking of Americans, and the committee subpoenaed Rice in June as part of the probe. The former national security adviser agreed to testify, but has maintained she didn’t do anything wrong.

Though it’s common for top government officials to be given access to classified information, and have their “need-to-know” requirement waived, White House officials told Circa that Rice’s security clearance should have been revoked or limited until the Intelligence Committee concludes its investigation.

Trump has continued to argue the Obama administration’s “unmasking and surveillance” of those close to him are the “big story.”

A senior West Wing official told Circa that the letter “undercuts the president’s assertion that Susan Rice’s unmasking was inappropriate.” The official said anyone who acted as Rice did wouldn’t have access to classified information.

“The point is, is that it lowers the bar for her,” the senior West Wing official continued.

An intelligence official said McMaster’s decision to give Rice continued access to classified information “raises serious legal, moral, and ethical concerns.”

McMaster’s letter to Rice is likely to elevate his tensions with the West Wing, and specifically White House chief strategist Steve Bannon.

McMaster fired Ezra Cohen-Watnick, the National Security Council’s senior director for intelligence, on Wednesday, despite previous objections from Trump and Bannon.

Trump’s national security adviser also fired Derek Harvey last week, the National Security Council’s top adviser on the Middle East, who was reported to be close to Bannon.

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Trump seems to have been too trusting in his hires.

    • Craig

      McCain recommended McMaster, the traitor.

      • SheGaveBirth2sAtan

        McCain recommended him. That should be enough in itself to distrust McMaster

      • movingwaters

        McMaster also just fired a top pro-Trump NSA analyst for mentioning those groups that are a direct threat to the Trump administration, including Deep State and the Islamists. McMaster is another one that needs to be fired immediately. Trump is a smart man; much more intelligent than McCain.I don’t know why he would hire anyone on McCain’s recommendation, unless it is to allow them to expose their own true agenda.

      • durabo

        Birds of a feather…

    • felix1999

      Trump gives people a chance.
      He needs to reconsider this.

  • Craig

    McMaster is violating the Judiciary and the President. Painfully obvious that McMaster, a McCain lover-boy, is an anti-American POS.

    • Kalambong Kalambong

      It is time to turn that McMaster into a McNobody

      • Annettesleslie


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    • Drew the Infidel

      Agreed. Obviously the meaning of a security clearance has deteriorated. When I held a Top Secret clearance, we did not even think of divulging a minor fraction of what gets broadcast these days.

    • so,

      the whole “Russia” narative is manufactured:Many sage and astute observers and analysts have now traced the latest bout of sanctions passed this week and signed by President Donald Trump today entirely to the massive lobbying and monetary power of the Energy Sector and Military Industrial Complex.How much money was given to the loathsome members of the U.S. Congress and Senate to bribe their vote for near-certain human extinction?
      So quite simply, the fact that the American people overwhelmingly came out to support and vote for Donald Trump to be President, really made no difference anyway, since these mega-corporations/international banks simply only need to buy the hell out of each and every whore-ish member of the U.S. Congress and Senate, and include a provision in the bill disallowing the People’s elected President to veto their bill, and they can then literally shove any and all of their anti-American and pro-World War 3 bills and legislation down the American people’s collective throats, exposing them all to death, destruction, and nuclear obliteration.

  • Chris Wolf

    Who is the American counterpart to McMaster whom Trump can hire to replace him?

    • Covadonga

      Steve Bannon is supposed to be close to Trump. He would be better.

      John Bolton would be great, if he didn’t go to State. (Hopefully, he will replace Tillerson as SecState.)

      I hope whoever takes over NSA will bring back these knowledgeable pro-Americans who have been fired by McNasty, I also hope he brings in Maj. Stephen Coughlin out of retirement, along with Phil Haney.

      • wildjew

        President Trump has slipped badly on national security appointments and in his support for Israel.

  • Tilt

    looks like McMaster is aiding and abetting an enemy of the state (Rice with her Obama / Clinton > Iran / MBH connections) with escaping Justice and is sabotaging Trump’s agenda

    At this point in time when an investigation of the Obama / Clinton gang is underway, letting Rice continued access to classified info, allows her to try and construct in hind sight, what might amount to be a sufficient defense / “Alibi” (at least legally) re her blatantly criminal use of that info for purely partisan use

    Her sudden agreement to testify indicates she had probably been able to construct that defense (excuses for why the whole sale unmasking of Trump people in the months prior to the elections, was in any way “justified”) in order to escape Justice

    It seems like the top anti Trump / USA, deep state actor is visible in plain sight… Trump and his staff might be great with their vision / drive / campaign accomplishment, but they totally suck with choosing people that will further their / our agenda…

  • Senor Ricardo

    I am more concerned about McMaster’s psychotic anti-Semitism. Anyone who insists that Israel supplanted an existing nation called “Palestine” is demented with Jew hatred. How long will Trump tolerate this caricature of a storm trooper?

    • Tilt

      Like most globalists (whether in the open or in stealth mode…), McMaster’s “car” is moving with a slush of petro-dollars…

      The cockroaches are every where…

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      I never even heard about this, but I’m not surprised.

  • Yonit Gefen

    More often than not, news is not what it seems. The alleged facts are packaged to cause a specific reaction. In this case
    we can see 1) Someone is intent on having us believe that McMaster is taking actions directly against he stated beliefs of the President 2) That McMaster is walking all over Trump, who is doing nothing to stop him 3) Trump is weaker than McMaster Keep in mind this reality. We do not know what is really going on. Neither does the press. Possibly trump is both an ego-maniac who thinks he is all-powerful and also a wet noodle in McMater’s hands . Maybe someone is fanning flames to convince supporters of Israel that Trump won’t be able to do anything. Maybe the objective is to give full to the impeachment agenda or turn the President’s own supporters against him. Maybe Trump is giving McMaster a long leash to hand himself with or has reasons to time McMaster’s departure in a specific way. Maybe the hyper-focus on this issue is meant to distract us from something else.. Who knows? we don’t. What I do is that id this is a press smear campaign it’s working very well.

    • Tilt

      Helping Rice, a mortal (politically) enemy of Trump / USA dodge the grave implications of her criminal activities in her capacity as part of BHO’s inner circle, is a betrayal of Trump and by extension, treason against the US

      If Rice is able to dodge the criminal bullet (after McMaster let her construct a sufficient defense in hindsight with the continued access to classified info while under investigation), Trump’s ability do defend himself against the almost year long, fabricated Russia “collusion” witch hunt, will be gravely compromised.

      McMaster is a anti Trump, establishment tool that was installed to sabotage Trump’s agenda

    • Deplorable Kulak

      I’ll trust what Caroline Glick says over your rather wishy-washy, mealy-mouthed, excuse making.

    • wildjew

      Stop trying to rationalize bad behavior.

    • Poppey

      Yonit – you raise interesting points to speculate upon {above my pay grade I’m afraid} but one small point,
      a fact is by definition true, it cannot be “alleged”. The recent actions of the man in question have happened have they not?

  • VLParker

    Fire this SOB from the NSC and station him in Greenland in the winter and Antarctica in the summer (southern hemishpere winter).

  • KristenSuzanneM

    No, he can’t do this. And I read something recently that indicated Hillary Clinton still had her clearance as well…that’s not kosher. That never happens and it’s quite illegal for anyone from a past administration to have that sort of access for any reason whatsoever. The General has to know this. Trump has to let this man go, no question..

  • wildjew

    Unless President Trump dismisses / fires H.R. McMaster I have to conclude President Trump is aligned with McMaster who is aligned with enemies of America.

  • Deplorable Kulak

    McNastier is an enemy of the state.

  • Deplorable Kulak

    “If you like your security clearance you can keep your security clearance.”

    • IzlamIsTyranny


  • wildjew

    Jerusalem Post columnist Caroline Glick ended a litany of anti-Israel, pro-Islam actions McMaster championed with this: “If McMaster isn’t fired after all that he has done and all that he will do, we’re all going to have to reconsider Trump’s foreign policy. Because if after everything he has done, and everything that he will certainly do to undermine Trump’s stated foreign policy agenda, it will no longer be possible to believe that exiting the nuclear deal or supporting the US alliance with Israel and standing with US allies against US foes — not to mention draining Washington’s cesspool – are Trump’s policies. How can they be when Trump stands with a man who opposes all of them and proves his opposition by among other things, firing Trump’s advisers who share Trump’s agenda?”

    • Poppey

      As usual, faultless logic from Caroline Glick. Somebody upstairs better start reading this site.

  • wildjew

    President Trump has come under massive assault led by Robert Mueller. In light of this stuff, he risks losing the active backing from some of his most principled supporters. President Trump needs to get his act together.

    • Drew the Infidel

      He won’t lose the support of the voters irrespective of what his enemies attempt. You should have seen that wildly enthusiastic crowd at his rally in WV last night.

      • wildjew

        I voted for him last November but not without apprehensions about this very thing given his rhetoric about negotiating with Islamic savages in Israel, December 2015. President Trump risks losing my support. I will not be silent.

        • Fromafar

          And our alternative?

          • wildjew

            Fight him. If he goes south on (fails) us like George W. Bush did with respect to this fundamentally critical issue, we fight him.

          • Fromafar

            Advisors – good ones – need to help aim him in the right direction.

            Whats our alternative?
            Kamel Harris, Devil Patrick,
            Faux-cho-hontis, Comrade Sanders?

          • wildjew

            Why do you set up a straw man argument? I’ve made myself clear. H.R. McMaster has sympathies for America’s enemies. Yesterday President Trump sided with H.R. McMaster. We don’t stop condemning McMaster and President Trump for standing by him. We double down.

          • Fromafar

            I”m not setting up a straw man argument at all.
            Perhaps we’re just crossing purposes out of the inability to directly converse?

            As to Trump. We’ve no real alternative.
            As to McDisaster, I see your double down and double down again.
            He’s poisonous to the Trump agenda and absolutely no friend of Israel.

          • wildjew

            Yes you are because I made no mention of toppling President Trump or his administration. When your president engages in significant wrong-doing, you at first let him know politely he is wrong; dead wrong as he is in this instance. If (as is the case here) he persists in bad behavior, then you / we begin condemning him. This is the thing we did NOT do with George W. Bush. I myself was part of the problem at least in Bush’s first term. After Bush codified the establishment of a Muslim enemy state in Israel’s heartland (August 2004) in our national party platform, I came to my senses and began condemning Bush publicly. Pamela, according to my recollection was an uncritical supporter of Bush and his terrible policies until the very end of his second term, sadly, as were Sean Hannity, Rush Limaugh and others. I would be happy if someone can prove me wrong. Bush gave us this Muslim-born, America-hating Obama nightmare. Only in hindsight do Pamela and a very few other conservatives realize we were wrong to support Bush uncritically.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Was Dubya responsible for Israel handing over Gaza to the PA?

          • wildjew

            Are you asking me this question, was George W. Bush responsible for Israel handing Gaza over to the enemy in God’s eyes or in man’s eyes?

  • wildjew

    ‘National security adviser H.R. McMaster, who has waged a pitched battle with other senior staff for control over policy and personnel on the National Security Council, is taking advantage of the shield offered by the arrival of his old military colleague John Kelly as White House chief of staff.

    Kelly told McMaster this week that he wanted him to remain as national security adviser, said two senior White House aides, and has encouraged him to make any staffing changes he deems necessary. McMaster took that as a green light this week to oust top intelligence aide Ezra Cohen-Watnick — a Michael Flynn hire who has a warm relationship with Jared Kushner, President Donald Trump’s senior adviser and son-in-law — after months of trying….

    ‘Kelly gives McMaster cover in West Wing battles’

    Trump’s national security adviser has emerged as one of the most volatile personalities in White House.


  • wildjew

    My view, president Trump has made several bad high level appointments as his closest advisers. It began with General James Mattis, then Rex Tillerson and lastly H.R. McMaster, all unfortunate picks.

    • MrLogical

      Bingo. He’s proven to be a stupendously poor judge of character and capability. I suspect he’s also getting a lot of completely useless opinion and advice from his two chief (and Democrat) advisors: Ivanka and Jared.

      The future safety of our nation would be much better if he fired those two.

      I also have the impression that McMaster, Mattis and Kelly (all Democrats BTW…) get together every now and again to sit back, swap tales of WH intrigue and laugh at ‘The Boss’: “Ha! We fooled him again!”

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Trump accepted Ikwhan Lite party members on his cabinet? That is depressing and suspicious.

    • Drew the Infidel

      And you prefer Susan Rice, Samantha Power, John Kerry, and assorted like-minded imbeciles?

      • Fromafar

        Of course not, but unfortunately…he’s right. Tillerson and McDisaster being the worst.

        • Drew the Infidel

          You guys are starting to sound like Hillary voters or worse, a fair weather sports fan, “Did my friend win or did the son of a b*tch lose?”

          • Fromafar

            Drew, do some research here. Early on when Trump was listening to the RINO wing of the Prebius and McCain wing of the establishment party, he was sold a bill of goods. He was convinced once he’d won, he should “play ball” and negoitiate with the establishment to get them on his side. The “Never Trump” wing got a toe hold and McDisaster, Globalist Tillerson were the result. Once they purged Flynn, they saw the gates were open.

            Trump needs to get the Obama holdovers GONE or he’ll be fighting a constant uphill battle.

          • wildjew

            Your thinking gave us Barack Hussein Obama. That is why I say there are very bad and dangerous ideas and there are people like yourself who embrace them.

      • wildjew

        When I condemn the man I voted for, for wrong-doing, why am I presented a choice? “Would you rather have Al Gore?” “Would you prefer Susan Rice, Samantha Power, etc.?”

  • DemocracyRules

    Way TOO MANY teeth
    On McMaster. Looks like a Piranha

  • Mahou Shoujo

    How can the swamp be drained if there is a big slug pecker always stuck in the drain?

  • Guest

    If you like your security clearance, you can keep your security clearance.

  • Fred8512

    Fire the traitor; arrest him, then put him in jail. Remove rice’s clearance; arrest her for treason, then jail her with mcMaster. I prefer a firing squad for all the obama traitors and rino’s.

  • usn

    If she is out of the government why does she have security clearance. Mine expired upon discharge.

  • felix1999

    Trump needs to FIRE McMaster.
    McMaster is betting AGAINST Trump with his actions for FIRING TRUMP loyalists under him and NOT informing Trump about this. McMaster is cleaning house of TRUMP people. McMaster in not on Trump’s side and undermining him.

  • MrLogical


    All of them are CFR members and Globalists of the 1st Order. All have, at various times and in various ways, played ‘nice’ with CAIR, the Palestinians and the Muslim Brotherhood and are staunchly opposed to Trump’s policy views on the disastrous Iran nuclear deal and other aspects of our war against militant Islam and even ISIS.

    Trump has done a terrible job picking his security team and if he doesn’t start whacking heads soon, they will turn on him and ensure his defeat in the arena of our foreign security. Regrettably, he’s been given and continues to receive BAD advice on staffing his security team with the notable exception of Mike Pompeo.

    For reasons that may go back to his days at a military academy, Trump seems bedazzled and obsessed with a romanticized image of military officers as ‘tough’, ‘smart’ and ‘loyal’ leaders.

    News flash for Donald: Not all military officers are tough, smart or loyal, and most who get to the top echelons of rank tend to be boot lickers and pencil necks. The days of true warrior generals has been gone since the 50s, and beginning with the 60s, the caliber of top military men has been in steady decline. People like Petraeus and McMaster are archetypes of modern-day political pencil necks.

    Trump needs to replace these fifth-column traitors ASAP or they will definitely assure his political demise.

    • Glen Benjamin

      Why give any of these military guys great kudos. None of them can even win a war. My father fought in wired war two and won. These guys coukd not beat Korea, Vietnam, Middle East conflicts. A. U VHS of West Point over educated boot lickers. Can not defeat taliban, isis or al qaeda in quick succession.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        If the Korean Conflict wasn’t a win, it wasn’t a loss — I’ll bet the NKA and the PRC lost ten or twenty times as many men and material as the UN coalition forces did and the NKA and PRC lost all those men and material for zero gain.

    • WM1

      Your observations are ‘spot on.’ I don’t want to hear Trump any longer complain about his agenda being undermined at every turn. Many warned about the very subversives you named. All are Obama loyalists and should have been disqualified from serving on that point alone. Should Trump choose to retain his enemies he has no one to blame but himself for the demise of his administration.

  • Alleged Comment

    Ohhh. this UCKER is a communist/Moslem! If you can’t see that by now you must be wearing your Burhkas backward.

  • Drew the Infidel

    This proves the “Russian collusion” yarn is a complete hoax since the Hillary campaign, thanks to Obhammud and his minions, had the Trump campaign under surveillance the entire time the election was in progress.

  • hal8196

    Time to show him the door…..


    Everyone, including McMaster wants to be a lawyer of Islam, instead of a lawyer for the victims of Islam.
    Everyone wants to honor the mass-murderers of Islam, Muhammad, Hitler, probably Stalin, Nazi Amin al-Husseini, Ghadafi, Yassir Arafat al-Husseini & Barack Hussein Obama.
    But no one wants to honor the victims of Islam: Europe’s & north African Jews, the African slaves enslaved today (& since Muhammad declared that his God turned Africans black so their descendants would be slaves to Arabs & Turks), the Armenians, Greek Orthodox & Assyrian Christians & Yezidis, India’s Hindus, Arabia’s & Asia’s atheists, Nigeria’s, Sudan’s, Somalia’s non Muslims.
    We must find a balanced way to politics & Trump’s policies though maybe working best in a way not known to me, must be in a rational, honest, balanced & credible way denounced as not according with the plan of fundamental ethics: fundamental human rights & fundamental ecology.
    We need to create a worldwide government & it must be clear that everyone who wants to work for it must have an approach to credibility that is clear on fundamental issues as human rights, a global approach, ecology & a taboo on Islam-glorification.
    We need to develop a global basic product-assortment & then we have the capacity to support self-realization.
    #BoycottIslam #Shariafreeworld
    #Ban Islam, save lives worldwide & free the African slaves from Saudi Arabia to Mauritania, the Biafra-leader, the Leavenworth 10, Israeli soldier Azaria, Salim Masih & so on.

  • steelraptor from Saturn

    McMaster is not opposed to Trump’s agenda. He is Trump’s agenda. Will you people ever admit that you got conned? No I guess not most of you. Revealing that Glick’s article on McMaster is at her facebook page but not say Frontpage, where all her stuff is published. Not that article? Why not? Question answers itself.

  • durabo

    Purge this rat!

  • notme123

    Lets see if Kelly , the new chief of staff, does his job and fires this a!! h!!!.
    And what the WaPo did, releasing transcripts of private conversations, is not freedom of the press, but a invasion of privacy and they should be held responsible.

  • JWM

    these people are evil. Kelly is just one more freaking rino.

  • nonleftist

    If true Trump is a foolish President and if he gets taken down from insiders it’s because he really doesn’t know who these people are. Trumps problems seemed to be caused by moving ahead blindly and putting his faith in people who don’t share his vision of the U.S.A. He may just be out of his league when it comes to politics.

  • Mya Faire

    Drumpf IS the biggest enemy of the United States of America. I pity those who cannot see that.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      What about the more than three thousand Americans killed by f’ing muslums halfwit? But I’ll bet a retard like you thinks the muslums won’t be killing any more Americans for allah right? Here’s to the next muslum terrorist attack killing or maiming someone you know or love.

  • Jack

    Could it be that Pres. Trump is giving those working against him enough rope to hang themselves by allowing them to self identify their actions and motives publicly to the point that when he pulls the plug of the “swamp” these anti-Americans will have zero recourse ?
    Just a thought.

    • Jackie Puppet

      Yes, but Trump doesn’t have the luxury of time in waiting for them to hang themselves.

      • Jack

        Just a thought.
        However, if I am right, I believe that 7.5 years should be more than adequate .

  • freepetta

    I always thought from the day Trump hired McMasters, it was a mistake. I would bet he was a disgusting Hillary voter.

    • Jackie Puppet

      It was a mistake letting Flynn go over what amounts to nothing in the big scheme of things.

  • Jim

    Damn, EVERYTHING /EVERYONE connected to previous admin. smell strongly of rotten fish…

  • VTS

    What if he is paid by the same bosses as the rest of the corrupt swamp animals? Who is he working for? Not the American people, I am afraid.

  • Ziggy46

    How in the hell can McMaster get away with this violation? Surely, someone has the gonads to give this guy the toss. The swamp(s) isn’t being drained quickly enough. It’s time for someone to take this guy and the slothful Rice from their feeding ground, the fetid swamp. Leftist bottom-feeders a running amok without concern for their subversive, criminal actions. Not that it is shocking.

  • katzkiner

    President Trump will be lucky if he lasts another month.
    These anti Trumpers do not see past the glee of removing Trump to the implications of a runaway shadow government removing a duly elected President.
    They care not if the voters are disenfranchised-but they will.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    If he wore a clown suit he would look like Zippy the Pinhead:

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