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4PM Facebook LIVE: EXCLUSIVE Pamela Geller Interviews Parents of Idaho 5-Year-Old Girl Raped by Muslim Migrant Gang


Tune in at 4 m Eastern time today on my Facebook page here.

In the their very first interview, I will be going LIVE to interview the parents of the five-year-old victim who was raped by a Muslim migrant mob. They’ll be taking your questions. Don’t miss it.

Here’s the background — read the whole thing.

A five-year-old girl was raped and urinated upon by three Muslim migrant boys in Twin Falls, Idaho; one of them, a 14-year-old, videotaped the attack. After the attack, instead of getting justice, the victim’s family has been abused and targeted by law enforcement and medical authorities as if they were the criminals. The mother cannot get copies of the medical records of her own child, or transcripts of 9-1-1 calls made on the day of the attack.

In examining notes taken of their conversations with the victim’s mother, I was taken aback by how contemptuous they are of her. They talk down to her, as if she were the perpetrator, not the mother of the victim of this monstrous attack.

It is outrageous. And it gets worse. The supposedly seven-year-old rapist who put his penis in the girl’s mouth, urinated on her and in her mouth, and who reportedly owned the blue pocket knife that he used to threaten her, was never even removed from his home. That family still lives next door to the victim. For the longest time, the attacker wasn’t even limited in his access to the community’s children; now he must be supervised by someone 14 years old or older. When they stipulated this, the court had to have been aware that the boy who videotaped the rape was 14. This a gross insult against this victimized family — and a direct result of a judge’s decision.

The Prosecutor Grant Loeb attacked those of us exposing the story — read this. Loeb worked furiously to keep it quiet and sweep it under the carpet.

And the US Attorney threatened prosecution for Twin Falls “rumors”


Travesty: Migrant attackers of 5-year-old unpunished

Exclusive: Pamela Geller says officials sacrificed girl’s well-being to protect Muslim boys

By Pamela Geller, WND:

The injustice began in the proceedings at the Snake River Juvenile Detention Center in Twin Falls when Judge Thomas Borreson of Idaho’s 5th Judicial District ordered the little victim’s parents to say nothing to anyone – ever – about what was said in the courtroom Monday, or to disclose the sentence he gave to the savage attackers. He did allow them to say that they were unhappy with the sentencing, but threatened to jail them for contempt of court if they disclosed why they were unhappy with it.

Janice Kroeger, the senior deputy prosecuting attorney, who was supposed to be trying these boys for their crimes, defended the boys and repeatedly attacked Lacy, the victim’s mother. A therapist for the boys was present, as well as a parole officer and a detective. Everything that was said was designed to portray the perpetrators as victims. Throughout the proceedings, they were repeatedly called victims, and the youngest one was called “the biggest victim of them all.”

The court heard all about how the attackers are doing well in school, and about how smart they are. They were praised for the supposed ordeal they had to go through. It was claimed that all three are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from having to go through courtroom proceedings.

After this lovefest, which lasted for five hours in the courtroom, all three boys were sentenced, one after the other. All three were given probation. They were not found guilty of rape, but of sexually lewd conduct.

In the midst of this judicial mugging, every time Lacy’s lawyer tried to speak up, he was silenced. The little victim, Jayla, was never even mentioned once by Kroeger or the judge – or by the police or anyone else. Only Lacy mentioned her, when she made her statement. Lacy detailed how the poor girl is still suffering the effects of this attack: She is wetting the bed and having bad dreams, and more.

Yet when Lacy completed her statement, Kroeger lashed out not at the perpetrators or their parents, but at Lacy. She viciously tongue-lashed Lacy for a full 15 minutes, until finally Judge Borreson had to stop her.

Understandably, the parents of the victim were and are devastated. Back in April, when the attackers initially pleaded guilty, Twin Falls County Prosecutor Grant Loebs said: “I am pleased that we were able to resolve this case in a way that was approved and agreed to by the victim’s family. This continues to be a serious and sad case, but it was resolved properly.”

Nothing could be further from the truth. The resolution of the case was not accepted by the victim’s family, and it was not resolved properly.

From the beginning to the end, for Idaho officials this case was about one thing, and one thing only: not justice for this poor little girl who was brutalized and abused, but about making sure that Americans don’t start to realize what is happening and oppose the Muslim migrant influx. Idaho officials were willing to sacrifice this girl’s well-being for that goal – to their everlasting shame.

If there were any justice, Judge Borreson would be impeached and removed now. Meanwhile, please help the victim and her family meet their considerable expenses: Contribute here.

  • Davey Dunn

    quran fags Obama dick eaters

  • Meoldfart Fartme

    them I-D-Hoe cowpuncher only “take care” of cows? where is the Red Rider or Thomas H.?

  • Suresh

    The Left/liberal Loons even allow their women/Girls to be assaulted, molested, gang raped , murdered

    ..and its all Halal (approved) as per allah ! So police do not even register case and mock the victims.

    • Gabriel A. King

      Because NO sacrifice is too extreme for our precious loving brown skin rapefugee’s.

  • santashandler

    This story should be highlighted daily on all the major network news stations until the judge and prosecutor are removed. Then, charges can be brought on them.

  • KitteeK

    This is nothing less than SHARIA in action. ‘Infidels ‘ always lose under Sharia.

  • disgusting display of dhimmitude by the judge and prosecutor. These scum should have been jailed and put on the sex offender list..

    • saftalily

      Add the judges

    • Gabriel A. King


  • Mahou Shoujo

    The fact that the lame stream media, police, courts and defence lawyer as well as society as whole is an indication that twin falls is city of cowardly garbage grovelling before islam. When a society abandons its children to rapists, it is unfit to be described as anything but garbage.

    • saftalily

      End of civil life.

    • Harrie Mossel

      well, at least the names of those scumbags acting as judges with muslim s**t on their noses, as well as that of the muslims’ c**ksucking prosecutor are now known. If they are not impeached, there should be another way to get rid of those evil, imbecile, vicious dhimmis!

    • Dorrie

      It might be time for some VIGILANTE JUSTICE. Just sayin . . .

      • Mahou Shoujo

        It definitely is, the municipal infrastructure has broken apart in twin falls.

        • Dorrie

          That’s due to the fact that most of the citizens of Idaho are involved in cults. There might be precious few patriots in the entire state.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Sure doesn’t look like there is much there.

  • James Mcdonough


    • Gabriel A. King

      I was thinking more like a jack hammer dipped in battery acid.

  • Gaye Leto

    Pamela Geller, tell us exactly what we must do to help repair this situation. Please provide names and phone numbers. All good Americans are willing. We need direction.

  • Gabriel A. King

    Liberals are a PLAGUE on our society. It’s time to rid ourselves of all these scum.

  • skipsart

    The parents of these little thugs work for Chobani Yogurt in Twin Falls. Chobani Yogurt is Muslim owned and operated. It brings in a lot of revenue for the city of Twin Falls and the city bows down to them. It’s time to boycott Chobani Yogurt. Spread the word to all you know.

  • Patrick Henry

    Egregious injustice. This crime demands justice for everyone who has contributed to the injustice committed against this child

  • Ron rockit

    Let me guess, Twin Falls is a sanctuary City. Good place to carry a gun. The courts are out to protect criminals and moslems.

  • Loyal Phillips-Kuhn

    I’m sorry I missed it, being on PDT. Will there be any replays?

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