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[ August 22, 2017 ]

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[ August 22, 2017 ]

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In: John Kelly. Out: Obama’s Jihad Policy Chief at DHS


John Kelly, just hours before accepting the role of chief of staff in President Donald Trump’s White House, announced the resignation of a key Department of Homeland Security holdover from Barack Obama days — a man named George Selim.

John Kelly

What’s significant about Selim is that he served for three different administrations — he was a lifer, an entrenched bureaucrat, with solid and substantial connections. So the fact that he’s finally been removed is significant in itself.

But it’s Selim’s role within DHS that is most note-worthy. Selim served as the head of the now-defunct Countering Violent Extremism unit, a program that provided federal support for Islamic groups that promised to turn Muslim migrants and refugees away from lives of terror and jihad.

This was an Obama dream-come-true. And Kelly killed it when he took over DHS — but Selim still stayed.

The main problem with the program, of course, is that it didn’t really work.

Barack Obama was a big fan of countering violent extremism by ignoring the Muslim roots, and by using tax dollars to convince jihadists to become peaceful citizens of society — two plans that only fueled terrorism.

It proved a drain on taxpayer dollars. But more importantly, it proved a government stamped shelter for radical Islamic groups that simply wanted to use their platform to demand more and more concessions from the government.

Bluntly put: CVE was a pure example of cultural jihad in America. And Selim served basically as Obama’s jihad policy chief.

Well, now he’s gone. And thank goodness.

Breitbart has more of the story:

George Selim headed the now-defunct CVE program which tried to offer federal support and legal autonomy to Islamic political groups if they redirected Islamic immigrants and youths away from Islamic militancy and jihad. His resignation spotlighted Kelly’s decision to replace Obama’s failed policy with more direct government involvement in Islamic communities. …

In December 2015, Selim, then the new director of the Office for Community Partnerships at the Department of Homeland Security, outlined the Obama CVE strategy when he told NPR that Muslim communities were not identifying emerging jihadis:

The research and the statistics have all indicated that peers, people that are in close association with subjects that ultimately commit an act like this, see something that’s a little bit out of the norm, but they don’t necessarily report it. And so part of our goal is to create the type of partnerships in which peers know when and how to elevate those type of suspicions…

We realized that central governments aren’t necessarily best placed to prevent and intervene in the process of radicalization. It’s, in fact, local actors that are, in fact, best placed on this. What we saw earlier in this year in the White House Summit on Countering Violent Extremism is three cities – Boston, Los Angeles and Minneapolis – who are pioneering prevention programs on countering violent extremism in three different ways – the local demographics, the local municipal officials and religious leaders.

The CVE plan failed, in large part, because immigrant Islamic political activists kept raising their demands in negotiations with Obama’s deputies. For example, some Islamic advocates demanded the FBI stay out of Muslim neighborhoods. Many activists also refused to admit the role of Islamic texts in motivating Islamic believers to launch Islamic jihad attacks, despite the repeated use of Islamic texts by U.S-based Islamic clerics to urge Islamic attacks. …

The failure of Obama’s CVE strategy was brutally highlighted by the December 2015 jihad massacre in San Bernardino and the June 2016 mass-murder jihad at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida. In both attacks, the killers were part of the local Islamic community, which did not alert Americans to the growing danger. The same inaction was spotlighted by the September 2016 pressure-cooker jihad bomb attacks in New Jersey.

Kelly, while secretary of DHS, had pretty much ignored Obama’s CVE program and Selim’s role with it. Instead, he shifted funds from CVE to other police programs in DHS.

  • Suresh

    There has to be concerted effort not just in the administration but in rest of the country to get rid of the islamonazi influence from schools/colleges and media.

    When citizens are organised , aware and willing to fight this using the Legal methods its possible to win against the Islamonazis just as Parents of san diego school did

    Its a lesson on how to fight back and win. Its far more difficult in Europe due to Pro-islam Left/liberal Loons running the govt.

  • Tony Holmquist

    Much more work to be done, cleaning out the Obama Administration infection of the government…

    • Velmaarodriguez

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    • irish7_1sg

      Best cartoon I’ve seen on the internet this year! Thanks for sharing!


    What we need to do is shift or elevate our minds to more universal paradigms (like overcoming porn-addiction through sleep).
    The ‘countering violent extremism’-program was an attempt to counter universal crime out of a more universal paradigm.
    But it failed because the paradigm was dishonest & unbalanced & hid Islam’s unethical, sadist & racist system.
    Why is Islamic crime hidden in media? The portrayed reason is: nationalism. Nationalism creates a fantasy sphere that excludes problematic facts like enslavement of Africans in Islamic countries, Islamic sadist tyranny against atheists & non-Muslims & Islamic clitodirectomy.
    Globalism is the universal paradigm we need to dismiss & condemn nationalism’s censorship of Islamic crime.
    Truth is what can make people make do good & counter crime.
    Socialism is a more universal paradigm rather than the capitalism of firms that binds people & makes’em dependent with it’s structural similarities to slavery.
    Firms create nuclear waste, pump plastic in the oceans & are not purely dedicated to the satisfaction of people.
    We need to think in a more universal paradigm & develop universal paradigms to counter crime & develop universal paradigms that create satisfaction & are dedicated to human rights & ecology.
    We need a universal paradigm of socialism as universal interface of the global citizen with the community of humanity.
    Because up to now the person’s options of social interfaces are not very developed & range from firms (the job-giver), religions & drug-dealers.
    #BoycottIslam #Shariafreeworld
    #Ban Islam, save lives worldwide & free the African slaves from Saudi Arabia to Mauritania, the Biafra-leader, the Leavenworth 10, Israeli soldier Azaria, Salim Masih & so on.

    • DRTexas

      Regardless of the question; Socialism is never the answer.

      • marlene

        SPOT ON!

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Kelly may be the man for the job, at long last.

    Marine Corps generals tend to be more tough-minded and realistic than any others I can think of, based on my limited experience (my uncle worked his way up from private to colonel in the Marine Corps due to excellence in combat in the Korean War, those guys are really admirable characters).

    • felix1999

      Our military is AWESOME!

    • durabo

      With enough luck, the Marine retired generals will take over when TSHTF, and clean out the Islamic and Marxist rats’ nests enabled by the former Administration.

    • mztore

      The biggest problem is he was a “lifer” employee. They allowed him to resign so he keeps all his retirement and benefits. He shouldn’t get those things. I’m tired of supporting these retirees when I have to struggle myself.

      • irish7_1sg

        I agree that GEN Kelley should not receive a pension from a few months on the job as Homeland Security Secretary. He definitely should get his military pension, no matter what he chooses to do as a civilian. He earned that through decades of faithful service.

      • mztore

        Didn’t mean to imply that Kelly shouldn’t receive a pension.. Just not be eligible for all 3 as most government employees are. Actually I was thinking of George Selim. opps, Forgot, HE worked for Odamit.

  • Ron rockit

    An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cures. Hilary wanted 650,000 Syrians. Trump kept them out. Now if we can only get rid of the rest of the sons and breeding daughters of islam….

    • CreoleGumbo

      If you stop them from collecting welfare checks, disability checks, food stamps, etc., etc., and if you stop paying VOLAGS to “resettle” them, maybe many of them may just go.

  • felix1999

    How horribly we have been betrayed.
    I wonder if he’ll work for SOROS next?

  • FreeYourMind2

    kelly’s the man to do the purges. So Trump can go ahead and do his job. Trump can trust him.

    • Sher


  • Mahou Shoujo

    Get rid of every trace of islam from the administration. The simple fact that islam demands shari’a to replace the constitution and all government as well a religious conventions is one good reason to destroy it.

  • Plain Jane

    Obama put in over 2000 czars, I have not heard yet that over 2000 have been fired yet. Wish they would hurry up and do it.

  • Drew the Infidel

    CVE and the various so-called “deradicalization” projects are like the old saying that the only difference between a drunk and an alcoholic is that a drunk doesn’t go to those Tuesday night meetings.

  • GandalfsTrouserpress

    More Trump train mileage as the Libs and MSM fret in the freight yards.

  • CreoleGumbo

    OK so when do we start firing all of Selim’s hires and appointees?

  • durabo

    It’s baffling that Trump has not purged the many Islamists and Marxists left over from Obama’s regime! And, in defiance of the moral rule against nepotism, he still allows VOTING DEMOCRATS Ivanka and jared to make political decisions and speak on his behalf. Is the USA’s government suicidal?

  • CICO

    I just do not understand why in the world Trump did not clean house before he entered the WH. Or at least have made significant headway. A long way to go.

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