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ISIS Terrorists Threaten to Attack Europeans in Their Own Homes


An ISIS terrorist with a British accent set Europe on notice in a recently released video, telling the citizens of the West to watch out — jihadis were coming and they weren’t afraid of going right into civilian homes to wreak their murder and mayhem.

ISIS is ratcheting its threat to the West, vowing to even enter Europeans’ homes to commit acts of murder and mayhem.

That video came just a week after an ISIS recruiter sent around another video bemoaining the group’s inability to attract more Muslims to commit its murderous missions.

But here’s the latest, thanks to the Express:

“An ISIS jihadi, speaking with a British accent, has threatened more devastating terror attacks on Europe in a sickening new video.

The twisted individual pointed at the camera – wielding a large knife – as he threatened the attacks on two of Europe’s major cities.

He said: “This is a message to the new Pharaoh of today – Donald Trump. You may have your eyes on Raqqa and Mosul, but we have our eyes on Constantinople (Istanbul) and Rome.”

He added: ”We will slaughter you in your own houses. You’ll see.”

As for the last video, where ISIS decried its dwindling Muslim recruitment?

Express has more on that as well:

Hate preacher Omar Hussain – a former Morrisons bouncer – ranted online about that no–one appeared to care that ISIS was being attacked from all sides.

He said: ”I don’t understand how a brother can go home every night, sleep with his wife, enjoy his life, eat nice food and everything and not have the mujahidin in his concern.

“Why is it that when your own daughter, or your own son is feeling ill or troubled you get worried?

“Yet when it is the son or the daughter of someone else, your Muslim brother, it doesn’t hit you?

“Especially a mujahid… Someone who has left everything, left to come to Syria.

“It is upon you to do dua for the mujahidin, also for the muhajirat, the innocent sisters who came here, who done hirjah, who left everything.

“And wallah they’re suffering more than you can expect.”

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  • Kevin Kellerman

    Maybe I missed something, where’s the video?

  • Suresh

    Its like all rights and freedom are to be given to Muslims and
    non-muslims do not have any rights as dhimmis ! And Left/liberal
    pro-jihadi loons allow it !

    Infidels do not even have right to protest against crimes committed
    by Muslims . If they dare try it they get harassed, jailed or killed

    • Philosophy

      It is stupidity to give any right to enemy. Even enemy of life entitled to right is christian concept, in western world, as well as it is Jain idealism in Indian world,…..It is not about politics but absence of policy at all. You cannot five freedom to enemy of freedom, you cannot help enemy with weapon and training and funding for war to enemy. If yes…then it is proved stupidity.

      Left wing politician in western and Indian world carrying or leading same stupidity. Now it is time for citizen to understand stupidity per say and fight it out on their own effort, or ready to face death penalty for encouraging stupidity.

      • Lisacmckinnon


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  • Halal Bacon

    ISIS is so, um like yesterday, totally

  • 762x51FMJ

    Send them back in no-fly planes made out of no-fly parts.
    When the engines explode over the middle of the ocean passengers reach for no-fly parachutes ( a magic carpet prayer rug).
    Buraq can guide them to Gabriel as she did with Mohammad… and everyone is happy because Allah is most merciful.. .

  • santashandler

    “He said: ”I don’t understand how a brother can go home every night,
    sleep with his wife, enjoy his life, eat nice food and everything and
    not have the mujahidin in his concern.” Gee, mujahid Mike, maybe it’s because the majority of people in this world do not want to slaughter others. Or, could it be that people would rather live in peace than having to live day in and day out killing people for no reason other than they don’t believe as you do. So, mujahid Mike, stay where you are. You’ll soon have a package coming from the U.S. It might be a Tomahawk missile, or a sniper’s bullet. Either way, your day’s are numbered. Cheers!’

  • The core of the Islamic State rests in Islam itself.

  • Alleged Comment

    So, we can do likewise. You’ll be a lot easier to find. Just look for a bunch of goats or donkeys. You are sure to be around somewhere within a 100 yards.

  • bannedquran20

    Hey, european liberals. What are you gonna do now since you let them in?

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020
  • iprazhm

    American muslims are just a few steps behind this, as our governments are fast tracking their progress to dominance over us.

  • Badger

    Any muslim I catch in my home will die. I have no back door so I don’t have the option to run.

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