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Poll Finds More Germans Fear Climate Change Than Jihad Terrorism


The Germans have been thoroughly propagandized and indoctrinated to accept the national suicide that Merkel is forcing upon them. If they had any sense of self-preservation, she would be voted out of office at the earliest opportunity. Instead, Germans are worried about icebergs.

“Poll Finds More Germans Fear Climate Change Than Terrorism,” Zero Hedge, August 2, 2017 (thanks to Christian):

For a time back in 2015, there were widespread concerns that the spike in terrorist attacks in Germany in the aftermath of Angela Merkel’s open door policy which admitted 1 million refugees in Germany from the middle east would lead to a popular wave of unrest, perhaps culminating with the unseating of Angela Merkel as Chancellor. It now appears that the Germans had more pressing concerns on their mind like… global warming.

According to a new poll ahead of the German national election in September, Germans are more concerned about the future state of the environment than they are about more headline-grabbing topics like terrorism or the refugee crisis. The survey released on Tuesday conducted by research group Kantar Emnid Institute on behalf of publishing group Funke Mediengruppe found that 71% of respondents said they were personally more concerned about climate change. This worry ranked higher than the possibility of new wars, listed by 65% of survey participants, and also above terror attacks, listed by 63%.

Crime was noted as a worry by 62% of the 1,000 participants surveyed, who were able to list more than one fear.

But the most surprising finding is that less than half of those polled, or 45%, said they were anxious about the immigration of refugees into the country, while the lowest concern was unemployment 33% .

Ironically, as the points out, while climate change was the biggest concern named by Germans, the topic doesn’t seem to be winning any more support for the environment-conscious Green party, which is currently polling at around 8% .

“Environment and climate protection have already greatly mattered to people in Germany for years,” Torsten Schneider-Haase, head of political research at Kantar Emnid, explained to the publishing group. “The fight against climate change has been understood as a cross-party effort, and not only associated with the Green party.” Plus, he noted that Chancellor Angela Merkel stood out recently as a convincing advocate for battling climate change after she criticized US President Donald Trump for announcing that his country would withdraw from the international Paris climate agreement.

That, or the poll had “sampling” issues similar to the polls that gave Hillary Clinton a 95% probability of winning.

In fact, one can’t help but wonder if the entire poll was nothing more than an informercial for Merkel’s CDU, with comments such as the following:

The fact that most of those polled did show concern for security issues like wars, crime and terrorist attacks could have an implication for how people ultimately vote in September, Schneider-Haase added.

“Security topics play a big role. This pertains to external, internal and social security,” said Schneider-Haase.

“The classic topics of social equity will not win anyone more votes right now.”

Why worry about mundane things that impact everyone on a tangible daily basis when there are icebergs to be rescued?…

  • mike dozer

    The Germans haven’t has a backbone since WWII.

    • Benjamin Goldstein

      And we didn’t have a backbone before WWII. Otherwise there wouldn’t have been a WWII.

      • mike dozer

        I stand extremely corrected.

  • BroVic

    That’s the power of propaganda.

  • gia

    Idiots run for cover ! Because a Muslim
    S.h…i..t..t… t
    storm is coming your way!!

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Germany is so cold, one might think they would welcome a little global warming :)

  • Uncle Jo

    Poor brainwashed sheeple.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    germans are so remarkably stupid and easily brainwashed that they can be told and will believe anything. Like all phoney environmentalists, they run off at the mouth while doing absolutely nothing about their pretend concerns.

  • Ziggy46

    No one should be stunned by this report. After all, it is proof the leftists’ Climate Change indoctrination is successful. It, also, verifies that people are basically sheep or sheeple if preferred. Islam is a minor threat to these dullards even when fellow citizens are murdered in Germany and needless to say, elsewhere. German women are raped by so-called, Muslim refugees but this is solely because of a cultural misconception on the rapist’s part. The Qur’an sanctifies that raping Infidel women is permissible; not to forget Allah, also, sanctifies the murder of Infidels.

    Merkel is a traitor but that apparently is fine and dandy with her subjects. Moreover, they will not have to worry about Climate Change once they are subjugated by Islam. Germans, sheeple, will be led to the abattoir without a bleat. Merkel will be hiding under her prayer mat while praying to Allah.

  • Richard Harris

    Germans being more afraid of “Climate change” than terrorism = Germans are as dumb as a bag of rocks

  • Janet

    Are these people brain dead? They better wake up and get a clue. They’ve been invaded with that traitor Merkel’s help. Why don’t they get it? That’s something I just don’t understand and never will. They’ll go quietly into the abyss with no questions asked. Mind boggling!

  • newsel

    Surprised? These are the same people who believed in the propaganda of the 30’s. I was sitting in a rental car outside a hotel in rural Germany in freezing weather making a phone call when there was a knock on the window. Wound it down only to be berated for sitting in car with the engine running. Apperently not much has changed since the 30’s, they still believe the rubbish fed to them by their “rulers”. Sad.

  • fits

    When these idiotic Germans answered their phones for a poll question. They used their “hearts” instead of their “heads”.

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