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[ August 22, 2017 ]

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[ August 22, 2017 ]

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ISIS in Germany: “Go to a hospital and calmly slay them”


This is Angela Merkel’s legacy. This is the Germany she has made. She will be remembered as the Chancellor who destroyed Germany — after Hitler did it before her in 1945. But this time, a German recovery is doubtful in the extreme.

“Go to a hospital and calmly slay them!,” Bild, July 27, 2017:

How does ISIS recruit its attackers in Germany? What are the last instructions before the terrorists strike and kill as many innocent people as possible?

For months, BILD reporter Björn Stritzel pretended to be an Islamist willing to carry out an attack (always in consultation with the security authorities).

In a new series, BILD documents the chats with the ISIS terrorists.

My ISIS instructor recommends a video to me. It is a straightforward instruction on how to kill. At the beginning of the video, past ISIS attacks in the West are celebrated – the axe-attacker from Würzburg is also briefly shown. This is followed by the headline: “Explanation of how to slay the disbelievers”.

A ruined house can be seen, in which a prisoner is chained to a concrete pillar with handcuffs. A masked jihadist explains in French why terror attacks against the “crusaders” must be carried out.

Then the terrorist – who is introduced as Abu Sulayman al-Faransi – shows several knives (from a kitchen knife to a combat knife) and explains which ones are suitable for an attack. “Jack-knives are bad because of the unstable blade”….

My German-language ISIS instructor wants me to use the knife techniques shown in the video – in Germany. He immediately suggests several suitable targets: “Go to an old people’s home, that’s very easy.” I ask whether that is permitted, even by ISIS’s radical interpretation of Islam. “Is an old people’s home allowed from an Islamic perspective?” His answer is clear: “Yes, inshallah. Or to go a monastery or a church.”

He is obviously suggesting targets where potential victims will show little resistance, or that have a special symbolic value. An attack of this kind already happened: on July 26, 2016, two ISIS terrorists cut the priest Jacques Hamel’s throat in a church in Normandy. Amaq later published a letter claiming responsibility first, and then a martyr’s video of the terrorists, who were shot by the police.

My instructor knows about the shock that this murder caused worldwide. This is exactly what he wants to repeat. “Believe me, Akhi, it will fill their hearts with so much terror, because everybody can do this.”…

In order to remove any last doubts I might have, he promises me heavenly rewards for the murder: “It will also encourage many Muslims to do the same, and then you will receive your reward.”

What he means is the reward in the afterlife. In this Salafist-jihadist ideology, when a jihadist’s deeds inspire others, this counts extra towards heavenly rewards. Not only is one’s own terror attack added to one’s “martyr account”, but also the attacks of those who were inspired by it….

I explain to my ISIS instructor that, despite the knife techniques in the video, I am too clumsy to kill a person. He also has a solution for this problem: “Akhi, trust in Allah, wallahi it is very easy. Simply walk into a hospital … Take flowers with you and go to the inpatient ward, where the severely ill are. Then calmly slay them. Very calmly.”

Hiding a knife in a bouquet of flowers in order to murder severely ill people – so this is what jihad is for my ISIS instructor.

“Sheikh al-Adnani rahimahuallah has said this many times. We want very simple operations, because the enemy cannot stop these. Do you understand, akhi?”

Al-Adnani – whom my ISIS instructor refers to here – was one of the highest-ranking ISIS leaders….

  • Michelle

    Exterminate the Muhammad minions: ALL of them. There is NO other way. When will the west realize that there is NO choice but too fight total war when total war is waged upon you. That is, IFF(If and only if) you wish to win. The absolute irony here is that all of those third world parasites who depend upon the west for handouts will be up that creek without a paddle when the west becomes part of the Umma. But that wont stop the islam inspired killing as nothing ever will except abject fear of extreme retaliation.

    • Gavin

      The first step must be getting rid of the current political elites who control the military and police forces. We want to control them. Then the enemies of freedom can be freely expelled.

      • Ziggy46

        Good post… if this is not done, well, it will be the end of not only Germany but its EU counterparts.

  • gia

    We should be killing every Muslim , we are at war with them they are the enemy and the enemy who will destroy everything and everyone if we do not strike first !
    I’m not a violent person and I respect life and appreciate that other people have a right to be safe and free of any sort of harm. In this case it is different, self preservation must prevail , kill or be killed.
    Instead the west is giving endless amounts of aide and refuge.
    Every person in the west is vulnerable not just the sick or infirm.
    Merkel with her open door policy must be taken down by force and all her cronies too.
    She is a traitor to her country and how it is that nobody has attempted to stop her is beyond me!!
    Isn’t there anyone angry enough to fix this problem? (The Merkel regime problem)
    As queen Victoria in England once said “off with their heads”

  • Benjamin Goldstein

    First: Great job finding this story!
    Second: My cynical joke>

    Wow, what an impressive undercover job. An ISIS fighting pretending to be a journalist (as if that was much different) telling authorities (and the readers) who he is before carrying out an attack (they always already know before).

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Whenever there is a terrorist attack, the terrorist must be stopped as fast as possible using maximum lethal force possible under the circumstance. Then, immediate deportation or imprisonment of everyone who helped or encourage them to be terrorists.

    • santashandler

      Simple. Yet, it seems no one can do it.

  • Tobias Keith

    Now can we kill them?

  • Pantalones

    “I said before and I’ll say it again..Get a captured Muslim to an interrogation room, then Go get a gay dude to come torture him with kisses…I bet they’ll talk then…Or not, who knows?…But it must be tried. You never know.”
    – Cedric The Entertainer

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