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German court finds man guilty of attempting to con ISIS


The German court in Saarbrücken knows who Germany’s new masters are, and now is running interference even for ISIS. How the jihadis must be laughing up their sleeves at the foolish kuffar.

“A crime is a crime: German court finds man guilty of attempting to con ISIS,” Reuters, August 14, 2017 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

BERLIN (Reuters) – A German court has found a Syrian refugee guilty of attempting to defraud Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), a court spokeswoman said on Monday (Aug 14), granting legal protection to a group viewed as terrorists by the European Union.

A judge in the district court in the south-western city of Saarbruecken sentenced the 39-year old hairdresser from Damascus to two years in prison for trying to get ISIS operatives to transfer him up to 180,000 euros (S$289,044).

The judge ruled that the man used the false pretence that he would carry out attacks in Germany for ISIS using explosives. The money was never transferred to the man.

The court rejected the prosecution’s argument that the man was guilty of the more serious crime of planning to carry out attacks on behalf of the militant organisation….

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    Israeli ethnic cleansing is bathing the Palestinians once a year!!

    • Nefarious420

      LOL, not a comment I expected, but definitely appreciated.

  • Dan Knight

    Good grief. He should’ve stuck to exercising his Right to Rape Infidels. They would’ve given him six months of ‘how to rape’ sensitively training …

    Must have offended the Libtard’s hatred-for-rational-motives bone.

    PS … I was stationed not far from Saarbrücken back in the days of Jimmy F. Carter. It was a sleepy, rainy, gray place. Colorless, but peaceful and quiet.

  • Alan_McIntire

    To be fair to the Germans, it appears the guy accepted money from ISIS to commit terror. They figured the guy was a lowlife, but it would be easier to convict him of fraud than to convict him of plotting terrorist acts.

  • gia

    I never thought Germans were intellectual retards.
    I’m convinced now that they are as stupid as Sweden.
    I think the idea of getting ISIS to send money is actually not a bad idea . After all the killing ,robbing , looting sex trade for $$ why not swindle them and get a few dollars for yourself?
    No, instead Germany would rather use tax payers $$$$ and prosecuted for crimes against ISIS as if anything done to ISIS to destroy and defund it should be criminal. Lol..

    • Collin R. Hinrichs

      It’s sad, because when it comes to industry and agriculture, they are some of the best. Unfortunately, progressive ideology has gentrified them to the point that they may not be able to stop their own demise.

      • j

        I often wonder –

        Is it possible that human beings are intellectually excellent, but culturally retarded? It does not make sense. If one is indeed intellectually bright, then how come one is not able to figure out that he is being exceedingly foolish in some respect?

        The answer, perhaps, lies in an impediment. And impediment such that prohibits completely, even the brightest of the bright, to counter the peril their society is in.

        What kind of impediment can this be, you ask? It has to be such that is ingrained into the psyche, is unshakable, and can not be altered, condemned or even criticized.

        And this impediment can only be one’s mentality. A mentality that states – Everyone must deserve equal rights, no matter what. No one can be discriminated against, no matter what they do. And religious freedom has to be upheld, no matter at what cost.

        This mentality acts as the impediment that prevents even the brightest of minds from realizing, and thereafter taking action against the islamic threat, the result of which are actions that baffle the rational minds, and make them think – How can one be so intelligent and so retarded at the same time?

      • gia

        True. I always considered the Germans to be ordely and efficient , much of that can be seen by the Germans who settled here in America. (My own ancestors as well)
        But All across Europe their minds have snapped and their will has been broken. We can’t single out Germany in this.

        • Collin R. Hinrichs

          You’re right about that. I was stationed in Germany and worked there years later, they are extremely orderly and efficient.
          And you’re right that it’s not just Germany. It’s pretty much all of Europe, save a few countries.
          They might have thought that they were a progressive society, when, in fact, their leaders knew it was socialist and by the time they figured out their voice was gone, it would be too late.

    • Nefarious420

      Germany was on the side of the Ottomans in WWII and the Muslims during WWII, Germany has long ties and history to Islam and their Jew Hatred. Germans are good at building things, and very punctual at keeping the trains running on time, they also excel at holocausts, first on the Jews, and now on their own German people.

      • gia

        Well if this facts we’re not something we knew about then we certainly know them now.
        I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised.

    • wpjokari

      the very best example of “The law is an ass” in the known history of mankind….congratulations germany….

      • gia


  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Any lawyers care to explain, can you get sued for defrauding the mafia?

  • Nannette

    Of course Germany supports ISIS! They supported the genocidal, anti Semite, the Mufti of Jerusalem during the war and encouraged him to continue his massacre of Jews, which he started in 1920 in southern Syria (which is now Israel).

  • Scott Wallace

    I’ll bet one of the many Muslim men who have gotten photos with Merkel have had body contact as in the photo above. That guy is enjoying the session a little too much. Maybe that’s Merkel’s thing.

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