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McMaster calls Israel “illegitimate,” “occupying power”


Anyone who understands the Muslim Brotherhood or Islamic terrorism is being purged from the White House by McMaster. McMaster is working directly and actively against President Trump and his stated agenda. Why Trump appointed him is anybody’s guess, but he must go, and go now, if the Trump administration is going to have any chance of staying true to Trump’s campaign promises about how he would deal with the jihad threat.

“Official: McMaster calls Israel ‘illegitimate,’ ‘occupying power,’” by Jordan Schachtel, Conservative Review, August 3, 2017 (thanks to Mark):

It’s not a coincidence that national security adviser H.R. McMaster has chosen to eliminate the pro-Israel voices at the National Security Council, three West Wing and defense officials (who chose to speak on background for diplomatic sensitivity reasons) told Conservative Review.

In interviews with several current and former members of President Trump’s inner circle, a profile of McMaster has emerged as a man fiercely opposed to strengthening the U.S. alliance with the Jewish state.

On Wednesday, American-born Israeli journalist Caroline Glick detailed explosive allegations concerning McMaster’s views on Israel. Glick is a well-known pro-Israel columnist and has established connections with the Trump administration. Many of the details in this story emerged from questions asked about Glick’s allegations.

The list of pro-Israel voices in the administration that were removed from McMaster’s National Security Council now includes: Steve Bannon, K.T. McFarland, Ezra Cohen-Watnick, Derek Harvey, Rich Higgins, Adam Lovinger, and Tera Dahl.

McMaster not only shuns Israel, he is also historically challenged on Arab-Israeli affairs, according to the sources.

“McMaster constantly refers to the existence of a Palestinian state before 1947,” a senior West Wing official tells CR (there was never an independent Palestinian state), adding that McMaster describes Israel as an “illegitimate,” “occupying power.”

The NSC chief expressed great reluctance to work with Israel on counterterror efforts, as he shut down a joint U.S.-Israel project to counter the terrorist group Hezbollah’s efforts to expand Iran’s worldwide influence. The project was led by the now-former NSC Middle East director Derek Harvey.

In July, Palestinian terrorists armed with rifles left the al-Aqsa mosque compound and assassinated two Israeli police officers. Afterward, Israeli security forces installed metal detectors outside the Jerusalem mosque for protection. McMaster, however, didn’t see it that way. He viewed the security measures as “just another excuse by the Israelis to repress the Arabs,” a senior defense official tells CR.

A senior West Wing official explained McMaster’s anti-Israel posture further:

“In advance of the president’s trip to Israel, there was a lot of desire from within the Trump administration for [Israeli PM Benjamin] Netanyahu to join the president at the Western Wall. McMaster didn’t even want [Trump] to go to the Western Wall. He only wanted the president to visit the Holocaust Museum.”

A deal was ultimately cut, and the president visited the Western Wall — but without Netanyahu.

In May, while briefing reporters, McMaster infamously refused to recognize that the Western Wall (one of the holiest sites in Judaism) was part of Israel.

After his stand against Israel’s sovereignty, McMaster’s NSC staff (composed mostly of Obama holdovers and new liberal appointees) applauded his anti-Israel posture….

  • santashandler

    This McMaster dude, is not only talking the talk. He’s walking the walk by firing people. Does Trump not see. Does Trump care. He is acting completely against the Trump administration’s promise to make stronger ties with Israel (at least that’s what was promised). This guy has to go. Yesterday.

    • felix1999

      I’d like to see McMasters go soley on the basis of getting rid of Trump loyalists and forbidding Ali to speak to our security people about Islam, FGM, etc,,

      This is a lame explanation but maybe McMasters is trying to appear overly neutral? I really have no explanation for keeping McMasters and reaching for one.

  • KitteeK

    DT has said McMaster is ‘ pro-Israel. He is one swamp entity DT must get rid of as he is a Bannon enemy, so what is really going on?? Mysteries never cease in the weird and wonderful world of the WH!

    • Rocinante44

      amen. what is the donald up to with this guy?

  • Ron rockit

    McMaster has got to go.

    • caliroxanne

      I’m really starting to worry about what’s going on in Trump’s brain. When he speaks, he says excellent things and he expresses great plans and a wonderful agenda. Then, he goes and appoints all these people who would be entirely comfortable in the Obama administration, such as, and regrettably not limited, to McMaster, who seems so counter to the great things Trump says. It makes me a bit nervous that in some areas, there’s such a discrepancy between Trump’s actions and his words.

      • JT

        I wonder too… very much so

  • arnoldspriggs

    Who is in charge ?

    • jewdog

      Apparently Jared.

      • Craig

        ….and the other anti-American liberal democrat, Ivanka.

  • Daniel FX Dravot

    A guy was sitting at a long stop light, waiting to cross a busy intersection.

    An old Nissan with a half dozen young, loud, bearded Muslims stopped alongside, all shouting “Death to America” and other Jihad slogans. They had a half-burned American flag duct-taped to the trunk of their car and “Remember 9-11” spray painted on the side.

    Apparently feeling oppressed by infidel traffic laws and STOP signals, with shouts of “Allah Akbar! All Praise to Allah! Death to America” they jumped the light.

    Out of nowhere an 18-wheeler loaded with steel I-beams came speeding through the intersection, center-punching the Nissan, crushing it completely flat and killing everyone in the car.

    Still awaiting a green light, the guy sat there thinking “Oh man. That could have been me!”

    The next day he enrolled in a truck driving school.

    • santashandler

      I hope that was a true story. Great story either way.

    • Suresh

      Trump made a fool of himself by appointing a obama holdover, jihadi apologist Like Mc Master.

      There has to be resolute action to keep out Left/liberal Pro-islam scumbags from admin or the same failed policies will continue. Keep sending tweet/email to Trump exposing demanding he be removed with patriot not a Pro-Islamic radical apologist like Mc Master.

      When citizens are organised , aware and willing to fight this using the Legal methods its possible to win against the Islamonazis just as Parents of san diego school did

      Its a lesson on how to fight back and win. Its far more difficult in Europe due to Pro-islam Left/liberal Loons running the govt.

      • JT

        sooooo can’t he fire him???

        • Suresh

          He seemed ignorant of many facts about Mc Master. we should share these articles with Trump via twitter and demand action.

          He may miss a few tweets , but if 10 , 40, 100 tweets go out from different accounts he will be forced to take it seriously.

    • Meoldfart Fartme

      did the trucker have to get a new Peter Bilt?

    • IzlamIsTyranny


    • Craig


    • Cheryl Giamalis

      I like your thnking. :-)

    • caliroxanne

      I wish!
      Was the driver of the truck arrested, charged with Islamophobia and sentenced to multiple life sentences for his Islamophobic act?

      • Daniel FX Dravot

        On the Left Coast, probably. Unless the Teamsters intervened.
        In Texas or Idaho the driver would never again have to buy his own beer.

    • marlene


  • Dennis

    If there is any truth to the contents of this article, it is continuing expression of the doom befalling the Trump administration. With the anti-Trump media doing everything that they can do to besmirch Trumps every move, and with the Republican party showing no back bone or willingness to support this President, and with the leaks that are clearly meant to have a serious adversary effect on Trump, it does appear that the Democrat’s and the left are prevailing. Because I COULD NOT support Hillary, and found the Democratic parties hand out approach to governing obscene, I voted for Trump, hoping that his sense of business acumen would help turn around this country. Unfortunately, as things seem to be happening, the “politically correct” fools and the handout philosophy seems to be shutting down many of Trumps efforts to straighten this country out. Very sad for the future and the youngsters who will inherit what little there will be left of America.

  • karl59

    McMaster needs a good reading of the Bible!!!!!

    • Dorrie

      Amen to that!!

    • wildjew

      1) There was a minister on Fox News this morning talking about how there is bible study and prayer in the Trump White House. What would you say if you found out H.R. McMaster attended some of these?

      • Dorrie

        There IS one, and it’s quite doubtful that McMaster attends.

      • Covadonga

        You mean praying in the direction of Mecca?

        • wildjew

          If Trump does not fire him I am going to start wondering what direction he faces when he prays.

      • Craig

        So? Adolph Hitler attended church and acted like a good German until he was ready to burn the world down.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          Good point.

    • wildjew

      2) George W. Bush claimed he was a born again Christian.

      • JT

        he should be a NEVER born but once!

    • Helen4Yemen

      Does the bible mention the European Jewry who now make up 95% of world Jewry?

  • wildjew

    One of my fellow Jews called me a racist, a bigot and an Islamophobe because I posted news reports from these websites. I don’t think I am any of these things.

    “Al-Aksa is ours and so is the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. (The Jews) have no right to desecrate them with their filthy feet. We won’t allow them to do so and we will do whatever we can to defend Jerusalem,” Abbas said in his Ramallah office during a meeting with east Jerusalem activists.

    ‘Watch: Muslim woman goes crazy as she sees a Jew drinking water from a drinking fountain at the Temple Mount’

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      I’m only surprised Abbas didn’t lay claim to the Dome of the Rock. McMaster is definitely the worst of the bunch, but maybe he only looks that way because he’s stupid enough to say what he thinks rather than keeping his hat on it like say, Mattis.

  • Maranatha

    Is he Arafat’s re-incarnation??
    Or worse…

  • Nabi Rasch

    Obviously Trump never had much of a vision. In fact, seems made to be played. Anybody wondering if he’s a bit senile?

    • Craig

      Keep sucking for communism, democrat POS.

  • Apostle Gideon Prinsloo

    McMaster needs to go since he is single handedly removing all of the appointees by President Trump and replace them with Obama Holdovers and more anti-Israel people and purging all information on Islamic Terrorism.

    • JT

      need to go… he didn’t have to come Mr. Trump.

  • Craig

    McMaster continually proves himself to be an anti-American, pro-islam POS. Unfortunately, many upper echelon officers are politicos and not pro-United States people. As is clearly proven buy the chiefs of Staff and the Pentagon.
    The United States is long overdue for a purging of the anti-American factions.

  • Midniterider

    I voted for and have supported President Trump for the most part.Some of his appointments have made me wonder just how much in control he really is of the people in the WH and the Gov’t.
    This Mcnasty deal not only has me shaking my head,I’m also scratching it wondering WTF is actually going on INSIDE THE WHITE HOUSE ITSELF.
    If I wanted to have pro-jihadi,pro muslim scum running loose in the WH I would have voted for the criminal clintoon.
    As this situation with President Trump motors along,it seems that SEDITION and related HIGH TREASON to the USA runs rampant in DC.
    This is BS,a big pile of it.
    Hey,Robespierre,get in the bullpen and get warmed up,we may be needing you next inning.
    Semper Fi


      I think that having only two parties is obsolete. There are some countries in Europe where no political party has an absolute majority and, in order to build a government, they are forced to form a coalition after (some times very) long negotiations. Having also many opposition parties in parliament with their own agendas, they always have to compromise, not only among themselves, but with the governement parties as well. Sir Winston Churchill once said that democracy has (too) many flaws but that he knew no better system. In the US you are always forced to vote for “the lesser evil,” In a pluriform society everybody has a say, if not during the current administration, perhaps in the next one. There are breaking points sometimes and a government falls because of a crisis. New elections have to come…not perfect, but the polarization I see in the US. is not good either. You may agree with some small parties or not, they are however powerless, voiceless and that’s perhaps why so many people abstain from voting, they feel ignored by Reps and Dems…
      I never liked the Clintons, but I find Trump much too unpredictable, this McMaster is one of his worst choices, a disgrace, Bannon isn’t my cup of tea either…
      I am sure that you and most people vote with the best of intentions for the good of the country, but as long as politicians of BOTH parties pass legislation that puts them above the law with all kinds of privileges (FREE medical care for instance, if the one politician with the goiter wants aesthetic surgery to correct it, it won’t cost him one single penny but at the same time that old man is adamant to withdraw medical care to millions!) the faster things will get much nastier.

      • Midniterider

        Schmuel,There was really NO choice this last election cycle,either get out and vote or watch clintoon run it into the ground.
        President Trumps victory is proof that Americans are sick of the 2 party STAGNATION or downhill racing of recent times and want change.
        This constant back and forth with agenda driven domestic and foreign policies has everyone seasick at this point.
        President Trump was much more an independent type of candidate,opting to go R when the cards fell his way.
        It is the FEAR both parties have of this revolution of American outlook that in the two party system both pretty much failures and have reached a point of almost TOTAL STAGNATION and that things NEED to change,THAT IMO is the reason for much of the intrigue going on within President Trumps inner circle,and Mcnasty it seems is the present lead vocals there for President Trumps enemies,of which he has many on BOTH SIDES.
        I take President Trumps view of “America First” and “Make America Great Again”,as a weak USA in domestic production and foreign policies affects the entire Free world.To hell with the R and D BS agendas of power grabbing by any means necessary and corruption on a biblical scale,the ship is sinking and they are fighting about the dinner menu and who sits in the highest tables.It’s sink or BAIL and they ain’t doing NO bailing,maybe tossing them to the sharks would lighten the ship up enough to get the holes in the hull above water,what do we have to lose,it’s already going down.
        I am seeing that the majority of Pols in DC could give a hoot in hell about the USA,or any Freedom but their own,just their personal and party agendas count,and to hell with the country,Americans and the planet at large.
        Greedy,self-serving Lawyer/politicians out to rip off a hunk and run off to gnaw it up in the weeds somewhere like the hyenas and jackals they act as.
        It is my opinion that President Trump is a successful World Class businessman/patriot that got pretty much blindsided by all the BS going on almost 9 MONTHS into his administration.Who to trust? It appears that like so many lowlifes you find out there and in fact the last POTUS it’s OK to lie thru your teeth to get the job,once you’re in,dig in like a tick inna hounddawgs ear and cry and snivel about some arcanely perceived “racism” or “discrimination” or some other excuse for your sedition and Anti American treasonous acts,and to continue by doing so,to have a high security,high paying job in obstructionism and anti-Americanism at the highest levels.
        I see criminals of the lowest order seeking to take down President Trump BY ACCUSING HIM OF DOING WHAT THEY,THEMSELVES HAVE BEEN DOING.
        Schmuel,I’ll tell you this,Americans,as in the common man,have had about ENOUGH of ALL the ‘Fraudulent news”,and an overload of this BS “Russia Connection” investigation that is now branching out to when President Trump was conceived and in the womb,looking for some imaginary boogeyman they can point to and say “aha”.
        Americans are becoming more and more supportive of President Trump DAILY.
        The DOW is record high,President Trump has brought many JOBS either back to the USA or had them open up in this new hopefully permanent age.
        What the seditionists,traitors and obstructionists FAIL to realize is that there are many,many Americans ready,willing and well able to do what NEEDS to be done,if and when all else fails.
        If they continue and that day rolls around,they would do well to remember that like the “Lists” they made of Patriots the last 9 years,so have Americans been making “Lists” of those who are Anti-America,Anti Freedom and just plain old swamp critters that NEED to be,uh, “Re-educated” in the William Ayers sense of the word,and just WHAT did Mr I bomb police stations,kill cops,and rob armored cars and banks Ayers say had to be done to those who couldn’t be “re-educated?
        Semper Fi
        13% pork grease in EVERY bottle.


          well, maybe NOT being a politician was Trump’s strength and Achilles’ heel at the same time.
          Not being a citizen, nor a resident of the US, it is not my task to tell anyone how to organize the US, nor which party Americans should vote for, all I can do is hope that Trump gets rid of the unsavory elements and that his administration succeeds.
          All the best to you too,

          • Midniterider

            Yes,Schmuel,it was/is both,his strength and what I make,Silver Bullet Gun Oil,it uses their strength,their beliefs,against them and turns it into their weakness.For that,they have no way around,while President Trumps requirement is to shift gears.A steep learning curve I’ll admit,but I believe he is well capable of doing so.
            Perhaps some arrests and jailing of Seditionists would be helpful to that end,DC Seditionists,not the garden variety type.
            Semper Fi

        • Bronish

          I’m all in with what you’re saying….it may come down to the Citizen’s Militia, as mentioned in our Founding docs….poor President Trump. He needs the TRUTH. Time for Christians around the world to unite in prayer, and to “MARCH….Onward and Upward, kick it up, kick it up, ‘cross the land”.

  • Kasch mir

    “Why Trump appointed him is anybody’s guess” maybe this has to do with Trump’s recent trip to Saudi Arabia

  • caliroxanne

    I saw this:

    and Deputy National Security Advisor Dina HABIB Powell have been
    leaking negative material about President Trump to their allies in the
    anti-Trump media.
    Dina HABIB + McMaster
    Dina HABIB + Huma Abedin
    Dina HABIB + Valerie Jarrett

  • wildjew

    I follow Jake Tapper on Twitter. You see how this works? We are all Russians or Russian spies.

    Jake Tapper‏Verified account

    Schiff: Russians don’t ‘like’ McMaster #CNNsotu

    Oh nice Mr. Tapper. So the many thousands of national security minded conservatives urging the president to fire this man are all Russians.

  • Helen4Yemen

    God said: steal the land, force the people of the land out, do not mix with non-chosens.

    Numbers 33:31 I will see that your borders reach from the Red Sea to the Euphrates River and from the Mediterranean Sea to the desert. I will let you defeat the people who live there, and you will force them out of the land. 32 But you must not make any agreements with them or with their gods.33 Don’t let them stay in your land. They will trap you into sinning against me and worshiping their gods.

    • wildjew

      It’s the word of God Helen. Your argument is with your Maker.

      • Helen4Yemen

        I do not recognize some invisible entity … I am too smart for that.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          Good then you won’t mind the Jewish people bulldozing the muslum vermin off the top of the Temple Mount that was built by the Jewish people in the 1st place.

          • Helen4Yemen


            100% Impossible at ZERO% Middle East ancestry.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Since when are all Jews in the world Ashkenazi scrub? There were Jews in Israel AND Persia long before mohamMUD molested his 1st little girl and hopefully long after the last mohamMUD is dead.

          • Helen4Yemen

            Only in 1875, England raised age of consent to 13 years. During the same period U.S. age of consent ranged from 10 to 12 years of age depending on State. For reference, The Queen of France, Isabella married Baldwin when she was 10. Margaret of Denmark married King Haakon when was 10 years old. The wife of Philip II of France was 11 when she got married. All of this “paedophilia” was going on in Europe not too long ago.
            I do not waste my time with filthy mouths … BLOCKED!

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Looks like it’s time to call the waaaaaaaaaaaaaambulance, a muslum apette has been offended.

          • Exuperancia Pérez

            Antisemitism has countless ugly faces and what that muzzie loving female (or a muzzie herself, who cares!) is repeating like a parrot is what she must have heard either at home or from “writers” of questionable integrity whose hatred towards Jews is virulent. Every possibility to ooze their venom is good for speciments of that sort. The “opinions” of individuals like that is worthless!
            BTW, Islam is tyranny indeed no matter how you spell it!

          • Duchess of Pork

            For the sake of moral equivalence please also add in the 6 year olds the European monarch’s married.

  • Helen4Yemen

    “American-born Israeli journalist Caroline Glick”

    That means the person does not feel American but “Israeli’,
    a word that was manufactured only the day before foreign
    Jews declared as state on Arab land.

    • Duchess of Pork

      A bit like American born Linda Sarsour feels ‘Palestinian’? A word that was manufactured by Arafat to refer to Jordanian Arabs.

  • Ziggy46

    McMaster should be tossed into the recycling bin or the shredder. Come on President Trump drain the swamp, the likes of this seditious and anti-Semitic bottom-feeder is obviously embedded to sabotage your presidency and this nation.

  • Helen4Yemen

    Where does the legitimacy for a bunch of snow-white Europeans
    to invade and seize Arab land come from?

  • Helen4Yemen

    Jewish land ownership in Palestine
    of total area of 26,323,000 dunums

    1882 — 22500 — 0.1% (Snow-white Europeans arrived to steal land)
    1900 — 218000 — 0.8%
    1914 — 418000 — 1.6%
    1927 — 865000 — 3.2%
    1936 — 1231000 — 4.7%
    1945 — 1588365 — 6.0%
    1947 — 1734000 — 6.6%

    For over a thousand years, there were no Jews living in Palestine

    In 1882 when European Jewry arrived in Palestine as Zionist
    colonial settlers, they found:

    • 400,000 Arabic-speaking indigenous Palestinian Muslims (78%)

    • 40,000 Arabic-speaking indigenous Palestinian Christians (6%)

    • 15,000 YIDDISH-SPEAKING European Jews (3%)

    • All the 15,000 Jews were Yiddish-speaking migrants from
    Eastern Europe who had arrived in the 1830’s and 1840’s to live
    on Halukka (charity) sent them to from abroad. Make no mistake
    about it that these indigent Jews of Eastern Europe were sent to
    plant the seed for Jewish presence on that land before the
    stampede to colonize the land would begin by European Jewry.

    • Kjell A. Amundsen

      Fake News
      The Jews was there al the time
      Palestine only existed from 1923-1948 and was a LoN mandate, the state was Ottoman Emire/Turkey
      indigenous Palestinian does not exist so-called palestinians are Arabs plain and simple, in fact jordanian arabs
      palestinians was invented in 1964 by PLO
      Arabic have no P

    • Duchess of Pork

      How many indigenous mosques, churches and synagogues were there in 1882?

  • commonsense4sure

    Thank you Pamela for sharing the facts and REAL information!

  • kgolfinghawaii

    Let God take care of him. One way or another he’s toast. Maybe not in this lifetime, but being anti-Semitic isn’t a good idea for someone supposedly on the right.


    Trump the guy responsible for hiring McMaster & probably for Depeche Mode, Elton John & Madonna being played in radios all around the world.
    We need to create a new government & since we are global & worldwide, there’s no reason we limit ourselves to old borders.
    #Fire Trump.
    #BoycottIslam #Shariafreeworld
    #Ban Islam, save lives worldwide & free the African slaves from Saudi Arabia to Mauritania, the Biafra-leader, the Leavenworth 10, Israeli soldier Azaria, Salim Masih & so on.

  • Kjell A. Amundsen

    Confusing mandatory Palestine 1923-1948 aka British Palestine 1923-1948 with fantasy state of palestine

  • pt020

    Too low IQ.

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