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Jewish Billionaire Sheldon Adelson Mocked as Brains Behind ‘Out McMaster’ Drive


The main media writer for Poynter, James Warren, put the blame for a growing call for President Donald Trump to out H.R. McMaster from his national security adviser role on the head of Jewish billionaire Sheldon Adelson.

It wouldn’t be so bad, except Warren makes his case in a mocking, condescending manner.

Sheldon Adelson and Poynter writer James Warren.

Warren mocked the Zionist Organization of America, which Adelson backs, with a “straw man quip” showcasing McMaster as a “brainwashed” Manchurian candidate, Breitbart reported.

And that was just Warren’s warm-up.

From Breitbart:

Then, for seven paragraphs, he takes an odd detour into examining Adelson’s media properties inside Israel — accusing the casino mogul of subsidizing “propaganda” to influence politics in both Israel and the U.S.

Vanity Fair reprinted Warren’s column under the headline “INSIDE SHELDON ADELSON’S EFFORT TO PURGE MCMASTER: The billionaire Trump donor is bankrolling organizations seeking to oust the president’s national security adviser.”

The aspersions Warren casts on ZOA and Adelson echo an ugly tradition in American politics where extremist voices accuse pro-Israel Jews of “dual loyalty” — an anti-Semitic ad hominem attack designed to “other” its target. The left employed these tactics most recently during the debate over former President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran — with the far-left Daily Kos outright calling Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) a “traitor” while depicting a cartoon stand-in of the senator in front of an Israeli flag.

Poynter’s International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN), funded by a host of left-wing advocacy groups, created the guidelines for social media giant Facebook to flag stories as “fake news.” PolitiFact, one of the organizations tasked with determining whether a story shared on Facebook is labeled “disputed,” is a project of a Poynter-owned newspaper.

Facts are funny things, though. They’re hard to dismiss.

As previously reported: McMaster has taken a decided hard line against Israel.

Here, read this:

Anyone who understands the Muslim Brotherhood or Islamic terrorism is being purged from the White House by McMaster. McMaster is working directly and actively against President Trump and his stated agenda. Why Trump appointed him is anybody’s guess, but he must go, and go now, if the Trump administration is going to have any chance of staying true to Trump’s campaign promises about how he would deal with the jihad threat.

“Official: McMaster calls Israel ‘illegitimate,’ ‘occupying power,’” by Jordan Schachtel, Conservative Review, August 3, 2017 (thanks to Mark):

It’s not a coincidence that national security adviser H.R. McMaster has chosen to eliminate the pro-Israel voices at the National Security Council, three West Wing and defense officials (who chose to speak on background for diplomatic sensitivity reasons) told Conservative Review.

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  • wildjew

    President Trump has surrounded himself with Appeasers. I fear this might not turn out well.

    • Underzog

      Muslims — especially Arab Muslims — do not like those that appease them. They view it correctly as weakness and then they move to humiliate or do worse to the appeaser.

      • DVult

        If you want to gain respect you need to kick the hell out of somebody then kick them a few more times than anybody thinks necessary, just for the fun of it. Afterwards, you look around and ask if anybody else wants more of the same. Claiming you went easy on the first guy is always a good flourish. The somebody Trump has chosen is that poor fat idiot in North Korea. The fool is being set up as a demonstration of what happens when you annoy Trump. Look for a bunch of the rest to fall in line afterwards.

    • Mark Steiner

      His “vetting” skills are clearly suspect. Just who has his ear when it comes to correcting bad choices?

  • santashandler

    McMaster is very likely a “Manchurion candidate.” There are probably others just like him very close to Trump as well. Trump has his hands full. If he doesn’t even have the right tools and support to do what he’s promised, he has been set up to fail.

    • tjke

      Yes he is he must be fired. He is the Trojan Horse in President Trump´s administration. John Bolton should be the head of the Homeland Security

  • Underzog

    The enemamedia — I mean the enemidia strikes again!

  • Mike Kevins

    Pamela:. I do not know if anyone else is experiencing this problem. When I open your list of stories, a lot of them are being blocked by large black boxes that blink on and off. I close it and open it a few times, and it eventually disappears, mostly. It is a Google Android tablet so I truly believe that google s trying to disrupt your flow of information. It also does it on other conservative news sites, so I in it is targeted? It is pretty fucking annoying. Hey Google, if you cannot come up with a legitimate argument to counter what you are censorng, that pretty much shows the utter weakness of your position? stop hiding behind black boxes and let the people read the thuth.

  • Do you know that Sheldon Adelson will not help with this?

    Israel is facing a major emergency:

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    • mackykam

      there was a texas 2000 years ago? live and learn….

      • History

        Texas Longhorn cattle originated in the Black Sea area the between 5,000 and 15,000 years ago. They lived and traveled through Great Middle Eastern Deserts, eventually moving westward into ancient Israel and arriving in Spain, probably through agriculture.

        Columbus brought a few Longhorns to the New World in 1494 and by 1865 they had grown into millions in the scrubland of the Southwest and Mexico. Because they are a hardy, drought tolerant, disease resistant breed, they were driven long distances in the great cattle drives without much, if any, loss of weight. The American cattle industry started with Longhorn cattle that helped feed America after the Civil War and helped rebuild America.

        • mackykam

          thank you. they were ‘longhorns.’ they weren’t called Texas Longhorns till the first cattle drive north to western railroad terminals for shipment to chicago stockyards. and then the longhorns were eventually interbred with English herefords to eliminate the horns that were so dangerous to cowpokes.

          anywhere in your wikipedia you can download, read and practice some humor?

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